Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Specialists video: Backlash grows over
  • Monday’s numbers: Tucker Carlson-The Five-Maddow 1-2-3.
  • Tomi Lahren to Fox, MSNBC: Here am I. You can hire me now.
  • April numbers: Fox News #1 again; CNNMSNBC show growth.
  • Sunday showdown: Reliable tops MediaBuzz.  Weekend numbers.
  • Gold: CNN refuses to air Trump ad containing ‘fake news’ graphic.
  • Five fast facts about Eboni WilliamsKat Timpf, and Eric Bolling.
  • Graphics/studio designs for The Story and Specialists.  Fancy pants.
  • Q&A: Eboni Williams.  Hogue: The Fox News Specialists felt like filler.
  • Arthel Neville moonlighting…in handbags?!  Richard Quest in Lagos.
  • Mr and Mrs Stelter open up about fertility and imminent parenthood.
  • Videos: Tucker grills Prez; responds.
  • Olmstead: Why is CNN producing campaign ads for Mark Zuckerberg?
  • Greenfield: Is CNN willing to offend every religion on earth…except one?

101 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. I DVR’d The Fox News Specialists and gave it a try last night. It came off as a show that they would have on the weekends or something. It was their first show so we’ll see but from what I saw it needs a lot of work.

  2. The Five was great last night, enjoyed the subtle references to Jesse’s comment from last week and his vacation. Amusing that he showed his vacation pictures for his One More Thing (take that media critics!). This type of banter is what makes this show entertaining.

  3. Joe Concha, I’m curious as to whether you knew that Jeff Mason was still on the set before your interview with Tucker?

    • WHCA President, Jeff Mason kept reiterating the same talking point over and over avoiding Tuckers questions.

      Mr. Concha asked Mason if he ever made the comment that the First Amendment was under threat under Obama (he gave numerous examples), Mason said I wasn’t WCHA President back then. Unfortunately there was cross talk toward the end and Conchas second question wasn’t answered by Mason that if he ever wrote the First Amendment being under threat under Obama.

      • I did check Politico’s latest survey where they got responses from 63 members of the White House press corps.

        Of those 63, I should note that 50 were not registered either as Republicans (3) or Democrats (10).

        I didn’t see mention of the First Amendment. But 68 percent of them think Trump is the most openly anti-press president in U.S. history. However, 75 percent said they see Trump’s attacks against the media as more of a distraction than a threat.

        As to the point Joe Concha and Tucker were making about “access” — the WH press corps seems to agree according to Politico’s survey. Sixty-three percent thought the Trump White House offers about the same (42%) or more (21%).

    • I wasn’t sure. Normally guests are taken off the set quickly after they’re done. But I was glad Tucker gave Jeff a chance to defend himself. It would unfair otherwise.

      • It was so disingenuous of Mason to mention Woodward and Bernstein as being serious, objective, and nonpartisan newsmen who spoke at the dinner.

        This in answer to Tucker describing the event as a “middle-finger” at Trump.

        As though the WHCA wasn’t making a point with the particular history of the W. and B. duo.

  4. If they are going to stay with their format, change the name of the show to The Third Degree, drop The Specialists, which is an irrelevant title.

  5. Requests for Tomi Lahren to replace this host or that host on FNC is like Mets fans pushing for Wally Backman to be manager. Fans don’t have a say in hiring.

  6. Mr. Dollar- saw the Mediaite article about the FNC ladies starting to wear pants more. Question: do you think Fox could really take a ratings hit because of this? FNC has the prettiest, smartest and most interesting women on TV news. The Mediaite article showed a few tweets of unhappy viewers over this. Thoughts?

  7. Re: “Fancy pants”: The “Schooley” whose damning tweet was used in the link is cartoon writer (along with live action) Bob Schooley. Like Mark Evanier, Tom Ruegger, and Sherri Stoner, to name a few, it’s disappointing when your idols turn out to be leftists that endlessly rail against their opposition.

  8. Just an idiotic move for Fox News to pull away from Mulvaney vs WH press corp to do a left right debate w/ Sandra Smith and 2 analysts. I immediately flipped to CNN to continue watching the battle for the border wall by Mulvaney.

    MSNBC also stayed with the briefing. What is Fox thinking?

  9. Is Fox News fading away before our very eyes? Did you hear what Stephen Colbert said about Trump and Putin? And he is loved and supported by CBS head Les Moonves.

    Compare that to the innocuous comment by Jesse Watters and he gets benched for a full week.

    To add insult to injury, they put liberal Chris Wallace in to replace him on The Five.

    • Must put Johnny Carson into a spin cycle. Steve Allen, Merv Griffin, Jack Paar never came in your home shoveling such hate.

      • Late Night TV used to be like most TV escapist and fun (except Nightline but that served a purpose) now it’s here’s my political views and blah blah blah… sad really.

    • Jesse was only gone for two days and it clearly looked to be an actual vacation.
      There was a report that he had a longer vacation short planned but shortened it because of having to start on The Five.

      If Fox had actually suspended him for the comment, he probably would have been publicly reprimanded by the network or someone would have at least leaked to some press outlet that he had been suspended.

    • Did way to get Colbert fired is what Liberals do.

      Bug their advertisers to drop the show

  10. “Mr and Mrs Stelter open up about fertility and imminent parenthood”
    Good Lord, they are breeding!

  11. I am sorry, but Kat Timpf ruins The Specialists for me. I won’t be watching it unless she is replaced. She is wet behind the ears and she likes to talk just for the sake of talking.

    • Can’t watch the Specialists

      They book Karl Rove & Joe Namath? Bolling is arguing politics with Rove & Namath is just out of place there, WTF?

      I switched the channel lol

      • Yeah, I’m all for out of the box guests but even Namath was probably wondering why he was booked on the show.

        I wish them much success but if this is what the “Fox News Specialists” is going to be every weekday then I won’t be bothering.

        • Why do they call it The Specialists, then invite Joe Namath and never even discuss football? What else is he a specialist in??

          Maybe they should’ve kept calling this The Five, and rename the nighttime show Prime Five.

          • Good question. I still don’t get how Katherine Timpf is a “specialist” when it comes to millennial issues as they advertised.

          • Or call the show “The B Team”

            Actually I do like Eboni and Eric Bolling, but the format of the show really stinks. Just bring in two random people and let them dangle .

          • Should’ve been Karl Rove & Joe Trippi NOT Joe Namath!

            Geez, book another Football guy then! LOL

          • Now that guy who puts a knee down during the National Anthem and Joe Namath, that would have been worth seeing.

          • Joe Namatah didn’t get to talk much from what I saw, Karl Rove did , but this is element.

    • Not a great big fan of Rove but he schooled Timpf an Bolling on process. Timpf reply “Rand Paul said Rand Paul said”, Both have very shallow knowledge of facts. The five o’clock hour was always tuned into Fox but now anymore.

        • But Paul was grandstanding going to The HOUSE and demanding to see a bill that had not even been voted on in the HOUSE.

          • I’m not defending her. I’m just pointing out that she’s a libertarian, which is why she cited Sen. Paul. Her libertarian viewpoint, and use of the pejorative “neocon,” soured me on The Greg Gutfeld Show. I liked her when she was mocking and parodying liberals, but now she’s on her libertarian soapbox. No, thank you.

            By the way, I have yet to watch The Fox News Specialists.

          • I agree 100%, If you like Bolling going on and on you may like the show but so far it is a miss

      • That show was awful , I watched once and left… I used to watch CNN at 8et when It was Campbell Brown (I was the one viewer) … but Parker Spitzer was awful. Even Parker thought it was awful so she left.

    • Lately I’m finding Kat Timpf really annoying. She didn’t think Colbert’s “joke” was homophobic (neither did Eboni). I was disappointed that none of the “specialists” asked what would happen if a late-night comedian had said the same thing about President Obama.

      • It wasn’t that long ago that Colbert’s comment would’ve been considered so vulgar, that he’d been fired immediately.

    • They were clearly made aware of people’s complaints. There was still a little bit of talking over each other at the beginning, but you could see them making sure to be more patient. Unfortunately, it went too far the other way. The first couple of segments were really dull. About of a third of the way through, it seemed to finally start flowing better. Still had some occasional problems the rest of the way, but it was much better than Monday.
      Eboni seemed more comfortable. She was more what you would expect from her. Timpf was better than Monday.

      The show has big problems with the format. They put more focus on the guests than any other show that has the same guests for the full hour. They let Rove dominate the show.
      On Outnumbered, the “One Lucky Guy” is often who speaks the least. This show directs most of the conversation to the guests. It is too dependent on them. I can’t think of another Fox show where people will likely decide to watch mostly based on who the guests are.
      They are likely going to have difficulties finding guests who are actually able to talk about a variety of subjects. They can’t be booking many celebrities.
      They probably need to find the best potential guests that are in the building for the first month or so of shows. People that are professional commentators who are good at talking.
      Also should considering swapping guests midway through. Have actual commentators discuss hard news in the first half and then have non-professional commentators discussing lighter news in the second half.
      Curious to see how they handle breaking news happening during the show. I guess they will just hand it over to Shep.

      Show does look like it is already going to have to put in some hard work to win people over. The comments online continue to be mostly bad. Timpf looks like she has a long way to go to endear herself to many of the Fox viewers.

      • They should try to have a couple of “The Five” folks guest on the show … it might help a little like have Bob come on that would be interesting. I am not saying as a permanent panelists but have them guest since they work well with Eric in the first place. Nothing against Kat, but I think they should have tried Kennedy.

        • They seem to be not wanting to take Kennedy away from her show which is built for her strengths and would force them to find a new FBN show. Plus, her current show probably wouldn’t work on FNC (pre-taped, too edgy for afternoon, too libertarian for a wide audience), but I wonder when they finally decide they can’t keep her off FNC any longer.

          It’s just hard to find a role for her that plays to her strengths, but also fits the network. She does great on panel shows, but that also limits her.
          Perhaps they just need to go ahead and limit her a little simply for the network’s benefit. Kennedy at 90% is still better than almost anyone else at the network and would be a big asset to a higher profile FNC show.

          • I meant have her appear not remove her from her show. Maybe they need to get out of their comfort zone a little but your points all make sense.

  12. I don’t know where Tomi Lahren is going to end up, but MSNBC would do itself a world of good if they signed her as a contributor. MSNBC is at its worst when they have a bunch of Liberals discussing issues and it comes off as a public Democratic Party strategy meeting and as things stand right now they don’t have enough Conservative voices to push back on the network.

    • They’ve given Nicole Wallace a upcoming show and considering Hugh Hewit for something so maybe , Herring , the guy that runs OAN did tweet he would like to see her come back to OAN and also would like Bill O’Reilly but who knows. Interestingly the lady that replaced Lehern on OAN in the first place , Liz Wheeler is only about 2 year older than Tomi , she may have a good future too, if someone spots her.

  13. Re Lahern : Notice it doesn’t mention CNN maybe she knows she would get lost in their madness shuffle , though Zucker likes running CNN like it’s a reality show show throwing her in a lot would suit his style to have her and some other person arguing for an hour.

  14. Top Ten Weekend Total Viewers

    Saturday 29 April 2017
    1 Fox Watters World…………………………………. 2,616,000
    2 Fox Justice W/ Judge Jeanine…………………. 2,150,000
    3 Fox Fox & Friends Saturday 8 AM ET….….. 1,717,000
    4 CNN WH Correspondents Dinner 10 PM ET. 1,686,000
    5 Fox Fox & Friends Saturday 9 AM ET………. 1,682,000
    6 Fox Fox Report Saturday……………………….. 1,626,000
    7 Fox Greg Gutfeld Show…………………………. 1,604,000
    8 Fox Cost Of Freedom 10 AM ET……………… 1,546,000
    9 Fox Cost Of Freedom 11 AM ET……………… 1,393,000
    10 Fox Fox & Friends Saturday 7 AM ET………. 1,306,000

    Sunday 30 April 2017
    1 Fox Justice W/ Judge Jeanine……….. 1,679,000
    2 Fox Fox & Friends Sunday 9 AM ET.. 1,669,000
    3 Fox Fox & Friends Sunday 8 AM ET.. 1,666,000
    4 Fox Sunday Morning Futures………… 1,368,000
    5 Fox Media Buzz…………………………… 1,303,000
    6 Fox Fox Report Sunday………………… 1,226,000
    7 Fox Fox & Friends Sunday 7 AM ET.. 1,225,000
    8 Fox Americas News HQ NOON ET…. 1,174,000
    9 Fox Fox News Sunday 2 PM ET…….. 1,029,000
    10 Fox Americas News HQ 1 PM ET…… 1,024,000

    Source showbuzzdaily.com

  15. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Eboni Williams (fast facts)
    4 moonlighting
    3 Kat Timpf
    2 offend every religion
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Hogue: The Fox News Specialists felt like filler.

  16. In media predictions by the head racist stooge Ice we have this:

    Richard W.‏ @IceManNYR
    This is not going to beat Rachel.
    (pic of the 5 show run-down)
    6:21 PM – 1 May 2017

    so with their record of fine Fox News reporting…..you guessed it The Five won their time slot. in fact they beat EVERY show on MSNBC and CNN in ALL time slots for the entire day listed.


    NEVER trust a Disgraced Racist Newshound for your facts.

      • Of course we all know — or should know — that a prediction that doesn’t come true is NOT a lie.

        I’ve made a wrong prediction about the Kentucky Derby winner at least 10 years running. Certainty you don’t think those were 10 lies? Or do you?

    • Approximately 970,000 demo viewers watched The Five and Maddow combined.

      The Five eked out a win by 2K. Kudos to them.

  17. I think I read that MSNBC approached Maddow after Olbermann left and his replacement (Ed Schultz?) failed to move from 9pm to 8pm and she refused. They should really lean on her to take over the 8pm slot because Chris Hayes is struggling and Maddow could provide a strong lead-in and Hayes could benefit from it. From the looks of the ratings the MSNBC flock come in for a landing when Hayes is signing off and actually stick around for Lawrence O’Donnell.

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