Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Smith: Megyn Kelly’s first NBC interview could be with Vlad Putin.
  • Tuesday’s numbers: Rachel Maddow-Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Janice Dean, recently absent from Fox News, says all is well, ‘back soon’.
  • What could go wrong? Google puts CNN et al in charge of fact-checking.
  • Explaining how tv news really works.   Video: on Syria.
  • New season of Parts Unknown premieres with exotic, faraway Los Angeles.
  • Q&A: Bret Baier, Jake Tapper, et al discuss ‘fake news’, fairness, and more.
  • Q&A: Melissa Francis on Roger Ailes, corporate culture, and her new book.
  • Wolff: No evidence, no trials…it doesn’t matter if allegations are true or not.

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    • “One source close to the matter said their understanding is that Rupert, the Executive Chairman, would like to keep O’Reilly on air, while his son James, the Chief Executive Officer, is opposed to that idea.”

      I suspect few in the Fox News hierarchy are surprised at this including Mr. Bill himself. It is widely known that among the father and the two sons it is James who has always been considered the least conservative (or the most the most centrist) and least likely to be aligned with Mr. O’Reilly.

  1. I see Sherman up to his old tricks again and the haters are all over it saying well he was right about Ailes…..except of course he wasn’t really…..he said Ailes was getting fired a YEAR before he did…..and when he did… was for a completely different reason………I therefore announce that my 142 ultra double secret sources inside Fox News tell me that Bill will be fired soon for being a space alien….therefore when Bill retires sometime in the next few years I expect all of you to bow down to my great inside sources. I mean really??? BO the catholic is taking a vacation over…….wait for it Easter? The guy who takes most Fridays off is taking a vacation during a important religious holiday???? Well of course hes being fired what else could it mean?

    and I would remind you that these are the same haters who were sure Megyn Kelly had been fired in Aug of 2015 when she took a sudden (per-planned) vacation.

    I don’t really care if Fox got rid of Bo because I rarely watch his show and Fox would just replace it with another Opinion show which I try not to watch……..but you know who would care very much? The shareholders………and that’s why IMHO BO isn’t going unless he wants to………of course my 142 ultra double secret sources inside Fox News could be wrong. The whole thing comes down to this………we had a President who was accused of far worse (rape) and he didnt lose his job in the 90”s….so BO seems safe to me.

    Only a complete idiot could be shocked that BO is taking a vacation during Easter break……….or one who just wants to believe a meme about BO>

    • Mr. Bill can take comfort in that he is hated by some really despicable people. Remember all the clamor to fire David Letterman when it was found he was screwing every female staffer that had a phillips head? Me neither.

        • R.I.P indeed.

          She was everybody’s mom during her appearances on Dave’s Thanksgiving shows with her kitchen full of pies for her son to try and guess each kind.

          She was fun at the Olympics too.

          A sweet, sweet lady…just like my late mother who was a stay-at-home mother for many decades.

        • Sad. I used to enjoy her back in the day when I used to enjoy him. Long before he became political.

    • Looks like the sub-host schedule is set.

      Dana Perino will fill in Wednesday night and Monday through Thursday next week, while Bret Baier will host Thursday’s show and Greg Gutfeld will fill O’Reilly’s seat Friday this week and next.

      No Bolling? Interesting.

      • Bowling is a very religious guy, it’s Easter + his son has spring break so that he’s taking time off doesn’t surprise me in the least.
        Not interesting in the least.

    • Here’s the other side — albeit the weaker side… re: BOR’s vacation…from the ABC affiliate in Carterville, IL.

      “Embattled Fox News Channel host Bill O’Reilly, who announced he was
      going on vacation starting Wednesday and returning April 24, hasn’t
      taken off this much time consecutively in March or April for at least 10
      years, an examination of his show’s transcripts revealed.”

    • I’ve never followed him, but somehow I got on his mailing list. He only sends one a week and from the brief paragraph there I can tell if it’s worth reading the whole article. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes only worth a click on “delete”.

      • I unfollowed him because I had enough of his Trump bashing. Plus, he seems baffled by everything O’Reilly says and flustered by Bill’s interruptions. I don’t think the “robust debate [Ding!] excuse applies here. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bernie leaves FNC very soon. It would seem ironic that a whistle blower against media bias could sour on the news organization that serves to counter said bias.

    • I suppose some will say the FBI is (or was) an extension of the Obama administration — even though the judiciary is a separate branch of government. Okay by me if some want to go there. No biggie.

      What I do find concerning however is that according to WaPo, “This is the clearest evidence so far that the FBI had reason to believe during the 2016 presidential campaign that a Trump campaign adviser (Carter Page) was in touch with Russian agents.”

      “Mr. Page has not been accused of any crimes, and it is unclear whether the Justice Department might later seek charges against him.”

      It’s a hard news thread to follow. Lots of spin…even some possible obfuscation…perhaps from all sides — or so it seems.

      • Question:did this guy KNOW they were agents? Were they working for Gazprom and since that was who he was deal making with did he come in contact with these “so called agents”? If they are good agents you wouldn’t KNOW they are agents, would you? I am not calling him innocent but there sure seems to be much more that needs to be learned before anyone finds him guilty-though the liberal media would tar and feather him and then hang him in the public square right now if they had their way.

        • It was something to see Jake Tapper grilling Carter Page as though Tapper were an FBI agent. They even let Tapper go over into Wolfe Blizer’s time segement for his Perry Mason act.

          From Tapper’s questions you wonder why it doesn’t disturb him to know that all it would take is for Page to say he made one nod toward an agreement with any Russian in conversation, for the media to turn that into a complete indictment of Trump as collaborating with a foreign power.

          This would be the case no matter Page’s ability to grant anything to anyone or proximity to Trump.

          That’s all they need and Tapper was slobbering for it. It’s like going to a seminary to try and find one guy who will tell women anything to get in their pants.
          Eventually, you’ll find him…and then can hang him on the entire school.

          It’s horrifying to watch the press in action. Would someone please tell them that investigative journalism is not the same role as the FBI.

          • Tapper has gone bonkers ever since TRUMP became POTUS!

            Before that, you wouldn’t know if Tapper was a Republican or Democrat

            Tapper had that same sad, sorry f*ckface look like all the other Liberal anchors on Election night LOL

    • All the original outrage to Trump’s “unsubstantiated” charges, wasn’t offered with a grain of curiosity.

      • I think that is what ticked me off the most. The media had ZERO interest in finding out if there was anything to Trump’s statement and now they keep moving the goalposts to fit what is coming out in dribs and drabs.
        And was it yesterday or the day before when Andrea Mitchell made some comment about Trump people “just flat out lying”!
        She sure has a selective memory-how many times did we hear from the anointed one “I first heard about (this issue/that issue) on the news”. Obama and his whole foreign policy gang lied about the Iran deal and whether we gave them money.Eric Holder lied about Fast & Furious and whether or not he knew about James Rosen being called a “co-conspirator”! For goodness sake he signed the freaking documents himself.
        I could go on and on but for the Dem media and their lemmings The Trump administration is the worst ever.

    • The Media is Obama’s Protector!

      Imagine if this was GWB doing all this leaking & spying crap to the incoming Obama Administration?

      Imagine it was GWB that was behind the IRS targeting Liberals & letting an Ambassador & Special Ops guys to die fighting in Benghazi for 13 Hours

  2. With 99 percent of ballots counted, Kansa Republican Estes led Democrat James Thompson for the vacated House seat by 8 points. Wishful thinking media predicted a GOP defeat or at least a close race. A stretch to say that was “close”.

  3. A TALE OF TWO CITIES (Or should I say two TV channels?)

    CNN (Jim Sciutto and Manu Raju)
    “Both Republican and Democratic lawmakers and aides have so far found no evidence that Obama administration officials (including Susan Rice) did anything unusual or illegal, multiple sources in both parties tell CNN.”

    Fox News (Adam Housley and Malia Zimmerman)
    “Members of the Intelligence Committee say the investigation is expanding right now. Looking to what other Americans including politicians were unmasked.”

    Both stories can’t be right…can they?
    Someone may have egg on their face when this is over. Ya think?

  4. I turned to The Five and saw two things: Guilfoyle is wearing pants and there was a commercial for The Factor, not The O’Reilly Factor. Is that a first for both of those things, or am I out of the loop?

    • Pants don’t happen often (I’m happy to say) but I have seen them on occasion. I think it’s standard practice to promote ‘The Factor’ on days when a guest host is filling in, but Mike C probably remembers this sort of thing better than I do.

      • I haven’t seen many Factor promos through the years because I skip commercial breaks. But Dana Perino is filling in tonight. Bill’s taking his Easter break and will return on Monday.

        • “Bill’s taking his Easter break and will return on Monday.”

          If true, that’s a surprise. Just last night Fox News was saying a week from Monday on April 24th.

          • I thought he was a chocolate lab too.

            I suppose it’s the way things are with owners and their pets that Jasper and Dana look alike.

          • I like Dana, too. But that does not make her a good host. Her interview skills are weak as shown in a segment where she asked a question, the Dem strategist changed the subject and she completely let that happen. Then almost apologized at the end of the segment by saying something to the effect of “well if he had had more time…..”
            You can think someone is a nice person, smart but also think that a particular job doesn’t play to her strong attributes.

          • Could Bill Shine ever see her as a prime time regular?

            Is Mr. Shine — spurred on my James Murdock — signaling a new ‘female-friendly’ environment with Kimberly in slacks today and a tryout for prime time by one of FNC’s most respected regulars with two X chromosomes.

            I like to stir conversation with wild speculation. Could you tell? [wry grin]

          • I don’t know if Bill Shine could, but I could. I don’t think that she’s the best interviewer, but I believe she can grow into a good one. I would like to see someone in Fox’s prime time who doesn’t ask their guest a question then talks over them like some people do.

          • I found it interesting what Chris Stirewalt said to Business Insider about Dana.

            Chris Stirewalt, who co-hosted “I’ll Tell You What,” credited Perino’s success at Fox with her willingness to criticize her party, rather than attempt to defend it.

            “You can see people who can’t shake it, who have been partisans who try to do TV,” Stirewalt told Business Insider in September. “It stays with them, it’s too hard wired into them.”

    • Well a google search shows that shes worn pants on at least 3 other shows that I can see on Fox. The no pants rules is clearly a myth….and always has been.

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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Q&A: Melissa Francis on Roger Ailes, corporate culture (and her new book).

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