Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Maddow-Coop-Lawrence O’Donnell 1-2-3.
  • Bob Beckel fired, this time for racially insensitive remark.  More.
  • Study: Cable Trump coverage wildly negative, FNC most balanced.
  • The Fox News Specialists: Unusual bookings spark interest, ridicule.
  • Cullins: Roger Ailes’s death could complicate pending legal claims.
  • Videos: Remembrances of Roger Ailes from and
  • Juan Williams:  Roger Ailes and his legacy of supporting free speech.
  • O’Reilly: Ailes endured hatred. Podcast: More.  Today’s Wemple O’Whine.

68 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Loved the tributes from Brit, Shep, Kimberly, yesterday and Geraldo this morning. Kennedy had a nice tribute to Mr. Ailes at end of her show yesterday. He wasn’t perfect but he deserves so much credit for creating FNC and building into what it is today. I can still remember news coverage before FNC and so grateful for channel where Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, and independents have​ a real voice.

    • And treated like their ideas and persons didn’t have to come in a discrete brown paper wrapper.

    • The network has already shown that it is having problems without him there.

      The tributes showed how he held things together and understood cable news far better than anyone else. He likely never would have made some of the bad choices that have been made recently.

      This article did a great job of showing his genius.
      His knowledge to avoid a show that would lead to comparisons to Beck would have probably had him avoid replacing The Five with another five person panel show.

      • Maybe this can be blamed on the youth of its female panelists, but having seen The Specialists for the first time a couple of days ago, there’s none of the Ailes warmth to the show. None of his spark.

        There really is a certain intangibility to talent. A magic. Ailes went poof from FNC and so did that pixie dust.

        The girl who is such a smart attorney comes off as brusque and intrusive in a way that’s not the case with her appearances on OutNumbered, and the skinny blonde seems superficial and brittle

        The show is brisk and dull.

        I don’t know

        • The Specialists is also an example of people in the wrong positions without having producers that know how to help them. Ailes never would have put this combination of people together, It doesn’t make any sense.

          Eboni and Kat could both be assets to the network for a long time if used right, but The Specialists has been the worst I’ve seen out of either of them while at Fox. Neither one was ready to have such a role where they are such a big focal point.

          They both are coming off as inauthentic. They are not showing the personalities they have shown elsewhere. They are not playing to their strengths and minimizing their weaknesses.
          Neither are good opinion show hosts right now.

          Multiple people, including Kennedy and Jedediah Bila, have talked about Ailes encouraging them to be themselves on-air. Neither Eboni nor Kat are doing that and it is for the worse for both them and their show.

          • It was kind of embarrassing the other day when Kat, introducing a clip of Dennis Kucinich, mangled his name into something unrecognizable, maybe KOOZ-anich or something. I know his heyday was long ago and she’s a millennial, but the guy works for Fox News. You’d think she’d know the names of her co-workers!

        • I’ve seen the show 3 times. IMHO, the show has improved somewhat since it’s debut. Would disagree with you about Eboni Williams; I think she has comes across best of the 3 hosts. She is knowledgeable and makes good points when she isn’t interrupted. I said this before:. I think Kennedy would be a better co-host than Kat. But, she seems happy doing”Outnumbered” and her FBN show. Don’t think she would put up with Eric interrupting her every 10 seconds.

      • Also, it is clearly time for Fox to go on a hiring spree. They will save hundreds of millions in salaries over the next few years just from O’Reilly and Kelly not being there.
        They need to get a larger and better pool of younger talent. They need to hire some more opinion hosts. They need to find better producers. Need to bring in some creative people.
        Build up a stronger online presence.

        Be ready to replace any host or show that might go away suddenly. Never find themselves in the same situation they have been in where they have nothing to replace something else.

        Maybe they want the opinion side to just go away. Because they are much more prepared for the future on the news side.

  2. Study: Cable Trump coverage — The Shorenstein Study is a long and sometimes tedious read but worth the time. Few surprises, but the “Bad News, Twice Over” segment was interesting.

    Thanks for the link.

  3. Shep Smith: a “media genius, revolutionary in American politics, shaper of American history, uproariously funny man with now well documented flaws…I loved him.”


    Spent magical day with Ailes in Palm Beach last month. He loved life, country, Beth. News! We sat for 9 hours. He was excited for the future

    • By moving to primetime, The Five looked like it had a chance at becoming the top show at the network. Instead it has just lead to one problem after another.

      They didn’t have a good show to replace it at 5:00. They didn’t choose a good replacement for Bolling. The show has not really fit in prime time. They have become the least successful time slot on Fox when it comes to how they do against their competition.

      Now they have to replace Beckel without many options.
      Roginsky seems to be in the dog house at Fox. Tarlov has never been on the show and doesn’t look to be a host. Fowler was not good in his previous appearance guest hosting The Five. Harf will probably get a shot, but she clearly would not be the right fit.
      It probably means that Juan is going to be there a lot more and Geraldo will be back. Geraldo’s past appearances on the show when Jesse was also on were really bad. They probably argue more than any other combination.

      Fox probably needs to start looking outside the network for a new liberal commentator/host. Maybe they try to get Powers back. She did fairly well when she was on The Five.

      The best option right now would likely be to just get Eboni off of The Specialists. She has never been left wing enough to play the “token liberal” role, but that didn’t stop the show from using Geraldo as it.
      It would allow an opportunity to reboot The Specialists.

      Of course, The Five never should have left 5:00.

      I will add, I do think that there is no way Bob would be out unless they were glad to get rid of him.
      If he was thrown under the bus, let’s see if any of his friends stick up for him.

      • The last thing they should do is panic. Just be patient. Alternate Juan with the different liberal contributors they have as well as some not yet on payroll (Nomiki Konst comes to mind). Don’t make a decision until maybe August. I would also, while at it, rotate different conservatives with Jesse. The network is going thru transition but I feel pretty confident their lineup will be back on top fairly soon.

        • I would be really surprised if they named a replacement for Beckel before July.

          They have needed to find some stability post-O’Reilly, but they keep having more turmoil.

          The end of June is probably when they are going to decide if the lineup and casts are working. They will have seen enough by then to know if something will work going forward.

          If it still isn’t working, then they will need to start making moves and have a new lineup in place by August or September.

    • A liberal using a racial slur? I am shocked! Actually, he let the mask drop. It was the typical superior attitude that we have come to expect from the Left.

  5. Bob Beckel will be the next Ed Shultz, I guess; no network in N. America will touch him now. You can have a drug problem and go thru rehab like he did, or make up imaginary events like Lyin’ Brian Williams and get a second chance, but insulting a person of color is crossing a line that will never be forgotten or forgiven. Except by the Russians, that is. They view people of color like the original Democrat SJW’s, the KKK, did a century ago.

  6. I always thought The Five was better with Juan or Geraldo. Bob seems so angry much of the time. Let’s hope this does not lead to any relapse and Bob can maintain his sobriety.

      • We don’t know, but I suspect the same.

        Unlike with CNN, Fox News is under a media microscope with the racism suit, so any charge of it is viewed witbout a natural sense of reserving judgment.

        In the case of CNN that sense of reserve extends to reporting very little on the lawsuit in order to not dramatize and hyperbolize matters. The charges carry weight, as they should, and are thus handled with gravity and discretion.

        With Fox it’s the opposite, which literary encourages a lack of skepticism, which in turn encourages charges motivated by hypersensitivity and even avarice.

        The Elite is at war with whoever doesn’t sing their tune. They won the Culture War and are now intent on squashing what they see as a backlands rebellion assisted by Fox News.

          • I don’t know, Johnny. I have seen people who claim to be supportive of non-whites use some pretty ugly language when they are around their own, or think they are. The dummies don’t realize that some people aren’t as white as they look.

          • I’m guessing the African-American IT guy had features inherent to his race.

            I wouldn’t think that was a stereotypal assumption.

          • I’ve known people who were very light skinned who have had comments made to them about “lazy n****rs,” thinking that they were simply talking to a dark complection white.
            My daughter looks whiter than Lindsay Lohan, and once had someone in a store comment to her after seeing an article about the Miami Tribe in the local paper, “We should’ve killed every one of the worthless animals.” He had a Hillary! sticker on his car.

          • I’m not sure how these very believable observations fit with what we’ve been told about the charge against Beckel.

          • He’s a drunk. He’s going to have a thousand self- immolating dramas followed by an entitled expectation of absolution that is based upon a show penitence and a pop psychology reference to the allergic effects of Wild Turkey…

            Bob Beckel is still not a racist.

          • You never really know what people are really thinking, when they are in control of themselves. Mabye the liquor loosened his tongue a little too much for his own good, he was annoyed, and lashed out with the first thing that popped into his head.

          • Could be, but I give him the benefit of the doubt because he has no history of racism.

            And not in the least the fact that what’s so far been reported about Beckel seriously saying that he was rushing out of a room because he couldn’t stand the presence of a black man, seems improbable to the point of absurdity.

          • He may have been leaving for another reason and told him “Get out of my way (you whatever).” Drunks can be that way.

          • Don’t think so. They don’t glow when they decorate their houses for Christmas like Bob does. My guess is he gets too familiar with people after liberating the bottle from the second drawer.

          • Bob Beckel pourrait probablement avec l’aide de Lilly Langtree sue Fox News pour des dommages-intérêts punitifs

      • Agreed….Beckel was probably making a crude joke and it just didn’t go over as intended.

        I’ve never bet Bob but I find it hard to believe that he’d storm out of his own office because a black IT staffer showed up.

  7. I am surprised people are surprised the coverage of the president is negative. Did they really expect, had it been any other Republican, that the coverage would not be wildly negative? We only had eight years of a Democratic president and we had a Republican before and his coverage was wildly negative.

    • Pres. Bush didn’t have government careerists and former Obama Administration officials aligned with the media to undermine him by any means necessary.

      Sure…Bush was the object of regular old media bias (the Katrina thing was egregious and cynical) and the victim of his own bad thinking, just like Bill Clinton was the object of conservative groups who pillaged him and of his own unique perfume of corruption that followed him from Arkansas.

      With Trump it’s war. It’s jihad, and Trump is uniquely unable to act in a way that might slightly mitigate it.

      Years have gone by and the thinking of the left has grown ever more rigid and demanding in its political cudgel precepts and dogma, to the point where they will literary destroy their own if they unwittingly neglect their parts in the left’s endless kabuki theater morality plays.

      The alliance of politicians, government careerists, media, corporatists, Hollywood, academia, and grievance groups has got our superficial and self-perpetuating Republican political hierarchy running scared.

      We are a drag on them too.

      It’s different now.

      • No it is not. Recall that when President Bush took over the W keys were missing from the White House? We should not amplify things that always happen.

        • Trump a bigger threat than Bush. That said, take off the rose colored glasses, and remember the liberals and their media hated Reagan and every Republican since Eisenhower.

          • Not sure where you see rose colored glasses because that is precisely what I said in my initial comment, that the media would always be biased against any Republican.

          • I think it’s gone beyond the usual bias (by the word “usual” I don’t mean to suggest the bias is insignificant) to an organized group of people utterly willing to betray trusts that are not just official, but sacred. All for the cause of liberal political imperatives.

          • I meant the liberals that seem today to like Reagan more than they actually did do so through rose colored glasses. That said, see my Harvard study comment above for the historical negative coverage given to Trump.

        • Really? Removing the “w”s from a keyboard is the same as enlarging the group of people that can see raw intelligence so those folks could keep an eye on Trump, his supporters and the campaign as Obama did?
          In my world that doesn’t even come close!

    • I see nowhere where people were “surprised” the coverage of Trump is negative. Maybe I missed something. I believe everyone who posts here regularly would have been able to make that judgement prior to this study-the study just verifies that belief.

    • The night the WP broke the anonymously sourced (including “former” govt officials who would have had to have gotten the info THIRD hand) story about Trump leaking a state secret to Russian officials, there was wave after wave of (and I mean endless) tweeted pieces from the WP, NYT. Politico, The Hill, CNN… that were UNIVERSALLY indicting of Trump in their headlines. No ifs, ands, or buts. The only mitigating info in the copy was the mention that the sources were anonymous.

      There’s no way in hell Pres. Obama would have been treated like that. Not ONE story that questioned or tried to contextual i.e. What had happened in a way that wasn’t a complete indictment of Trump.

    • The truth is never biased, it is what the facts determine it to be. These are not “journalists,” they are advocates for a cause. Truth is the furthest thing from their intents.

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  9. I can’t wait for J$ Weekend post. I suspect a funny link and I have a great comment, I mean thought and analysis!

    • Fox didn’t post the segment so so link for now. I have two full days to find one, however, that would meet the high standards for which J$P is known worldwide.

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