Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Show of support? Rupert has lunch with Bill Shine, Jack Abernathy
  • Freaky Friday numbers: Rachel Maddow-The Five-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Concha: Tucker Carlson benefits from chaos; Heather Nauert‘s new job.
  • Video: on her unplanned time off; Today’s lawsuit.
  • Sara Murray’s big news.  Michael Weiss to CNN; Deborah Feyerick exits.
  • Gutfeld video: in monologue on Dems’ election grief.
  • Bill O’Reilly is gone, but his influence lives on.  Jake Tapper moonlighting.
  • Doctor: Don’t expect a new Fox News.  Rogers: FNC will not be the same.
  • Koblin: With O’Reilly out, Fox rivals see a chance to take over cable news.
  • Stockman: Schlussel changes story, says she wasn’t harassed by Hannity!
  • Hannity to deploy country’s ‘toughest lawyers‘ against nemesis Schlussel.

81 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Fox rivals have always seen a chance to take over cable news. Phil Griffin predicted it was already to have happened. As Mr. Concha explained on MEDIABUZZ, as long as FNC continues the perspective it provides and commentary and stories no one else does, it will keep its edge.

  2. Which right-leaning Fox News personality is going to get sexual harassment claims thrown at them next? I feel like this will go on until no one’s left. The M.O. seems to be if you can’t beat the competition in the ratings, eliminate them personally.

        • I agree, only two days albeit a weekend for her now say (in Bill’s voice) – “I did not get sexually harassed by the man, Mr. Hannity”.
          However the web posts already exist and most will likely not correct or follow-up on them.

          • Yep — a potential lawsuit by Hannity stemming from the old “defamation per se” — such as accusing someone of a crime — will make you dial it back in a heartbeat. Especially if you’re at attorney, which she is.

        • You know, when I appeared on Fox, Julie Banderas was all over me. Jenna Lee got jealous, and there was a wild catfight in the hallway. I tried to break it up, but then the alarm clock went off and I woke up. Can I sue Fox for invading my dreams?

    • They have the same method going with the vote.

      Can’t persuade the native population to shift their consensus overwhelmingly in your direction?

      Bring in thousands of immigrants to change the country for you.

    • You may be right about the hype and focus in the MSM.

      But haven’t all the accusers been Republicans — or at least not Dems or CNN/MSNBC fans?

      I guess I don’t see the same component you do — namely, “if you can’t beat the competition in the ratings, eliminate them personally.”

  3. What happened to Janice Dean reminds me of what happened to Joe Buck six years ago when his hair plug procedure was botched. His vocal cords were damaged and took months, with therapy, to return to normal. Janice’s shame was Joe’s shame.

  4. Re: “Bill O’Reilly is gone, but his influence lives on”: His evil, one-sided, conservative influence; or at least that’s the impression I got from the writer.

    It seems like every story is claiming Bill is a conservative. He is not, at least not entirely.

    • O’Reilly is not exactly a conservative. He was always more of a populist with traditionalist instincts and part of his influence now sits in the White House. Tough to beat.

      • I think he gets that ‘conservative’ moniker because of the culture warrior book and social views. And many feel ‘conservative’ fits him better than descriptors like moderate Republican.

        But I agree with you, he’s no Hannity.

  5. Watching ONE AMERICA NEWS network today (DirecTV) for the first time. A few quick observations:
    ? Professional looking
    ? Commercials from name brand advertisers
    ? HDTV

    • Disqus is one headache after another, but using Facebook instead for blog comments sounds like the worst idea since Abe said ‘Let’s see that play tonight’.

      • Earlier I created a new Facebook, aka Fakebook account called MN Nice (wouldn’t permit Minnesota as first name) with a disposable email account just to prove a point. I then commented on TVN to show anonymous people can still comment along with Soro’s paid trolls, etc. Awhile ago Facebook estimated 10% of their accounts are fake, but some people estimate that it’s much much higher.

        • I’ve probably viewed over 100 FB account in just the last six months. Maybe 1 or 2 looked fake. I can’t remember exactly.

          And fake might not be the correct descriptor by me. What I saw was FB accounts with few – or zero – comments and few – if any – photos.

      • Ditto…sounds like a move good for TVN — but not for their many loyal commenters — some of whom have posted there for years.

    • Agreed! I don’t like Facebook; too messy. The only reason I signed up is to read a couple of groups and pages that interest me. I’ve posted nothing and have no friends. 🙂

      • My facebook posts are only to true friends and are not political. Being a hundred miles from home at the cabin most of the time it’s a great way to stay in touch with them. I’m betting if i coposted my blog posts on facebook, I’d be unfriend in waves.

      • Perhaps it’s my family situation. I have three brothers in two states including one with a daughter in her 40s – the mom to my two grand nieces and one grand nephew — all adults with their own kids.

        I keep up with their active daily lives through Facebook.

    • Co-sign.

      A. It really hurt Huffington Post commenting traffic when they went to Facebook years ago.
      B. Email notifications no longer available. Basically you have to log on to Facebook to find out if anyone replied to your comment.
      C. FB does not provide the privacy of Disqus where you don’t have to use your full name.

      It may weed out the agitators, trolls and any bots that existed. But is it worth it?

      I predict a sharp drop in comments.

      • Someone at TVN with the alias Sal T Balsak predicted “TVN’s comments will be cut in half and 80% of the remaining comments will be from secondary or “fake” FB accounts like the one I’m using right now.”

        So far he looks to be correct about the ‘fake’ (or anonymous) FB accounts.

    • I always heard that Zsa Zsa had numerous husbands, but thought the crown went to Elizabeth Taylor. I was wrong, a search revealed

      Bonnie Lee Bakley – 10 Marriages.
      Zsa Zsa Gábor – 9 Marriages.
      Jennifer O’Neill – 9 Marriages.
      Larry King – 8 Marriages.
      Elizabeth Taylor – 8 Marriages.
      Mickey Rooney – 8 Marriages.
      Lana Turner – 8 Marriages.
      Artie Shaw – 8 Marriages.

      Didn’t know about King or Rooney having so many.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Tucker Carlson
    4 influence lives on
    3 toughest lawyers
    2 Heather Nauert
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Gutfeld video: Greg zings Maddow in monologue on Dems’ election grief.

  7. Mr. Bill’s No Spin News podcast is free this week only. Next week, only PMs can listen. The podcast was in high demand at the top of the hour as the site was running slow.

  8. I’m told a twitter account some may be familiar with is now in its second day of harping on a misplaced apostrophe in a tweet by @FoxNews. I’m assuming this is someone pulling my leg. No one could be so delusionally fanatical as to obsess over an apostrophe in a tweet for two days in a row. This has gotta be a hoax.

  9. Panic alert earlier.

    I needed to get to bed for an early appointment tomorrow morning.

    But damn…I just discovered I’m outta Xanax.

    After a mild anxiety fit and palm slap to my forward I said to myself, “Relax — no worries — Jake Tapper has a new primetime show.”

    Problem solved.

    (This anecdote may or may not be true. LOL.)

    Sorry, but never been a fan (including his ABC days). It has to be that droning monotonous voice (like my old History professor) and that flat affect.

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