Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Specialists video: on equating Comey with Watergate.
  • Comey Tuesday numbers: Maddow-Coop-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • Concha: CNN Mook, Conway segments exemplify media taking sides.
  • F&F video: on Comey firing, calls for special counsel.
  • Concha: Media seemingly collude with Yates to ignore criminal leaks.
  • Deadline: White House connects the dots with DC-rich graphics design.
  • Tucker Carlson videos: Former Rep
  • Wolff: Is the Sinclair group competition for FNC?   Advertisers are back.
  • Katz: Fox News most-watched channel in all cable for 18th week in a row.

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  1. @Olivianuzzi 2h ago (NY Magazine)
    Just now: a source close to the president tells me Giuliani is 100% in consideration for the position.

    • I hope Trump picks Trey Gowdy. I love Giuliani but he’s too divisive (at least according to the media).

      • I agree with Charles K. on Special Report — Condoleezza Rice. Although I doubt she’d take the job.

        • I was going to say that he could pick me, since I’m not doing much else. However, I don’t think that I’d look good in a dress.

          (Obligatory J. Edgar Hoover joke)

    • It not “liberals” in general…….its weak minded liberals…….people who once seemed normal now sound like your crazy uncle. At least one person on this site was fairly normal and in the age of Trump has turned in to the guy you cross the street to avoid.

      I describe it as the guy in the park standing on a crate yelling about the world ending tomorrow…….everyday for years……….you try to pretend they don’t exist if your smart and hope they get the help they clearly need.

      There were many conservatives who lost it after Obama was elected…….but nothing like this.

  2. Re: The “Advertisers are back” article.

    Comparing Tucker at 8:00 to O’Reilly a year ago is not a very good indicator of success. The cable networks are benefiting from Trump more now than they were last spring.

    Comparing April 2017 to April 2016. FNC as a whole was up 28% total and 42% in the demo in primetime. That includes the seven O’Reilly hosted episodes. The post-O’Reilly Factor episodes, The Five’s prime time episodes, and Tucker in two time slots, but it helps shows how much the network itself is up compared to a year ago.

    If Tucker was down only 13% total and 2% in the demo from O’Reilly at any point in 2017 instead of late April/early May 2016, then that would actually be pretty good. When looking at what O’Reilly was doing in the ratings recently, Tucker is actually down quite a bit.

    In the seven episodes he hosted this April, O’Reilly’s total viewers average was up 33% and demo viewers were up 49% from what he averaged for all of April 2016. So, he was up a lot year-to-year.

    Compared to O’Reilly’s last seven shows, Tucker’s first seven shows were down 26% total and 18% in the demo. That’s not really enough episodes to get a good enough comparison, but it is better than comparing to 2016 numbers. It shows how Tucker is comparing to recent O’Reilly.

    Tucker will do fine on breaking news nights, but it is the slower news days where he will probably be down a lot from O’Reilly.
    I fully expect every other FNC show that is in the same slot as last May to be up from a year ago.

    Article also doesn’t take into account what kind of hit the network is taking by losing O’Reilly as a lead-in for 8:00 and moving shows around.
    In its first week, The Specialists was down 26% total and 31% in the demo from The Five’s last week at 5:00.
    At 8:00, the first two weeks of The Five are down from what FNC averaged In April (which included a week of The Five).

  3. “constitutional crisis”
    “echoes of Watergate”
    “moving to impeachment”


  4. Some in the media are wondering, “Why was Sean Spicer benched for the rest of the week?” Was he inescapably locked into his Navy Reserve obligation with no option to do it at another time?

    I have yet to hear an answer.

    Based on at least one report:

    “A White House official says officials at the highest levels, including the president, are monitoring Sanders’ performance this week in place of Spicer.

    The perception, according to multiple sources inside and close to the W.H., is that Spicer has been “benched” during this critical week for the president. The big question, one of the sources said, is whether it’s temporary or permanent.”

    The NYT’s Maggie Haberman seemed to flatter Ms. Sanders when she observed that Sanders does the press briefings without making it “deeply personal, petty, condescending.” If President Trump is reevaluating, reports like this can’t worsen the odds he’ll make a change. Can it?

    • Mick Mulvaney was GREAT dealing with the Press

      Maybe he should’ve been the Press Secretary

  5. The Specialists is now 6 for 6 when it comes to losing viewers from their previous episode.

    It is the rare show that suffers when there are breaking news stories, but The Specialists seems to be one.
    Live coverage of the hearings on Monday looked to benefit all five FNC, CNN and MSNBC shows at 4:00 and 5:00 that aren’t The Specialists.
    The Comey news came with only 15 minutes left in Tuesday’s show, but considering how big the ratings were for the 6:00 cable news shows and how the combined viewership of CNN and MSNBC at 5:00 was 300,000 over FNC, all news channels were probably benefiting right away.
    So, the Specialists had to gain some viewers, but it must not have been many though because it didn’t prevent them from declining again.
    That would mean breaking news is benefiting others more than The Specialists.

    The Specialists beat CNN and MSNBC combined for their first five days, but haven’t done it yet this week.

    Not sure how low ratings have to go to be canceled or revamped. If they fell to second place in the time slot, it probably would happen, but I don’t think it is very likely for them to get beat. They have had too big of a lead.
    Although if they start averaging under 1.5 million, a change would be likely to come. The Five averaged over 2 million an episode in each of the previous four years. That is even when less people were watching cable news than they are now.
    I think The Five was going to easily average over 2.25 million viewers at the end of the year if they had stayed at 5:00. Through more than a fourth of the year, it looks like they were over 2.75 million.

    • Who are the Specialists? What does the title even mean? I think the Murdoch boys are behind this fiasco.

      • They now state that the Specialist are the two guests. I was thinking a name of “Friends of Fox” may be more appropriate (a play off Fox & Friends, which gets high ratings).

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 most watched channel
    4 are back
    3 media taking sides
    2 competition for FNC?
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Concha: Media seemingly collude with Yates to ignore criminal leaks.

    • Most of us routinely come here because we enjoy, like, discover, etc. what Johnny Dollar provides us to read and judge for ourselves, all without annoying ads, pop ups, etc. How about we appreciate Mr. J$ through liking this post.

      The same argument can be made about other people who comment here that we like and agree with, while understanding that they are real and not trolling or being an impostor.

      Thank you Johnny Dollar!

      • Amen brother.

        This site has been remarkably free of name calling the last several months…due in part to Johnny’s occasional gentle prodding to respect other commenters. A welcome trend I’m sure we all appreciate.

  7. Special counsels always find something to justify their existence even if it has nothing to do with what they were appointed to investigate. That’s why the Democrats want one to investigate Russia-Trump. That’s why they didn’t to investigate Benghazi-Hillary. By now, both parties know this well.

  8. Morning Show Total Viewers for Tuesday 9 May 2017

    6 am 7 am 8 am
    FNC Fox & Friends 1,190,000 1,681,000 1,885,000
    MSNBC Morning Joe* 908,000 – –
    CNN New Day 498,000 567,000 633,000

    *only reported for 6 am to 9 am


          • Yeah, the HLN name is not good. When I travel I see Robin Meade in the hotel breakfast nooks (otherwise not a big morning show viewer). She is so down to earth and entertaining. FYI – I updated my post to include HLN.

  9. Wallace’s first day didn’t do bad for MSNBC interesting and that was before the breaking news .. comparing it to Friday before she came in , she did better than Friday and Tapper was lower than Friday.

  10. RE: O’Reilly

    If anyone misses Bill’s analysis of the news and don’t want to pay for it, his daily podcasts get copied and posted to youtube. He said the other day he will be adding video soon and building it out to a longer broadcast. Currently it’s just audio of his talking points memo on the top stories of the day w/ a few email questions.

    5/10 (Comey firing) —

  11. HEY LARRY! I found the 1970 Ohio Almanac at Goodwill today. Bob Hope and Neil Armstrong on the cover.

    • i remember having my parents down for a football weekend with Bob Hope performing at the Hall of Music to cap things off. Lot of fun for them.

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