Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: Is it Ending About
  • Reliable Sources videos: Worse than Watergate; a tipping point; Nixonian?
  • Trump mulls shake-up, considers Kimberly Guilfoyle for press secretary?
  • It’s ‘who we are’: MSNBC hires eight white guys.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Gerri Willis talks cancer survival.   CNN gives Axelrod another hosting gig.
  • Videos: The Five ask will briefings? Mr Concha has
  • MSNBC and Maddow ride the Comey wave.   Clayton Morris moonlighting.

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95 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. It floors me what has happened so rapidly and drastically to our society.

    You have the New York Times begging customers not to drop them over an op-ed from one “climate denier” .

    If you read his piece you’ll see that he is as reasonable toward the views of others as he can be, while cordially sharing his own arguments.

    As recently as five or six years ago, you could talk about controversial subjects on blogboads without it turning into a character assassination.

    I had a poignant, intensely oppositional, but reasoned discussion about my opposition to assisted suicide with a woman who was considering it for herself and with another woman who was fighting for the “right” of her son to be availed of it. Now I’d be berated as being the representation of everything that needed to be dispised and marginalized on the planet.

    It’s fascistic to shut down people’s arguments upon the basis of saying that it hurts someone. Case closed, evil person. It hurts someone. It might hurt someone… like table salt used to hurt us. There’s no higher principle than not hurting someone and ours is the only definition of the greater good…


    These aren’t people from places who pronounce “there” like “thar”. No, those good people are way more intellectual than that.

    It’s the freaking readers of the NYT and most of the people who write for it.

  2. What’s with the Twitter bickering between Sean Hannity and National Review? It all sounds very Middle School.

      • wouldn’t be good for her in the long run. who wants to be vilified, mocked, and verbally assaulted day after day after day. there is a plus: Helen Thomas is dead.

        • It’s all about power, and she would love to be in the President’s Inner Circle. Sarah Huckabee-Sanders is too abrasive to be an effective Press Secretary.

          • Being in Trump’s inner circle is like being on the Star Trek away team wearing a red shirt.

          • I think Sarah being longstanding Trump ally Mike Huckabee’s daughter carried with it some freedom from criticism not afforded Sean Spicer when Trump criticized him about his unkempt appearance when he first started as press secretary.

            I think poor Sarah looked a bit frumpy for such a high profile public appearance. But perhaps the President refrained from comment out of respect for Mike Huckabee.

            I would have had someone fix her hair and put her in a navy blue business suit with a white blouse. Image is so important with The Donald. It may have still not been enough considering her combative (even snarky at times) style.

            But I do think Trump would have viewed her in a better light and perhaps she would be a strong (or stronger) candidate than the rumored Kimberly Guilfoyle.

            But that’s just me. I’m also the one who criticized Greg Gutfeld for not wearing a business suit on a primetime program…or Tucker for not wearing crisply starched shirts without the wrinkled collar. 🙂

        • Not to mention a POTUS, while probably doing right thing, contradicting his VP and communications team. She’s having a lot more fun on “The Five”.

          • How could they have worked with Trump this long and have not known that he wasnt going to allow it to be said that he had exercised his elected authority on the basis of the opinion of anyone else?

            Not in him.

  3. Mike Allen today:

    “President Trump may wind up paying a huge price for the Comey debacle. But so far, it’s playing out a bit like the “Access Hollywood” tapes where Trump bragged to Billy Bush about groping women: Washington freaks and Trump Country yawns.”

    “The Gallup daily tracking poll shows Trump’s approval has held steady (40% the day of the firing, 41% two days later).”

    “Be smart: Don’t underestimate how much wiggle room Trump bought himself with his voters and conservatives by putting Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, enforcing the red line in Syria, and muscling a partial repeal of Obamacare through the House. He has a long leash with Trump Country.”

  4. I didn’t realize it until last night, but there is another issue that has arisen from The Five moving to primetime. Many of their best guest hosts are probably not as available anymore.

    Kilmeade might be the best and I can’t see him ever appearing with the show on so late. Kennedy is probably Guilfoyle’s best fill-in and Melissa Francis is probably Perino’s best and neither one is likely to want to stick around at Fox until 10:00 at night. Especially with having kids.

    They haven’t had that many fill-ins yet (Jesse being gone in the first week lead to them bringing in bigger names that likely won’t be available in the future), so not yet sure who they will find for most of the spots. It looks like Turner and McCain will be Perino’s fill-ins. Neither one is good enough to host in primetime.

  5. It doesn’t surprise me that Joe Concha was the only sane person on Hannity last night.

    Does Sekulow really think that Comey is not going to leak because he’s declined to appear in front of the senate?

  6. Every time you see a news anchor with perfectly white teeth remember it likely the result of an expensive veneer applied to each tooth. Even basic dental care is something many Americans can no longer afford. That eventually catches up with them. Nearly 1 in 5 Americans older than 65 do not have a single real tooth left.

  7. On Judge Jeanine’s show, Joseph DiGenova made an interesting suggestion for FBI director: Ray Kelly.

      • This was the first time I’ve heard Kelly’s name mentioned. Having lived in NY during his time as police commissioner, I have a lot of respect for him. He’s an Independent and has worked for Democrats and Republicans. And, as DiGenova said, he’s not a politician.

        • I’ve heard former Senator Rodgers mentioned in a couple places. Not sure he’s playing with a full deck.

        • CBS SUNDAY MORNING had a graphic with a dozen “candidates” today. Kelly was not one of them. Of course neither was my guy, former sheriff Joe Arpaio

    • Fox News finished 2016 as the most-watched U.S. cable network in primetime for the first time in its history, according to Nielsen data in December.

      If 3rd quarter profit at Fox’s cable networks was $1.44 billion, I have to wonder how much impact a 20-30 percent decline in viewership will actually have if Mr. Bill’s old 8p hour only earns $80M-$90M per year instead of the previous projection of $111M.

      I certainly don’t have the answer.

        • Understood Mitch.

          I was simply using the recent ratings decline to project out for the year if things (a 20-30 percent ratings drop) stayed the same…which admittedly is a bold assumption.

          Sorry if that wasn’t completely clear.

  8. At least Trump’s fascist, impeachable week got the press off the subject of people with preexisting medical conditions being left to die and town hall anarchists making timid Republicans pee their pants. Ever see that same press report that all the young people who refuse to buy into Obamacare will no long pay penalties? Afraid the kids just might say, “cool!”.

    • Hey Larry……..did you know in the minds of racist defending cowards……that comment makes the whole website look bad?

      This is the same future mental patient who just last week claimed you Nixon,Mich and Minnesota nice were KKK members…….what a dope.

      You would think his friends…….if he has any would tell him to seek help ASAP before he hurts someone.

      HT: to person who emailed me the link

        • Considering that I was one of those attacked, I would guess that he would claim not guilty due to mental defect.

          • We could join in a class action suit, but I’ve given up pretentions to having class. I drink red wine with everything.

          • The only wine I drink is at Holy Communion. Something else the Klan hates – Catholics.

          • Used to keep my Grandpa Kelly busy in the 20’s trying to keep the Klan from burning crosses on the properties of the hated Dutch Catholics when he was Sheriff of Oceana County Michigan.

          • They had a great annual Tulip Festival down the road thirty miles in Holland, Michigan, but with no black people around per say, what was the local KKK to do after washing and pressing the sheets? Gotta persecute someone, and I guess the Dutch drew the short straw. Actually it all started with your people Nixon: nobody likes the first wave of immigrants. Native Americans saw it coming, but they still gave the Pilgrims a decent Thanksgiving. In retrospect, probably a bad move.

          • Us Natives tried to get along with the white man, we even offered them land to live among us. But they wanted it all. So, they took our land, and we married their daughters. Now, they are stuck with us as relatives.

          • But we love your casinos Nixon.

            There are four within a 1/2 hour drive from downtown San Diego.

          • I’ve no doubt that my lineage most likely includes a few klansmen, with many other ne’er do wells in the mix.

            I do have the privilege of claiming Patrick Henry though. Typical know-it-all…ill-tempered Scotsman.

            Just like the rest of the (c)lan.

          • Not sure they’re too big on wine in a wine glass either.

            It’s easier to drink a Pabst Blue Ribbon through those tiny mouth holes in those KKK hoodies.

          • You can call people Klansmen and racists and bigots on twitter as much as you like, but I’m not going to allow it here. Tell me why you don’t deserve a stay on Exile Island for that crack.

          • I have never called anyone a racist or a bigot here at J$P. But I have been called one….so has Iceman…many times by Gatxer.

          • Bad behavior does not justify bad behavior. You you didn’t depict a Klan suit here, you only did so on twitter and then made comments about it here to the person whose name you attached to it. Nice try; I was born at night, but not last night. You need a respite from all the racists and bigots here to rethink your modus operandi, and Exile Island is just the place. When you return I hope it will be with a deeper understanding of respectful camaraderie.

            PS: If you ever again address people you don’t even know on my twitter timeline by suggesting they are racists just to rattle somebody’s (my?) chain, your stay on Exile Island will not be just a visit.

          • How could you round up all his sock puppets to send them with him? Whatever my blocked troll has said, don’t send Tony Bennett by mistake.

        • Maybe it is….the big mouth coward used one of his at least 3 fake twitter accounts to send it………a real non mentally ill person wouldn’t have felt the need to do that…….but just like the Disgraced Racist Stooges™ hes so bad at lying it comical. I guess he didn’t want his few followers to see what a complete idiot partisan hes turned into.

          Look at it this way…..the nuts been on twitter since 2009 and only has @300 fools following him…..and his fake accounts are only followed by his other fake accounts……..nobody’s listening really……….I used to read his main account but it became so sad I deleted the bookmark.

          • Not sure who you are referring to with only 300 followers? He seems to have really gotten into your head big time.

            But it is the same as Larry Kelly, so having 300 followers might not be among the many things you can legitimately complain about.

            How about your @GATXER twitter account since 2010 with only 12 followers…and you get to view pictures of naked gay men for free? ?

          • He uses that handle on ICN, and a different one here. The man has serious problems. He really should seek help, before the State intervenes.

          • The best is why he “likes” something he wrote with one of his “fake” accounts…..it doesn’t get any crazier than that does it?

            I think the reason he demands I have a twitter account is because he has soooo many…..LOL


          • I know…why would I want to bother with cowards like him? There’s nothing wrong with twitter……..just not for me…I don’t snap chat for the same reason……….the poor mental man says I wont admit it because the one he claims is mine has gay porn in it………..hes a hint for the mental patient …………Ive admitted right here I watch porn………..I’m a adult male………its nobody’s business….but in his poor twisted mind its something to be ashamed of…..hes pretty homophobic.

            Anybody with a lick of common sense knows that if I joined twitter Id just spend my time pointing out the Disgraced Racist stooges™ lies…..that would be a full time job. If it was my twitter account how could I have resisted not doing that for more than one day? But hes a nutjob so he doesn’t have to think……the dry drunk tells him something is true and he believes its it completely.

      • I guess that our resident troll doesn’t realize that the Klan hates us injuns as much as anyone else.

  9. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 preview
    4 a better idea
    3 eight white guys
    2 moonlighting
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Trump mulls shake-up, considers Kimberly Guilfoyle for press secretary?

    • Kimberly G is intelligent and capable but she shows too much clevage and wears “too tall” shoes. I believe she would open up a whole new route for the gossip mongers/resistance/never trumpers. .

  10. MY how Brian Stelter’s opinion changes depending on who’s being talked about and whos talking. last year when SH talked about HRC health it was a outrage


    BTW….less than 30 days later HRC collapsed in NYC.

    But today………talking about Trumps health mental and otherwise seems OK…….I mean Bernstein is closer to a doctor than SH right?


    Hypocrites one and all

  11. Our friend on Exile Island is going to have a longer stay than originally planned. After extending it once for circumventing what would have been a short stay that any person with an ounce of maturity could have dealt with in a reasonable fashion, he repeatedly came back with more arguments and posts knowing it would make his exile longer. So in addition to adding more time I have taken an action prompted by disqus and deleted his last 30 days of comments. The next rung on the ladder is permanent ban, so I think it’s time to stop climbing.

    • OK…….I was going to keep my big mouth shut…but…you know me……..I think it total BS that he goes on twitter and attacks the site and 5 different people here….saying they were KKK member and then comes here and acts like that doesn’t matter……….he didn’t attack me that way……….but If he had………..I probably wouldn’t have played nice and would have earned a spot with MOE on that island.

      Oh well he claimed being banned is not any kind of a punishment….so im guessing he will be back……I thank you for what you did.

      • Thanks, Johnny. But you know that he will try to come back under yet another handle. If you notice, the Klansman that was supposed to be me had a black face. He is one sick puppy.

        • I’ve been speaking to my attorneys about filing a class action suit against this site, due to all the pain and suffering endured by commenters here.

          Endured primarily because Mr. Dollar is possessed of a…shall we say….perverse charisma wherein his contrarians “just can’t quit” him.

          This has happened repeatedly over the years, where frustrated JD stalkers, unable to escape the demons invoked by their FNC hatred, and angered by our host’s suave assuredness and affable aplomb, strike out at the less lofty target comprised of we lesser folk.

          Who’s in?

          • After consideration, I am. I’m having nightmares now running too slow to escape the pursuing socks. Hundreds of ’em.

          • You could sue the troll for punitive damages. I spoke to my attorney and she said, and I quote, “Get out of my office you damn turtle.” I get less respect than the late Rodney Dangerfield.

          • Can you believe hes still obsessing over this site hes banned from?

            Hes trashing the site….and obsessing over me…..the good news is…….the fake account hes doing it from only has one follower…….one of his other fake accounts.LOL….of course hes still calling people here bigots and homophobic………which as a gay man….I always love it when you ST8 people tell me whats homophobic………..and this from a guy who think people who watch gay porn should be ashamed.

            Remember when it complained I was obsessed because I read Disgraced Racist stooges™ twitter accounts once a day? This nut bag looked up my Daily KOS account and read what I wrote there…….including a post a wrote trashing Trump……..but of course im still Trumper in his little mind………what a dope.

            He cant even figure out where I live even though Ive said where here more than once in the past………..he the worst obsessed detective ever.

            Ive NEVER met anyone so obsessed over whether somebody has a twitter account as that nutcase.

          • He seems very obsessed about the sex lives of others. Perhaps he is self-lothing because he can’t come to grips with his own desires.

          • Do you think if we ascribe to what I’ve written below it will end his obsession with his proving something to us?

            “Like” this post if you…

            1. Couldn’t care less that Gaxter is gay.

            2. Couldn’t care less if Gaxter has a Twitter account.

            3. Couldn’t care less if Gaxter is lying about not having a Twitter account.

            4. Couldn’t care less what Gaxter does on any Twitter account he may or may not be lying about not having.

            5. Couldn’t care less about any of Gaxter’s personal demographics.

            6. Feel there’s no need to be tweeted by Creepy Clown in order for him to argue this bullshite because…all of the above.

          • I gave it a like but it’s in the middle of a lengthy weekend thread that’s already four days old. A more current location would give it more visibility.

          • But relatively few people are reading that thread four days later. At least I assume that’s the case. There may be some way to check who’s reading comments and who isn’t but if there is, I haven’t figured it out.

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