Monday Links and Open Thread

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  1. Instead of Conway being “banned” from all TV news, perhaps Brzezinski could simply try not watching her. The Left has a thing about being in favor of bans and blacklists, instead of the sensible act of not watching things that upset them.

  2. Two profiles of great women in media! MKHammer and Mollie are two of my favorites. I read what they write regularly. MK just had a great quip with Chris Cuomo about Obamacare the other day.

    AXIOS: ‘Josh Earnest will be announced today as an NBC News and MSNBC political analyst, debuting this morning on “Today” and “Morning Joe”‘

  4. Failure of Obamacare repeal/replace turns stocks ugly. Canceling new car plans. Buying new tires. Naming them “Freedom Caucus Radials”.

  5. VIVA LAS VEGA! NFL is coming!
    What to call the team? Open to suggestions. My three:
    3) Raided Raiders
    2) Vegas Players
    1) the Moe Greenes.

    • #1. Moe never even got a sign post or a plaque. Just a bullet in the eye.

      Watch for them to move to Sam Boyd Stadium until the dome is built. It is bigger than the Chargers temporary home, and will save the league the embarassment of a near empty house for every home game.

      • They will lame-duck it in Oakland for the next two years. And then one of the most hated teams in NFL history will go to the former football home of He Hate Me. Rod Smart played for the Las Vegas Outlaws of the XFL.

        • They are on a year-to-year lease. Oakland may evict them out of spite. Sam Boyd Stadium can seat 42,000 with temporary seats. I seriously doubt that the Raiders will draw that for any home game in Oakland.

          I remember the Outlaws and Rod Smart. And the Locos of the UFL. Jenna Lee’s brother Zac was third string quarterback the last year.

          • Yes, I remember the UFL. Zac Lee played for Nebraska. Another Nebraska quarterback, 2001 Heisman winner Eric Crouch, finished his career with the UFL’s Omaha Nighthawks. He got hurt in the first game.

    “Mr. Hannity said his 45-minute interview with Mr. Koppel was unfairly edited down to less than two, and that many of the points he made didn’t make it into the broadcast.”

    • Hannity should have taped the interview with Koppel as that gun group did in the Katie Couric piece that she did with them.

      If they hadn’t, their word would have been mud next to hers. Zero, zilch, nada, laughable, “go away reprehensible déclassé lying hateful white-trash losers”, etc…

      That’s how it is with the majority of the media world now. They are overwhelmingly tribal and are proud liberal political advocates.

      Protecting yourself against their partisan strategies is what any media focus (who isn’t a progressive) has got to do.

      • Hear, hear! That should have been obvious to him and he should have made it a requirement before he’d do the interview.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Fox correct
    4 Mollie Hemingway
    3 Tucker’s heir?
    2 banned from all tv news
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Profile: Mary Katherine Ham, the ‘honest broker’ headed for bigger things.

  8. Can’t believe I’m typing this: Meghan McCain is right.

    The repeal and replace failure was an embarrassment and there is plenty of blame to go around for all involved. For SEVEN years you all have been talking about getting rid of Obamacare and you failed miserably when finally given the power to do it.

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