Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Pompeo: Dem fundraiser, Media Matters led effort to oust O’Reilly.
  • Wednesday’s numbers: Dana Perino-Maddow-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: McCain and Harf spark over Iran.
  • ICN: FNC will be fine without Bill.  Wolff: James Murdoch takes over.
  • Concha: Bill + Beck = a whole new ballgame; video: Concha with Briggs.
  • Video: Dana Perino’s about the absent Bill O’Reilly.
  • The blossoming year of Ainsley Earhardt: newscaster, mother, and author.
  • Audio Q&A: Chris Hayes w/ Brian Lehrer.  Today’s (non-O’Reilly) lawsuit.
  • O’Connell: What is Bill’s next move?  Hoover suddenly reveals ‘bad vibes‘.
  • Flood: Can Fox News thrive without Mr Bill?  Beck: It’s the end of Fox News!
  • O’Reilly critics: ‘This isn’t over!’  Demands to scrap agreed-to contract terms.
  • Newly combative Jake Tapper is TV’s essential truth-teller.  Gretchen honored.

88 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. A documentary called Silicon Cowboys, about the early years of Compaq, features a few familiar faces and voices to FBN viewers: Stuart Varney, Lou Dobbs, and Neil Cavuto. The doc also features an IBM commercial with three stars of M*A*S*H: Gary Burghoff, Larry Linville, and Harry Morgan. There’s a remote Bill O’Reilly connection with Linville: One of Keith Olbermann’s slurs against Bill was “the Frank Burns of news.”

  2. I think “the end of Fox News” is what “O’Reilly critics” want. They won’t rest until it happens. It’s not enough to have Bill’s career’s severed head on a pike.

    • It’s a shame that some people seem to live to hate someone, or in the case of Fox, something. You would think that they could direct their energies into something more beneficial to society.

    • If they get everything they want they are still going to be un happy because they used all that annoyance for no purpose and have nothing to do after that…

      • They’ll have plenty to do after that.

        They may have started with the outlet that they think is responsible for dumbass hicks voting for Trump, but they’ll end up grasping for more and more codified corporate obeisance.

    • They’re the next Code Pink.

      There’s tremendous attention, power (and money) involved here. They’ll start going after the wrong people.

    • The end of FOX News is when Rupert dies & his Sons take over

      I tweeted Rupert awhile back to setup a 10 person Conservative Panel

      Whatever the Boss at FOX News does, it has to be a majority approval from the panel for it to go through

      That’s the only way to save FOX News from his destructive Sons when he is gone

      • The sons are liberals- one maybe a bit more than the other. When you here that Lachlan’s wife got involved about the Bill O’Reilly thing I knew hos goose was cooked.
        See: Tom Brady not going to the the White house yesterday and during the visit the wife tweets out a message about being in DC on the 29th for a climate change march or some such nonsense. As someone else put it “Brady’s balls have been deflated again”.

          • And all their liberal friends will pat them on the back. It’s just money and they have tons of it.

        • All you need to know about James Murdoch from today’s HOLLYWOOD Reporter article:
          “These sources say James Murdoch’s long-time annoyance if not disgust with Fox News became cold fury after the Times’ April 1 story — even though several of the O’Reilly settlements had happened when James was CEO of the parent company. This was a similar reaction to what had followed the harassment suit by former anchor Gretchen Carlson against Fox News chief Roger Ailes in July. Every time Fox controversies spilled over into the wider world, James took it personally. “It was somehow against him,” says one person close to the Murdochs.

          Fox News is a business he should not be in, he had told people before, despite its major contribution to 21st Century Fox’s bottom line —20 percent of its profits came from Fox News last year, the biggest-earning division in the company. Presumably, he meant the in-your-face world of conservative cable news with its mega personalities. Indeed, James regarded many of the people at Fox News as thuggish Neanderthals and said he was embarrassed to be in the same company with them.”

          • I wonder if Michael Wolff has had velvet dagger lessons from Roger Ailes.

            This masterful:

            “Rupert, 86, is said to be watching this in some disbelief, but with some pride too. He has long believed that what many others see as his son’s arrogance and superciliousness is actually brilliance. And while Rupert may disagree with much of James’ instincts and actions —quite proved inadequate in the London phone-hacking scandal for which James received much of the blame — he yet seems pleased that he would be up to taking them.”


          • Also the Murdochs are trying to get the full control of Sky in UK and Europe and they don’t want anything screwing this up.

  3. Show me a “truth teller”, and I’ll show you one pompous SOB which pretty much is today’s Jake Tapper.

    • Holy smokes! “ramrod brand of honest outrage has made him a bona fide star”. Who the heck writes likes that? Sycophants do. This is another liberal magazine that is patting a fellow liberal on the back and telling them they are really great. Tapper’s smugness was something I over looked for a while – can not do it anymore.

  4. O’Reilly has sexually harassed 90% of the women in the New York media…, but all CNN can get is Margaret Hoover ominously confiding that he gave her bad vibes?

    • The Erin Burnett segment Hoover appeared on seemed to be more of a ‘media analysis’ type segment, though obviously Hoover is going to be asked about her experiences as a former regular O’Reilly and FNC guest. I don’t know — I thought she came off pretty forthright about her experiences while cautious to not overplay them.

      I’m sure Wendy Walsh would have been available for a spot if CNN wanted an interview. Kirsten Powers appeared later in the evening and recounted some more specifically negative yet nuanced experiences with O’Reilly, saying she got along well with him in later years. I find no reason to suspect that Hoover or Powers are lying and more reason to suspect that they are not, and both were careful to say that they themselves were not sexually harassed.

      To me the real underlying key is that if some proper structure had existed much earlier to deter O’Reilly from behaving boorishly, maybe he would have learned the lesson and this crash and burn would have been avoided. I do not view O’Reilly as a man with nefarious motives toward women the way I do Ailes. I view him as a complex figure with some real behavioral problems who went unchecked for far too long. I’m conflicted about this ending, because even though I didn’t particularly enjoy most of his show or agree with many of his views, I respect what should have been his place as a legendary TV host.

      • In light of what is being said of O’Reilly it’s quite ironic to hear Hoover and Powers relay stories like this.

        You’d think that the media, including these ladies would get a sense of the shiftiness in it too.

        How appropo is it in light of the opining from people– (many who have never set foot in FNC…) about women suffering grievously at the hand of BOR, for Powers and Hoover to then add their bits that he made a blonde joke and he gave out bad vibes? It’s rather like confiding that your experience with a man who harmed many of your neighbors was that he once shifted his eyes at you.

        Stelter and company look breathlessly on…

        This is truly a pile-on. And it’s rapidly heading into dog pile territory. It’s one of those cultural perfect storms where a societal issue is taken beyond the bounds of common sense into a public feeding frenzy as steered by zealotry, money, politics, and ambition.

        Our media overlords will allow it do all the damage it can do to their black sheep brethren up until the point that they start to grow increasingly uneasy over the pogrom nature of it.

        Then you’ll see a barrage of self-righteous philosophizing on how we must reign in the excesses, and later the designation of a scape goat for the over-reach.

        All as they stand on the rubble of a few lives and careers.

        • Thank you. I always liked KP but when she revealed that her horrible experience with Bill was him making a joke about blondes on Fox News (mocking the popular meme among the Fox haters) I could hardly believe my ears. She complained that nobody took her complaints seriously–maybe because it was a joke. Then she was so scarred that, having left the top-rated cable show in protest, she then turned around and asked to go back on. Apparently Bill didn’t make any blonde jokes after that so she’s fine with it. But this is scraping the bottom of the outrage barrel.

          • Imagine if CNN with its class action racial discrimination suit was treated like Fox.

            Every day the media would do segments opining about the CNN suit. Brian Stelter equivalents would be appearing on other shows at their networks in order to question the culture at CNN. Minority talent at CNN would be called upon by media to comment about the racial dynamics at CNN.

            The racial discrimination plaintiffs would be highly sought after quests in all media outlets. Newspapers, magazines, tv media would also seek to interview their spokespersons, attorneys, friends, legal eagles not associated with the case, anybody who claimed to have insider knowlege of what the CNN brass was doing to mitigate the problem.

            The common media consensus would be that there was, indeed, a dire problem at CNN. No doubt about it, racism was endemic there.

            With this industry and social encouragement, past, present, and ancillary employees of color at CNN would begin reflecting upon their treatment at the network. Remembering slights, promotions they did not receive, favortism, and insensitive comments. These would be broadcasted to the public by all the media.

            Civil Rights organizations would begin speaking out on the issue. They would demand investigation and justice. They would appear on tv shows in order to do that and to call for scalps.

            CNN would be dealing with a snowballing problem that could potentially bury everyone.

            But you won’t see CNN treated like this in the media. It’s not in the industry’s interest to publicize this sort thing. To make it easier and almost heroic for people to make such claims. They’ll settle all these things as quietly and as confidentially as they can. There won’t be any calling out by other media outlets, just as other industries don’t call out other businesses within that same industry.

            They’ll corporately make an exception with Fox, because, well…it’s Fox, and Fox has never been just one more media outlet in anyone’s mind.

          • No doubt.

            CNN was acting like they had big scoops on their hands last night with Powers and Hoover telling their “stories.”
            I like Kirsten Powers as well and I get wanting to be taken seriously but O’Reilly made a joke about “blondes” after mixing up Magaret Hoover with Megyn Kelly (who was going to be on after Hoover and Powers). What Powers seems to be missing is the fact that she and O’Reilly got into some fierce debates and I always took O’Reilly going at her as hard as he did as a compliment – that O’Reilly respected her debating prowess and didn’t have a problem treating her like anyone else.

      • Co-sign.

        Very well stated.

        The notion that Hoover, Powers and Camerota would all be lying — or even exaggerating — seems a bit of a stretch.

  5. Regarding FNC future, I think it will be OK short term. They may lose some viewers but very doubtful those viewers go to CNN or MSNBC. Long term, it will be interesting to see what happens when the Murdoch sons totally are in control.

    • FNC is so ripe to be dethroned

      Whoever has the $$$ to pour into NEWSMAX or OAN, their 1st hire should be BOR

      Maybe even poach Greta from MSNBC

      Then start enticing other FNCer’s to join the Network, before you know it FNC will be a a shell of its former self

      • OAN and Newsmax would also need more carriage , OAN is only on AT&T uverse, Direct tv. Century Link , Fios and some small systems…

        • Yea, I for got to mention carriage but once they get some big names & ratings start coming in, getting carriage would be simple

  6. I see on FACEBOOK people that are so furious at FOX throwing O’Reilly out of its gondola, you’d think the Murdoch boys were Leopold and Loeb.

    • It would have been nice if they could have kept O’Reilly and given him a female cohost.

      Dana Perrino would have been a good choice.

      They could have done some stuff about re-educating a Levittown dinosaur, etc.

      However, they are Fox and they are the enemy too to their liberal media fellows, rather than being colleagues who need both restructuring AND discretion in light of becoming a target of zealots and opportunists.

      These normal working-world dynamics, as well as the dynamics of there being a certain risk to both accuser and accused in these scenarios, do not apply here, as the larger chattering class culture is popping champagne corks at the demise of O’Reilly and the harm to the fake news network that undermined dear Mrs Clinton.

      • It would have been a hoot to make Bill O’Reilly co-host his show with Andrea Tantaros or Gretchen Carlson.

        • O’Reilly has already inspired more news show segments than North Korea.

          Who’d squalk more? OReilly or the ladies?

          • Kept on thinking of during Andrea Mitchell’s little panel of old ladies cutting Mr.Bill up with knives that I’d give five bucks if one would ask Andrea if she ever saw any such issues at NBC?

  7. The hilarious Lewis Black (on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) takes a funny shot at CNN.

    “I feel ike it’s important for every American to watch CNN for five minutes a day. Because it’ll give them a good idea of what it’s going to be like if they have a stroke.

    Breaking news, breaking news, breaking news…it’s always breaking.”

    Love that guy.

    Scroll to 1:00

      • And yet you continue to call commenters disrespectful names in direct violation of Johnny’s request. Even though I was not uncivil toward you until I struck back today.

        You can do your cowardly blocking, but you cannot hide is my motto. Cowards always lose in the end.

        How would you like it if I called you an a*shole on consecutive days – today and yesterday?

        You and your tribe enjoy your evening.

        Johnny may want tio jump in before this gets out of hand. Your name calling doesn’t belong here. It’s long past due to bury the hatchet.

          • Yeah, let’s move on and try not to forget civility…and NO NAME CALLING. I’ll try to do my part.

            We had a pretty good streak going for over a month with no name calling. Then like out of the blue some commenters started blocking other commenters and calling them names like “troll” and “ahole.”

            We’re better than that…or should be.

          • Sorry J$ for getting involved. It just frustrates me how dishonest a person can be by disrespecting other commentators wishes of blocking them by creating another Disqus account to avoid their block. It is similar to you banning a commentator and then they create another Disqus account to return to commenting violating your ban. I assure you I will now ignore and continue to use the block feature for future accounts they may create.

          • Just having a little fun with the cowardly blockers.

            No one is being called names and no identity is being hidden. We all know who’s posting. No ban is being violated.

            Cheers and happy Friday.

          • I’m a bad boy. Identity shifters bring out the worst in me, but…
            I will not call people bad names on this wonderful blog.
            I will not call people bad names on this wonderful blog.
            I will not call people bad names on this wonderful blog.
            I will not call people bad names on this wonderful blog.
            I will not call people bad names on this wonderful blog.
            I will not call people bad names on this wonderful blog.
            I will not call people bad names on this wonderful blog.
            I will not call people bad names on this wonderful blog.
            I will not call people bad names on this wonderful blog.
            I will not call people bad names on this wonderful blog.

      • A desperate and pathetic attempt for attention. My second block in as many days. Soon, I may have enough blocks to build a house.

        • If you want to go through life only listening to sides and opinions you agree with — and calling people names you disagree with — you will have seriously stunted your intellectual growth.

          Why do you think there have been so many O’Reilly deniers here at J$P blaming the “bullies” and the “haters”?

          Challenge yourself to take on those you disagree with.

          Even the wacky Gatxer with his obsession with “disgraced racist stooges” makes a number of good points along the way like the time he convinced me I was wrong about Trump having to release his tax return despite the audit.

          Blocking is for cowards. But if you’re one of those who only watches one cable news channel, so be it.

      • Remember when the disgraced Racist stooges ™ said it was creepy to go around a block….guess not anymore………I don’t like to block anyone……..but if you are here just to upset people and fight…….you longer have anything i need to read…….and frankly its just sad to see somebody who once seemed like a good guy slide into madness because his candidate lost……… Of course he pretty nuts to call anyone else obsessed.

        I look forward to him calling head racist Ice and Moe cowards for blocking J$ and others……..LOL.

        Oh another name change…another block.

        • They believe that it is absolutely fine for them to try and post under various names, because they are hypocrites.

          • Don’t be silly and hyperbolic. We all know who’s making the comments — same avatar and same first name and last name initial.

            Totally different from a sock puppet concealing their identity.

            Don’t you have some cable news to discuss or silly YouTube videos to post instead?

          • Don’t be silly and hyperbolic. We all know who’s making the comments — same avatar and same first name and last name initial.

            Totally different from a sock puppet concealing their identity.

            Don’t you have some cable news to discuss or YouTube videos to post instead?

          • My caution about name-calling applies to everyone. And I’m not sure I like the idea of multiple names to force people to see what you write. I’m going to think on that some.

          • You have my sympathies.

            How to deal with someone like Nixon who keeps ignoring your pleas to respect other commenters by avoiding derogatory names — even though I did not initiate any conversation with him nor mention his name (except in response to him.)

            I wish he’d just leave my name out of his comments. Can’t you talk to him offline?

          • Remember the old SNL sketch “Coffee Talk?”

            There was a popular expression “Talk amongst yourselves” that usually evoked laughter.

            At J$P not so much laughter — when a small group of commenters “Talk amongst yourselves.”

            when they are saying things about me that aren’t true. I have no way to
            respond directly to the ‘fabricator’ because they blocked me.

            Seems I’m left with two options if I want them to stop:
            A. Whine and complain to you like a Middle Schooler.
            B. Work around the block by temporarily using an unblocked Disqus handle.

            The best solution is if you block someone — S*T*F*U about them. Or
            as mom would prefer (LOL) don’t tell tales outta school about them
            being a troll, a hypocrite or a racist when you have them blocked. Not exactly the Marquess of Queensberry rules — but prudent advice nevertheless,

          • The best solution IMO is if you block someone don’t tell tales outta school about them being a troll, a hypocrite or a racist when you have them blocked. Not exactly the Marquess of Queensberry rules — but prudent advice nevertheless.

            They would then have no need to work around the blocked Disqus handle to defend themself.

        • Who are these “disgraced Racist stooges” you keep referring to?

          They must really be loathsome and some folks to be avoided at all costs if they derserve not one — but three — adjectives.

          So bad and troublesome to you that you mention them almost daily.

          Whoa! Must be a real pain. My condolences.Sorry they bother you so.

  8. Joe Concha was in the CNN New York studio at 4:40 in the morning. Hopefully he got a nice fat check for waking up that early.

    • My first hit was actually at 4:10a. Record time from Jersey to the studio – 26 minutes. No check, but quality coffee.

  9. I agree with Spud it wouldn’t hurt FNC with out Bill is going to be alright.. kind of like with out MK they are alright… with out GB they were still alright. Though they proably had some idea of what they were going to do with out him anyway, they didn’t know it was going to end this way though.

  10. Interesting the The (Dana ) Factor did very well last night … though I wonder if it was because of curious eyes…

  11. Today’s most popular links:
    5 whole new ballgame
    4 closing comments
    3 next move
    2 end of Fox News
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Hoover suddenly reveals ‘bad vibes’.

      • Shouldn’t Fox News be aiming at a younger demographic?

        I still don’t know why Bill got rid of the body language lady and there used to be a very cute young vocabulary lady.

    • Good question Mitch.

      I would amplify that to include all the smart, perceptive and not overly partisan guests O’Reilly used to have on from both sides of the isle — and of couse Dennis Miller and Bernard McGuirk.

      With Tucker — The Five – Hannity I don’t see a fit for many of these folks in primetime.

    • Agreed.

      Beneath that “once a shock jock — always a shock jock” persona people like Jon Stewart used to mock I think rests the heart and soul of a man who has for the most part become more down to earth and serious in his reflections.

      Hopefully we all mature and become more thoughtful and caring eventually. It just takes some of us longer than others.

  12. Re : Bill + Beck : that does seem plausible and the Blaze has better production values than say OAN, and Beck seemed to have a good relationship with Bill (there were only two FNC shows he appeared on after he left FNC , that was O’Reiley and Megyn Kelly) not sure if it would help carriage but it might and it could bring in more online subscribers in that other model .

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