Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Neil Cavuto video: ‘I might have the scar, but
  • Monday’s numbers: America’s Newsroom-Tucker-The 60s 1-2-3.
  • May numbers: Fox #1 viewers; MSNBC #1 weeknights demo; CNN.
  • You’re Fired: CNN terminates Kathy Griffin New Year’s co-host gig.
  • Outnumbered video: Panel argues severity of Griffin’s
  • The Five video: Greg Gutfeld finds Griffin’s stunt
  • USAA resumes ads on Hannity.   CNN ‘evaluating‘ Kathy Griffin gig.
  • Bill O’Reilly announces new ‘Killing’ book, thinks Hannity ‘will survive’.
  • Jarrett: Jared mugged by media mob.  Pirro moonlighting didn’t pay off.
  • Sunday showdown: MediaBuzz tops Reliable Sources. Weekend numbers.

55 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. I find CNN’s “evaluating” the obvious neither sad, nor shocking. Just confirmation of already held opinion.

    • The fact the CNN is evaluating is despicable. More proof they despise President Trump and tolerant anything from their employees, recent example is CNN took no action against Anderson C(P)ooper. If they keep Griffin that means they tolerate her vile disgusting and likely illegal stunt – only actions not words will clear CNN. Griffin said she was sorry, but we all know it was a planned publicity stunt as she has a book coming out. Brian Stelter claims he hasn’t said anything due to baby leave. A very obvious lie, as he has had time to tweet / retweet out on other topics, such as Scott Pelley. So I guess I can assume Brian Stelter condones Kathy Griffins behavior.

    • Even Squatty Potty fired Kathy Griffin on the spot, but CNN is still trying to save her for New Year’s Eve. Jeff Zucker is a low life.

  2. Will the media ever care about how the Obama Administration used the machinery of spycraft to go after its enemies?

    Care about this considering how much they wrung their hands in the Bush era and made conjectures of its possible crimes that could be making Watergate seem like folly.

    They care the same way they cared about the IRS going after Republicans. Vets drying awaiting treatment postponed by the V.A. That multitudinous requests for greater security were sent by our folks in Libya. That Obama’s fecklessness precipitated the destruction of Syria and a catastrophic refugee crisis, and the rise of ISIS.

    One of these days a democratic politician is going to give or sell Russia something vital to the U.S. and the journalists in America will care not a bit.

    • If Russia would just promise to ship USA red state voters to Siberia a power sharing deal could be made I’m sure.

  3. Is it true that Scott Pelley is out at CBS Evening News, as I read this morning? He’s the only person I’ve ever seen on TV who was born a pompous know-it-all; usually it takes time to become one.

  4. Cheryl Casone confirmed on her Facebook page she has joined Lauren Simonetti as a co-host on FBN:AM. Nicole Petallides has gone back to reporting from the floor of the NYSE full time.

      • A little harsh. I flip back and forth between CBS, “Fox and Friends” and “Mornings with Maria” getting ready for work. FBN in morning is smart, informative, and fun. Can never have too much of Maria and Dagen. 🙂

          • I saw it. Guess I should have put smiling emoji in there. As I am not a morning person, thankful I don’t have to be up before 6:15am. (It kills me getting up at that time-lol) Those ladies do appear on Maria Bartiromo afterwards a good bit.

          • I love mornings, alarm set for 515 am, always wake up before goes off. Get to work by 6 am, off before 3 pm and no traffic! Note I am in bed between 9 or 10 pm.

          • Worked a shift once in which I worked from 5 am to 1 pm so I could compile programs for a major project first thing and not drag down the mainframe for the rest of the corporation. I was surprised to find out I loved it. Took “lunch” break at 9 am at nearby bar for ham and eggs.

          • It always seemed like the alert siren went off at 0300. You hurried to get dressed, get to the plane and decode the EAM. Always was an excercise. Dammit, if I have to go to all that trouble, I want to bomb somebody. Iran would’ve been nice.

    • Live by what Greg Gutfeld calls “manufactured outrage” die by “manufactured outrage”. The picture I saw was very disgusting. At some point though, it would be nice if all sides would calm down and just not watch shows/people they don’t like rather than demanding firings, boycotts of advertisers, etc.

      • “it would be nice if all sides would calm down and just not watch shows/people they don’t like rather than demanding firings, boycotts of advertisers, etc.”
        That’s my hope, Saints, but everyone is too busy being self-righteous.

  5. Kathy Griffith stunt has lost her:
    – CNN’s New Years Eve show
    – Show at Route 66 Casino
    – Ads for Squatty Potty

    Expect list to grow as I wouldn’t want to be (or my business to be) associated with her either.

    • This sounds sensible too.

      Can someone venture a third perspective on this subject so I can switch to that take next?

      • Too funny, I feel I am all over the place on the boycotts, firings, etc. Perhaps because the left is trying it with everything nowadays.

        Weather forecast said sunny today, but it rained. Time to boycott the Weather Channel!

        • My husband’s telling me that I’m not considering the distinction between opprobrium for political positions and ideas from speech that tacitly sanctions violence.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 evaluating
    4 sad, not shocking
    3 Jared mugged
    2 Bill O’Reilly announces
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Pirro moonlighting didn’t pay off.

  7. Not a big deal for CNN re: Kathy Griffin. After all, their own Don Lemon stole the show last year by getting drunk and getting his nipple pierced live on TV with a mortified Brooke Baldwin looking on.

  8. Mr. Concha with Tucker tonight refusing to take a stand that CNN is worse than a toilet. I thought that was generally accepted, but apparently it is a semi-controversial premise.

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