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  1. Is it too soon to write off CNN’s experiment with Tapper in primetime as a bust?

    Probably so after just one night.

    But finishing behind 14 other primetime shows in the demo ratings hardly portends good times ahead.

    • Tough to say. These prime time slots have always been tough for CNN because they have been going up against strong opinion hosts on Fox and MSNBC. I remember when CNN put Campbell Brown on at 8pm and she went on the Daily Show and Stewart asked her how she expected to be successful given she was going up against two big media personalities (O’Reilly and, at the time, Olbermann). Her show never gained any traction.

      I figure that Tapper wouldn’t want to lose the cred of being a journalist (or a unbaised moderator) so he probably won’t fare any better than Anderson Cooper…..the only variable that could give them a modest ratings boost could be that 2 hours of Cooper is too much.

      • I was probably the one person who watched Campbell Brown’s 8pmet CNN show.
        Also CNN was using 9PMET for their Zucker idea of doing original series and then started doing town halls and random stuff at 9et , using AC as filler,but this week they’ve been using 10pm for extras and Lemon and still Lemon at 11 So who knows how CNN thinks when it’s pretty much it’s run how Zucker feels that day.

      • Fox needs to keep keep putting out the shows folks want to watch and they need to cooperate with the lawsuit, make some plans that would broaden the role of minorities within the network, and counter or settle these charges of discrimination that are based on such ridiculous grounds.

        It’s not going to that easy to bring the company down.

  2. Question first:. Is Kelly Wright (whom I respect and admire) still on air? Hope this can be amicably settled.

    Last night was first time I had seen “The Five” since its time change. (Had to watch “The Voice” results first). While it did seem a little different to have an afternoon show in prime time, I think it will be fine. I turned on when Bob and Jesse started to go at it but Kimberly stepped in so my annoyance level decreased. Still think they need to rotate him with someone else like they do Bob and Juan but we’ll see.

    • As Dean Martin used to say, “Keep those cards and letters comin’.”

      And wouldn’t we like to know what those “cards and letters” have been saying to FNC so far about the new lineup.

      I was surprised to see some criticism (even here at J$P) of Tucker by known conservatives and Fox News viewers. I am also seeing on TVNewser criticism of Fox for replacing Bolling.

      Oh well, this is just a small sampling — which Is why I would be curious to see what is in the bulk of those “cards and letters.”

      I do tend to agree with you though, that “it (The Five) will be fine.”

      • Re: Tuesday’s numbers: The Five-Sean Hannity-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3

        Gee, I finally got one right.

        Lately when I predict a sports team or a TV show (in this case The Five) will do well, you can rest assured…they will tank in the next 24 hours.

        Kudos to them. Beating Tucker in the demo was a bit of a surprise.

    • Based on the “More” link, it cannot be amicably settled. It’s war, and the war won’t end until Fox News ceases to exist. Or at least that’s how it feels to me. As I said earlier, the sky is falling.

    • So like so many that got added or removed from anchor positions, Wright took it personally and then, blamed it on race. Frankly, I never saw him and said to myself, “gee, this guy is terrific”, however every time i see FNC’s Kevin Corke, I do say to myself, “gee, this guy is terrific”.

      • No, Wright wasn’t really that good. I never saw him as anchor material in a top ten market, let alone a national news channel.

        • He’s a fine reporter, interviewer, but not a standout in the charisma dept. He got stuck on Fox & Friends Weekend for a few years and his rather straight-laced personality couldn’t have been a worse fit. I’m surprised when he or his lawyer cited moving him from F&F to weekend daytime as a demotion. No goofy acrobatic segments or cooking lessons, he got to do straight news and a long-running series of ‘Beyond the Dream’ packages. (That’s another odd thing in his statement: he said he begged Fox for years to do a series like that, as if he hadn’t been allowed to…but he did do it, and it ran for years!)

      • Yeah. It’s a situation where I’m not even sure that Wright’s current action makes him more desirable and sought after to the rest of the industry…

    • He does overnight news breaks and is a daytime news anchor on weekends He was on just this past weekend in fact. Whether he’ll be on this coming weekend is doubtful IMHO. The only plaintiff who’s still appearing on Fox is Julie Roginsky who is on the air as I’m typing this,.

      • Roginsky is still on due to Putin says, “Keep pretty lady on Fox, or I keel moose and squirrel.”

    Ban Ki-Moon is
    (a) Owner, Washington Times
    (b) Former U.N. Secretary General
    (c) Former drummer, THE WHO
    (d) Cultist religious leader inventor of confectionery pie.

  4. “If you put yourself out as somebody who supports Trump, or like MSNBC, is against Trump, at least you get it, you know what you’re getting,” Harvey Levin, founder of TMZ said. “But when you pretend like you’re objective, but you’re not… I don’t think they know it yet, but I think some of the trusted names in news are not trusted anymore because of this.”

  5. Hire me, promote me, don’t dare replace me… I’m Irish and I damn well won’t be discriminated against!

  6. I am going to sue Fox because there are no injuns working on-air. Now, being the nice guy that I am, I am willing to settle out of court. Nine million dollars.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 More
    4 overwhelmingly positive
    3 Five facts
    2 the bubble
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 New racial discrimination suit involves Kelly Wright, O’Reilly, et al.

  8. For last few months, have really tried to be fair and not to jump totally on one side or the other with FNC and charges brought. Went through a bullying/harassment situation myself 10 years ago with a co-worker (threats, harassing phone calls, stealing money from my deposit to get me fired) These situations can be ugly and complicated. But the Lisa Bloom Twitter post threatening to bring Jesse Watters down really got on my nerves. Somehow I don’t believe the CNN offices are pure with no issues.

    • Well you wouldn’t know it from reading media sites….but remember only 7 people are suing Fox News for racial discrimination…….currently 175 are suing CNN for the same thing…….but some how this is hardly a story. It all political at least in the coverage.

      For example Spud over at ICN did a story on Fox’s Racial Discrimination story today…… far as I can tell hes done absolutely not one story on the 175 people suing CNN for the same thing….somehow those 7 people today are more important.

      My guess for the same reason he highlights Both CNN and MSNBC ratings each month and quarter but somehow forgets to even mention Fox rating each time.

      • And, of course, Porno Cat was the first to comment. Spud has his own agenda. I won’t say more, because he might show up here with one of his deranged rants.

      • Earlier this month the Hollywood Reporter wrote about both cases. In the article they speculated:

        The one against Fox News has garnered more recent attention, perhaps thanks to questions that continue to circle around how the cable news network has handled allegations of harassment during the leadership of Roger Ailes.

        I don’t think too many Fox News fans will be all that accepting of that explanation.

      • Spud would tell you he reports CNN and MSNBC ratings quarterly spin and comments because they send them to him where FNC does not.

    • He got thrown onto The Five at the last minute with no warning. These schedule changes came out of the blue. I’m not going to assume that this nothing controversy was so bad that he had to be yanked off the air, but yet not bad enough for him to have to apologize for it. Sometimes a vacation is just a vacation.

    • Looking for a silver lining during the actual live TV event?

      Anyone else notice how quickly Kimberly jumped in with no reaction on her face with a quick question for Dana – immediately after the last syllable crossed Jesse’s lips — to quickly change the subject?

      Good job Kim. Talk about not skipping a beat with a strong professional move.

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