Thursday Links and Open Thread

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  1. Yesterday I learned what a squatty potty was. I learned because Anderson Cooper’s gal pal was their soon to be ex-spokesman. I learned Mr. Concha has three of them. I learned the customer reviews on AMAZON were too gross to read.

    • Why buy three of them? Buy just 1 and carry it from bathroom to bathroom. You can also take it to work using a cardboard box.

          • Neither is carrying the squatty potty from the basement bathroom to the wife’s upstairs bathroom and then to the kids room. Then. running around looking for the damn stool when you forget where it was last. “A squatty stool in ever bathroom.” That will be my campaign slogan when I run for township trustee.

        • That reminds me: Ken Jennings is in hot water for taking offense to President Trump invoking Barron over the Kathy Griffin flap. For the record, he only had one tweet regarding the infamous uncorrected typo. Further for the record, he retweeted a climate change tweet. As I said about Tom Bergeron over the weekend, it’s disappointing when you find out your heroes differ from you politically.

          • Jennings had some tweets about Barron Trump that I personally thought were over the line yesterday. You can think one way about someone & and voila! their tweets can make you think something completely different.That happened to me yesterday.

          • Oh, you can fear monger by saying that Trump’s budget proposal is designed to make life harder and shorter for those who the president hates, but if you say a horrific picture of what appears to be your decapitated head has horrified your fifth grader, you’re using him as a prop.

          • Not according to Eboni Williams. She has done this several times before. Today on The Specialists when the topic was Jennings and Kathy Griffin, she said when people did this to Obama no one was worried about Sasha and Malia. Whenever the topic is the way the media treats Trump, she always brings up how badly Obama was treated. I don’t remember anyone holding up Obama’s severed head and I don’t remember anyone criticizing the Obama girls, except for one Republican staffer.

          • The Obamas were treated like royalty. Actually, more like deities. Eboni may feel comfortable in her little fantasy world where everybody was bad to Obama, but the facts speak otherwise.

          • I realized Ken Jennings was a radical years ago when he tweeted a picture of his young daughter giving the finger in church to the church pulpit. It’s very obvious he put her up to it. What a disgusting dad to use his underage daughter for his anti-religious sentiment.

  2. Example #39876 why you cant trust a newshound.
    This little gem from Disgraced racist Ice yesterday
    FOX’s #TheFive has time to cover Kathy Griffin and Tiger Woods DUI but no time for the horrible #Portland Stabbing. Fair and Balanced!

    But you know there always a catch with a newshound boy………it was brought up by juan williams in the A block……it just wasn’t the topic at hand and wasn’t shown as a topic on The Fives page….so if you didn’t actually watch you wouldn’t know it was talked about…………but never mind that its a 5 day old story……… makes in his deluded mind Conservatives look bad…….never mind the murder hated Trump……so he runs with it.

    This wasn’t a mistake it was in the first 10 min of the show………it was a LIE! When you say something wasn’t discussed and it was…..that’s not a mistake….its a lie.

    Need more proof that the disgraced Racist Newshounds don’t really watch so you don’t have to?????

  3. Why people dont trust the media anymore reason 7666426823

    May 2017 Ratings: Fox News Remains the Most-Watched Cable News Network

    However POLITICO reporters says this:

    Dan Diamond‏Verified account @ddiamond
    14h14 hours ago
    Dan Diamond Retweeted Dan Diamond
    Reminder that Fox News is currently in third place in ratings — for the first time this century

    They cant be first and third at the same time can they?

    • It was a shame she didn’t get the 7 pm slot on FNC. Martha MacCallum is really sleep-inducing and boring.

      I don’t trust the judgement of whoever is running Fox News these days.

      • I wonder who came up with the “Fox News Specialists” – I’ve tried to give that show a chance but it’s just bad (or maybe just a cookie cutter opinion show with oddball guests).

        • Well I DVR-ed the first few but after all the bad reviews I just deleted
          them……..watching my first full show today…… no better or
          worse than any other show on CNN or MSNBC…….but I tend to expect
          better from FOX. I doubt I will be a regular watcher. I just happen to
          be doing nothing today.

          • I will usually watch FBN or BBC World News at 5pm. I used to like Eric Bolling and Eboni Williams, but I am unable to sit through that show.

  4. Shep Smith very sad about us pulling out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. Very sad. Chris Wallace is also upset. What happened to fair and balanced?

      • No brainer TRUMP would pull out!

        TRUMP is an EGOMANIAC, he wants to be the Best Republican President ever! For him to considered the best, he will do everything to make Conservatives happy

        It’s going to be a GREAT 8 years! lol

    • How do you still not understand that “fair and balanced” does not mean “right-wing echo chamber?”

      • Because everyone is becoming ideology purity cops.

        I find myself wanting to drop kick into Cuba the Never Trumpers. Objectively, I know that everyone doesn’t have to think alike and that Trump has given a lot of reason to congratulate themselves.

        It’s human nature to demand conformity.

    • I heard on the news today that China has announced measures to grow their economy that will grow their carbon footprint (plans to build more coal plants and so forth). So this whole thing seems like belonging to, say, an anti-racism club and your membership makes you feel good about yourself but the club never does anything beside collect dues and having a bowling night.

  5. Tuesday, 30 May 2017 Cable News Ratings

    Rank Network Total Viewers Program
    1 FNC 2,766,000 HANNITY
    3 MSN 2,268,000 RACHEL MADDOW SHOW
    4 FNC 2,255,000 FIVE, THE

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 fine blueberry pie
    4 program ranker
    3 how CNN handled
    2 reprieve
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 FNC’s new LA studio.

      • You know it’s my grandmother’s recipe and I knew that monolith of stalwardness had crossed a road when I was eating her wonderful cobbler and bit Into a bandaid she must have had around her finger.

        I baked a nice juicy one into my cobbler in memory of her. Hope you enjoyed it.

  7. Glad MacCallum is continuing to stay .
    And glad having a chance of more Chris Jansing anchoring

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