Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Freaky Friday numbers: Rachel Maddow-O’Donnell-Hayes 1-2-3.
  • Concha: Kellyanne has a right to respond to attacks on Morning Joe.
  • Videos: F&F welcomes anchor Dana Perino’s
  • Upcoming installment of OBJECTified to feature Benjamin Netanyahu.
  • Somerby: Riding the Comey wave, Maddow does yet another about-face.
  • Megyn: ‘I’m honored to be joining this historic, incredibly talented team.’
  • Special Report video: All-Star Panel chews over who
  • Q&A: Brooke Baldwin; Brooke at UNC.  Is Jason Chaffetz headed to FNC?
  • Scandal sweeps up Bo.  Trump roils ‘conservative media’.  Mr Bill’s revenge?
  • Tucker’s alive and well.  MSNBC may drop O’DonnellMore. Video

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  1. With the old reprobate’s girlfriend gone, maybe Lawrence O’Donnell doesn’t want his contract renewed?

    • I know he’s in Cali and Tamron’s now a Lone Star girl.

      Romantically — I get the impression — they’re even further apart. But apparently not as far apart as he and Andy Lack seem to be.

  2. Re: MSNBC may drop Lawrence O’Donnell.

    Looks like he’s toast to me.

    Andy Lack, the chairman of NBC News, is no fan of O’Donnell’s program, sources say. Some say it’s because he doesn’t appreciate the liberal nature of “The Last Word,”

    There is a fear, among some at MSNBC, that Lack is making programming decisions in an effort to appease the Trump administration (an accusation that has been made of CNN and Fox News), which may lead to more access to the White House and in turn, conservative viewers.


    • Judging by the ratings Chris Hayes is the weak link in prime time for MSNBC but O’Donnell does get the benefit of having Maddow as his lead-in.

      If Andy Lack doesn’t appreciate the “liberal nature” of O’Donnell’s show what are his thoughts about Hayes and Maddow? Or maybe he thinks it’s just too much of the same thing.

      If Lack wants to bring in Conservative viewers he has an uphill climb. MSNBC was made into a Liberal network by Jeff Zucker and the network enjoys a loyal viewership that will not stick around to hear what Hugh Hewitt or whomever has to say.

      All that said I think O’Donnell’s time has come. At the least stop calling his show “the last word” as Brian Williams now has that job.

      • Would like to see Brian Williams in the 10 o’clock slot and Hugh Hewitt in the 11pm slot. Doubt it will happen but we can hope.

  3. I don’t say this lightly considering 4 wks running Kurtz has had on either Spicer or Kellyanne to promote the Trump agenda — but I liked the panel today. Intelligent solid journalism free of some of the heavy partisanship from prior weeks. Kinda reminded me of what I used to like about Mr. Bill’s Factor.

    Keep it goin’ Howie!!

    • A lot of the hosts on Fox News don’t like to use Howie Kurtz because he is too establishment or too liberal for their tastes. I find him plain vanilla and not very interesting.

      Both Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson prefer to use Joe Concha for their media reports because he is more incisive and frankly more conservative. I believe Martha MacCallum is also in that category as well.

      I don’t think it would be a great loss for FNC not to renew Kurtz’s show. It is flat out boring and why is Erin McPike co-hosting his show week after week?

      • You express precisely how I find him to be as well: “plain vanilla and not very interesting”.

        Or astute.

      • I kind of wish they would just put ANHQ back in that slot and maybe bring back Sunday Housecall at 11:30, it would be something different while the channels aren’t doing newscasts in that time anyway.

  4. Depends on what MSNBC thinks : do they think O Donnell is getting his own ratings or lead in from Maddow viewers? Though it might be a little stupid to replace a 2nd high rated show .

  5. MSNBC is wiping out FNC in the Friday Prime Time ratings. And son James Murdoch is probably laughing his head off. Mission Accomplished.

      • When it comes to FNC, I think the Murdoch kids have only been focused on getting rid of people. They likely didn’t care what it meant for the ratings.

        They likely have chosen to have almost no say on what is appearing right now. The post-O’Reilly scheduling changes don’t seem like they would have come from them. I doubt they would have chosen to promote Watters. I doubt they really even knew who Timpf was.
        Although, some of the changes seem to be from someone(s) who don’t understand cable news.

        • Some of the changes seem to be someone trying to jump the gun with out thinking it out. The murdochs probably asked someone or had someone do the changes while they attend to other needs. I think don’t the Murdoch kids have that in their mind they are focused on the controversy while also doing the rest of the business including in the other countries. (and getting that sky deal finished)

          • Fox has had some independent legal firm (or something) looking into the whole sexual harassment mess – perhaps the Murdochs are taking their advice.

            Good point re: the Sky deal they are working on. The regulators in the UK will be watching closely how they have handled the mess at Fox and will factor that into their decision.

          • Either that or there is some force that doesn’t want Murdoch to have complete control of Sky , last time it was the wiretapping News of the World scandal….

    • It’s understandable when ratings are lower on Fridays. it is understandable when ratings are lower with a guest hosts and it is understandable that the other networks are going to get more of a bump in the demo, but FNC, and more specifically The Five, should be embarrassed by those Friday ratings.

      No FNC show from Cavuto on won its time slot in the demo. MSNBC and CNN combined had six shows with over 400,000 in the demo. FNC had zero.
      Tucker Carlson Tonight finished third in the demo, but at least had the most viewers. Even with a guest host.

      Not only was The Five the only FNC show Friday night to not be the most viewed show in its time slot, Maddow beat them in total viewers by 37%. It has probably been years for any FNC show to lose that bad on a normal (no special programming) night.
      Maddow beating them in the demo is becoming common, but she had 66% more 25-54 demo viewers than The Five. She had double the 18-49 demo rating.
      They finished 13th in cable news for the night in the 25-54 demo. They finished 11th for the entire day among FNC shows in the 18-49 demo. They lost to The Specialists (who didn’t even finish first in their time slot).

      While Dana is the most popular one, The Five still had four of their primary hosts. They shouldn’t be losing so badly. At the same time, they are losing even with her.

      Every night last week, The Five was the only FNC show to not finish first in total viewers in its time slot. On four of the five nights, it finished last among FNC prime time shows in the demo.

      So, Maddow went five for five in both total and demo against The Five last week. She is seemingly building momentum against The Five and besides messing with the length of the first block, they don’t seem to be making much effort in fighting back.

  6. I wonder if Joe and Mika’s engagement means that Satan bought one of their souls at discount.

    They’ve certainly sold them. They have no souls left.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 drop O’Donnell
    4 sweeps up Bo
    3 alive and well
    2 Jillian Mele
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Mr Bill’s revenge?

  8. RE: Friday Numbers

    WOW!!! When was the last time that happened?
    Are they starting to panic inside the halls of Fox News?

    • Probably not.

      I think the bottom line is that Trump has been a boon to most news media outlets. Fox finds itself in a different position because some of their talent are Trump apologists while others lean Right but will take things as they come. It’s a contrast between that and the Trump bashing fests on CNN and MSNBC – they have been the real beneficiaries of the Trump era. The pendulum will swing in the future but for now Fox still looks to be in good shape all things considered.

  9. a) Trump leaked national security to Russians
    b) Trump did not leak national security to Russians
    c) Trump took a leak on the Russians
    d) Someone leaked fake news

  10. Re: “Mr. Bill’s revenge” – I have no doubt he will be back on the air at another network. He may not get the $$ he thinks he deserves but given how his career ended at FNC there is no way his ego will allow him to just ride off quietly into the sunset.
    I don’t think he’ll take to the air and start bashing Fox News, but he’ll be driven to show that it doesn’t matter what network he is on….he is still the king of cable news (in his mind) and will bust his rear to build his ratings.

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