Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: intel; CNN story; loss;
  • Reliable Sources: Trump falsehoods; Trump lies; FNC bias; right-wing media.
  • The Sky News angle to the Nap flap.  Today’s conspiracy.  Sunday talkers.
  • Time after time.  Q&A: Zeke Emanuel on joining Fox.  David Gergen in DC.
  • Tucker videos: on undue government spying.
  • NY Times: 18 hours of FNC…a ‘message of fear’ vs ‘evenhanded’ Shep Smith.

67 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

    • it is hard to believe something like this would be posted here. it is an FSB press release for crying out loud. hey nix, hope u r good.

  1. I can’t read one thing that the poster that responded to me said, since he is blocked.

    • Oh grow up guy. Aren’t you a little old to hate people that do not agree with everything you say.

    • Nice isn’t it? After determining someone is obnoxious, who wants more of him? Knowledgeable contrary opinions are one thing. Coming from Mr. Nasty or Mr. Troll is another.

      • Yet they keep responding like I can actually see their rants. As Johnny once so aptly put it, “mental onanism.”

        • Yet we are into our third day of refraining from personal attacks or “rants” against other commenters.

          Let’s all try to be civil — despite any past legitimate grievances — and keep the streak going.

          It makes reading the J$P blog a more enjoyable experience.

          • and he is lying as well. Never have i called any woman a sl*t, here or in private. Pretty sad people cannot stick to the facts and need to pay 3rd grade playground dramas. Expect it from larry, never thought i would see nix climb aboard.

          • wrong, he mentioned a redhead i did not know because he swoons for redheads. i stated my preference for brown and i was crude about that. not crude in any way shape or form about his preference. restated before exactly as 1st posted, don’t muddle or mediate what you do not know please.
            actually thnx for the link, sorry, i would not bother to retrace it because it was so unimportant and obviously twisted by Nix. here it stands. no clown. i was crude about my preference. “a ship for every port”

            I (heart) redheads. https://www.youtube.com/wat
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            gcblues Nixon – niihpikiiookani • 11 days ago
            My comments on brown would not be allowed. Just think of what ryhmes with brown…lol. A port for every ship.

            where is even the hint of reference to a redhead? does not exist.

          • Well, that was rude. I was defending you dude.

            Let me remind you that your exact quote was, “My comments on brown would not be allowed. Just think of what rhymes with brown…lol. A port for every ship.”

            Very cryptic — but in no way could any reasonable person believe you were “stating my preference for brown.”

            Say what you mean and mean what you say is my advice.

            Good grief.

          • 1.”actually thnx for the link, sorry,”
            2. i only commented on brown, it was cryptic because it was rude. you should talk about twisting meanings …lol

          • I took it as a vulgar comment toward Patti Anne Browne too.

            I thought it was a play on brown and Browne.

            I write this so you’ll see it, Nixon, and consider that it was a misinterpretation.

          • good grief, no one watches most of nixes vids, we know he mostly posts them for himself and browne was not mentioned. i do not even know the name, who she is, and could not pick her out of a lineup. this is too 3rd grade.

          • Well, I’m glad it was a misunderstanding, but I don’t think it was as inexplicable a conclusion as you suggest.

          • I don’t think that it was a misunderstanding at all. It was intentional, for whatever reason that was going thru his mind.

          • Who knows what he means half the time? Lazy about his writing and arrogant that he need to be otherwise.

          • He said that he couldn’t post what he really meant. I not only took it as a slur, but as a sexual reference ending in “down.” I don’t consider it a misinterpretation at all. I consider it vulgar.

          • Two of us (Nixon and I, who seldom agree on anything) took it to mean a reference to PAB.

            If that was not your intent, you deserve the benefit of the doubt.

      • Well….I’m normally against blocking others ideas and opinions……but I have to admit that blocking just one person has made my experience here much better.

        Not having to make 20 posts repeating a simple clear fact over and over week after week…..will make it worth it alone. Once he admitted that he enjoyed upsetting us….choice seemed clear to me.

        3 days since some foolish man called me dumb because he didn’t agree with me…….feels great.

  2. Kind of interesting — perhaps even amusing to some — how certain factions are using the defeat of the AHCA bill to pound their collective chests over their constituencies role in the bill being pulled.

    Namely, this is coming from the far right tea party types — i.e., Breitbart News and from the far left progressive types — i.e., some MSNBC anchors.

    MSNBC — right or wrong — is claiming the grass roots passionate town hall meetings played a role in getting more moderate Republicans not to cave and predicted the same will happen with Trump’s budget.

    Over at Breitbart they covet the knowledge that the House Freedom Caucus fought hard with very few defections.

    • Chest beating? it was bad. people on both sides rejected it for diff reasons. The rah rah stuff just shows how unimportant the citizens are to politicians. They all play a game bowing to the electorate with false emotional pleas. kinda sick. Functionally it was over when Trump said “insurance for all”. In fact i cited that quote because i knew it was over then. You cannot have liberty and capitalism baked in a socialist cake. the recipe does not work.

      • excellent example of why paying for free makes more free stuff happen. Both obama care and the latter turned down version would have continued this trend. You cannot reward poor or you will get more of it. There is a huge %, a growing % of people that will do anything to get something free. i get having bills that take years to pay off. i get paying electric one month phone the next with little ones in the house. got the shirt. without the incentive that the person to help me was only me i would have stayed that way for ever. so parents can do tough love on kids, but the govt only gives soft love? not your fault bebe. po po po bebe. not functional. not a view to get elected on. ok, call it what it is then. cultural suicide.

      • One major campaign promise down the drain with lots of blame to go around including the lingering question, “Should he have done taxes first?”

        Let’s see how it goes when the House holds hearings on the President’s budget. Will we see the same sharp divisions between the Freedom Caucus and the Republican House members from blue and purple districts?

        • he ranks “immigration” up with health care and taxes. sure. feed the animals at the zoo. On the bright side Mccain complimented some foreign policy actions just before he skewered the prez on MSLSD.

    • Dont see what he said that was wrong……..many on the left feel that if Obama care does die…we will get single payer. People have been saying that from day one.

  3. Anyone else ever worked in a plant as opposed to an office?

    If you did, you may recall the signs throughout the pant, “This Plant Has Worked [insert number] Days Without An OSHA Injury.”

    Well, this trigger a ‘tongue in check’ idea for a J$P sign.

    “This Blog Has Worked [currently at 3] Days Without A Commenter Attacking Another.”

    Just a thought on this beautiful ‘glad to be alive’ Saturday.

  4. Gatxer has Tucker shows backed up and I have five 60 Minutes shows on DVR. I predict we may get some relief this week so we can finally view our backed up episodes.

    No big news stories on the horizon that we know of. I wouldn’t be surprised if the three cable channels see a week-to-week 15%-20% drop in ratings. The silence after the storm (i.e., the AHCA bill) you might say.

  5. Poor Shemp! Being called “evenhanded” by the NY Slimes is like being called “thoughtful and nuanced” by the Voelkischer Beobachter.

    • She’s in my “What were they thinking trifecta.”

      Cable news personalities who baffle me as to why they are still on the air because they are so weak.

      Dana Bash (CNN), Wolf Blitzer (CNN) and Willie Geist (NBC & MSNBC)

      Honorable Mention:
      Dylan Byers (CNN) — but I really don’t think he’s on camera very often

  6. “This Blog Has Gone Four Days Without A Commenter Attacking Another Directly.”

    Although we did come close earlier today…but I think the ‘dispute’ has ended. Phew. 🙂

  7. So Tomi Lahren is permanently gone from The Blaze and Judge Nap is expected back within a week.

    I suspect a number of people are surprised by one — or both — of these outcomes.

  8. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 talkers
    4 Zeke Emanuel
    3 18 hours
    2 conspiracy
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 The Sky News angle to the Nap flap.

  9. Big mistake of Hannity going on CBS SUNDAY MORNING to be interviewed by THE MOST SANCTIMONIOUS MAN IN THE WORLD, alias Ted Koppel. Ted basically bullied Sean to be quiet so he could lecture him with a stinging statement — never then showing Hannity’s response. Ended the segment as if he had shamed Sean into silence. Followed with an interview of NYT boss never asking obvious questions. The whole piece was supposed to explain how we have become so divided and hate each other. It left me wanting to feed Ted Koppel to the wolverines.

  10. January 9, 2017
    Clemson Tigers win the College Football National Championship.

    March 26, 2017
    University of South Carolina Basketball Team advances to the Final Four for the first time in school history. In fact, they had not even won a single game in the NCAA Tournament since 1973.


    What a great year to be a college sports fan in the small state of South Carolina (46th ranked by population).


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