Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Video: on why 30 sources don’t guarantee truth.
  • Wednesday’s numbers: Maddow-Tucker Carlson-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Media critic Trump: ‘dumb’ Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo a ‘chained lunatic’.
  • Tucker Carlson video: on manic media going to DefCon One.
  • Ariens: Soledad and Grace set to resurface.  Somerby: Coop goes 7 on 1.
  • Rothstein: Sara Murray has uneasy reaction to Spicer wedding comment.
  • Legal woes complicate FNC CEO search.  21C earnings top expectations.
  • Parties mum on dismissal of lawsuit against CNN.  Cooper: Save MSNBC!
  • Bahamas flap involves Shillue, Levy, Evan Siegfried.  Q&A: Shepard Smith.

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  1. Joe Concha made a great point regarding Anderson Cooper and his eye-rolling while listening to Kelly Anne Conway’s answers to his questions…..Cooper never would have done that to Valerie Jarrett or some other Obama Administration flak because, at the least, he would have been hammered for it.

    These days I wonder what the heck happened to CNN and at what point did they take a seemingly conscious turn to the Left. I don’t work there but I have a feeling that this is Jeff Zucker’s way of boosting their ratings just as he did at MSNBC. That and their anchors have become far more opinionated as they used to be.

  2. The Five had a 28 minute opening block Wednesday night. That is just remarkable. They seem to be letting Maddow’s success have an impact on what they do.

    Maddow’s ratings are not going to stay high forever. Maybe Fox will have to just accept that she might beat them for a little while and just focus on trying to make shows as good as they can.

    The Five is slipping in quality. They need to get that under control.

    • Honestly, the show should return to its original 5 PM time slot. I want to see hard news interviews in prime time, not this fluff.

    • Maddow is just riding the TRUMP Derangement Wave like Colbert, SNL etc…

      It won’t last forever

        • Exactly liberals and Democrats have proven over and over they are haters, look at some of the vile dishonest websites out there (MMA, Newshounds, etc.) and the troll/impostor regularly commenting here. They can joke, but can’t handle any joke. Nothing is off limits to them, whereas a conservative is called out for everything. I love that liberals are embracing the radical lunatics, like Maxine Waters as it will keep the GOP in control for a long time.

    • Maddow ‘s show always has long A block it takes her like 23 minutes to say something that could be said in like 5 minutes. Though I am not sure what the chance of someone leaving the Five when they go on commercial going to Maddow.

      • “it takes her like 23 minutes to say something that could be said in like 5 minutes”
        Tell me about it. That drives me crazy.

      • And after she’s yabbered a 23 minutes long set-up, and treated her audience as though they are school-aged crackheads, sitting at teacher’s feet awaiting the mind-blowing political denouement pixie-dust she’s going to sprinkle on their heads…they finally must settle for some weak-as-water contrived bit of irony/snark…and LIKE it!…

        And so they do.

      • That’s true isn’t it?

        Off the top of my head the only other cable news host (before he left) with a similar pattern was Glenn Beck. You wanted to reach thru your TV screen and firmly pat him on the back like you were trying to get him to cough up a furball lodged in his throat.

  3. CNN lawsuit dismissal (without prejudice). Had one once. Suing party wasn’t prepared to go to trial — suit came back a year later. Then settled out of court. I prepared my testimony so many times, I bet it’s the one thing I can relate after I get alzheimer’s.

  4. “As Smith told the students, both in life and journalism, the key is always finding the truth — and sticking to it.”
    I’m betting he knew the truth in the eight grade shower room, and burying it leaving an ex-wife as collateral damage doesn’t merit such sanctimony.

    • Not to mention the fact that dude is rewriting his own history.

      Since when did he ever ‘bravely’ come-out as gay?

      No. He bravely refused to comment on his private life and to incorporate it as some professional personae.

      Until now.

  5. Re Save MSNBC: As someone was annoyed that the channel went in that crazy “lean forward” direction that would have been my headline title a few years ago, but it’s better to have a news channel that if it’s going to have opinions might as well have a mixture of opinions instead the same bubble of thought.

    • That article was loony.

      But no different than the people who demand ideological purity on FNC.

  6. So, will FNC move The Five to 8pm and put Tucker back at 9? Or maybe switch The Five with Hannity? Or just wait for people to catch on to Maddow’s con?

    • Interesting as I was thinking the same about swapping The Five and Tucker. I also agree as we have seen before viewers, especially liberals tire of cable news after awhile and Maddows shtick gets old real quick. My bet Fox rides it out.

    • Seems to me Maddow’s ratings succuss re: Russian collusion (or meddling) dies out like CNN’s did when the Malaysian MH170 airliner story failed to yield interesting daily reports to hold an audience. How much more is there to add what we already know about the four names being discussed by her: Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Roger Stone and General Flynn?

      The problem is predicting when that will happen. I would think by the end of the month. But then I remember how long the Benghazi coverage lingered on Fox News.

    • I think if they move Tucker, he would take any irreparable hit to his credibility.

      If he moves, he’s toast.

      • I like Eboni and Bolling has shown his hosting cred. But there’s still a part of me that wonders if this show (in its current form) would have ever materialized if Roger Ailes was still there.

        Suzanne Scott recently became president of programming. I wonder if this is mostly her ‘brainchild’ as opposed to James Murdoch who his haters appear to be blaming it on.

        I did hear that Rupert was solely responsible for deciding the new schedule — but that doesn’t mean the content within that schedule.

      • I don’t think they have one out there. Jessica Tarlov is probably close, but intellectually, Dana and Greg would destroy her and I don’t think she has hosting experience.

        Julie Roginsky is not a millennial, but she fits your other criteria and has proven herself on the show in the past. It doesn’t seem likely at this point, but she is deserving of being in the rotation on the show in the liberal seat or even if they want to be more flexible with having two liberals at time.

    • The only way I could see a swap is if they move The Five back to 5:00 and come up with something new in primetime.
      If Fox swapped shows already in primetime, it would be a bad PR hit.

      Among the many mistakes Fox made, moving Tucker up was probably one of them. For years, 9:00 was CNN’s top slot and that has also been the case with Maddow at MSNBC. Fox could have still viewed Tucker as their top show if he was at 9:00. Wouldn’t have to change him for a second time. Would keep him against MSNBC’s strongest show. Those on The Five wouldn’t have had such a large change to their personal schedules if they went to 8:00.
      I do think Fox probably wanted to put a buffer between Carlson and Hannity. They also probably wanted to go with the show that would lead to the smallest post-O’Reilly ratings drop at 8:00.

      The Five is probably going to consistently be ahead of Maddow by early fall, but they still need to reach certain numbers even if they are winning. Considering what they were doing at 5:00, they should probably be averaging 2.5 million at 9:00 going forward.
      I also think Fox needs to decide quickly if they think Jesse will improve and eventually fit in with the other hosts. Right now it is not working. It comes across like the boss’ son was added to a show. They seem to badly be lacking that strong TV news host figure. Wallace and Baier’s appearances also helped show the difference it makes.
      Bolling helped balance out Gutfeld and Beckel’s hosting styles. Watters doesn’t do that at all.
      They should also be willing to have three women and two men. They have multiple women that are strong hosts that also can do news and opinion and have good personalities. Kennedy, Melissa Francis and Julie Banderas would all probably work.

      Fox would be wise to think up some changes to potentially make for the start of the fall. Treat the current lineup as just a summer trial.
      I think they should strongly consider sending The Five back to 5:00, putting The Specialists (with a new name) on the weekend, put Bolling back on The Five, put Jesse on The Specialists (gives the hosts some badly need time to grow in a low-importance time slot.) and consider something like having Perino and Stirewalt bring back their show and putting it in primetime. Maybe have Gutfeld co-host with her once a week. I would then have Francis replace Dana on The Five.

    • They should secretly ask Roger Ailes what the hell they should do with programming because the current mgmt doesn’t know its a** from its elbow.

    • Excellent example of liberal hypocrisy. If it wasn’t for Fox or The Five none of us would have know about the extremely terrifying experience that women went through.

  7. I think a major problem with ‘The Specialists’ is that if you have an idiot “specialist” on the panel, the viewer knows they are stuck with them for the full hour. On any other show, the idiot (unless they’re the host…..Don Lemon) is gone after their segment is over.

    On the plus side, the cross talk seems to be somewhat better today.

    • That is a massive flaw. Especially with how bad the booking has been overall.

      Today they made a slight tweak at the beginning with having the hosts talk a little before introducing the guests, but it led to camera shots where discussions were going on and people were just sitting at the table not introduced.

      Maybe they should have a short first block where the hosts just interact and then bring the guests in after the first commercial break.

      • Actually they did that yesterday too. I thought it was to include a bit with an FNC reporter with an update on breaking news, but they did it again today with nothing special to incorporate. So I assume this is intended to be a tweak.

        • I just watched the beginning of yesterday’s again. I probably wasn’t thinking it was too weird since they had the hit from John Roberts.

          I guess it stood out to me more today because they actually showed the guests sitting there while they talked. Yesterday they didn’t until it was time to introduce them.

          • They have an immense studio. Maybe they should intro the guests one at a time and have them walk in on camera, like Fox & Friends sometimes does. 😉

        • Today was the 1st show I had watched since its debut. The best one of the 3 hosts is actually Eboni in terms of how she is coming across so far. (Am not speaking politically) Cross talk was down but still an issue. The small talk at beginning seemed forced but not a bad idea. Just needs more time.

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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Rothstein: Sara Murray has uneasy reaction to Spicer wedding comment.

  9. The media have been hysterical in the last two days, throwing so much stuff out that’s wrong it’s undermined their effort to destroy Trump. A more measured effort at reporting would be far more harmful to Trump.

  10. Sara Huckabee-Sanders is doing a terrific job filling in for Sean Spicer. Loved her exchange with ABC’s Jonathan Karl.

      • Mike Huckabee’s daughter. I wonder if she honed her debating skills at the dinner table as a kid?

        • I do see her aggressive campaign style background often…unlike predecessors like Josh Earnest and Robert Gibbs who came more from a press secretary (Gibbs) or communications director (Earnest) environment.

          The spunky Sarah certainly has sharper elbows with experience in the the rough and tumble world of campaign politics.

    • I tend to agree Carol — but I still think the Prez will stay with Sean Spicer for now (I would)…and I believe he will return to hold the Friday press briefing.

      I sure wouldn’t want that thankless job. Even in the best of times there is so much daily detail you need to know.

      My memory is not that good…or I wouldn’t have dropped out of law school in the 1970s and returned to computer programming where everything is either in a handy book or online…and no bar exam. 🙂

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