Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday numbers: Maddow-Hannity-The Five 1-2-3.
  • MSNBC host modestly declares: ‘I speak for America‘.
  • Callahan: The phony ‘rehabilitation‘ of Brian Williams.
  • Fox News team witnesses GOP candidate ‘body slam’ reporter.
  • Fox & Friends video: Jillian Mele takes on the
  • Steinberg: Huckabee show is coming back…but it won’t be on Fox News.
  • The next target: Campaign to get Hannity fired wins some early skirmishes.

64 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Don’t do it Sean. We’ve seen how this plays out.
    (j/k…..I think he’s safe.)

    Sean Hannity‏

    Uh oh My ANNUAL Memorial Day long weekend starts NOW. Destroy Trump/Conservative media breathless coverage starts! Did Hannity do last show?

  2. Trump ordered Justice Department to launch full investigation into leaks from Manchester bomb probe. Following the release of crime scene photos from the Manchester concert bombing, President Trump has asked for “a complete review” of leaks from U.S. government agencies.

    Maybe some bastards get nailed?

    • Never works out that way. Which is odd because the process shouldn’t be that difficult. A round of polygraphs will easily whittle down the field to a manageable number of suspects. And anyone who doesn’t pass is overwhelmingly more likely to fess up than someone who beat the machine. Deep down they don’t want to find these people.

          • Well, this isn’t just about “smearing Trump”. This is about relations with our very good allies. People should not want to be “pals” with people who are willing to hurt our country. But I am an old fuddy duddy who cares about stuff like that.

          • They’re very willing to betray every trust and to do grave harm to the U.S. for the ultimate goal of hurting Trump, or to hedge their bets in the case of WH leakers.

            This is our political class and our elites. These are the imperatives that drive them. This is the swamp.

  3. Top 25 Cable News Total Viewers
    Wednesday 24 May 2017

    2 MSN 2,697,000 RACHEL MADDOW SHOW
    3 FNC 2,601,000 HANNITY
    4 FNC 2,572,000 FIVE, THE
    5 FNC 2,200,000 FOX AND FRIENDS 8 AM
    7 MSN 2,189,000 LAST WORD W/ L. ODONNELL
    8 FNC 2,028,000 AMERICAS NEWSROOM 9 AM
    9 FNC 2,027,000 STORY, THE
    10 MSN 2,023,000 ALL IN W/ CHRIS HAYES
    11 FNC 1,995,000 AMERICAS NEWSROOM 10 AM
    12 FNC 1,930,000 FOX AND FRIENDS 7 AM
    14 FNC 1,770,000 OUTNUMBERED
    15 MSN 1,720,000 11TH HOUR W/B. WILLIAMS
    18 FNC 1,639,000 HAPPENING NOW 11 AM
    19 FNC 1,564,000 HAPPENING NOW 1 PM
    21 FNC 1,460,000 FOX AND FRIENDS 6 AM
    22 FNC 1,442,000 AMERICAS NEWS HQ
    23 CNN 1,388,000 CNN TONIGHT
    24 CNN 1,378,000 ANDERSON COOPER 360 8 PM
    25 CNN 1,285,000 ANDERSON COOPER 360 9 PM


    • Couple of points as I saw the story about ratings. First, will give credit to Rachel Maddow much as it pains me. Her show has clearly become the go to TV destination for Democrats and liberals during the Trump era. Her demo numbers are very impressive no doubt.
      FNC though should be pleased. In spite of all the changes, I think their audience has by and large stayed loyal. They are winning with total viewers and their demo numbers are mostly consistent with where they were prior to losing O’Reilly. (I was curious and looked at ratings on Wednesday night in early April; am a real nerd) For all the negative online feedback about “The Specialists”, it’s winning their time period in both total viewers and demo (though down from “The Five”) “The Five” is on par with where Tucker was in early April prior to losing O’Reilly. Tucker and Sean seem to be doing fine. Martha should be doing a little better in demo but her show is still new and may need a little tweaking as well. Ratings may be much more competitive than they were before but I am still cautiously optimistic FNC will be back to first across board in demo relatively soon.

      • Agree on RM credit.

        I also agree(d) with you on the second point, until I saw this earlier today:

        Here’s how much the Fox News has fallen this month, so far, compared to last month:

        5 p.m.
        Key 24-54 Demo: -19%, Total Viewers: -24%
        6 p.m.
        Demo: -8%, Viewers: -6%
        7 p.m.
        Demo: -4%, Viewers: -4%
        8 p.m.
        Demo: -5%, Viewers: -13%
        9 p.m.
        Demo: -11%, Viewers: -13%
        10 p.m.
        Demo: -6%, Viewers: -3%

        Note it was article about O’Reilly, but the above is much different then I believed from my own knowledge (I too am a ratings geek or nerd! 🙂 ). However I sorta knew 5 pm was down compared to normal.

        Article –

        • Given the rapid changes made and bad headlines, the viewer losses you cite could have been much worse. Some further fine tuning may be done with shows in lineup but I don’t think FNC should panic.

  4. Director Rian Johnson revealed to Vanity Fair that Donald Trump will not be included in Episode VIII – THE LAST JEDI.

    ‘To me, the power is greatly diminished if suddenly you have a character stand up in front of the Imperial Senate who has orange hair and is saying, “Let’s make the galaxy great again”,’ he said.

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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Steinberg: Huckabee show is coming back…but it won’t be on Fox News.

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