Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Rachel Maddow-Coop-Erin Burnett 1-2-3.
  • A day at CNN: 92% is Trump coverage; 6% of guests were pro-Trump.
  • Outnumbered video: Fiery discussion over
  • Kimberly Guilfoyle confirms she is in talks for WH press secretary role.
  • Sunday Showdown: Reliable Sources edges MediaBuzz by 316K to 312K.
  • Bill O’Reilly to have regular Friday spot on Beck radio show.  Flashback.
  • Q&A: Melissa Francis.  Tucker’s crib up for sale.  Today’s lawsuit update.
  • Coop snags Sally Yates.   MSNBC and O’Donnell are in talks...or are they?
  • Athey: Impartial MSNBC news anchor pushes news she knew to be false.
  • Gretchen Carlson doesn’t trust HR.  Yesterday’s outrage, today’s
  • Somerby: Maddow’s dramatic exposé of McCabe was ‘slippery and dumb‘.

49 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Thanks for the Tucker Carlson crib news, Johnny.

    I can’t find any interior shots, but if someone else does please link.

    • That’s why I never trusted Jim Comey. He would not investigate Democrat wrongdoing, including Lois Lerner or Seth Rich.

    • Apparently, Seth Rich’s family is angry at conservative media for turning his murder into a conspiracy theory.

  2. Aside from the formal Democrat instutions, the consirted effort to take down an elected president by the media, rich enemies, and those buried in many government functions is frightening.

  3. Great news Mike, dipstick no longer appears in RECENT COMMENTS! I can take the patch off my right eye. The “badge of honor” banned trolls always claim after being exiled is the last gasp at having been renedered invisible, soon to be forgotten with all the rest.

  4. President Trump probably right that Kimberly would be a great press secretary (I do think Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders have done a good job under extremely adverse circumstances). But, she would be really missed on “The Five”.

    • If The Five was still on at 5:00 and still had Bolling, replacing Guilfoyle wouldn’t be that tough. They would still have the three hosts who have appeared on the most episodes. There would not be that much pressure on who they brought in. They would have some time to try women out. They wouldn’t need a very well known name. They would be able to get a little younger.

      With the show the way it currently is, it would be much tougher. The show doesn’t seem to be a very good fit in primetime. They already replaced one of the main hosts a month ago. They already added a host under 40 years old. They are in a higher pressure situation and have been losing in the ratings recently. They have some chemistry issues right now.
      They also would be wise to actually have try outs, but I’m not sure they want to go with a more than two person rotating host spot for too long.

      Need someone who has some gravitas, but still has personality.
      They also probably can only choose someone with hosting experience. Especially since they would be lacking in hosts that can head up the show during breaking news. They can’t just add another commentator. Not a good time or place for on the job training.

      I think Fox would try hard to get her to stay.

      • She has already said she is leaving if she is offered the job. I wonder why Fox hasn’t hired Tomi Lahren yet? They have some real slugs running the network now.

        • Will Kimberly really leave? Being a cohost on PRIMETIME FOX has to probably pay her at least $2-$3 million, leave all that & get paid $100,000+ being a Press Secretary?

          • If she hadn’t held that job, Dana PeRINO wouldn’t be on FNC now; she’d be doing shows on Animal Planet about her dog.

        • Depends on how well she would fit in on the Five as well though, already hard enough adjusting Waters into that show.

        • Because Tomi has a bad rep, no life experience, and a tenuous grasp on the facts I general.

          Plus I think she’s still under contract.

        • For her age, Lahren is a decent talent, but she is not good enough to overlook all her negatives.

          If Fox could convince her to sign a long term deal for a relatively low salary and a limited role, then she might be worth signing based on her name recognition and potential upside.
          Doubt she would agree to that though.

          She would be better off at somewhere other than Fox. She probably should just be her own boss.

        • Hasn’t Tomi proven to be somewhat of a loose cannon, though? Maybe that’s unfair of me – I don’t know that much about her, just what I have read.

          • I still feel there was another reason that The Blaze pulled her off the air more than the thought reason.

      • Although she would be a great addition to the Trump team, I also hope FOX tries to get her to stay. FOX has let too many good, smart conservative women slip through its fingers in the last few years: SE Cupp, Jedediah Bila, Andrea Tantaros, Alysn Camerota, etc.

  5. Preliminary numbers suggest another big night for MSNBC, but with CNN’s town hall doing well too. Fox is where it was years ago: win total viewers, lose the demo. Why would that be? A real puzzler, that.

    • The negative tone on everything Trump with phony theories doesn’t ride well in the long run. Also as I have said before liberals tire of cable news after awhile. I hope Fox News just rides this out and leaves the schedule as it. A good indication that all is not bad at Fox News is dayside and weekends are doing well and easily beating the other two as usual.

        • This is exactly what I’m worried about. Things changed too much after they let Bill go.

        • You feel the same as many do, but I am okay with it. Tucker Carlson or anybody else will never be able to get consistent O’Reilly type ratings at 8 pm. Full disclosure – I am a big The Five (& Perino & Gutfeld) fan, so I don’t mind the show at 8 pm and I also like the break (with some humor) between Carlson and Hannity type of shows.

          • I’ve been a big fan of The Five, but it is becoming almost unwatchable. The discussions are mostly worthless. The duos of Jesse and Bob and Jesse and Juan make for horrible television. Guilfoyle and Perino don’t seem to be enjoying themselves as much. Greg is doing fine, but the changes have made him less effective.

            I don’t think the format and that combination of talent works in that time slot. Jesse was not good on the show as a fill-in, but he has been worse than I expected. His personality does not work for a panel show. Especially as the middle seat on this show. He sucks up too much of the attention.

          • Eric’s personality worked better on the show, plus he and Bob had interesting rapport with each other .

          • I love to watch Dana’s facial expressions when Jesse goes off on some weird tangent. Every now and then Dana & Greg manage to get in a good response in between Jesse & Bobs bickering to Jesses digressions.

          • Tucker does need to make his show more watchable independent of what is going on in the news and they should have kept him at 8:00, but so far he is doing fine.

          • You’re okay with it but the viewers aren’t okay with it. That is why the ratings are down. The sad thing is that the suits at FNC don’t think there is a problem, they think they are doing a great job, probably deserve a raise for destroying FNC.

          • I personally don’t think Fox News ratings are down, just stagnant. The ratings at the other two networks are way up.

          • The ratings are mostly okay. Losing often makes things look worse than it actually is. There are a couple of issues that really stand out though.

            The Five is going to probably be the first FNC show in years to finish second in their time slot in total viewers for an entire month.
            In five of the previous six weeknights, The Five has been the lowest rated (total and demo) primetime show on FNC. That means many people are likely watching Tucker, tuning out for The Five and coming back for Hannity.
            That is a bad sign.

            The network is also taking a hit at 5:00. The ratings are probably correcting themselves, but that time slot has been massively successful at Fox for 8+ years now.

            The PR hit that might be coming Fox’s way at the end on the month has to disappoint Fox, but it alone is not enough to panic.

            The quality of shows is what the network needs to worry most about right now. They are not of a quality that are going to make people want to watch when the news slows down (if it ever does).

      • FNC’s news division is pretty strong right now. They have quality shows. They have a lot of good hosts and a lot of up and coming talent. They are doing really well during the day in the ratings.

        FNC’s opinion division is a bit of a mess. The opinion shows are not very well produced right now and there are too many hosts that are bad fits or just not good enough to be a host.
        They have done a poor job with the development and the acquisition/retaining of younger (under 40) opinion talent.

        With their top two talents (O’Reilly and Kelly) gone, they needed to put their best people in higher profile spots and found some good new hires.
        That didn’t happen.

      • I tend to agree with you. CNN and MSNBC have successfully, for now, taken advantage of FNC’s behind the scenes problems and talent losses. Don’t think FNC needs to do a schedule overhaul but some tweaking may be needed. On “The Specialists​” maybe bring Kennedy on in place of Kat. Was watching Bret Baier and I wondered how the new British commentator (his name escapes me) might work in place of Jesse on “The Five”. Can’t hurt to try him out.

  6. If Andy Lack is looking at those ratings he probably would be like maybe we should try and keep Lawrence , and Phil Griffin might be trying to convince Lack about that too. Unless Lack thinks this is a flash in the pan and that he’s thinking long term.

    Cable news ratings ebb and flow, like there was a period where Nancy Grace was the #2 or #3 primetime cable news show being Olby and CNN’s Parker Spitzer.

    • IMHO……Lack looking at history……..till just this month as far as Ive seen Lawrence has NEVER won in the demo and NEVER in total viewers………Im sure they may have been a day here or there….but no weeks…..in fact MSNBC just won a demo week for the first time in 7 years.

      Personally Id like to see them get rid of Hayes…..first….hes pitiful and drags down the entire network………and I know im alone in this but Id like a news hour in there just as I wish Fox has a news hour in prime time. Wont happen of course but I can hope……..and maybe Obi-Wan Kenobi can be my only hope.LOL

      • Yes , Fox should have brought back the Fox Report. L O D was getting some nice drip ratings from Maddow as well, which Hayes doesn’t get from his fellow Chris that comes on before him. I would love if MSNBC had a news hour in primetime, so you aren’t alone there.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
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    3 regular Friday spot
    2 knew to be false
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Tucker’s crib up for sale.

  8. Fox is missing Bill O big time. I’m sure Ailes and Bill O are enjoying this immensely.

    The Murdoch sons are determined to ruin the network by seeking to be more in step w/the mainstream media.

  9. Democrats, CNN and MSNBC now have Trump in their sights for impeachment. At least that’s the hope.

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