Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Maddow-Tucker Carlson-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Concha: O’Donnell exemplifies the defeat of gloom-and-doom media.
  • Out# video: over Hillary’s ‘pathetic’ excuses.
  • Lovebirds make it official…they’re engaged.  The Joe and Mika story.
  • April stunner: Rising star Heather Childers at 5am beats Greta at 7pm!
  • April program ranker: Fox has eight of the top 10.    25-54 demo ranker.
  • Videos: Tucker discusses Comey with and
  • Rothstein: Brit Hume and Paul Begala in a twitter spat.  Today’s lawsuit.
  • Somerby: It’s all clowning, pretty much all the time.  NBC scorches CNN.
  • Randi Kaye revisits unsolved mystery.  Revamped HLN gets re-revamped?

56 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Re: April Stunner: I still watch Greta , but it’s sad that she’s not getting better ratings.

    • Love Heather, but what about Ainsley as a rising star? F&F’s ratings have shot up since she joined the cast.

      • I like Ainsley but I loved Elisabeth Hasslebeck. Does anyone miss her? She had an amazing smile and personality.

        • Do you think Elisabeth resigned willingly or was her contract not renewed & she gave the excuse that she wanted to be with Family?

      • Probably has more to do with Trump’s election and the fact that Trump is a loyal viewer. Nothing against Ainsley Earhardt but Trump has been a rising tide that has lifted all boats.

  2. Re: Lovebirds

    I know that there are children involved and stuff, but the lovebirds are still playing it way too coy.

  3. Maybe they need more time to build their viewership but as things stand now the revamped HLN is struggling in the ratings. Nancy Grace was a lot of things but she had a loyal audience at least.

    • Their strongest rated show is Robin Meade still, but I do watch them in the day and they are relief from the other channels in news stories they cover besides just the same politics all day. But hopefully with the revamp they hold on longer than 5 minutes, though the last revamp being the social media network should have never been done.

  4. Re: Somerby’s article. I never understood Maddow going out of her way to wear “frumpy, $20 blazers” on her show. That’s not to say she should start wearing designers like Versace or whatever but at least wear something that doesn’t look like a hand-me-down. Strange.

  5. A monumental achievement by the GOP in the House today with the 217 votes.

    Yet Greta finds it unacceptable hoopla that they (the House members) are all gathering at the Rose Garden to meet with President Trump.

    Obviously they have a right to celebrate what has been a hard fought battle to give their base any hope of repealing & replacing Obamacare.

    Greta equated it to celebrating a win at half time of a football game. Does she not understand that part of this is the optics to build off today’s momentum that this victory has created? A point made earlier by CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp.

  6. Top 54 Total Viewers for Wednesday 3 May 2017

    1 FOX TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT 8:00 PM 2,743,000
    2 FOX FIVE, THE 9:00 PM 2,480,000
    3 FOX HANNITY 10:00 PM 2,268,000
    4 FOX SPECIAL RPT W/BRET BAIER 6:00 PM 2,188,000
    5 MSN RACHEL MADDOW SHOW 9:00 PM 2,096,000
    6 FOX STORY, THE 7:00 PM 1,959,000
    7 FOX FOX NEWS SPECIALISTS, THE 5:00 PM 1,945,000
    8 FOX FOX AND FRIENDS 8:00 AM 1,867,000
    9 FOX AMERICAS NEWSROOM 10:00 AM 1,779,000
    10 FOX AMERICAS NEWSROOM 9:00 AM 1,725,000
    11 FOX HAPPENING NOW 11:00 AM 1,721,000
    12 MSN LAST WORD W/ L. ODONNELL 10:00 PM 1,691,000
    13 FOX FOX AND FRIENDS 7:00 AM 1,683,000
    14 FOX OUTNUMBERED 12:00 PM 1,676,000
    15 FOX YOUR WORLD W/NEIL CAVUTO 4:00 PM 1,565,000
    16 FOX AMERICAS NEWS HQ 2:00 PM 1,548,000
    17 MSN ALL IN W/ CHRIS HAYES 8:00 PM 1,506,000
    18 FOX SHEPARD SMITH REPORTING 3:00 PM 1,502,000
    19 MSN HARDBALL WITH C. MATTHEWS 7:00 PM 1,345,000
    20 FOX HAPPENING NOW 1:00 PM 1,343,000
    21 FOX FOX AND FRIENDS 6:00 AM 1,202,000
    22 MSN 11TH HOUR W/B. WILLIAMS 11:00 PM 1,115,000
    23 MSN MTP DAILY 5:00 PM 993,000
    24 CNN ANDERSON COOPER 360 8:00 PM 970,000
    25 CNN SITUATION ROOM 6:00 PM 935,000
    26 CNN INSIDE POLITICS 12:00 PM 925,000
    27 CNN WOLF 1:00 PM 903,000
    28 CNN SITUATION ROOM 5:00 PM 892,000
    29 CNN LEAD WITH JAKE TAPPER 4:00 PM 868,000
    30 CNN ERIN BURNETT OUTFRONT 7:00 PM 866,000
    31 MSN MORNING JOE: N/A 6:00 AM 864,000
    32 CNN CNN NEWSROOM 10:00 AM 851,000
    33 MSN FOR THE RECORD W/GRETA 6:00 PM 840,000
    34 CNN ANDERSON COOPER 360 9:00 PM 831,000
    35 CNN AT THIS HOUR 11:00 AM 819,000
    36 CNN CNN TONIGHT 10:00 PM 805,000
    37 CNN CNN NEWSROOM 2:00 PM 804,000
    38 MSN MSNBC LIVE 11:00 AM 781,000
    39 CNN CNN NEWSROOM 3:00 PM 771,000
    40 MSN MSNBC LIVE W/ S.KORNACKI 4:00 PM 766,000
    41 MSN MSNBC LIVE 3:00 PM 763,000
    42 MSN MSNBC LIVE W/ H.JACKSON 10:00 AM 745,000
    43 MSN MSNBC LIVE W/ S.RUHLE 9:00 AM 726,000
    45 MSN MSNBC LIVE 2:00 PM 708,000
    46 MSN MSNBC LIVE W/ C.MELVIN 1:00 PM 699,000
    47 CNN CNN NEWSROOM 9:00 AM 656,000
    48 CNN NEW DAY 8:00 AM 625,000
    49 CNN NEW DAY 7:00 AM 608,000
    50 CNN CNN TONIGHT 11:00 PM 586,000
    51 CNN NEW DAY 6:00 AM 532,000
    52 HLN PRIMETIME JUSTICE 8:00 PM 306,000
    53 HLN MORNING EXPRESS W/ MEADE 6:00 AM 253,000
    54 HLN MORNING EXPRESS W/ MEADE 7:00 AM 234,000


    • Situation with Wolf beat Wolf and Wolf beat Situation with Wolf . Maratha MacCallum in the top 10! Specialists did alright… wonder if it’s higher or lower than the five in that slot though.

      • Specialists ratings are lower, in fact, CNN beat them in the demo last night, albeit by only 2,000. I don’t remember The Five ever not placing first in their time slot in recent history.

        • the specialists and the story are not good shows. if it weren’t for the 55+ who refuse to watch cnn there would be some changes. that said i am sure james murdoch and his liberal wife kathryn are happy. fnc will be unrecognizable when in a couple years after the old man is dead and gone.

          • To be fair it is actually hard to make a good comparison as two weeks ago when The Five was on at 5 pm ET, all cable news ratings were much higher. I was basing on my personal knowledge of their ratings and trends.

  7. Demo Ratings Wins Since New FNC Lineup

    Maddow 4
    Carlson 3
    The Five 1

    MON (04/24) Carlson
    TUE The Five
    WED Maddow
    THU Maddow
    FRI Carlson

    MON Carlson
    TUE Maddow
    WED Maddow

    • tucker carlson tonight though his collection of liberal debate partners are being recycled which gets a little stale

      • I would love to see Tucker Carlson go one-on-one with David Duke. It would be good for a few laughs.

      • One thing about Tucker — I don’t think he’s afraid to debate anyone.

        So why not invite any of the following? I’d sure watch.
        Anthony Weiner
        Jon Stewart
        Carl Bernstein
        Keith Olbermann
        Mark Lamont Hill
        Gabe Sherman
        Bill Maher
        Steve Bannon
        Peter Beinart
        David Axelrod
        Susan Rice
        Senator Sanders
        Katrina vanden Heuvel
        Glenn Thrush

      • Robin Meade is so likable. Even thought I rarely watch morning TV, I see her on occasion in breakfast nook when I travel.

    • For me — it would have to be by decade given that I’m not too fond of the current choices.

      1990s — Probably Larry King if and when he had decent guests & Don Imus
      2000s — Reliable Sources w/ Kurtz, Fox News Watch, Imus, O’Reilly, Olbermann, Campbell Brown and Nancy Grace for big true crime stories *my guilty pleasure) — except for the Duke lacrosse case
      2010s — Imus, O’Reilly & Megyn Kelly

      My viewing habits must be some kind of death knell. All of these shows are now gone. 😊

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 lawsuit
    4 scorches CNN
    3 all clowning
    2 a twitter spat
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 April stunner: Rising star Heather Childers at 5am beats Greta at 7pm!

  9. The place for politics?

    MSNBC’s Katy Tur asked fellow network host Chris Matthews on Thursday if he thought President Donald Trump would face a primary challenger in 2018.

    • 2018?

      I agree…that is strange. Wonder if she meant to say 2020.

      But she inadvertently said “2018” out of habit since there has been so much discussion on MSNBC and CNN about GOP House candidates getting primaried in blue districts in 2018 depending on their positions on certain healthcare proposals.

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