Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Maddow-The Five-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • Gillette: The renaissance of Sean Hannity, Fox News’ ‘alpha anchor’,
  • Ambrose: Bill O’Reilly’s fall creates an opportunity for Fox News.
  • F&F take your children to work day videos: and
  • NBCNews exec talks Megyn, Tamron etc.  Today’s Wemple O’Whine.
  • Poor: Welcome to the cable news era of politics.  Mika lectures Jesse.
  • Bloom threatens Jesse Watters, ‘Maybe you should be next!’  Guilt trip?
  • Video: Eric Bolling about his new show.  Profile: Kristin Fisher.

54 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Lisa Bloom is no better than her mother, Gloria Allred. Both have figured out a way to fame and fortune without chasing ambulances.

  2. I can just hear Rupert watching this live when it first aired while having a nice glass of wine with his wife Jerry, “Please don’t tell me I heard what I think I just heard. Jesus H. Christ!! Murphy’s Law is killin’ me. What else can go wrong?”

    As the Miami Herald wrote, “The episode comes at a bad time for Fox News, the cable news giant that has been reeling from claims of sexual misconduct throughout the organization.”

  3. I think he will be OK. But, it was an unforced error regardless how it was intended. My perception is that Jesse is well liked behind the scenes. On air, IMHO, he seems to personify the most negative stereotypes about fraternity guys. Hoping they will find segments for him that improve his image some.

    • I like Jesse but I think he was absolutely wrong to say what he did. I don’t believe his explanation.

      • It’s hard for me to believe that he meant something vulgar by the remark.

        I watched him say it and it never crossed my mind that he meant anything other than the way that Ivanka speaks low and slow into a microphone as if she’s Mel Torme. A smooth jazz radio deejay is an apt description.

        It also seems doubtful that Watters would make a joke like that in the midst of chiding so-called feminists for booing and hissing in disrespect toward a woman.

        No matter how anyone views it, I think this thing should have run its course by now. There’s not enough solidity here to merit getting out the torches and storming the castle. I’m not at all suggesting that this is what you’re about, just that it’s time for everyone to move on.

      • Have most people heard anything about the discrimination suit against CNN?

        Had there been no sexual harrassment claims against Fox, would the rest of the media have been any less bombastic about covering a racial discrimation one?

        We truly are up against a very powerful aristocracy that is fixed upon not only changing the voter demographics in this country, but in silencing a POV that it sees as inherently “fake”.

        I’m not talking about rank-and-file liberals, I mean a powerful and connected class that has coerced businesses into ideological compliance, is out to bring the WH down, and to brook no dissent from us because we’re too dumb to know what’s good for us.

        This is the first conspiracy theory I’ve ever found myself having to embrace, except it’s not a conspiracy, it’s the compulsion of our modern elites.

        The old elite culture, with its compulsion, was more amenable to dissent against its standards and morals.

        This one is not.

        • CBS THIS MORNING opened with FNC suit and a tear-eyed Kelly Wriight. Not a mention of the 175 class action CNN suit. Sad to say my former fave have upped their liberal bias since Trump elected as the tactic has worked for the rest of CBS ratings. The show lost me most days about a month ago.

  4. I’m surprised that people who normally hate the president are defending a member of his family who may have only been complimented for her voice, not the victim of an on-air fantasy.

    • She has a great voice, better than many in the media. And, no, he wasn’t saying anything creepy or sexual about her. People need to get their minds out of the gutter.

        • I respectively disagree, he didn’t try to pass the stories off as his own and he provided the source.

        • It may have been on HuffPo last year where I saw a columnist (aggregator) of a news article comment at the end (paraphrasing), “Out of respect for fair use and unwritten rules I am stopping at one third of this article I’ve aggregated. You can continue reading at this link.”

          Unfortunately, I came up empty on whether there is any widespread understanding that generally speaking you should aggregate no more than one third of the original content.

          I’ll post an update if I find one. Perhaps Johnny or Joe Concha has some thoughts.

      • Wemple was whining the O’Reilly posts clips of stories on his site, exactly what TVNewser and Stelter does in his newsletter. O’Reilly posted the source, but Wemple was upset that the clips were too large and didn’t reference source enough.

        • I think that Wemple was also suggesting that there’s some sort of taint to O’Reilly charging his fan base for his POV.

          That take from Wemple seems tenuous to me. Journalists market their skills and their savvy. They are not public servants or former ones in the sense of politicians.

  5. I must say The Five has exceeded expectations at 9pm. I had thought it would be the weak link in the primetime line-up, but in fact it has been one of the top two programs on all cable news for three nights in a row, handily beating Maddow 2 out of 3 times. Very early going and much can change but the new time slot is working better than I thought.

    Which is a preliminary to report that Mr Chris Wallace will b filling in on The Five tonight (presumably for the vacationing Mr Watters).

    • They’ve not rocked the boat on the show keeping it pretty much the same just a new time slot, and no Eric (even though he honestly fits the show better than Watters, at least I think) and might have attracted new viewers who might not been able to watch at 5pm/2pt. (besides DVR’rs)

    • I think The Five is the same, but even better.

      They’ve all risen to primetime and are at their best.

      I think they’d make all kinds of inroads into Maddow’s audience if they replaced millennial Jesse with a millennial liberal.

      The show is sharp, funny, and collegial.

    • When she gives the money back to Harvard for that phony job, and takes the friggin’ DNA test, I might be interested in what the wooden indian has to say. But probably not.

  6. Re: Wednesday’s numbers:
    Wonder if Bill Shine is as surprised as some of us that The Five has beaten Tucker in the demo ratings two nights running.

    And perhaps he didn’t expect Maddow to beat them both (in the demo) in only the third day of their premiere week when interest is high. I for one was surprised. I thought Maddow might be starting to wane a bit in the demo numbers.

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