Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thurs numbers: Coop/10p, Hannity, CNN/11, Shep/9:15, Shep/11  1-5.
  • Outnumbered video: Kennedy for hypocrisy over Syria.
  • MSNBC viewers mad that propagandist Maddow didn’t anchor war news!
  • Shaffer: Advertiser boycotts imperil journalistic freedom.  Old School #1.
  • Zurawik: Bill O’Reilly is a ‘disgusting hypocrite‘.   Advertisers ‘blindsided‘.
  • De Pasquale: Here’s what made Red Eye work, and why it will be missed.
  • Bunch: Iconoclastic Red Eye was something rare for cablenews…it was fun.
  • Welch: One of cable tv’s best shows is ending.  Red Eye’s five best moments.
  • Red Eye retrospective videos: Andy Bill Schultz the panel first appearance; talk festishes.

29 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

    • Considering his past appearances on FNC, on The O’Reilly Factor and MediaBuzz, I wonder how many cold showers he’s needed since the allegations came out.

  1. Thanks for all the Red Eye stuff. And because of Syria, the show wasn’t even on last night. Wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t on tonight, either.

  2. A truck was driven into a crowd in Sweden, 3 dead. FOX has been reporting and nothing at all on CNN and MSNBC.

    • Yeah, why should an alleged news channel show live breaking news of worldwide importance? DON’T THEY KNOW WHO SHE IS?

  3. I seem to recall Mike Allen having a pretty decent track record for accuracy when he was at Politico.

    So it caught my attention when he used the news outlet he co-founded — AXIOS Media — to write:

    “President Trump is considering a broad shakeup of his White House that could include the replacement of White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and the departure of chief strategist Steve Bannon, aides and advisers tell us.

    I suppose the key phrase is “could include.”

  4. If the last episode of”Red Eye” is preempted for news, hope it will still air this weekend. Long time fans like myself want a finale. Fox having success with talk/comedy shows like “Greg Gutfeld” on weekends and Kennedy on FBN. Hope Tom and Andy have another show soon.

    • Sure looks like it will air tonight unless there is more major news. Greg would have to deal with people bothering him about it forever if the episode never airs. So, it will likely show up somewhere if it doesn’t air tonight.

      The chances that Andy and/or Tom have another show are very slim. There doesn’t look to be really any open time slots that Fox will want to fill and if they were going to give them another show, they would have probably just moved Red Eye to some other time and maybe changed the format. Plus, if there was something else in the works, they would have already known and it would have been mentioned by now.
      I think their best chances at a new show is if an opening happens on Gutfeld.

      Unless they are willing to take possibly large pay cuts, they both will likely be gone from Fox when their contracts are up (few little-used contributors get paid nearly as much as daily hosts). The network doesn’t seem to think all that highly of them. Fox gave Red Eye little support and they don’t appear all that often on the rest of the network.

      • Get your point. Although, Tom does fill in a good bit for Greg on “The Five” & has been on “Outnumbered” a few times. Other than being on “Kennedy” & “Lou Dobbs”, you are right about Andy not appearing much elsewhere. Guess we’ll see what happens.

        • I do think Tom has some value to the network. As a fill-in host for not just Greg, but maybe even for Kennedy or Fox and Friends Weekend. Also he has done some bits for Greg’s show. Fox should consider just having him be actually part of Greg’s show more often since he is still a Fox employee. Perhaps be the fill-in whenever Tyrus can’t be there.

          I’m just not sure that it would necessarily be worth it monetarily for him to stick around once his contract is up. Being a Fox News employee prevents him from appearing in commercials like he used to do. He might have some more opportunities that will be available that will be better than appearing as a guest on Fox News two or three times a week.
          I do think he would still appear on Fox shows even if he was no longer an employee.

  5. Re: Zurawik: Bill O’Reilly is a ‘disgusting hypocrite‘.

    “former Fox contributor Julie Roginsky”

    Does Zurawik know something we have yet to learn?

    Not that it doesn’t make sense given her recent court filings.

    Although, I am not sure he’s accurate unless Julie is just slow updating her Twitter profile.

  6. Interesting corollary to the missile strike numbers above: before the story broke about the attack (roughly the first 15 minutes of the 9pm hour) Tucker was handily beating Maddow in both demo and total viewers. And both did better than O’Reilly.

  7. Tim Kaine such a weasely politician we are blessed he is where he is… and not where he was supposed to be.

  8. Old fashioned MSNBC viewers are happy that they went to a news anchor for some news…
    Lean forward viewers should have watched more in the Lean forward days…

    • Well, which one wears the smart-peopl-glasses? That’s whom I’d want. Not the guy claiming Assad changed his name after meeting him on the road to Damascus.

  9. Today’s most popular links…
    5 Jedediah Bila
    4 needles Ann Coulter
    3 best moments
    2 zings Julie Banderas
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Zurawik: Bill O’Reilly is a ‘disgusting hypocrite’.

  10. Charles K. pointed out tonight that it’s not that Trump’s quick action showed “that there is a new sheriff in town, rather that there is A SHERIFF in town”.

  11. Fox News burned again by a taped O’reilly. Shep had to break in for the final 15 minutes to cover the impending strike on Syria.

    I can’t stand CNN, but at least they are live and can react to breaking news. I ended up watching Coop when I saw Fox was airing a taped Oreilly. CNN actually had a good panel of generals and colonels to explain everything.

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