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  1. North Korea missile was going to show Trump. PLOP!

    Dems we’re going to take two Republican Congressional seats and show Trump.
    PLOP!… PLOP!

  2. I said last week it was a big mistake for Bill O to take his planned vacation.

    My guess is Tucker will get the 8pm slot and Martha moves into the 9pm hour with a new show.
    That way you are taking on Maddow w/another female. Martha could do a straight news hour in the mold of Megyn’s show.

    • Hey, your guess is as good as mine.

      What we don’t know is who was the strongest backer of Bolling sub-hosting the most for Mr. Bill.

      Was it O’Reilly or Bill Shine? It could have even been a holdover pick from Roger Ailes tenure…Eric has said more than once how close they were.

    • J, I agree with your guess regarding Carlson and MacCallum.
      (I just learned that MacCallum is 53 years old. I thought that she was around 40.)

    • Who watches Martha at 7pm? She bores the hell out of me
      Kimberly should get the 7pm slot or Sandra Smith imho

    • If Bill O is going :
      my sure bet : Boling would get 8pmet (mostly because he was primary fill in)
      my wild card : wild cards : Perino or Gutfield … or even Gilfoile
      my possible : Jesse Waters
      my crazy thoughts : Kennedy , Andy Levy
      really won’t happen but mention it anyway : Hannity moves to 8
      really really won’t happen : Tomi Lehern

  3. Re: Fox poised to drop?

    If this does unfold as many are suggesting, consider this.

    Since a year ago FNC has lost Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly, Greta, Andrea Tantaros and Gretchen Carlson and for reasons totally unrelated to the culture Anna Kooiman and Jedediah Bila.

    Yet who would predict a month from now they are not still the ratings leader?

    • If O’Reilly leaves, Fox will definitely take a huge hit in the ratings, but I believe that they will continue to hold the top spot.

      • I think O’Reilly is going to have to leave.

        He’s the scalp, the human sacrifice, the blood that his haters demand.

        I like the idea of Tucker getting his slot. I think Martha should stay in the 7pm one.

        Don’t know who should do 9pm, but I think Tucker and Martha have made it a lighter and less hormonal primetime lineup. I hope the 9pm person would be in keeping.

      • Ah…of course.

        Peter Johnson
        K.T. McFarland
        Heather Nauert
        Tamara Holder
        Julie Roginsky (teetering?)

  4. The haters won’t rest until their enemy is yanked from the public eye, never to be seen or heard from again. And that frustrates me.

    • If O’Reilly does leave he’ll be doing the media rounds and pushing best sellers for years to come.

      He’s never more charming, funny, and likable than when he’s a guest on someone else’s show.

      • I bet Beck would be itching to sign BOR to do a show on his struggling Blaze Network, BOR just might take the offer since he won’t have to worry about advertiser boycotts

          • It’s called The Spin Stops Here Tour. Tickets are selling out fast at some venues and have already sold out at others. One of the sold out venues is the NYCB Theatre at Westbury.

        • Unless that company that makes freeze dried food gets annoyed… but I think Bill would have to take a pay cut as well… if Beck even picks him up… OAN couldn’t either it’s not in their budget….

    • I concur Mike. It looks like the younger Murdochs are putting O’Reilly and their father out to pasture. The younger generation thinks they know it all. I searched and could not find an article that said Rupert told his sons not to settle for such a large amount with Gretchen since it would open the floodgates. They overruled him and here we are today. Women with tremendously week cases are making the FOX world turn upside down.
      What in the hell is Brian Stelter going to do once O’Reilly is gone. Bets on who his next target will be? Eric Bolling, Jesse Waters or someone else?

        • Any thought the Fox-haters are done better realize they found their sword and aren’t about to quit swinging it. From Spud latetest post:
          ‘But not everyone in the Fox News orbit is prepared to move forward just yet. Nancy Erika Smith, who represented Gretchen Carlson and Julie Roginsky in their suits against Ailes, appears willing to fight on. “A couple of men close to retirement got pushed into retirement early with a whole lot of money,” she said in a statement. “Until Fox News releases every woman from confidentiality and arbitration agreements and until they get rid of the executives who enabled the harassment, the workplace will not be safe for women.”’

          If women want a safe workplace they should join the Marines… scratch that.

    • It’s not like we’ve learned anything new. He’s not close to being the pig Bill Clinton is. Or even my current beloved President. Or half a dozen “reverends” I could name off the cuff.

      • I don’t want to think of O’Reilly as a pig in any way unless he was a third-string quarterback/punter for the Arkansas Razorbacks rather than the Marist Red Foxes.

    • We may never know how much the so-called ‘restive women’ at FNC, FBN and yes even FOX broadcast factored in to the decision to fire Mr. Bill.

      We do know that ONE woman in particular — Lachlan Murdoch’s wife — was instrumental in convincing him to side with his brother James, which tipped the scales — seemingly leading to the ultimate acquiescence by Rupert.

      Sure the advertisers played a role as did some in the anti Fox News media. But I think to blame it on ‘haters’ and ‘bullies’ may be overlooking – even minimizing – the role of others.

  5. It’s hard for a boonie like me to believe that house could get anywhere near six figures.

    Location…location…location…lo…(it’s just three locations, isn’t it?)

    Whoever built the place couldn’t decide what style of window to go with or where to put them, so they went with all types and everywhere.

    The sliding doors are a puzzle too.

    • It appears the house was staged because who in their right mind would decorate with grays, black & white everywhere inside but pink chairs on the deck? Where of course, they would show more dirt than a pink chair in the house would!

      • I couldn’t get that link to work. I assumed that was because the place is sold.

        I’ll try again.

  6. Sherman is claiming the decision’s been made to dump Bill, just hasn’t been announced yet. In the past week he’s had O’Reilly leaving, staying, and now leaving again, so I won’t post a link until a more reliable source can confirm it. If it’s true it says a lot about how easy it has become for outsiders to bully news organizations and affect their coverage. And firing O’Reilly while he’s our of the country meeting with the Pope? I remember when it used to be scandalous to cancel a show while the host was on maternity leave. But it’s O’Reilly/Fox so old rules don’t apply.

      • But he wasn’t really right Mike……….he said Ailes was getting fired a YEAR before he did….and then for reasons other than what he claimed.

        I’m no BO fan….but Fox is crazy to let him go……..their no real outrage over this…….he a rating powerhouse not easy to replace.

        MSNBC let KO go and it took years to rebuild….and their line up still cant come in first overall.

        Oh course if he does get fired I hope everyone will remember that my 142 ultra double secret sources inside Fox News told me this last week. LOL.

      • As much as I wish that O’Reilly could have ended his career on a high note, I’m fairly sure that he wasn’t as innocent as a new born baby.

        He’ll be fine and will ride high again.

        I’m sure too that had he been at CNN it would be equally a career risk for a woman to charge him with sexual harassment in a way that ain’t the case with FNC.

        I’m sure the media people would have kept quiet for an accused of their own until they couldn’t, like when they admitted they had turned their heads at Brian Williams’ hotdogging until servicemen wrote a letter calling out his battle tale.

        It is what it is. However, I can say that to me the biggest thing to regret in this is the heartache it has caused to O’Reilly fans like you.

  7. On Concha……..I hope BO takes a job with the Trump admin as it would drive the haters absolutely bats*it crazy. I could really use a good laugh right about now.

    There’s been rumors that BO was think about retiring for a while now….remember just last year about MK taking his place before she went to NBC……so my guess is he will………its another one of those… much money does he really need?

  8. Mr. Bill a “bigger than life” character. He and THE FACTOR will be missed. Lookin’ out for me.

  9. Rejoice, haters. You won. He’s gone. And now, I’ll admit it, Michael: I blocked you and GC a month or two ago. I can only see the start of your comments in the “recent comments” tab.

      • I waited till MT admitted he was was just here to upset
        people before I blocked him…..haven’t felt any regret.

    • Ur loss ol’ friend. I haven’t posted anything that could be construed as offensive in weeks. I do occasionally correct misassumptions/mistakes by Gatxer. By always in a respectful way.

    • When I read about the blocks I wasn’t sure who or why, but then I slowly started to figure it out. Finally on April 6th, he commented on another site – “The Factor: Come for the lively debates and bigotry. Stay for the shorter commercial breaks.”

      Seriously he believed there was bigotry on O’Reilly or his comments are to appease an audience? I guess he can be proud he hasn’t upset people inn weeks, but that day I knew he was a fake. I also noticed he rarely gets a like or reply, thus he often replies to himself.

      • If you remove the upvotes by Nixon — who upvotes almost everyone — I
        get as many as most others. (One per day average the last week – LOL.)

        Yes Mr. Bill’s comments about Rep. Maxine Waters were perceived as being bigoted by many including someone on his staff who may have spurred his apology.

        I know you’re knew in town. But that’s what we do is make jokes about cable news personalities. I don’t do it here out of respect for Mike C…a true blie fan.

        • Okay you now have added two more sentences to your initial response and that’s another of your many problems.

          I was glad to finally get my say in this matter and join the others in blocking you. I wish you the best because as a conservative Christian, I never wish anyone ill will.

          • Be well. We should welcome commenters who are opened minded enough to find the pros and cons in all 3 cable news channels.

          • I waited for your response before my first block.

            I and I believe most everyone here respect others opinions, but we also want honesty and respect, something I’m sorry you don’t possess in my opinion. Take Care.

          • That’s simply not true at this blog. I have respected other commenters.

            Show me an example where I haven’t. There are a lot of commenters in denial about what a cad and misogynist O’Reilly is. But I have not singled out a single commenter. I’m not here to troll or name call as some do throwing around the “disgraced racist” remark.

          • So we’ve lowered ourselves to name calling now.

            I thought you were better than that.

            Leave that up to Gatxer and Nixon.

      • “I also noticed he rarely gets a like or reply, thus he often replies to himself.”

        Well pretty much everybody he reply’s to has him blocked so the don’t have to even see his nonsense……so hard to reply if you cant even see it…let alone like it……………gotta say…….I don’t miss it in the least…..and normally I’m against blocking people……but…….best idea Larry ever gave me.

  10. CNN just broke new line up:

    The Five

    Not a huge fan of The Five……will be curious if a 5 person round table will play in prime time. I would have put a female in the 9pm slot instead to compete against Maddow.

    • Makes sense in that it’s a proven ratings winner. Like you said though it remains to be seen how well it plays in prime time.

      Tucker Carlson is under a lot of pressure to deliver now. I think if he just keeps doing what he’s been doing he’ll be fine.

      • They have a few kinks in his segments, but it’s a good show. I can’t stand the new segment where they debate the worst news story of the day w/2 female journalists — back and forth is clunky and the segment does not work.

        Tucker’s debates w/leftists to open shows are gold!

    • Well im happy about the 5 in prime time……..not so much about bollings new show his voice drives me nuts. I guess he wont be on the 5 anymore so that makes me happy.

      Tucker going to end up with whiplash if this keeps up.

    • That’s quite a change from the usual prime time news channel fare. It just might work. Left and Right pundits with like minded guests is getting old.

      Disclaimer: I rarely watch any of it; haven’t watched O’Reilly in years.

      • Me neither, but I’m done with news stories at eight. Not because I didn’t like him or Tucker for that matter.

    • The moves they made make sense (Bolling is well suited to host a solo show. The Five is a hit show with popular hosts so it should fit in primetime), but it looks like some new issues are about to arise.

      Fox has a fairly weak bench of male hosts (and potential hosts) without shows. Especially those under-50. They also have a lot of good female hosts that aren’t yet ready to host a solo show. This limited their options.

      Jesse has become sort of successful, but I don’t think he is that great of a host.
      Waters does not have nearly as good of chemistry with the others as Bolling does. Jesse is really obnoxious when he argues with Bob and Juan. I also think that Greg and he don’t really gel very well. I would be surprised if adding Jesse works.
      Not sure that hosting line-up of The Five will be the same a year from now.

      The Five now doesn’t have a host with a financial news background. I would have preferred to see Charles Payne replace Bolling. He would have been a much better fit. They also should have considered adding another female host. If they really wanted to make it interesting, they should have replaced Bolling with Dagen McDowell.

      Also, what happens to Greg and Jesse’s weekend shows? Greg would tape his on Friday nights. Jesse would also tape on Fridays. Jesse will be busier during the week and would have much less time to prep for his own show. Greg might have to put even more of a focus on The Five since it is now in a more prominent time slot.

      O’Reilly clearly worked hard at making his show successful and the entire network benefited from it. I’m not sure any of these other hosts are willing to put in the effort to attempt to be as successful. Most of these shows have been fine, but they were largely coasting on the success of O’Reilly and benefiting from the news cycle.

      A change to the line-up is going to probably bring in viewers temporarily, but they are probably going to lose quite a few nightly O’Reilly viewers that will only watch occasionally now.
      Fortunately for Fox, CNN and MSNBC aren’t really giving the FNC viewers much in terms of another option.

        • I’m not crazy about the Jesse Watters​ addition to “The Five” either. Would rather see Charles Payne or maybe Pete Hegseth replace Eric.
          Regarding O’Reilly, he can be proud of his years as the premiere​ cable news host. As a viewer, had gotten tired of his schtick myself and watch Kennedy on FBN. Wish him the best.

  11. We may never know how much the so-called ‘restive women’ at FNC, FBN and yes even FOX broadcast factored into the decision to fire Mr. Bill.

    We do know that ONE woman in particular — Lachlan Murdoch’s wife — was instrumental in convincing him to side with his brother James, which tipped the scales — seemingly leading to the ultimate acquiescence by Rupert.

    Consider this snippet from one reputable news source:

    “Women inside the company have questioned whether the company was serious about fixing a workplace culture beset by repeated allegations of sexual harassment. And calls for his dismissal grew louder Tuesday.”

    Sure the advertisers played a role along with the women who settled — as did some in the anti Fox News media. But I think to blame it on ‘haters’ and ‘bullies’ may be overlooking – even minimizing – the role of others within the 21st Century Fox family itself.

  12. This is BOR’s own doing I guess. Having all these different segments on the show inviting who knows what Liberal weirdo on the show & now look
    One of them got him good!
    I think Bolling is gonna flop at 5pm
    I used to like him alot as an oil & stock analyst, not so much as a political commentator

  13. Wow…that was quick.

    As Johnny’s link above indicates:

    New programming and debut dates

    • 5 PM/ET – a one hour program hosted by Eric Bolling to debut on May
    1st. For the week of April 24th-28th, Special Report with Bret Baier
    will fill the 5-7PM timeslot.

    • 7 PM/ET – The Story with Martha MacCallum (LIVE) *debuts on Monday,
    May 1st. MacCallum continues anchoring The First 100 Days through April

    • 8 PM/ET – Tucker Carlson Tonight (LIVE)

    • 9 PM/ET– The Five (LIVE) with co-hosts; Kimberly Guilfoyle, Dana
    Perino, Bob Beckel, Greg Gutfeld, Jesse Watters and Juan Williams.

    • Tommi Lahren would be a better Bolling by far EDIT by me. That was far too brief. Eric is not “enough” to keep an audience engaged at times, and after 6 months he would wane. Hell even a re-vamped Red Eye with Greg, Andy and the rest of the guests would do better than Eric as they at least would hold your attention ! And it would be a great treat to see at that time of day.

      • I agree, I like Bolling!
        As an oil & stock guy though!
        Don’t really know why I can’t stand Bolling as a Conservative commentator even though I agree with him 100% LOL

      • IMO they should have moved Outnumbered up to 5pm and kept Bolling with The Five gang at 9pm. I don’t think Watters fits in very well at The Five (and Beckel really doesn’t like him)

        • I would also like to see Kennedy make the jump to FNC from FBN, even if just for a weekend show at first.

          I think a new 11pm show would be good too. CNN and MSNBC are live at that time, FNC should join.

  14. Well……unless I’m wrong….doesn’t part of 21th century Fox or whatever its called now own NatGeo or part of it……..would be a shame if the don’t make the Japan one…….but kinda weird to be fired from a company and a then get a major movie deal from the same company but different division.

    Someone will make it…..the books are to good not to.

  15. THE POPE “I got some good and bad news, Bill”.
    Bill, “The good news?”
    POPE, “Your show is number one in cable!”
    Bill, “The bad?”
    POPE, “You don’t got a show.”

  16. 5pm New Eric Bolling show (starts May 1)
    7pm The Story with Martha McCallum (starts May 1)
    8pm Tucker Carlson Tonight (Live)
    9pm The Five (Live)
    10pm Hannity

    The “Buy that man a cigar Comeback Kid Award”: Bob Beckel.

    • My new problem staying up late for The Five. I am an early bird and like to get to work early and off by early afternoon. Dana has said too that she is usually in bed around 9 pm.

    • That’s one of the downsides to blocking other commenters, LK.

      I posted this information 2 hours earlier.

    • Beckel’s rants are a turn off, especially when it is just a Louder argument of the days Progressive Talking Points. Juan uses outright deception when he is on, and for that I am never watching or recording when Juan is on that show.

  17. Re: O’Reilly statement.

    November 21, 2014
    Cosby’s lawyers have “routinely characterized such allegations as unfounded.”

    April 19, 2017
    It is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded cliams.”

  18. Dang, I hate the recent comments as now I feel obliged to respond. I know J$ it’s not your fault we see blocked commentators in recent comments. Hopefully, Disqus addresses soon.

    This person needs to ask themselves when they dramatically edit a comment after others have replied, is that honest or respectful? Of course not.

    For example, I posted a comment “Do you like ice cream” and someone responds “Yes I do” and then I change the comment to something different or add more information / details – is that honest? NO. Is it respectful to the person who has already commented on original comment and will NOT be notified that a comment was updated? NO.

    I apologize J$ for making your blog “As The Stomach Turns” – reference to a skit on a great old comedy show. 🙂

      • Remember, weeks ago Johnny asked for us to respect other commenters and not name call. You seem to have the hardest time of all the commenters obliging.

    • There are also commenters who cleanup their comments b/c they got a name wrong, or for grammar and spelling errors…or to add a link they hadn’t found at the time they comment.

      But if you find examples of outright deception, please post a link to it. Perhaps it was understandable (some of us are older than dirt) — or perhaps not.

  19. Today’s most popular links:
    5 like a dog pile
    4 people think
    3 bomb Trump
    2 snags $1.4 million
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Concha: Fox News has plenty of strong options.

  20. In the “give liberals power and watch the road to hell being paved” category:

    AKRON OHIO — On ….
    Read Bob Dyer’s investigative series on Ernest Angley’s Grace Cathedral at
    The Cathedral Buffet has closed, cold turkey.
    Just weeks after a federal judge ordered televangelist Ernest Angley and his Cathedral Buffet to pay more than $388,000 in back pay and damages to employees, the popular restaurant in Cuyahoga Falls was shuttered without notice.
    A sign outside the restaurant at 2690 State Road said the buffet was closed to the public Tuesday.
    Two people reached by phone at the buffet and related ministry gave the same message: The restaurant always kept its prices low for families; it never made a profit; and the restaurant can’t run without volunteers.

  21. FNC should’ve given Tammy Bruce a show of her own and put it up against Wretched Madcow….imagine, an attractive gay woman with actual brains and not filled with smug snark….I wish FNC would consider Sharyl Atkisson or James Woods too…..

    • Someone apparently tweeted that O’Reilly’s milkshake buddy Donald Trump should hire him to replace the fledgling Sean Spicer. Has my vote.

    • The sons of Murdoch have money and time. Juan and Bob will have a show, all others will be pushed off around this time next year, bye bye 5, hello 3 or 4.
      Hannity will be gone, and Shep will have prime contract and prime status

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