Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: The Five-Tucker Carlson-Rachel Maddow 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: over Obama health care remarks.
  • Steinberg: Fox News hires NBC’s Marianne Gambelli to lead ad sales.
  • Olbermann: CNN was going to hire me but didn’t…because of Trump!
  • Video: Julie Banderas with the NYPD Security team.
  • CNN reporter who hyped O’Reilly boycotts opposes them with Colbert.
  • Sketch by impartial CNN anchor draws fire.  W Kamau Bell makes book.
  • MSNBC signs ex-Republican George Will, refurbishes graphics package.
  • Kornacki named (MS)NBC National Political Correspondent.  Flashback.
  • CNN is ‘fake news’, says Netanyahu!  Larry King: I never saw bias at CNN.

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    • Duh! Warren Buffet is a hard core Democrat so of course he hates the new bill. He was on Squawk Box this morning touting Kaiser Permanente as a model of great care. I know people who hate the care they receive. He’s a reader of what he wants to know about the healthcare system-he’s as bad as Mathew Dowd this weekend on Twitter saying the VA system is great and everyone loves the care they receive. When you don’t have to use a system yourself you can believe the garbage someone writes about it.

      • Of course there’s a good possibility that the U.S. Senate basically has an opinion not dissimilar from Mr. Buffett’s in that there is talk they will use the House bill (with 17% approval) as nothing more than a shell to craft an entirely new bill.

        • “10 years and counting …no major issues”. Golly, one head of the VA fired, more issues of fake scheduling, people dying waiting for care and THAT’S no major issues? Just read the responses to Dowd’s tweet and you will see that many people have stories about how bad the VA is. I have seen it first hand with my father.

          • Yeah, I’ve been very fortunate.

            I read years ago that because of San Diego’s popularity it is one of the most difficult cities in which to find a job in the airline industry.

            I suspect the same is true for the VA hospital. They attract the cream of the crop in terms of both employees and management. As I said in my last email, “Sadly this does not apply to every clinic/hospital in every state.” But I have also read that if you polled vets the vast majority are satisfied.

            I sometimes visit a veterans healthcare forum at where I get the same impression.

            Finally, I would say there are primarily two separate issues:
            1) First time access to VA healthcare for non members — which is where most of the criticism has been.
            2) Care once you’re accepted in terms of appointments, expertise, respectful treatment and overall performance. In this area is where they do the best. But just like with public hospitals and clinics the care varies.

            In my 10 years I would give it a grade of A-. Especially compared to the 35 years of coverage with various PPO and HMO plans as a software engineer.

            I am sorry if your father’s care is not as good.

          • Subtracting employees is hardly the problem currently. (Most of the offenders have been weeded out.)

            Adding employees (doctors and nurses) is the new challenge.

        • Just a reminder that we shouldn’t be so closed-minded and partisan (as some commenters seem to be) that we automatically dismiss an assessment (in this case about the AHCA) just because it comes from what they call “a hard core Democrat.”

          Mr. Buffett is hardly a rigid ideologue as evidenced by this Weekly Standard article titled, “Warren Buffett: Scrap Obamacare and Start Over.”

          My friendly advice to anyone is when someone from a different party than yours makes a statement like “The ACHA is a huge tax cut for guys like me” attack the message — not the messenger. Otherwise you run the risk of being perceived by some as a partisan hack.


        • Why would I waste my valuable time watching a shareholders meeting of a company I hold no stock in? I watched Buffet with Becky Quick for 3 hours this morning on Squawk Box w/Munger (?) & Bill Gates. That’s enough Buffet for me.

  1. Re: CNN reporter who hyped O’Reilly boycotts opposes them with Colbert.

    Well done J$ for not going as far as Newsbusters erroneously did in claiming that “CNN’s Media Unit pestered Bill O’Reilly’s advertisers for days to withdraw their money from Fox News.”

    I find no evidence to support that claim.

    Yet, you correctly stated that they “Hyped the O’Reilly boycotts” — which is not the same as their false claim.

    You have a sharp eye for mistakes and/or misstatements my friend.

    • I say with tongue partially in cheek in reaction to the Jewish crowd booing Larry King’s comments about CNN:

      “Aren’t Larry King, John King, Jake Tapper, Jeff Zucker. Dana Bash, Dan Senor’s wife Campbell Brown, Aaron Brown and regular guest Carl Bernstein all Jewish?”

      “Compare this list to Fox News and Geraldo.” 😊

      Chris Wallace is actually more associated with Fox broadcast than FNC. Plus a book released in 2014 accused Mr. Ailes of anti-Semitism.

        • Hard to find someone who is Jewish who isn’t sympathetic to the plight of Israel. Certainly no one in the list I provided.

          I believe even Jared Kushner is for a two-state solution for example. So if you are suggesting they are not monolithic and not in lockstep with the views of Benjamin Netanyahu, I agree with you.

    • You follow this closer than most of us.

      What do you think it means for local news coverage, if the acquisition is approved?

      Some so-called fear merchants were suggesting yesterday that your local anchors for newly acquired conservative-leaning Sinclair TV stations might start wearing those red Trump MAGA caps while doing the “pro Trump” local evening news. 😊

      • On a more sober note the New York Times is reporting:

        “As Sinclair tries to expand by buying even more local television stations, it has locked horns with that other broadcast giant known for its political bent, 21st Century Fox.

        Now the battle for a bigger audience is on, as Sinclair and Fox each look to broaden their reach in the Trump era.”

      • In another point Sinclair is already excessive in the amount of stations they own, one thing they like to do is cut people who have been there a longer time (ie those who more of the money). They do like cost cutting , they produce news for Toldeo and Scanton from South Bend, Indiana , because it’s cheaper. (reporters are still in the respective areas)

        • Good to know. Thank you for that information.

          As to your comment about “excessive in the amount of stations they own” — I do recall reading that Federal regulations cap any station group’s reach at 39 percent of the country.

          • yes 39% cap, they were at the cap when the UHF discount was removed
            UHF discount was for when people didn’t want to have UHF (14-69 channel space) but when tv went digital UHF became more the norm so the discount was removed very late in 2016 , but it’s been brought back hense this sale being able to happen

  2. Picking up on Sky303’s comment, I have two things (thing 1 and thing 2) that also aren’t cable news and may only be remotely media-related, in case any of you want to know how my weekend went.

  3. Re: Friday’s Numbers
    Even though The Specialists had their lowest rated episode yet and lost viewers for the fourth straight show, they actually had a decent day. Every other FNC show that evening lost a much larger percentage of viewers from the day before. They also beat a primetime FNC show (Bolling in for Hannity) for the first time.

    It was strange (and continues to be so based on Monday’s guests) that they were not having more Fox talent. Through six shows, they have only had three (Rove, Harf and Tyrus). None are hosts at the network and two have worked there less than a year.
    I don’t understand why they would not be booking the best talent they can find in these early days. It’s not like everyone they are booking are people that would make viewers tune in.

  4. Twenty out of thirty-four comments blocked. Makes for speedier reading, without all the clutter.

        • I wish others would, but some may not know that they were defamed or had negative comments posted about them elsewhere online.

          • That appears to be his only way of getting any enjoyment. I’m sure it’s been done to me. That’s why I don’t use Twitter or the like.

          • Gentlemen, I think that coming to the conclusion that something or someone is just not worth the involvement of your neurons, means that you stop bothering.

            Now go in peace.

          • I had a root canal today. I’d have another before i’d unblock the weasel of that bunch.

          • I normally don’t care, but when my name was put on a hateful defamatory image it mattered. I also discovered how much of a phony they are on this site. I appreciate that twitter has been following up with me in their investigation. Sadly the image remains, which they say helps my case. I will now go in peace, but I am always willing to forgive as I have been taught.

      • Good.

        Then just enough text to confirm no one is trolling or name calling…and reinforce the idea that most of the time blocking is a bad idea on a site that is well moderated.

    • Considering the vile attack he made on 4 of you this weekend on twitter….if I hadn’t blocked him I would have now……….don’t feel Ive missed much.

      Fox…bad……Ice not racist……..everybody here fox cult members….I’m sure that about covers it from him.

  5. i think it might be a better situation to leave the news media in some sort of disgraced status than to be in the limbo of Keith Olbermann.

    He’s made a ton of money in the industry and they are well aware of his brilliance and of the fact that he has a built-in audience that might make Maddow’s new red-meat seekers look small by comparison.

    But Olbermann is Olbermann and they’ve decided he’s just not worth it.

    • parenthetically
      (A CNN spokeswoman says there were brief preliminary conversations about Olbermann joining its HLN spinoff, not the flagship channel, and that they took place well over a year ago, without any involvement from Trump.)

      Somebody is lying — my bet, everybody

  6. Bill Maher can make a disgusting joke about Ivanka Trump and hardly a peep compared to Jesse Watters. Brian Stelter made numerous interviews, comments, tweets, etc. about Watters yet he is fairly quiet about Maher. Gabriel Sherman also had plenty to say about Watters, but nothing about Maher. In fact, as Sherman sat beside Maher as he made vile joke he smiled. Further proof that Brian Stelter & Gabriel Sherman peddle in fake news and outrage and their sole mission is to be anti-Fox. Stelter was for boycotts during O’Reilly order (never spoke out against) and hyped continuously, but now he is against (for Colbert).

    • Stelter’s outlook and show is built around doing what David Brock once claimed as his own mission as president of Media Matters: take down Fox News.

      As with Brock and Media Matters, that’s all part of Stelter being a partisan political warrior.

      • Every episode of Reliable Sources seems to discuss Fox News. I am sure Fox News appreciates that the CNN Media Critic Brian Stelter watches so much of their channel.

          • Never, yet he and others complain when Fox doesn’t do extensive coverage of their issues. You have to give Fox News credit as they are willing to report on their own woes.

          • Fox is not “willing to”, they have to address it.

            The rest of the media makes that necessary by reporting on the lawsuits in the way that they don’t within the rest of the industry.

            I’m not suggesting that Fox shouldn’t have to account, just that they are forced to account because they are the only major media outlet that gives conservatism at least equal footing with liberalism.

          • I believe in one of his email newsletter he had a brief item: one sentence, two max, about the racial discrimination suit. I don’t recall it being covered on Reliable Sources but I may have missed it.

        • Under Kurtz it at least looked at CNN critcally as well as the other news organizations. Then again Zucker wasn’t there either.

  7. Is Eric Bolling losing his mojo since he started hosting The Specialists? He sat in for Hannity on Friday, didn’t do that great.

  8. Today’s most popular links:
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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 CNN reporter who hyped O’Reilly boycotts opposes them with Colbert.

  9. Charles K. upon listening to Obama accept his “Profile in Courage Award” (putting it mildly), “good riddance!”

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