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  1. “tired of repetitive Trump-bashing”

  2. Trump’s campaign sent supporters a fundraising email yesterday with the subject line “SABOTAGE”: “You already knew the media was out to get us. But sadly it’s not just the fake news… There are people within our own unelected bureaucracy that want to sabotage President Trump and our entire America First movement.”

    This is pretty much the way I see it, and Trump isn’t really the issue, his agenda is: guns, global warming, court appointments, immigration to name a few.

        • And hurtful to my investments as the market drops over 1.8% in fear Trump’s business friendly agenda is in jeopardy.

      • They demand the right to rule. And they do not care who has to be destroyed in the process. These people are dangerous in a way that this country has never faced before.

  3. Rupert Murdoch is trying to pick up the pieces of his beloved FNC network after stabbing Bill O’Reilly and Bill Shine in the back. Good luck with that.

      • I find I barely watch FNC anymore. I don’t cotton to Tucker Carlson, never liked The Five in primetime, won’t tune into The Specialists (can’t get past Kat Timpf). Martha MacCallum is okay but she always has a lot of liberals like Marie Harf jabbering away. Hannity is the only host who has kept the faith, and now I just DVR it for the next day if I get around to it.

        • Martha MacCallum is pretty, which means a lot to old farts like me. However, I do find myself muting the sound.

          • She is very smart as well, but she is under pressure to balance each conservative guest with a liberal guest, most of whom just give out talking points. The whole network has gone to hell.

        • I never did watch the opinion shows much so FOX still offers me the same gold as always: fair and balanced news coverage.

  4. Do you think if we ascribe to what I’ve written below it will end his obsession with his proving something to us?

    “Like” this post if you…

    1. Couldn’t care less that Gaxter is gay.

    2. Couldn’t care less if Gaxter has a Twitter account.

    3. Couldn’t care less if Gaxter is lying about not having a Twitter account.

    4. Couldn’t care less what Gaxter does on any Twitter account he may or may not be lying about not having.

    5. Couldn’t care less about any of Gaxter’s personal demographics.

    6. Feel there’s no need to be tweeted by Creepy Clown in order for him to argue this bullshite because…all of the above.

    • It would seem to me that Creepy Clown’s obsession with Gatxer’s sex life actually says quite a bit about him. Perhaps it reminds him of something about himself that he is in denial about.

    • Well……since he started this account today……..I’m guessing he wont stop till the shooting at the mall starts.

      Remember J$ and I are obsessed just because we monitor a few twitter accounts and point out their lies and BS…….but hes completely normal….can you imagine the attention the dope would give me if I got a twitter account???

        • but then you would miss all the fun?

          Next week is another barney fife investigation on my Napster account from the 90s and why I only downloaded boy band and movie theme songs.

        • Cece, the exiled troll now has an account as “Gatxer’s Revenge.” He also answers himself under other names. That is sick behavior, no matter how you look at it. Wait until he starts attacking you. An attack on one of us, is an attack on all.

  5. How I’d try to salvage the sinking ratings at FoxNews
    – Move The Five back to 5pm
    – Completely ditch The Specialists
    – Turn Tucker into O’Reilly light — i.e. use Bill O’s old producers and have similar recurring segments so it’s not all politics for 60 minutes (Dennis Miller, man on the street, legal segment, etc.)
    – Martha to 9pm w/a straight news hour in the mold of Special Report — 35 min news and 25 min of panel w/top flight journalists discussing the day’s news — not left/right consultants and hacks using talking points
    – Hannity — I get that it is going to be the most pro-Trump hour, but can they mix in some new guests. It’s feels like the same 10 guests get cycled through in the course of a week of Hannity; most appearing multiple times a week.

  6. So far we found out that The Last Word is or is not getting canceled, NBC is or is not negotiating, That Phil Griffin could also be on the way out or not . Or Brian Williams is Andy Lack in a mask or is Lawrence O Donnell in a mask or both.

  7. Looks like John Kasich and Bernie Sanders had a good night with that CNN Town Hall, or as it could be called , if the 2016 election went a completely different direction town hall .

        • I had a high opinion of Kasich, until he pledged to support his party’s nominee, then refused. A man is only as good as his word.

          By the way, you did a good job on Hannity yesterday. Fox ought to hire you.

        • That’s my Gov. Voted for him before I voted for Trump. That said, we have some problems now in Ohio with revenues running short of projections. Jobs not growing as fast as I hoped. Some counties doing well, but my mine in Appalachia not so hot unless you are a land owner with mineral rights.

          • Gov Kasich wussed out on the Union Issue, and the debts are coming on from that. Also the Medicaid Expansion that he glommed onto to appease the working poor is hitting the budget hard. Both those monetary issues are why Ohio is losing money.
            But Gov Kasich is a “good” politician and he means well most of the time, and is not downright evil like some one the left.
            But I agree with Johnny he is pretty far “left” when it comes to what he pushes or refused to push, due to the “Electorate” in the State.

  8. The Five is becoming a problem for FNC. They were the only FNC hour to finish third in total viewers and they finished third by a huge margin in the demo. Tucker and Hannity both did 569,000 in the demo and The Five did 478,000 (which tied them with MacCallum). The Five should not be losing to Hannity by almost 100,000 demo viewers.
    They finished last in the demo among the nine shows that aired in prime time on the three major cable news networks last night. They were tied for 13th among all evening cable news shows. They finished fifth in total viewers among FNC shows.

    Tucker beat Hayes by over 650,000 viewer and in the next hour, The Five lost to Maddow by 900,000.
    Hannity was able to add 200,000 over The Five and O’Donnell lost over 500,000 from Maddow but Hannity still lost by 100,000. Clearly, O’Donnell beat Hannity because of their lead-ins.

    Carlson is doing okay post-O’Reilly, but if O’Reilly was still on, The Factor probably would be getting over 3 million and might be in the 3.5 million range. That also would increase the 9:00 ratings for FNC.

    FNC clearly needs to be considering a back-up plan if these numbers don’t get better. Actually take some time to figure out a master plan and not just quickly throw a bunch of stuff together like they did following the exit of their biggest star.

    • Saw an article today about how ratings for the late night comedy shows have changed since the election. The far left Colbert’s ratings have soared while the less political Jimmy Fallon’s numbers have dropped. Some of that same thing going on in cable news. Left leaning CNN and MSNBC should enjoy their good numbers​ now. May not last to end of summer.

    • There are many factors in play, but a few thoughts:

      1. It’s interesting to watch how a slight but entertaining talk show like The Five that did so well in late afternoon gets exposed in the heat of primetime.

      2. The current news cycle isn’t helping, obviously. Trump administration scandals and struggles are not only driving viewers to MSNBC and CNN; a show like The Five simply isn’t equipped to cover breaking political news stuff well. In contrast, Special Report is doing fine work as they almost always do. FNC would be better off right now with that show anchoring primetime. I would drop Baier into primetime to host specials on big news days as trial runs.

      3. Jessie Watters was a poor choice for this gig. I never thought I would say about anyone “He’s no Eric Bolling”, but yeah. Watters doesn’t have chemistry with any of the others. He’s sitting front and center and at best he should be on the end making wisecracks like Gutfeld (he’s no Greg Gutfeld either, to be sure). It feels like the panel wants Guilfoyle and Perino to lead the show, and they are basically the adults in the room. But there is just too much clash of personalities going on, and the show has lost whatever voice it had.

    • There biggest star did not “exit”, unless you think it was Megyn, and moving The Five to The Nine was the stupidest move in a long time.
      Long time viewers of either show hated both those things, and the Murdoch brothers are losing that money and power to appease their cocktail friends.

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