Tuesday Links and Open Thread

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  1. Nice to see Dana Perino celebrates in style!

    Today is Dana Perino’s official birthday along with Janice Dean, the weather machine. Happy Birthday to them both.

  2. Weekend Top Ten Total Viewers

    Saturday, 6 May 2017
    2 FOX 1,778,000 FOX & FRIENDS SATURDAY 8 AM
    3 FOX 1,756,000 FOX & FRIENDS SATURDAY 9 AM
    4 FOX 1,748,000 WATTERS WORLD
    5 FOX 1,426,000 BULLS & BEARS
    6 FOX 1,373,000 FOX & FRIENDS SATURDAY 7 AM
    7 FOX 1,366,000 CAVUTO ON BUSINESS
    8 FOX 1,337,000 FORBES ON FOX
    9 FOX 1,287,000 GREG GUTFELD SHOW, THE
    10 FOX 1,235,000 CASHIN IN

    Sunday, 7 May 2017
    1 FOX 1,654,000 FOX & FRIENDS SUNDAY 8 AM
    2 FOX 1,614,000 FOX & FRIENDS SUNDAY 9 AM
    4 FOX 1,232,000 FOX & FRIENDS SUNDAY 7 AM
    6 FOX 1,135,000 MEDIA BUZZ
    7 FOX 1,122,000 FOX NEWS SUNDAY
    8 FOX 1,106,000 FOX REPORT SUNDAY 7 PM
    10 FOX 1,018,000 AMERICAS NEWS HQ 1 PM

    source ShowBuzzDaily.com

  3. Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo gets higher ratings than Media Buzz for a good reason: it is a much better show. Media Buzz should be renamed the Howie and Erin McPike talking panel show.

  4. CBS THIS MORNING “Two more join FOX racial discrimination suit.” CNN has a much bigger suit — must not be newsworthy.

    • I’d hate to be in their shoes, but it’s hard to feel sorry for people when they act like hoodlums.

  5. One thing about Mr. Bill’s exit from FOX: going out while your still on top ain’t bad. Larry King should have.

      • Nice. I brought up that he’s a Mets fan because Brian Flood mistakenly assumed attending Yankees games with now-President Trump meant he was a fan.

        • And your favorite team? Please don’t say Red Sox, who just scored 28 runs on the Twins Sat/Sun! 🙁

          • I’m a Mets fan, too, but I haven’t kept up on them much this season. I don’t need the aggravation. They were overhyped based on Yoenis Cespedes their supposedly superior starting pitching. 2015 was a mirage that was wiped away in that year’s World Series. They shouldn’t have even made it to the Wild Card Game last year.

          • Minnesota fans are used to aggravation and disappointment in all sports. We do have the 1987 and 1991 World Series championships to boast about, but that’s it. Usually we always lose in first round of playoffs – like Minnesota Wild in NHL’s first round of playoffs last month.

          • I have the highlights videos for those two World Series on DVD. I love watching them because I don’t like the Cardinals or Braves.

      • Third-generation Cubs fan here. At least my mother lived long enough to see them finally win the World Series.

    • As is Patti Ann. And, in high school, she worked at the concession stand at Shea Stadium.

  6. Re: Dana’s Bluffton birthday

    Earlier I was puzzled by the context in which the old phrase “Pajama Boy” was being used. Then over the weekend…stumped again when our resident king of non-sequiturs, Larry King, made an esoteric mention of Mothra. I have no clue what, or who, a Mothra is. Did a sci-fi search, but nada. 🙂

    Now the same bug has bitten me again.

    What in the heck is a “Bluffton” I ask rhetorically (in jest) because I was able to find out.

    This despite the humorous meaning at the Urban Dictionary.

    A little podunk town just south of Fort Wayne. Kids usually deny their residence and claim to be from Fort Wayne out of embarrassment. Taken over by apostolics whom have purposely gone around and destroyed all fun in the entire city. FOR YOUR OWN SANITY, DO NOT ENTER.

    Talk about ‘bar bets’ I would have lost big time. What if someone offered to bet me there are three states (OH, IN and SC) all with a city with the silly name Bluffton? I’m toast I tell ya…I’m buyin’ a round of drinks.

    • I don’t understand that at all. I like what some states and jurisdictions have implemented in regards to backcountry hiking, climbing and other recreational activities. If need to be search and rescued then you pay the full bill. Note I am a big backcountry hiker/camper and accept this. The same should apply to those who ignore State Departments travel warnings. Yikes, imagine a bill from the military!

      • Morons used to hijack planes to Cuba years ago. They always ended up in prison down there, if only foe a little while.

  7. It is CNN policy to downplay its fake news stories. Don’t know about you, but sure makes me feel better.

  8. Fox Specialists is really stinking up the ratings at 5 PM. Even Eliot Spitzer got better ratings than they do.

    • It’s still early but I’m not a fan of the show. They could make it better but I don’t know how.

      • It wouldn’t necessarily make it good, but they could make it better by just doing simple things.

        – Find better guests: There are dozens of people who work for Fox that would be better than most of the guests they are having. People who are good on TV. People who understand not to talk over each other. It has been really surprising how poorly booked the show has been out of the gate. It would take less effort to just book people from Fox and it would be for the better.

        – Have Bolling moderate all the discussions. The other hosts could ask questions, but have Bolling be responsible for keeping things under control. The other two are hosting their own cable news show for the first time. They are having to learn on the job. They should have worked them in slowly.

        Also probably needs to already find a new executive producer. How is there not someone constantly in the ears of the hosts telling them to let others talk?Why has no one started tweaking the show? Why is there so much bad guest booking?

        The show’s format requires three capable opinion hosts. The show has one.

        Eboni is a solid law analyst, but is not that strong of a political commentator and the show has been about 90% that so far. I’m rarely impressed with her takes. They are usually pretty standard. She doesn’t have many unique views. Also doesn’t seem to really feel that strongly about many topics. She almost seems like she is having to fake passion.
        If they wanted her as a host, I think she would have worked better on the news side, but also able to do a little bit of opinion work. There are many women at Fox who currently do something similar.

        Kat is definitely someone who belongs on the opinion side of Fox, but she is not ready to be a host and doesn’t seem to have much natural hosting ability. She seems really out of place with all aspects of hosting. She hasn’t really interacted that well with anyone (Tyrus might be the exception). She looks to have no real chemistry with Eric or Eboni.

        The show and network might be in a awkward place when one of the women are absent for an episode. Odds are they will have a guest host who will be better. I think they will have a quality host and not just another one of the younger contributors as the fill in. What will happen if the viewers see someone without as high a profile a job do much better than one of the permanent hosts?

    • I had to quit watching again today. There was too much talking over another and all three hosts lost control of the show as they let Zeke Emanuel ramble on and on. Kat Timpf even cut off Eric Bolling to go to commercial and he continued to talk as she teased the next segment. I keep trying, perhaps out of habit as I am a big The Five fan and so used to watching Fox News at 4 pm CT.

    • tried watching each day, the only ones I watch fully through was last Tuesday with Joe Joe Namath and Karl Rove and last Thursday with Krystal Ball and the other guy who’s name I can’t remember.

  9. Strange that Cavuto and The Specialists were both (largely) pre-empted by the same thing and Cavuto was up 11% from the previous Monday and The Specialists were down 14%.
    Also, in the 25-54 demo, Cavtuo was only down 4% from the Monday before and The Specialists were down 17%.
    Losing to Cavuto in the demo by 20,000 is odd. Maybe people just gave up on the hearing as it went on and didn’t come back afterward.

    Hard to figure out how much showing that hearing made an impact on the ratings. CNN and MSNBC clearly benefited from the hearing both while it aired and afterward. Doesn’t look like it helped FNC. Hannity was the only show that was really above average on the night.
    Though, FNC probably couldn’t have risked just sending everyone interested in the hearing over to the other networks.

    The Specialists might have had more viewers if they didn’t show it, but they would have still very likely lost to CNN and MSNBC at 5:00 in the demo. Thanks to the hearing, Blitzer even beat Special Report in the demo.

    If the show is down again for Tuesday (would make six straight decreases in total viewers), then there is probably a big problem. Although they might be able to just blame it on again having bad guest booking.

    • I have Fox on and Catherine Herridge (sp?) said that in the White House’s announcement it was noted that several members of the justice department including the AG recommended dismissal because Comey had lost the confidence within the FBI to lead the department.

      He really boxed himself in when he held that press conference regarding Clinton and her e-mails and became a quasi-politician. It was downhill from there and I think it’s a shame as Comey always struck me as a straight shooter. Comey should be mad at the former AG for essentially sticking him with the task of deciding whether to indict Clinton or not.

      • TY 4 that.

        As a retiree (on the west coast where it’s 3p) I was just about to take a nap.

        Not now. This seems filled with intrigue. The last time I saw him testify I saw no red flags…he seemed a centrist playing it down the middle to me. Shows you how much I know. Looks like it is more about his long-term history and not something recent.

        Think I’ll check Twitter.

        • This seems filled with intrigue. For example, was this a coup, a firing, or both is what some are asking?

          Others are suggesting this in the ‘tradition’ of Nixon firing Archibald Cox. Hmmm.

          • I’ve had CNN on and Jeffrey Toobin and somone else compared Trump to Nixon and flat out said this was done to shut down the Russia investigation.
            Chuck Schumer is going to deliver live remarks shortly…..this should be a doozy.

          • I saw that Toobin comment. Pretty strong stuff. Not sure which narrative is “The best obtainable version of the truth” as Cark Bernstein recently said about his journalistic goal.

            Probably too soon to know.

          • The Dems have Russia on the brain. I suspect that it turned out that Comey was the one leaking classified information to the press.

          • Trump ain’t no Nixon. He would have burned the tapes and kicked Barry Goldwater out the door — or had the secret device do it. Media barking and Demwits squawking gets nowhere.

  10. TVNEWSER: Fox News is the Most-Watched Cable Network in Total Day For 18 Straight Weeks

    “Despite the incessant controversy swirling around Fox News and parent company 21st Century Fox, the network continues to thrive ratings-wise. Fox News executive chairman and 21CF co-chairman Rupert Murdoch said as much yesterday, and he appears to be correct.”

    Fox-haters, go screw yoselves.

    • Should be interesting to see if they can maintain that. I don’t much about Rupert Murdoch’s sons….more specifically their ability to run a news network.

  11. Comey won him the election and Trump fires him? If that were anything but a lame Democrat-Hillary excuse, it would have merit.

    • TRUMP FIRES COMEY strange way to treat a guy whose actions led directly to a Trump win by keeping focus on Hills emails up until election— Robert G Beckel (@RobertGBeckel) May 9, 2017

      • Comey actually helped Republicans by not recommending that INDICTMENT of Hillary

        If Hillary got INDICTED, she would most likely be pressured to drop out & in comes Biden

        I heard Biden’s approval ratings in MI, WI & PA is in the 50’s while Hillary is in the 20’s

        Biden most likely would’ve won PA, MI & WI!!! Phewwwwww!!! Corrupt Comey actually helped Republicans!! LOL

    • As a CNN contributor humorously quipped after reading the A.G,/Assit. A.G. document, “So we are to believe that James Comey was fired for being too mean to Hillary Clinton at his 07/05/16 presser?”

      Put a smile on my face….regardless of whether this comment has any merit.

  12. Today’s most popular links:
    5 six weeks late
    4 fake news story
    3 resurfaces
    2 more firings?
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Language analytics tell what’s behind viewer reactions to Fox Specialists.

  13. My feelings on “The Specialists” — Kramer said it best:

    “We need a new format. We should shut down and retool.”
    “What about a guest host?”
    “I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.”
    – Kramer and Newman, in “The Merv Griffin Show”

    • The problem is there are some top chiefs who came up with this format and they will be reluctant to admit that they messed up. Maybe it was the Murdoch boys, they can never admit they were wrong. I would put Tucker back at 9 pm, the Five back at 5pm, and let Eric Bolling try solo at 8 pm. If he doesn’t click they can replace him with someone else or add a female co-host, but not Kat Timpf or Marie Harf.

        • I though of the same duo. It is so clearly a better choice that it doesn’t make sense that they didn’t realize this.
          The show would have two very experienced and popular hosts with good chemistry.

          The negatives are pretty minor.
          You remove two of the main four hosts on The Five, but there are a lot of women that could do pretty well on The Five.
          They might be too similar in opinions.
          The Five was great at bringing the best out of Guilfoyle’s personality and she is not as good when she is constantly trying to be serious.

          A well produced show would figure it out. They could book guests with different views and make sure the hosts let them talk.
          Two hosts plus two guest would be much better than this 3+2 format.

      • Two hours of the five: (no need to re-invent the wheel)
        — 5 at 5pm w/Bolling, Kat, Ebony, Kennedy, and another guy (Geraldo? David Webb? Tyrus? the British guy?)

        — Primetime 5 at 9pm w/Watters, KG, Gutfeld, Bob/Juan, and Dana P.

        • Maybe keep The Five at 5:00 and have a show at 9:00 called The Four.

          Have The Five be Bolling, Eboni, Beckel, Shillue and Francis.

          Have The Four be Gutfeld, Perino, Guilfoyle and Juan.

          Both of those shows would probably be better than what they currently are now. 5:00 definitely would be. Bolling and Beckel seem to need each other. Eboni would be able to take more time to get experience with less pressure.
          The Four would allow the hosts to talk more and would have better chemistry without Jesse.
          They also could occasionally rotate. Maybe they should just have a pool of 12-15 hosts that rotate between the two shows.

          It would be fairly simple to do at this point. Send Watters and Timpf back to being fill-ins and weekend talents (give them more time to improve). Have to move Beckel back to 5:00. Shillue has no show. Francis looks like she will eventually wind up on FNC permanently anyway.

        • I believe it was J$ who suggested The Five at 5 pm and Primetime Five at 9 pm. It may have been you J.J,. my memory with so many comments on this show is fading. 😉

          • I can’t take credit. I did not see it so credit to J$ or whoever posted first, but it makes sense. The Specialists is really tough to watch. They have a format that they know works in that slot and plenty of contributors to fill up a roundtable.

            They may double down though post Ailes and Shine not wanting to admit the show is not working.

      • I can figure why they didn’t* but Lou Dobbs could have been moved to FNC

        *being a major part of FBN’s evening line up they didn’t want to mess that up

        or they jumped the gun to quick and instead of taking their time on figuring out what to do with 8pmet , they played music chairs then slapped together a show at 5pmet…. instead of breathing and figuring out what to do.

        Or yeah, try Bolling by himself.. not everything has to be a panel show (MSNBC learned that lesson before)

        I also wonder how well the Murdochs know the FNC talent I mean Rupert was busy being rich and marrying and trying to reacquire is sky company (fully) and the sons were busy with news uk and news corp aussie, and sky to focus on Fox News channel exactly.

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