Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Specialists video: Kellyanne Conway, Tyrus join
  • Thursday’s numbers: Tucker Carlson-The Five-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Concha: Trump camp blasts CNN as MSM blackout of advert spreads.
  • Video: talks comedy, politics, and Stephen Colbert.
  • Rothstein: WaPo writer tells journalists to avoid Tucker Carlson’s show.
  • Mohajer: Tucker’s success after many flops typifies white male privilege.
  • Zurawik: Bullying, brow-beating Tucker symbolizes patriarchy, privilege.
  • Somerby: Maddow quietly changes Flynn story she’s peddled for months.
  • LaCorte: There’s little real evidence to support the spin against Bill Shine.
  • Attorney for FNC accusers talks to Sky News regulators.  What Bo knows.
  • Smith: The inside story of Joe’s carefully choreographed proposal to Mika.
  • Profile: Van Jones.  Shep Smith at Ole Miss.  CNN still cites ‘hands up’ story.
  • After four days, viewer reactions to Fox News Specialists seem discouraging.

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46 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. I’ll save you a click on the Zurwick article:

    Beta male journalist virtue signals to women by decrying the white male dominated culture of Fox News. Zurwick wrote that piece while singing along to “I am woman hear me roar.”

      • The Left considers themselves exempt. Just like the patronizing racist stooge that claims to know more about being black or an indian than they do.

    • “Z” was OK when he wrote about what’s happening on TV and the people on it. He lost most of his credence when he switched to writing about what he thought of TV and the people on it.

    • Can’t wait to see Z’s take on Colbert. Stelter said it’s what makes TV so great – no limits.

  2. Shaya Tayefe Mohajer is an ignorant, elitist, smug fool. What in the hell is it with the Left’s obsession with race?

  3. Off course CNN lies about the phony “hands up” story. They seem determined to spread racial discord.

    • Going all they way back to Rodney King, not a one of those low-lifes would have had a hair on his head mussed had he (a) not being doing something wrong and (b) did as the police instructed. However, the police do look like villains if you lie about them, so yes Virginia, there really is fake news.

      • The Gentle Giant would still be alive if he hadn’t decided to slug a cop and try to grab his gun.

  4. Maddow needs a CAT scan and possibly a MRI. There seems to be something wrong inside her noggin. Or, she simply can’t keep her bullsh*t stories straight.

  5. I listened to last 20 minutes of “The Specialists” on XM leaving work yesterday. On radio, still too much crosstalk but it sounded better than Monday. Don’t understand all the social media hostility towards Kat Timpf. She is funny, smart, and makes the Libertarian case very well. Not sure if the issue is she disagrees with POTUS on some issues ( on a lot of the FNC Facebook pages, a lot of fans would be happy to have panelists do nothing but say “Trump is great” 24-7; God help anyone with a different POV) or how she is being presented on this show. Could be both.

    • Still too much cross talk yes, it reminded me of a CNN 10 person panel. But it was better yesterday than rest of the week. I have no problem with Kat Timpf she brings a different view and that’s the point otherwise it would be boring as heck like when MSNBC had that show with Alex Wagner where everyone seemed to agree with each other. Believe it or not , Krystal Ball being on yesterday was a good idea somehow gave the show some energy it felt like it was missing the other days.

    • I think a lot of the criticism about the political viewpoints included on the show has been unfair. Even the liberal commentators haven’t been that harsh. I do think that many viewers haven’t seen Timpf enough in a non-Gutfeld role. They don’t yet understand where she is coming from and they might be more accepting if they just realize that she is simply a down-the-line libertarian.

      Most of the other criticism has been pretty fair though. I think Timpf has had a bad first week. She really seems to be completely out of place as a host. Especially of a show like this.
      I think she is capable of being funny, but she is not really showing it on this show. She relies way too much on sarcasm.
      I think she is smarter than this show makes her look. When talking over others and rushing her words, her thoughts are often not able to be comprehended.

      She is better in smaller doses. When she is able to add a contrast to serious discussions. So, more of a commentator/sidekick role.
      Having her read prompter, ask questions and try to moderate discussions isn’t a strong suit for her. It doesn’t look like it will be anytime soon either.

      Also not sure that she has enough self-awareness to figure out how to adapt her style for the benefit of the show. Also, she probably is not being given very good advice. If the network and producers wants her to be on a show, they should try to put her in the position to be most effective.

      The show lacked the foresight to realize that they should have put a focus on Bolling and let Timpf and Williams get some experience and allow the viewers to get accustomed to them.

      • Agreed with you for the most part. This show was clearly rushed together and is definitely a work in progress. Am glad they put an ensemble show together instead of just Eric bloviating. What we are seeing is FNC having to do rapid fire development of their younger talent (Timpf, Jesse Watters).

    • Thanks for that. I haven’t really watched her, I have to deal with enough loons in my real life without searching them out. But, it does prove an earlier point of yours – She’s definitely NPR material, where she can spew her nitwittery on the taxpayer’s dime.

    • His real first name is Richard. I could’ve sworn that it was Tom, as in Peeping.

  6. 3 People are not happy with Tucker, did they wake up on the wrong side of the bed or they started a No Tucker club?

      • Yeah. They’re astounded that FNC hasn’t been gelded into being TLC, so former bow-tie-boy Tucker, who has been around the media block, is now an erudite Donald Trump, grabbing their pussies as they struggle to articulate their mishmash of tribal assumptions.


        Wonder how many outraged and frustrated emails were exchanged before our Chattering Class overlords came up with the meme that they are now the victims of Fox.

    • I missed class the day Johnny passed out decoder rings for regular commenters.

      I have no clue — despite Google and Twitter searches — who (or what) the seemingly esoteric reference to “Pajama Boy” means in this context.

      The only two clues I found wee:
      (Twitter) – A reference to Jared Kushner as Pajama Boy.
      (Google) – A reference to the original meaning — i.e., a pro ObamaCare political ad back in 2013.

      [head scratch]

        • Ahhhh…thanks Mitch. That seems very possible.

          Perhaps a holdover ‘expression’ from the old OlbermannWatch days — which was before my time.

          Could explain why J$P longstanding veterans Nixon and Larry — who upvoted his comment — apparently knew who he meant…and I didn’t.

          • Now that one I’ve heard of Carol.

            The “Pajama Boy” ignominy is obviously new to me.

      • Are you including Mitch Alan and carolr527 in your POV.

        None of us seem to know for certain who Johnny was referring to.

        How about sharing? Is “Pajama Boy” Stelter, Wemple, Obama, Olbermann, Zurawik or other? 🙂

        I posted a link to a Fox News piece in my OP in this thread with the same information. There was no need to post the link to the Washington Times. No one needed enlightened as you suggested. Sheesh.

    • Speaking of specialists, I miss Dr. Keith Ablow. I barely ever see him anymore, just jerks like Marie Harf.

  7. Listening to Morning Joe today, I got the feeling that Joe is having buyer’s remorse.

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 patriarchy, privilege
    4 white male privilege
    3 quietly changes
    2 avoid Tucker Carlson
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 After four days, viewer reactions to Fox News Specialists seem discouraging.

  9. “It wasn’t until seven, or eight, or nine years ago, I started living my truth,” Shep Smith told the Ole Miss crowd, according to a report in the Clarion-Ledger.

  10. Re: Thursday’s Numbers
    The Specialists had their least viewed episode while nearly every other FNC show from Cavuto through Hannity had their most viewed episode of the week. The sole exception was Special Report which had their second most viewed episode of the week (less than 5% away from first). Show has declined in total viewers each day. Although it hasn’t been a huge drop. Is only down 6% from the first episode.

    Also, The Specialists was down over 100,000 viewers from the previous Thursday at 5:00 pm while every one of those other FNC shows between Cavuto and Hannity had at least 100,000 more viewers than the same time slot the previous Thursday.
    [Last Thursday’s 5:00 hour of Special Report wasn’t even that highly viewed. Not far from the lowest 5:00 hour of the week.]

    When it comes to “younger” viewers (25-54), 5:00 on Fox was the seventh highest rated cable news show during Q1 and the eighth highest in April (included a week of Special Report). For the first four days, just among cable news shows from 4:00 through 11:00, The Specialists has finished 10, 15, 13 and 13. (Not sure what pre-4:00 shows have also beat them.)
    Monday’s The Story was the only FNC show in the six time slots after them that didn’t beat that day’s episode of The Specialists in the demo.
    The first episode had a higher demo number than what Fox averaged for the entire day, but since then, each episode has finished over 40,000 below that total day demo average.

    The Five had a slow start, but it was in a tougher spot. Summer. Slower news period. Time slot that had bad ratings the week before (which they improved from in week one). They had pretty good ratings increases in its second week.

    • The Five was an instant hit, not like this new show.

      I would like to know who developed the Specialists concept. Who pitched it and who executed it. The obvious move would have been to replace O’Reilly with Eric Bolling solo. If they wanted to mix it up, pair Bolling up with a liberal or moderate woman. This three way hosting is a complete mess. I get the feeling that neither Roger Ailes nor Bill Shine had anything to do with this show, The Specialists, even its name is ludicrous.

      • Five was not quite an instant hit. It’s hard to tell exactly where it was ranking back then but it looks like it was a top 6 show in total viewers in its first quarter and was a top 6 show in total and demo by the end of its fifth month.

        The Five did get better as it went, but it actually seemed to click on day one. As this clip shows (posted to YouTube by J$)
        They had immediate chemistry and many of them didn’t even know each other that well. It really isn’t all that different from what the show was just last month.

        Beyond the bad name, they also have things like the phrase “Five o’clock will never be the same.” (which is probably not a positive when you are replacing a hit show) and having something called “the Special-List”.

        Bolling seemed like he was being groomed to replace O’Reilly on The Factor. Then with O’Reilly being fired, they probably didn’t want to just plug someone in The Factor and they probably didn’t want to continue having an all white male primetime.

        Bolling was clearly open to leaving The Five, but it must have been for his own show. Leaving to do this show does not make sense.
        I can’t imagine that he was pitched this show. Also, if this show already was planned when Eric left The Five, they likely would have announced it right away.

        I think everything was done so quickly that he didn’t even have much say. They probably didn’t ask him if he wanted to stick with The Five. He probably assumed they were going to just give him a solo show. I wonder if he even had any input on who the other hosts would be. I’m guessing no.

        His career is taking a big hit at a time when he has a book coming out next month and Fox is trying to make new top stars. He went to a lower rated show while his former co-hosts are now going to be battling for the number one cable news show going forward. While his star is diminishing, theirs is likely going to go up.
        He went from hosting with people who had probably combined to host over 5,000 episodes of Fox shows to people who had combined to host under 100. Maybe he was given a raise, but I can’t see them paying him enough to make it worth the career hit.

    • How about sharing? Is “Pajama Boy” Stelter, Wemple, Obama, Olbermann, Zurawik or other?

      I promise to share my grandmother’s top secret spaghetti sauce recipe in exchange. 🙂

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