Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Rachel Maddow-Coop-O’Donnell 1-2-3.
  • Video: Shep Smith’s moving, personal 
  • Video: Fox & Friends remembers the of Roger Ailes.
  • In death, Roger Ailes still a polarizing figure.  Journalists celebrate.
  • Concha: Roger Ailes dies; media react; Matthews brags about Maddow.
  • Gregg Jarrett: The Roger I knew.  Wemple: The Ailes scourge lives on.
  • Video: Gregg Jarrett explains how Comey’s memo can
  • Parsnow: It’s the ‘cable news blues’…I hate it but can’t stop watching it.
  • Expiring contracts could bring changes to MSNBC.   Soledad resurfaces.
  • Seth Rich family demands FNC retraction.  MSNBC’s new business show.

29 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

    • Great piece!

      “The Washington Post isn’t in the news business. After its takeover by Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, it’s in the business of manufacturing viral Trump hit pieces. It got a viral fake news hit with its lie that Press Secretary Sean Spicer was hiding in the bushes to avoid them. There was an equally snarky correction issued that was largely irrelevant. Having manufactured a piece of fake news fit for a Saturday Night Live skit, the Post then dutifully reported on the Saturday Night Live skit featuring its fake news item.

      In the past there would have been a world of difference between the Washington Post and Saturday Night Live. Today they are part of the same lefty echo chamber. The media, all the various parts of it, is now one big influence operation. The machine works by developing and taking fake news attacks viral. WaPo and SNL are in the same business. There isn’t even much of a stylistic difference.”

    • It is chilling to see the hatred leveled at him upon the news of his passing. It’s just like when Justice Scalia died. “Good,” they say before elaborating.

      • Anticipated, and in my case avoided. If there is joy in such hatred, then let them dance with the likes of the Palestinians when the twin towers fell.

      • Rev. Al Sharpton’s tweet about the death of Ailes was actually very nice. Sharpton acknowledged his differences with Ailes but gave him credit where credit was due. All in all, I thought Sharpton was respectful.

      • There are a lot of sick people who love to take delight in the deaths of those they disagree with.

  1. If Soledud had to surface again somewhere, this is the least obnoxious spot in the pond I can think of.

  2. Are reporting facts in question regarding Seth Rich family demanding a retraction or just understandable grief?

    • I wondered that as well. It seems that they don’t want anything reported, I feel there pain for their loss, but it’s a legitimate news story. It reminds me of Monica Lewinsky, she claims she was bullied by DrudgeReport. Sorry honey, but Drudge was just reporting the facts, just because Monica didn’t like it doesn’t make it bullying.

    • That was one of the most powerful monologues I’ve seen on cable news. Nice to hear a different side of the story…

    • Yeah – I think the best part was Shep bringing up the sexual harassment scandal and talking about how those who didn’t know that side of Ailes were in disbelief (including himself) and summing it up with a truism that people “are complicated.” He didn’t excuse Ailes’ conduct but Shep also didn’t dismiss all the good he saw in Ailes which was very real.

        • These people today are too dogmatic to see anything the writer said.

          To them this is excusing sexual harrassment in the way that they would not render without nuance some other societal ill involving human frailty in both men, women, and the culture.

          This rigidity is mediated by political impulse as the guiding ethos, as all things are these days. That’s why the media person who wrote that piece recounting her experiences and wondering when this subject would extend beyond Fox News had to write it anonymously.

          We are losing our natural human emotions and feelings.

          • Drug and alcoholism is “a disease”, even though both carve a path of misery and huge collateral damage. Other inabilities to control impulses aren’t viewed with such nuance. Even, worse, punishment is weaponized.

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