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  1. I am rather disappointed in Sean Hannity responding to Gabriel “Gabe” Sherman, whose whole mission is to destroy and discredit Fox News. Sherman is similar to Erik Wemple’s blog which almost exclusively whines about Fox News (he has some unhealthy obsession with O’Reilly) and Brian Stelter, who created a newsletter in order to suppress negative news about CNN and further advance negative Fox News stories. Even Stelter’s former site TVNewser rarely posts a negative story about CNN or MSNBC for that matter. TVNewser continues to suppress the latest on the huge class action discrimination lawsuit against CNN.

    Anyway, I somewhat understand why Hannity did respond because he is very upset that Bill Shine may not be supported. However doesn’t Hannity realize that at least 75% of Gabe Sherman’s stories with exclusively anonymous sources turn out to be untrue, false, fake, etc. The other 25% may be true only because he posts both sides of a story on many occasions. Recently for example, Sherman said anonymous sources say O’Reilly is out, the next day or two, anonymous sources say Fox is standing by O’Reilly, etc. Last summer, Sherman had so many stories that turned out to be untrue about the Megyn Kelly and Trump ordeal. His book on Ailes was panned for its inaccuracy, exclusive use of anonymous sources, poor writing and blatant bias. Sherman deserves no credit for taking down Ailes, he only reported on very old items, the full credit goes to Gretchen Carlson. Apparently Sherman is or has updated his book to add new items to give himself credit, which is dishonest.

  2. “The probe (of FOX) began under the Obama administration. Attorney Judd Burstein, who represents some of Ailes’ accusers, said in February that the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York was conducting the investigation.”


  3. RE : Nicole Wallace hosting on MSNBC they must have really liked her filling in for ole Brian Williams on the 11th hour .

    • Anyone see Nicole Wallace on Youtube’s MSNBC Election Night Coverage?!!

      UNBEARABLE!!! TRUMP is like winning & you see her all unhappy & sh!t!

      TRUMP just saved the Republican Party, she’s supposedly a Republican, she should be happy as hell! Another IDIOT on that channel is Steve Schmidt!

  4. Re: Bolling 5pm That’s what he meant by saying it’s little like outnumbered and the five together, but that name “The Fox News Specialists” is not that good.

    • I understand Fox had to just throw something together, but this is kind of odd.

      It’s Bolling going from The Five to another five person panel show. Also means there are now three of those shows on Fox News each day.
      They are going to have to find two guest panelists every episode.
      It’s a guy in his 50s with two millennial women. This didn’t work with Gutfeld. Although Eboni doesn’t come across like a millennial.
      Just not sure how the three will work together.

      I do think Bolling will put in the effort to make the show successful. He definitely seems to care more about being a TV news star than a lot of others at Fox.
      Williams needed a show. Timpf is usually at her best on shows that aren’t humor heavy (better when just occasionally trying to be funny).

      At least it is something that will be intriguing to see how it turns out. While ratings are still good, the network needs some sort of spark already. The Five feels off at night and Jesse is not that good of a fit. Tucker seems like he is not suited for being the top show at the network. It feels like a show that still needs a strong lead-in instead of a show that is a strong lead-in.
      It’s almost like they think that simply changing the schedule is enough to make up for O’Reilly being gone. No one seems to be putting in extra effort to make their show better.

      I do think that Timpf is probably not going to be a good fit for Gutfeld going forward. Not sure why they would want her as a panelist when she will be a panelist five days a week and will have already stated her opinions on everything. Also, she will have far less time to do taped pieces for Greg’s show. She also seems like she has done all she can do there.
      While Tyrus has done a good job, it might be time to replace Timpf and Tyrus with Shillue and Levy. A Greg, Tom and Andy show would be really good. If the network is going to still employee Tom and Andy (still not sure how long they will), they should find the best way to use them. This seems like it would be that.
      Maybe just have a rotation of Tyrus, Tom and Andy and have two of the three appear each week.

      • I do think Bolling was a better fit for the Five than Jesse, they should have just kept Special Report a couple hours until they could get a 5pm show put together fully, no need to rush. I would love to see Tom and Andy more on the network, they should have tried that 5 or 9pm make a show competently different than what they have.

    • OK…I admit I don’t know who the woman are really Ive seen one of them on Gregs show and except for the five I switch channels when Bolling hosts other shows…….but what exactly are any of them specialist at?

      I know Bolling is a business guy but this is FNC not FBN.

      • Eboni Williams has a law degree. She had been doing the “Is It Legal?” segment with Guilfoyle on The Factor.

        I guess they are considering Timpf a “specialist” at issues facing millennials, but that sounds like a bad reason to have her on. Even if the show skews a bit younger, millennials will likely make up, at most, 10% of their viewers. Timpf does seem to appeal more to a younger audience than anyone else at Fox though. I think she might be most effective in keeping the show from getting too serious.

        I can’t imagine that the show will actually put a heavy focus on business, legal or millennial issues.

        I think it is going to be a situation where the premise of the show and the talent on the show don’t really match up. They are trying to pretend it is something unique, but it will likely just be five people discussing the news of the day.

      • Katherine Timpf

        • Libertarian
        • Graduated magna c u m laude
        • Makes fun of Star Wars fans
        • Performed stand-up comedy at venues like The Improv in Los Angeles

        Gee…maybe I’ll tune in after all.


        for Eboni K. Williams, I am not sure why hosts like Sean Hannity call
        her as Democrat, She has said, “I am a proud, registered independent. I
        have voted for candidates from both the Democratic and Republican
        Parties.” BTW, he own mother — a small business owner — voted for

        • Fox seems like they have tried to use Williams as a token liberal on panel shows, but I think they eventually realized that it is not really the case. She actually seems to be almost apolitical.

          There will likely be more disagreements between Bolling and Timpf than Williams and anyone else, but if they are wanting more disparate views, they will probably need to find them from the guests they have on.

      • I think the name was :
        “Quick” we need a name it’s Thursday , show starts Monday!
        The video of Eric on Outnumbered yesterday , pretty much summed the show as Outnumbered and The Five like so.. there we go.

        • He’s sitting at the desk in one of the shots. Apparently, unless he’s been reduced to being a stand-in, Andy is in the ‘pool’ to be a ‘specialist’ from time to time. However, on Monday the guest ‘specialists’ will be Mark Cuban and Mark McKinnon.

          • Maybe that explains why today, on the radio show with Tom Shillue, Andy wore a jacket and tie. Wondered why he “dressed up” when for the past 3 days he was really casual.

        • Here is the picture with Andy.

          It makes sense for him to appear on a practice show (he is in the building and doesn’t have that much going on before doing the radio show and that wouldn’t take that much prep), but it sounds like the show will be trying to bring in some outside guests.
          However, just like the “One Lucky Guy” on Outnumbered, they will probably be eventually bringing on whoever they can get. After a few weeks, they will probably start having a group of people that are more frequent.

      • looks like . That also means there’s going to be a show every other hour in studio f between 5,7,9 . Would love to see Andy on the show.

    • Lahren probably is not really suited to be someone’s co-host.

      She also looks to be toxic right now. No one has come to her defense over The Daily Caller article about her being difficult. I don’t think a big network can take a chance on her at this time.

      She’s probably going to have to just go start her own show where she is her own boss.

    • For one thing, she’s suing Glenn Beck to whom she is still contractually bound. That will be remembered when she gets out of that contract and goes to other outlets in search of a new one.

      For another, she has no identifiable qualifications or political experience that would give her opinions enhanced relevance to most viewers.

        • Check out Ms. Timpf’s Wikipedia file under the heading CAREER.

          It’s amazing how much diversity there is in this young 28-year-old’s background.

          I wouldn’t sell her short. She has appeared on numerous television and radio programs discussing a broad range of topics.

          Loved Tomi Lahren with Trevor Noah and on The View where she showed she is much more than a conservative firebrand bomb thrower. But I don’t she matches Kat in terms of panel show experience. But that’s just me.

          • Kat is gorgeous and wears cool glasses, but she is by no means an intellect. She is very cute though, and cute gets tiresome. Eboni Williams is an intellect, as is Bolling. Those two teach me something when I watch, unlike Ms. Timpf.

        • Timpf has been employed by Fox News for two years at this point (and appeared for a year before that). She has been on Gutfeld’s show every week. She has been a fill-in host on shows. Most Fox viewers have seen her often. That gives her a big leg up over someone like Lahren.
          Working for the National Review also gives Timpf more credibility and her uniqueness makes her stand out to the viewers.

          Timpf is still a risk though. She doesn’t seem to be developing as a broadcaster very well.
          Her podcast (which seems to have ended) was not very impressive. She was not a good host.
          Her work on Gutfeld has often gotten stale. There are many episodes where she doesn’t add much. She isn’t that much better than she was two years ago.
          Her opinions are usually too obvious.
          She often relies too heavily on snark, but she is usually funnier when she isn’t on a humor heavy show.

          Her being on an hour a day, five days a week could definitely get tiresome.
          Her success will all come down to how well she develops and if the producers figure out how to use her right.

          I think the show will probably be fine though. Bolling is really comfortable at hosting. Williams is perfect for TV and seems to have good chemistry with everyone she appears with.
          As the timeslot replacement for The Five, Fox will make sure it does well. There will be too many people who know what they are doing working on it and if someone doesn’t fit, I don’t think Fox will stick with them too long.

        • Well writing for National Review isn’t too shabby. I wouldn’t mind having that on my resumé. Like most people she has plusses and minuses, and where you come down on that will vary on what you like/dislike. So she isn’t perfect, but she brings more to the table than Tomi…who isn’t available anyhow. And when Tomi becomes available she’ll have the baggage of having caused a stink with her last employer. She’s not gotten to Andrea levels of derangement, but very few have. A little more seasoning and maturity and TL could have a future as a pundit, but as it stands now she’s more an OAN level figure than someone for the #1 news channel in all cable. But that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

  5. RE Hugh Hewitt at MSNBC: that would be interesting thing for MSNBC to do … not sure if it would attract viewers to them but who knows, the lean forward viewers won’t like it but it ehhh

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  7. Loved seeing Richard Dreyfuss on Tucker’s show. I saw him on Huckabee’s show several years ago and found him thoughtful and interesting. Dreyfuss knows more about the Constitution than most of our elected officials.

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