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  1. Is The Five really LIVE at 9 PM

    I didn’t see LIVE at the bottom where the TIME is shown

    When a show is LIVE that’s where it will say it

    • Well…….yes there was no live bug….but Tucker said it was live and Bob and Dana said it would be on SP Report and they said live at least 3 times during the show….so I’m guessing someone forgot or they are not using it……but it seemed live.

      I found the networks….mostly CNN play fast and loose with that live bug thing but mistakes happen.

    • Yeah. It was clearly dark of night outside. Sometimes the LIVE bug gets missed on live shows, and vice-versa. But I them reference LIVE over and over and I don’t think they’re all in on a conspiracy or anything. 😉

    • I noticed that they copied what Maddow does where they have like over 20 minutes before they hit first commercial break that was interesting

      • That’s an old media trick when you have something big on opposite that might steal away some viewers. Eliminate the first break, or reschedule until later in the second half-hour to prevent tune-outs. Other channels did that on the night Greta premiered on MSNBC. (It turned out to have been unnecessary.)

        • interesting , I only caught the length when I thought Bob was being told that they were running out of time and it was :20 past ,and I know Maddow’s show runs like her doing a really long talking spree for like 23 minutes

  2. Frank Scheck (whoever that is) needs to give Tucker a break – it was his first show at the 8pm hour. Does he think that O’Reilly was an overnight hit? As I remember it O’Reilly really didn’t start to catch fire until the whole Clinton-Lewinsky drama 2 years after he started.

    • The Five didn’t catch fire it’s first night ever it took it a little while… plus it’s an adjustment he’ll make tweaks as needed and what feels right to him

  3. I won’t put this in today’s links, because Olbermann was always the biggest, most flagrant liar regarding Bill O’Reilly and Fox News. He never corrected his smears even though he was nailed dozens of times (nearly that many on this website alone). Be that as it may, Variety thought it appropriate to publish his victory lap so read it at your own risk. I won’t.

    • Thanks for warning. I won’t bother. I can proudly say Olbermann was my first block on twitter for a constructive criticism tweet.

    • I read it with a gargantuan grain of salt. I wouldn’t let his barbs hurt me.

      If what he said about Norah O’Donnell is true, I guess she came around on Bill when she came to CBS. Mr. O plugged his books on CBS This Morning and was even profiled by Norah on 60 Minutes in 2013. In one part of the profile, she rode with him on the L.I.E. (Long Island Expressway, I-495) while he was dictating the script for a show.

    • It’s not a victory lap. It’s the usual tribal, self-congratulating and self-serving “special” bloviating…comment, as per a personality disordered narcissist who couldn’t even get along with Al Gore. Who felt himself ill-used and unappreciated by Al Gore …(whom he called a “clod”) and scammed by Phil Griffin, president of MSNBC, who Olbermann once affectionately typified as working for him.

      Olbermann is warning the Resistence that O’Reilly has the wherewithal and the popularity to keep raking in the attention and the wherewithal…as facillatated by the baleful symbiotic former relationship between Emperor Murdoch and Lord O’Reilly and by the allegiance of his storm trooper minion base.

      Is there anyone who is more in a bubble than Keith Olbermann? Who is more clueless about his own personal pathologies to the point that he can’t recognize that despite his immense talent, his last and final calling card is truly the lowest sort of partisan popular appeal of the likes that makes O’Reilly look like a combination Will Rogers/Dr. Schweitzer? Yet here Olbermann is blithely taking credit for the careers of Norah O’Donnell and David Gregory, as he characterizes O’Reilly as a sinister wannabe star-struck stalker simultaneously wishing to join and to get even with his Kool-Kid detractors.

      No one is more aware or enamored of the elitist siren song of today’s liberalism, where personal virtue is endowed via democratic policy positions, and no one is so in the dark about this being his last calling card. The last trinket he holds in the smokey ruins of the career he reflexively destroyed.

      Bill O’Reilly is no saint, but he can rightly and sensibly thank God every day that he’s no Keith Olbermann.

      That’s only one reason why O’Reilly may, indeed, come back with a vengeance.

  4. Re: J$ tweet: “Oh, how the sleazy have fallen.” That one sentence has officially soured me on Jake Tapper. It comes off as a rhetorical middle finger.

    • i spit the sour sap out after he sided with Palestinians a couple years ago. I was a fan back in his ABC days. Maybe because an occasional hard question asked of Obama seemed such a novelty.

  5. Maybe Hannity should’ve moved to 8pm if Tucker is struggling

    Let’s not forget Tucker is no superstar, he had to go on Dancing with the Stars to save his MSNBC show & he was the 1st voted out ? ? ?

  6. Preliminary Nielsen ratings from last night show Fox News ratings stable post-Bill. 3.2M for Tucker, 2.8M for The Five, 2.6M for Hannity. In the adults 25-54 demo advertisers care about, Tucker drew 636K, The Five 568K and Hannity 543K. All led their timeslots. from Alex Weprin on twitter.

  7. Tucker should have led with Jenner. I did not make it past the first 15 minutes (the 2008 Hillary campaign guy).

    A hard hitting interview to start the show off w/ Bruce would have served Tucker well. We now have 3 year old kids declaring they are transgender. Explore these issues with Bruce and if this is child abuse.

    • I was able to listen (and watch) all three hours. It went fast and was interesting. Glad John Devore and Joe DeVito were guests. Unfortunately, we saw Andy and Tom but couldn’t see John or Joe. It looked like a really small room. Not too many callers. I called and someone answered and asked how he could help me. Strange. I said I had a question for Andy about Judge Gorsuch. The gentleman on the phone said they would get to Gorsuch at the end of the show and said goodbye. Huh? Never asked what my question was or took my name. And they never talked about the judge at the end of the program.

  8. I always like when Drudge does this, so here are top 25 in total viewers for Monday April 24th. Every hour on Fox News from 6 am to 10 pm beats CNN highest rated program.

    1 Fox – Tucker Carlson 3,175,000
    2 Fox – The Five 2,759,000
    3 Fox – Sean Hannity 2,611,000
    4 Fox – Bret Baier 6 pm 2,402,000
    5 Fox – Bret Baier 5 pm 2,217,000
    6 MSN – Rachel Maddow 2,162,000
    7 Fox – Martha MacCallum 2,129,000
    8 Fox – Fox & Friends 8 am 1,959,000
    9 Fox – Americas Newsroom 9 am 1,823,000
    10 Fox – Americas Newsroom 10 am 1,739,000
    11 MSN – Larry O’Donnell 1,727,000
    12 Fox – Fox & Friends 7 am 1,638,000
    13 Fox – Outnumbered 1,637,000
    14 Fox – Neil Cavuto 1,535,000
    15 Fox – Happening Now 11 am 1,518,000
    16 MSN – Chris Hayes 1,516,000
    17 Fox – Happening Now 1 pm 1,489,000
    18 Fox – Americas News HQ 1,411,000
    19 MSN – Chris Matthews 1,399,000
    20 Fox – Shepard Smith 1,316,000
    21 Fox – Fox & Friends 6 am 1,156,000
    22 MSN – Brian Williams 1,127,000
    23 CNN – Anderson Cooper 1,000,000
    24 CNN – Wolf Blitzer 985,000
    25 CNN – Erin Burnett 975,000

    • Would like to see the same list with demo numbers.

      Joe Concha drilled in my head that’s what really matters. Right Joe? 🙂

      I’m guessing it starts something like this with FNC holding 7 of top 10 spots.

      1 Carlson
      2 The Five
      3 Hannity
      4 Maddow
      5 Baier (6p)
      6 MacCallum
      7 O’Donnell
      8 Hayes
      9 Carlson (11p)
      10 Baier (5p)

      • As compared to a year ago when Fox won the demo ratings battle for all seven time slots (5p-11p)

        1 O’Reilly
        2 Hannity
        3 Kelly
        4 Baier
        5 The Five
        6 Greta
        7 O’Reilly (11p)
        8 Maddow
        9 O’Donnell
        10 Burnett

  9. I take back what I said about Mark Halperin being the more affable and likable one of the Halperin-Heilemann duo.

    Here’s a story about Halperin’s refusal to sit next to a airline passenger, and even tweeting the picture of what is the most attractive and appealing fellow traveler you could hope to encounter.


    Of course the link doesn’t work…so read about it at Ace of Spades.

  10. Martha talking to Ted Strickland at the town hall. Former gov. is not much of a fan favorite these days in the buckeye state.

    • Didn’t he run for senate last year and lose?
      Also a good week for Ohio Gov’s being on national tv , with Kasich on CNN last night

    • After Kasich pledged to support the GOP nominee, and then refused when it wasn’t him, he is pretty much on my (feces) list.

  11. Today’s most popular links:
    5 will be shaken
    4 in June
    3 dominates Monday
    2 most trusted names
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Scheck: Tucker struggles in 8pm bow.

      • Peterson was using her death for him and his groups own goals, instead of letting this beautiful woman rest in peace.

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