Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Rachel Maddow-Tucker Carlson-Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Video: new info about intel viewed by Devin Nunes.
  • Somerby: Maddow embellishes previous falsehood, making it even falser!
  • Megyn’s NBC debut: on weekends?!  Adams: New O’Book a nice little read.
  • Bo Dietl gripes FNC didn’t hire his security people.  Jonathan Mann retires.
  • Q&A: Rachel Maddow on rising ratings.  CNN fact-checks Russian dressing.
  • Videos: on cable news; dubious re ‘hacking’.

31 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

    • I remember sitting in front of the TV being riveted by CNN’s coverage of the beginning of the first Gulf War. CNN had three brave reporters camped out in a Baghdad hotel room sticking a microphone outside of the window so that the audience could hear what the beginning of the war sounded like as bombs started to fall on the city.

      These days seeing the old “This is CNN” promo following stories about Russian Dressing and missing planes and their ongoing political obsession makes me think of that that slogan really meant back then.

  1. I don’t know if Megyn Kelly is going to turn out to be the second coming of Oprah, but I think NBC would do well to not alienate a lot of the talented people they have by making Kelly out to be more than what she is at this point which is a talented interviewer who had good success on a cable news network. To what extent she will be able to broaden her audience remains to be seen.

    • Megyn Kelly has more talent in her little finger than most media members have in their entire entire body, but I don’t know about this weekend thing.

      • I will be interested in seeing how she deals with both sides of the aisle now that she’s on one of the big 3. I’m guessing they will rein her in if she goes too hard against libs. Just my opinion. Look what happened to Sheryl Atkisson.
        If she sticks to lighter subjects like Oprah than she will be fine. Though I never pictured her as a fluff person and IMO that’s what Oprah does.
        Started to REALLY, REALLY dislike Oprah after she said some store in Switzerland wouldn’t show her some handbag and she said they were “racist”.

        • She’d already pulled that stunt once before. She doesn’t understand that while she’s a household name in the US and Canada, she’s unknown in much of the rest of the world especially in Asia.

          • My basis for pessimism is even simpler — at least it seems that way to me — than some of what has been discussed here.

            Putting aside her past, her politics and her strained relationship with a pesident popular with at least 40% of her potential viewing audience — here’s my simple take.

            If the very personable and non combative Jane Pauley and Meredith Vieira couldn’t make it as a daytime talk show host, what makes NBC think Megyn — who I happen to like — can make it with her more aggressive (even combative at times) style.

            (Using slightly different language an ABC programming executive made a similar point several months ago when explaining why ABC wasn’t interested.)

            In a perfect world Megyn would have landed at 60 Minutes. Now that would have been a great fit for her personality and aggressive style. Unfortunately that job would have required a lot of travel and separation from her kids.

      • And, my God is she pretty! I could drown in those eyes. She’s no Lily Langtry, but still.

    • I hope Megyn kills it at NBC even though I sorta want her to fail to let her know she’s not bigger than FOX News but my disdain for the hosts worrying about Megyn overides my Megyn beef ? ? ?

  2. FACE THE NATION current moderator John Dickerson is one of the few people in network news I can count on to do his job. Pointed out this morning that it’s still a serious story if the information from security sources was trafficked by the Obama Administration to track and embarrass Trump transition people, regardless of the noise about Nunes sources.

    • Whle interviewing Gov. Christie on the Oct 25, 2015 “Face the Nation,” John Dickerson asked, “As Governor of New Jersey you deal with police and crime issues. FBI Director James Comey said something interesting, he suggested that police across the country may be more reluctant to crackdown on crime because of what’s the so-called Ferguson Effect– named after the Michael Brown murder in Ferguson, Missouri. Do you see any of that in New Jersey, that reticence, because it’s now become such a politicized issue?”
      Almost 8 months after the Obama DOJ determined Office Wilson acted “in self defense,” Dickerson called the incident “the Michael Brown murder.”

    • That was quite a story Adam had. So, the idea that this was “unusual” to go see documents at the Executive Office Building isn’t so crazy (as media wants it to seem). That building has/should have access to all kinds of documents that even a SCIF on Capitol Hill wouldn’t have. Plus, the fact that it appears from the report that some of the most senior people in someplace OTHER than the FBI are withholding information says to me they were in on all of the “surveillance/wiretapping” garbage that I think we all know happened. This is called CYA time.
      I believe we are going to find that the Obama administration was knee deep in surveilling all kinds of people THEY felt were “enemies of that state”!

      • It was puzzling to me that Nunes saw the info in January.

        Does this mean the Trump people could have shown him?

        • Sounds like the insiders were afraid of what was happening/being ordered to happen by the Obama administration and felt like they needed to go to someone that was on the Trump side.

  3. My partner’s son’s Cleveland State professor was gunned down with bullets sprayed in a drive by shooting a few days ago. I never did feel comfortable up there. A husband and a father.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Megyn’s NBC debut: on weekends?!

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