Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos:  generals covering
  • Reliable Sources: O’Reilly; more O’Reilly; Zurawik; media too pro-Trump.
  • Red Eye series finale videos: looks back; the together again; the
  • Videos: Tucker takes on debates
  • 25 things you don’t know about Judge Pirro.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Maslin snarks about Old School.  Morning Joe lovebirds at Johns Hopkins.
  • What O’Reilly means to his viewers.   What O’Reilly means to Fox News.
  • Canto: It’s amazing how much time CNN spends talking about Bill O’Reilly.
  • CNN covertly shoots off-camera briefing.   CNN’s apps seeking new users.
  • Chris Wallace on journalism, Trump, and more.   Cramer’s Street struggling.

37 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

    • Trust??? CNN???
      They can be trusted to continue to be blatantly anti-Trump. I am no fan of The Donald, yet CNN’s constant drumbeat of “Is it this or is it that” false dichotomies where both “this” and “that” confirm a negative premise is repulsive. As a student of the media, I keep looking for a glimpse of objective reporting from someone sitting behind a desk at “The most trusted name in news.” They never fail to disappoint.

  1. O’reilly with a rare Friday show….and LIVE no less.

    Worried about ratings? Advertiser boycott?

  2. Seems like the purpose of the last episode of Red Eye with Tom Shillue was to remind people again how great Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld was.
    This finale was really unimpressive until Greg showed up midway through and then proceeded to have the best television appearance he has probably had in years. The clips of the Shillue era were not that funny.
    Also, it showed what a disgrace it has been that Greg and Andy Levy have continued to work in the same building for the past two years and had only appeared on TV together once in that time. They were great together on this episode.

    The choice of old clips didn’t do the show’s past justice and not even a mention of Bill Schulz was shameful, but Greg and Andy probably made the overall episode the best one with Tom as host. Show still deserved a better finale.

    • Brooke Baldwin never knows what she is talking about. In a sane world, she wouldn’t even be qualified to read the news on “Good Morning Minot – Weekend Edition.”

    • Plus, for a good while she couldn’t even look at the camera-she looked down at her notes like “what question can I ask to get the answers I want?”
      Not many interviewees are willing to take on an anchor like that man did. I guess knowing you could die at any minute focuses you on what you feel needs to be said.

    • A few Tomahawks could take out the Russian “resort.” Use some more (or CALCMS) with carbon-fiber bomblets and fry out the Nica power grid for months.

  3. Steve Bannon, Rand Paul and members of the House Freedom Caucus opposed the missile strike — or at least questioned the constitutionality of it.

    Do Trump’s Syrian airstrikes signal a shift away from Bannon’s “America First” ideology so important to the Freedom Caucus and many in his base?

    Could be an interesting debate going forward as sites like Axios claim Kushner allies insist a new, less combative, more centrist Trump will still emerge following Bannon loss in an internal debate against the Syrian intervention

  4. Facebook’s irremovable trending bar has informed me that SNL parodied the allegations against Bill O’Reilly with Alec Baldwin playing not only President Trump, but Mr. Bill. This development has me questioning whether to continue watching Match Game, which Alec has hosted since last summer. But I’ll answer my own question by saying what I don’t know (or see or hear) won’t hurt me. I read about the injurious sketch on Mediaite, but I chose not to watch. So, I will continue to watch Match Game when it airs tonight on ABC, though not before watching tonight’s Top Gear on BBC America (a.k.a. last week’s Top Gear on BBC Two).

  5. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 means to his viewers
    4 Judge Pirro
    3 means to Fox News
    2 final fade-out
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Morning Joe lovebirds at Johns Hopkins

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