Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Dana Perino-Bret Baier-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • CNN host to candidate: When are you going to marry your girlfriend?
  • Concha: Networks, cablenewsers air Facebook killer’s unhinged rants.
  • Morning Joe promotes impeachment.   Holes in latest O’accuser’s story.
  • Sports Wrap video: Ed Henry discusses 42 Faith.  Way, way off-Broadway.
  • ICN: Salon‘s ‘pretty wild claim’ about J$P just ‘doesn’t pass the smell test‘.
  • Pants on fire: Salon falsely says J$P ‘subsidized’ by FNC ‘black ops team’!
  • Sunday showdown: MediaBuzz tops Reliable Sources.  Weekend numbers.
  • CNN Reagan documentary shows the ‘unquestioned reign of white men‘.
  • Video: One way China can help with Kim-Jong-Un…
  • Late Show video: with Stephen Colbert.  Two times the Tapper.

32 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Apparently when Fox & Friends uses the ground floor window as a backdrop for curvy couch discussions it wisely does not include outdoor camera shots of people close to the window.

    As you can see at this link the people on camera are a good distance away.

    Could be a blessing if the forecast for the Tuesday ‘O’Reilly protestors’ show up with their picket signs before 9 a.m. Eastern — which seem likely.

  2. Re: Concha: Networks, cablenewsers air Facebook killer’s unhinged rants.

    Sorry Joe, but 900 words is just too long.

    I lost interest about 1/2 way through.

    Been this way all my life. In my 20s I walked out of the 200 minute marathon snooze fest movie “Dr Zhivago.”

    • Maybe twitter and 140 characters is more your speed. Average human can read 200 WPM, so perhaps it’s asking too much to take 4.5 minutes out of one’s life with so much going on at work. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. After reading that NYTimes article on Wendy Walsh, who still believes her? Desperate women do desperate things!

    I remember her on that infomercial conning people about this miracle hair loss grower with her cleavage hanging out! lol

    • I does raise doubt, but then again Fox’s legal team’s defense against Gretchen Carlson in the beginning was leaking out e-mails (or texts or whatever) where she was complimentary towards Roger Ailes and was trying to get more airtime. When I saw that I thought Carlson’s case had fallen apart but Fox ended up settling for millions, so who knows at this point.

  4. Re: “Holes in latest O’accuser’s story”: I gave up on this midway through. Paul Farhi, who probably won’t be back on MediaBuzz anytime soon, forwarded the meme that Bill’s Easter vacation was “abrupt [Ding!].” This isn’t the first time Bill has taken extended vacations around holidays and won’t be the last. So, stop pretending like he’s doing this because he’s got something to hide!

  5. Johnny, you should sue Salon for punitive damages. By the way, I am also a plant by Fox News. My real name is Arthur. (Those of you that read Mad Magazine in the ’50s and ’60s will get it.)

    • All I’ll say is I am going to be really annoyed if I find out later that all I had to do was support FNC and mock their competitors consistently like Larry, Mike C, Nixon, Cecelia and Gatxer and I too would have been rewarded with a complimentary big screen TV.

      Damn. I just paid over $500 for one a few months ago.

      As Megyn Kelly showed us it’s easy to tow the party line regardless of your party affiliation. I could have totally flipped for a price. 😊


  6. Coming to soon to CNN : a new reality show : Pop the Question where cameras capture people popping the question.

    • Dana is considered a good host only because she toes a line and she is good on camera. She has no spirit and does not conform to anything other than the main stream opinions 99% of the time. She asks no pointed or telling questions of anyone and does not “engage” anyone on a level that I would deem meaningful on most subjects. Some subjects she is killer on and so correct as to be scary, but they are not what a “populist” audience wants to discuss, they are all inside a swamp, err beltway things.

  7. Disappointed when I had the black ops team down at my cabin they brought no food and drank all my beer.

  8. “CNN host to candidate: When are you going to marry your girlfriend?”
    I thought Morning Joe might be running for something.

  9. This BO thing is so wide spread that last week they only managed to get 50 protesters at Fox Hq…………this week its down to 30 in a city of 8.4 MILLION……..by the time BO gets back next week it will just be Head Racist stooge™ ICE out front yelling about doing it live or something………..its downright embarrassing………Ill bet I could get more than 30 to protest something in a small city….let alone one of 8.4MILLION.

    I love the new meme……Rating are down with BO gone………and yet they still beat MSNBC and CNN……how freaking embarrassing is that for them. I watched Dana and I liked it……..as Ive said wouldn’t bother me if the got rid of BO……but they would be crazy to do so over such small protest and a boycott by advertisers they have to know wont last long term.

  10. Looks like that Georgia House: 6th District special election could do nothng more than send this to a runoff election in June where Dem Ossoff won’t have such a big lead in the polls after the Republican candidates start to consolidate their voters behind one candidate.

    Right now Ossoff is polling in the low 40s — but needs 50% of course to avoid a runoff.

  11. Today’s most popular links:
    5 falsely says J$P
    4 pass the smell test
    3 marry your girlfriend
    2 promotes impeachment
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Holes in latest O’accuser’s story.

  12. To say I am stunned by today’s developments regarding Mr. Bill’s questionable future would not be an exaggeration.

    After reading Paul Farhi’s article “O’Reilly’s side swings back” last night I thought the tide was finally turning in his favor.

    Mr. Farhi pointed to several recent developments in which holes were found in Wendy Walsh’s accusations. He even suggested that his guess was that, “They (the Murdock’s) would wait it out because there was no point in being precipitous.”

    So you can imagine my surprise when I read the latest, “Source: Fox News and Bill O’Reilly are talking exit.


    Could this all mean what it seems to mean? Or, is it all wild conjecture?

    Looks pretty ominous to me. But I’ve been fooled once this week already (by Mr. Farhi)…or so it seems.

    • I think this is conjecture at this point but I don’t doubt that the brass at Fox is weighing the pros and cons of cutting O’Reilly loose and who would replace him.

      I’d love to know what Ed Henry’s thoughts on this subject are – he got suspended for a month or two for a consensual relationship that was unfortunately an extramarital affair.

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