Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: Fox why Tucker
  • Reliable Sources videos: Culture of harassment; Alisyn; Fox post-O’Reilly.
  • Monday: The return of Bill O’Reilly…where to find The No Spin News.
  • WUSA’s Ellison Barber jumps to Fox News; video: her
  • Sandra Smith targeted by fake news sites.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Levine: Expect Rachel Maddow to clobber FNC’s The Five at 9:00 pm.
  • The Murdochs’ extreme makeover.  Hannity a Trump advisor…or is he?
  • O’Reilly exit lifts auto parts stock.   Video: the final Factor.
  • Kilmeade video: on the end of Red Eye.   Selective cable outrage.
  • Spin Stops Here Tour is not stopping…but there is a petition.  It’s his world.

111 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Re: “O’Reilly exit lifts auto parts stock”: As the link notes, Bill bears no relation to the folks behind O’Reilly Auto Parts. He even admitted as much once in the Backstage Conversation, an exclusive video for premium members.

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    • Bill Schultz really opens up (like I’ve never seen before) with his views not only about O’Reilly — but many others. (Reading between the lines in some cases.)

      Those he mentioned he liked or said nice things about.
      Gov. Huckabee
      John Bolton
      Tucker Carlson
      Lou Dobbs
      Father Jonathan
      Note: I’m sure there were many others, but this is just a list of those he tweeted about replying to Twitter questions.

      Those he didn’t like or had little to say good about.
      Bill O’Reilly (multiple scathing tweets)
      Greg Gutfeld (grateful for opportunity, but appears no love lost for GG)
      Note: Apparently he knew some of those (perhpas many of those) on the Mr. Bill staff for up to seven years.

      • Not saying he’s right or wrong, but it should be taken into consideration that Schulz may have an axe to grind given that he was let go from Fox. Nothing against the guy….just have to consider the source.

        I wonder what he’s up to these days – it looks like he spends an awful lot of time on twitter.

          • That’s a good point. I doubt Lauren Silvan has a reason to be bitter….I think she got a full-time gig on a local station in California or Florida.

            Bill Schulz never struck me as a bad guy but from what I read things ended badly for him on Red Eye so he is seeing things through different lenses. But as far as O’Reilly goes I think he brought it on himself. Some of the recent claims are less meritorious than you’d perhaps expect but when you settle 5 claims it’s not to protect your family. If I were accused of sexual harassment at the workplace and never did anything wrong I would fight it tooth and nail.

          • Lauren was a good Red Eye guest but there’s something I just don’t like about her. She tweeted that O’Reilly fired a stage manager because he couldn’t kill a fly that was bothering O’Reilly. I find that hard to believe.

          • Lauren was probably joking. Nobody, with the exception of Lil’ Kim in North Korea, and mabye Olbermann, would pull a stunt like that. And, with her being an employee of Fox, it was probably approved by someone higher up before she posted it.

          • It’s always been possible he is guilty of something. The point is we usually don’t fire people or demand that their free speech platforms be taken away because something is possible. Lots of people voted to put Bill Clinton back in the White House even though it’s possible he was guilty in the sexual harassment case he settled not to mention the rape he was accused of. Turning settlements into convictions is going to have a catastrophic effect on civil liability suits…but don’t worry, that won’t happen. That only happens to the people activists want it to. The others retain ‘innocent until proven guilty’ status.

            I don’t have a problem with what Diamond said but she’s using the false argument that the women are being ‘forced’ into arbitration. That’s like saying they were forced to work at Fox News. They signed a contract. Nobody put a gun to their head. They knew matters would go to arbitration and accepted the terms. You can say the contract ‘forces’ them but that’s misleading, because every one of these women voluntarily agreed to the terms of the contract. They could have walked.

          • I agree with J$ ??

            Rebecca Diamond turned me off when I saw what her personality was like on Happy Hour

            Crazy wild party girl but she is still more believable than those other women plus I read she had a recording

          • Clinton should’ve been convicted in his impeachment trial. He lied under oath to a Federal judge. For us little people, that would be perjury and they would send us away.

        • Schulz’s comments about Fox over the years have seemed to be mostly unbiased by any sort of anger at being fired. I think there is a limited amount of people he dislikes and not the network as a whole. He has said mostly good things about working there.

          He seems to just be willing to say what he thinks more than other people who have been employed by Fox News.

          Though the problem with a lot of what he says is that it is often pretty vague and it is hard to know how bad what he is alleging actually is.

          I think if he did have more of an axe to grind, he would take advantage of the situation and try to get some money for writing an article about his possible insights. Because if he backed up some of his allegations with names and incidents, it could become a big story and get him some recognition.

          Post-Red Eye, Bill went back to writing as a profession. He seems to mostly be freelance. Had work appear on multiple outlets.
          He never seems to appear on TV, but he does occasionally appear on some radio shows and podcasts as well as some online video stuff.

  3. Re: “Video: Greg signs off the final Factor: It was sad to hear the music fade out, and see the lights dim and video slowly fade out.

  4. Good to see Ellison Barber hired at Fox.

    When she was a great Red Eye guest and had good appearances on other Fox shows, I thought that she would likely get hired as a commentator. So, it was surprising to see her become a local news reporter.

    Fortunately, they have her now. Hopefully she will be able to do more than just be a reporter. Unfortunately, Red Eye is not on anymore (they really could have used her the last couple of years), but she would probably do pretty well on other panel shows and shows with panels.

    • I would like to see Sarah Westwood of the Washington Examiner hired as a correspondent. She is probably as qualified as this newbie.

  5. I didn’t like to see The Five guys so giddy about their new shows

    Their new show & timeslot only happened because BOR was fired

    Should’ve said something bad had to happen for them to get such cushy positions

    • The Five is a big ratings success – it’s not as if 3 guys who were doing overnight headline hits were suddenly given a prime time slot.

      As for the “something bad” happening – that depends on who you ask over at Fox.
      I don’t celebrate O’Reilly’s downfall but I don’t doubt that he only has himself to blame for it either. The big mistake made in all of this (considering that O’Reilly’s contract was recently renewed) was made by Fox for thinking they could just sweep incidents under the rug with settlements and gag orders and keep the advertiser money rolling in.

      • Yes, the Five is a sucess but going from 5pm to 9pm is BIG DEAL, their pay probably doubled or tripled

        Their giddiness over their move kinda bothered me

        This was the downfall of BOR their coworker that got them this cushy spot

        Anyways this business is cutthroat so no one should be surprised

  6. What exactly have the Murdoch boys done other than been born? At least Princes Willam and Harry have served their country.

  7. This time, I mean it: no more Greg Gutfeld Show for me because of Kat Timpf’s libertarian viewpoint. The only upside to the show is the monologue. I can watch that online the next day.

      • Tomi Lahren is less libertarian than Kat, if at all. I haven’t seen enough of Tomi’s commentary to know for sure. I just know I enjoyed when she went after the left. The same goes for Kat. Unfortunately, she’s been going after non-libertarian right-wingers a lot. And I’ll never forget the one show where she used the pejorative “neo-con.”

    • Love Greg and Kat. Really enjoyed her monolougue last night on the privilege of right handed people vs we left handed people. More seriously, I am 52 years old and my own views have moved towards the libertarian viewpoint​ in the last 5-10 years. I think the Libertarian wing of the GOP is still small but is growing. No reason that view should not be presented in cable news discussion & debate.

  8. In a counter-programming twist, president Donald Trump has scheduled a Pennsylvania rally the same night as the White House Correspondents Dinner.

    “Next Saturday night I will be holding a BIG rally in Pennsylvania. Look forward to it!” he tweeted on Saturday.

  9. I have an idea for O’Reilly’s next book. Either “Killing Nicole” or “Killing Ron and Nicole.” Get it out before Simpson’s next parole hearing. That way, if Nevada tried to release the killer, the outcry would shake the earth. I know, he’s not in prison for murder, but he was found responsible in a civil court.

  10. Bottom line: current poll shows Trump’s base is still strongly with him. 96% of those that voted for him would do so again, only 85% of Hillary voters would do so for her. So, in a do-over Trump wins the popular vote too?

  11. I signed up for BILLOREILLY.COM newsletters. I want to hear what the man has to say now that I can’t check in now and again at eight.

  12. Aly didn’t come out and say it but she strongly hinted what we all know — she left Fox when she was passed over (for the F&F job) for someone less qualified (Elisabeth Hasselbeck).

  13. If you had to think, who would be less credible than Andrea Tantaros? Judge for yourself. Notice how they make her a ‘former fox news contributor’…which is news to me. The fact situation is as thin as a flea’s wing even if it were entirely true. Full disclosure: I knew her slightly back in the day. She was always straight with me but that was then. She appears to be more strident now.

  14. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 FNC debut
    4 auto parts stock
    3 not stopping
    2 Ellison Barber
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Sandra Smith targeted by fake news sites.

  15. For all you Red Eye fans, Tom Shillue and Andy Levy will be hosting Fox News Radio from April 25th – April 28th, 6 – 9 p.m. est.

          • I believe it is but on one of those off-the-dial channels you can listen to on their website or with their app. Last time I checked they were charging extra to stream XM and I’m paying enough for radio service that I’m not going to pay more the handful of times I want to listen on my phone instead of one of their actual radio channels. So I never checked it out further. Besides, there is a free Fox News Radio app for iOS or android and I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to hear it that way. You can get the app here or just click on the listen live at the top of the page to do it thru your browser.

  16. I just heard Mr. Bill agreed to a six month non compete. I did not know that.

    I guess that makes sense given the generous $25M payout.

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