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  1. NY Times:
    “Bill O’Reilly left Fox News this week for a long-planned vacation to Italy and the Vatican.”

    I think I’m jealous. But I bet his kids would have preferred Disney World.

    Or Wisconsin Dells. Right homemaker?

    • I have absolutely no idea how old his children are so I can’t comment on where the best place to vacation would be for his kids. The Dells is a great vacation place for younger kids, once you get to the teens, maybe not so much. Though there are many other things to do within an hour of the Dells that older kids may like-like Lambeau Field!

          • Absolutely.

            So very long ago. My very exited son was only 5-years-old. Now he’s in his mid 40s. Dang!

          • Cecelia, there is a lot of that. The area around the Dells is truly beautiful. The city is very commercial. You know-fudge shops, t-shirt shops, other kitschy stuff. The duck tours are fun if you have never been on one & Grandpa D is correct the boat tours show some unglaciated areas of Wisconsin, which are beautiful! And not all that far away from the Dells is the little town of Kohler of bathroom fame! They have a toilet museum there! The American Club(across the street from the factory) in Kohler, which is the only 5 star resort in Wisconsin, is where we used to go bowling when I was young and lived there!Sometimes you need to be reminded of how beautiful your own state is-both naturally and man-made!

          • One of my girl friends from 1st grade onward married a man from Madison, Wisconsin and moved there.

            We thought it would be a severe culture shock, but she raved about the beauty of the state.

            I can remember being thrilled when she told me she could see the Nirthern Lights.

            I had no idea of that you could from there.

          • I still remember how beautiful it is and visit as often as possible. I was born and raised in Milwaukee; later lived and worked in West Bend (where I met my wife), Watertown, Madison and Wausau. We finally got tired of the cold winters and moved to Texas in ’73.

          • Took an auto-ferry across Lake Michigan once near Traverse City. Drove up beautiful Wisconsin, then to Michigan’s upper peninsula crossing the Mackinac Bridge to head toward home. A wonderful low cost journey.

          • Larry, that tour is truly a gem of a tour though we did the whole thing by car! Traverse City & the peninsula have great wineries! Think we stopped at every one over a few days there.

  2. Let me help the NYT on this story:

    “The Murdochs Assess the O’Reilly Damage”

    1. BO rating are up….but with his vacation planned in Oct of course he will not win April ratings more than likely which people like the Disgraced Racist stooges™ will use as a thing saying viewers are dropping him

    2. Public outrage is so low that in a city of 8.5 million a planned protest could only manage @50 people.

    3. Yes some Advertisers have dropped him….however as the flushRush boycott proved that wont last………no company is going to not want to put ads on the #1 show in ALL of cable TV……..believing that they will in the long term is crazy….that’s not how business works.

    4. Fox News isn’t going to drop their #1 show over mostly Old charges that were so bad the victims didn’t bother to report them to HR….I’m not blaming the victims but I’m always wary when suddenly people come out of the wood work to report something they never did before. the Wendy Walsh incident is crazy….he asked her to his room…..she said no and nothing happened….she didnt even work for Fox…….sometime later they never hired her……….if she has a case………The court system is even more crazy then I can believe.

    5. Fox has to know that Boycotts almost NEVER work………….If BO was Chris Hayes on MSNBC maybe he be let go….but hes not and IMHO he wont be……..However BO is old and maybe ready to retire…..I figured he leave after the 2020 election at the latest………but my 142 ultra double secret sources inside Fox News cant tell me.

    • I will simply add that Mr. Bill has lost the demo ratings battle to Rachel Maddow in three of the last seven nights since April 3rd. Beating Bill on a single night almost never happened let alone 3 nights out of 7.

      • I wouldn’t worry about Maddow

        Her ratings are only high right now because of angry depressed Liberals, they have nothing to look foward to except Maddow rants to make themselves feel better

        We’ll see how long this depression lasts LOL

      • Well since the boycott….Rush has had his contract re-upped…..his rating are up………the ad buyers are back……..BO should hope for that…..the 50 person protest is a good sign of that.

        Big difference I see in the two so called boycotts is the FlushRush guys were liars worse than the disgraced Racist stooges™…..they would call a company and if the said they wouldn’t or don’t advertise on Rush they counted that as a company boycotting.

        They counted one of my old employers as a boycotting company so I called my old boss……and he reminded me that they NEVER buy ads on radio and never had.

        • Yet Politico reported last year:

          “Limbaugh’s show is on shaky ground. In recent years, Limbaugh has been dropped by several of his long-time affiliates, including some very powerful ones: He’s gone from WABC in New York, WRKO in Boston and KFI in Los Angeles, for example, and has in many cases been moved onto smaller stations with much weaker signals that cover smaller areas.

          Four years after Limbaugh called Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a “s*l*u*t” on air, spurring a major boycott movement, reams of advertisers still won’t touch him.”

          Perhaps things have improved since.

        • Forgot to put link in………and im not even tired….LOL

          Premiere and iHeartMedia said that in 2016 The Rush Limbaugh Show experienced significant audience growth, including 18 percent in adults 25-54 and 27 percent among women in that age group.

          Despite efforts among progressive groups like Media Matters for
          America to discourage advertisers, ad revenue for the show increased 20
          percent year-over-year.”

          BO should be so lucky

          • Good for his many fans that he has made somewhat of a recovery.

            It’s been a long slog since so many advertisers and some powerful radio stations abandoned him after his comment about Sandra Fluke back in February 2012.

            Rush is nothing…if not resilient…over all these many years. A trait he shares with Mr. Bill.

    • If I were FOX News, I would tell advertisers about these Liberal cockroaches always trying to get BOR off the air
      Tell them if they don’t stand by FOX News during these difficult times, they’;; never advertise of BOR’s show ever again when things get good

    • So you think Andrea Tantaros, Juliet Huddy, Andrea Mackris and Wendy Walsh are all lying?

      How about Paula Jones? She also got a big settlement from ‘Bubba’ just like Ms. Mackris did from FNC/Mr. Bill.

      • LOL We know Andrea is lying & it wasn’t even about BOR, it was on Roger Ailes

        WTF believes Andrea Mackris? Only haters like you! LOL

        Smart thinking people know BOR & Makris had a thing going on, she decided to blackmail BOR for $$$ so she secretly recorded their phone sex conversations.

        BOR knew he got caught on tape & it’s embarassing like HELL so he paid her off to get that tape destroyed

        Juliet Huddy is the only mystery

        • For the record as part of her complaint that she filed against Roger Ailes, Andrea Tantaros did accuse Bill O’Reilly of hitting on her.

          But I suppose you — in your alternate reality — doesn’t believe that either.

          They are all lying with the possible exception of Ms. Huddy. GOT IT.

          • LOL You actually believe Andrea Mackris? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

            Andrea Tantaros is such a HUGE disappointment, she is throwing everything out there, she even accused Scott Brown of something!!! LOL

          • Actually, of the four accusers I mentioned Ms. Tantaros seems the most likely to be fabricating at least part of her story. But it’s just a hunch on my part.

  3. TV station from the big city of Columbus came to my little country today to see what us Appalachia folk think of our new president. I got interviewed. Bella got her picture taken.

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  5. Re: Wednesday numbers: Rachel Maddow-O’Perino-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.

    Ladies night?

    Top two cable news shows in the key demo hosted by women.

    Take that network television and your male dominated evening news shows!!

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