Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Rachel Maddow-The Five-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • Pomerantsev: Tucker’s pugnacious debates are like sporting events.
  • Jessica Tarlov is newest FNC contributor.  Chief of Staff Hannity?!?
  • O’Reilly: Trump right about civil war, Dan Rather et al are ‘morons’.
  • CNN host admits to sharing ‘fake news’.  CNN prevails in app appeal.
  • Grim: Despite ‘ratings wreck’ Greta, MSNBC continues shift to right.
  • Tucker Carlson makes book…actually two multi-million dollar books.
  • Videos: Tucker talks violence with and
  • Q&A: Charles GasparinoWill Ripley in N Korea.   John King in Canada.
  • Late Night videos: Rachel Maddow with Seth Meyers

60 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. “The amount of liberals defending Colbert’s homophobia is why I will never trust the Democratic party,” author Dorian Dawes griped on Twitter.

    Ari Fleischer, former spokesman for President George W. Bush, was not amused.
    “In case you thought the dialogue in our country couldn’t get worse – or more crude. This is awful,” he tweeted.

    “As of late Tuesday night, the hashtag #FireColbert was the No. 2 trending topic nationally.

    • Colbert patterned his Comedy Central show after The O’Reilly Factor. He’s now trying to continue emulating Bill by getting fired.

      • If this was Facebook, I would give your comment a “Haha.”

        I liked Colbert on The Daily Show when he patterned his persona on Stone Phillips. Believe it or not, I actually watched The Daily Show in the mid 2000s. The Colbert Report (“rapport”) started as a one-off parody sketch. I wish it had stayed that way. When it became a series, it replaced the conservative-friendly Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. I’m sure most people at Comedy Central were thrilled when Colbert took over the 11:30 slot.

        I went off on a tangent there.

      • He walked back his lewd “joke” today in an “apology” that was as Jonah Goldberg predicted, “mealy-mouthed”.

    • An apology for being a vulgar prurient adolescent moron similar to those raised by parents on reality tv shows…would suffice.


    John Roberts @johnrobertsFox
    I worked at CBS for 14 years. This is definitely not in keeping with their standards or image.

    Brit Hume @brithume
    Will there be consequences for Stephen Colbert’s obscene attack on the president last night, or even any comment from CBS?

  3. Re: Grim: Despite ‘ratings wreck’ Greta, MSNBC continues shift to right.

    Shift to the right, eh?

    A theory I floated here two months ago, which attracted some slight skepticism by some J$ commenters.

    Hey, it’s always nice to get a partial validation for views I expressed in mid March — when you try to think outside of the box. Even if I’m the only one who sees it that way. 😊

    • MSNBC has been adding more people on the right since Lack too over in 2015 , Wallace getting 4pm is another example of them trying to do that. And their daytime has gotten more center than it was before the clean sweep in 15.

      Also I must be the one person that watches Greta.

  4. Re: Colbert

    Former Morning Joe executive producer Chris Light was considered instrumental in the ratings improvement at CBS This Morning (CTM).

    Many considered the improvement in CTM’s ratings a direct result of him moving CTM more toward the center broadening its appeal.

    Many also thought he would do the same with Colbert’s very partisan ratings-challenged late show…namely, make it less partisan. And I’m not sure that didn’t happen…at least for awhile.

    Apparently no longer….unless Monday night was a one-off…and I didn’t get the sense that it was.

  5. I’ll give Jessica Tarlov four months before she sues Fox News for sexual harassment.

  6. They say on the show “Five O’clock will never be the same again”, I have to agree. I have tried the first three days, but it becomes difficult to watch after about 20 minutes. I hate to criticize, but The Fox News Specialists, need to see a specialist ASAP. Terrible name – who are the Specialists? Kat, Eboni K & Eric? or the Guests? Sorry, neither are hardly special so far and for marketing purposes that is a big problem. Besides cross talk, no talk or dominating talk the guests haven’t made sense or fit well with the hosts. Grade: C-

      • Interesting, then they are just “The Specialists”, otherwise to most “The Fox News Specialists” means they are specialists of Fox News. Otherwise wouldn’t most expect the “Specialist” to contribute via their specialty or at least their specialty was a topic on the show? For Joe Namath yesterday that wasn’t the case, he hardly talked and football wasn’t ever a topic. As a marketer, if I am confused by name along with having other issues with it’s format/concept, it will become difficult keep or even gain significant viewers.

        • I tweeted to Bolling that the 5PM slot is very hard

          It was Beck & The Five that suceeded so he better have something good

          I got BANNED LOL

          • Bolling blocks anyone critical of him or his views (a terrible virtue). I too have been blocked by him for a constructive comment / disagreement. I wonder if Bolling thinks if he blocks someone they will never mention him or they don’t show up in twitter searches, a bad assumption and totally incorrect. As we know it’s only Bolling who doesn’t see the blockee.

          • No biggie
            I was a HUGE fan of Bolling when he was the oil guy with his stock jacket on talking oil & stocks
            Not a HUGE fan of his after he became a political commentator even though I probably agree with him 95% of the time lol

          • I have very similar sediments. For me it may also be his personality or that he desperately wants to be as popular like Perino or Gutfeld, thus he mimics them.

          • “Badge of Honor”? I dislike namby pambies. Eric, though handsome, is very vainglorius.

    • Continues to be better than the first episode, but still looks like the format and combination of hosts is not likely to work.
      The show is not really set up in a way where the hosts are able to interact enough and it prevents them from building chemistry.
      Also, I wonder who at Fox could have possibly thought that Timpf was ready to be a host. They could have at least had her do it more before getting such a big spot.

      Among shows that are currently on the air, The Five was the second most viewed show in all of cable news for the first quarter of 2017. Fox seemingly would have put more thought about how to replace it and with who. Having Eric Bolling co-host with two women who are young enough to be his daughters really doesn’t make much sense.

      Bolling has been at Fox for almost 10 years. In that time, he has now been the host/co-host of three FNC shows, two FBN shows, a daily hour online, was recently O’Reilly’s most frequent fill-in and co-hosts NYE. All of those shows have/had different formats. So, he has had a lot of experience as a host on a variety of shows. Yet, he seems more uncomfortable on this new show than on any of those others.
      He sort of comes across as if he also is new to hosting a cable news show.

      I continue to think that he cannot be happy with this show. Going to a solo show would have been considered a promotion from The Five. This has to be considered a demotion.
      He went from being one of four everyday hosts to one of three and he seemed to talk more on The Five. The Five was better in every way and it now has a more prominent time slot. With the multiple airings, it means each episode will likely have at least twice as many people watching than The Specialists will have.
      He spent nearly six years helping build a hit show with some of the best talent at Fox and now he is having to try to start over with two women who immediately became the least experienced hosts at the network.
      There doesn’t even seem to be much upside for the show. It will probably always be compared to The Five.
      I also have no doubt that he knows people aren’t really liking it.

      I think Fox should have gone with a show that had Bolling and Guilfoyle as co-hosts. They are both experienced and popular hosts. They are used to working with each other. Two hosts makes more sense than three.
      They have a lot of women that would probably do fine as a replacement for Guilfoyle on The Five. Eboni would be one of them.

      • On the Five , Eric really did well on that show plus he and everyone had great chemistry, that’s why I said before they should bring in a couple of the Five people to be “specialists” once in a while to maybe make that better.

        Honestly I thought it was going to be a solo show… though I also thought he was going to be the direct O’Reiley replacement so what do I know?

  7. New Biography — Reveals Obama Ditched Marriage Plans In Order To Advance His Career.

    Love knows its bounds.

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Trump right
    4 Chief of Staff
    3 Jessica Tarlov
    2 admits to sharing
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Grim: Despite ‘ratings wreck’ Greta, MSNBC continues shift to right.

  9. Fox would be smart to rename the show Eric and Eboni and dump the third wheel. The two have good chemistry and could possibly have an intelligent discussion of the issues, not a three-ring circus like it is now.

  10. With all this promotion of Kat Timpf on Fox, I just don’t see why they kept her and let Joanne Nosuchinsky go.

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