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  1. Thanks to billoreilly[dot]com we now have Charles Krauthammer’s take on the the somewhat explosive revelations by House Intel chairman Rep. Devin Nunes.

    “What we didn’t know until today is that that incidental wiretapping
    involved more people than just Michael Flynn. But I don’t know that
    it’s a given that President Obama was briefed on this.”

  2. So let’s take 18 year old illegals, hide them from ICE, stick their dumbasses in the ninth grade, and let them access the 14 year old girl’s restroom. What could go wrong?

    • That is such a horrific story! And to find out that ABC,NBC, AND CBS never covered the story on either their nightly news or their morning shows the day the story broke is absolutely revolting. And THEN the House of Delegates still votes to make their state a SANCTUARY STATE? Who the hell are Democrats today?

      • The rapists weren’t white frat boys repeatedly raping a 14 year old in a school bathroom.

        What’s in this story for our media?

      • That state’s Democrat base has been so inhanced by illegals, and with funded dependency programs, it insures long term political control. All at the expense of the general public. It’s the heart of what this illegal immigration issue is all about and it’s poison to our country and our democracy. Chinese weren’t brought here for their votes, they were brought here to build the frackn’ railroad. If politicians of the day could have awarded welfare, we’d all be speaking Cantonese.

        • But…but…but…these poor yutes are dreamers! My niece was born and raised in Maryland. She’s spent most of her life there, except for time in the Army. She finally threw up her hands and moved back here.

  3. BREAKING NEWS FROM CNN: WE HAVE NO NEWS — just smoke to tamp down the news favorable to Trump about surveillance of him and his people by Obama.

  4. Will all the heightened anticipation about the House vote on the GOP health-care plan come to a screeching — or sputtering — stopwith Paul Ryan deciding to postpone the vote while negotiations and rewrites resume?

    Stay tuned I guess.

    I shared Mr. Bill’s optimism that it would ultimately pass on Thursday by a slim margin. Now I am not so sure.

    • Dude, people could buy a policy with all those things or some of those things. THEIR CHOICE! They CHOOSE how to spend their own money. Imagine that! I am NOT saying I 100% support the bill but I do know I am sick of the government telling me how I need to spend my own money-like making my husband & I pay for pregnancy care in our policy!Medicaid will be handled individually by each state. Dem states can give away the world, just like they did with pensions if they want. Sad thing the rest of the fiscally responsible states end up also paying in some way.

      In Wisconsin able adults need to work 80 hours a month to get some benefits. Seems fair to me! Maybe that wouldn’t work in California or Hawaii where people would rather sit around & enjoy the warm weather on the government dime but they can raise their own taxes to pay for it rather than mine. And don’t forget I am a Midwesterner who really doesn’t have time to sit around doing nothing because if I don’t shovel my sidewalk I get a fine from my city government.

      • “Dude, people could buy a policy with all those things or some of those
        things. THEIR CHOICE! They CHOOSE how to spend their own money. Imagine

        I would agree with you generally speaking. The insured should have choices. However, it’s my understanding that no one is forced to buy coverage like maternity care. Only that all participating insurers are required to OFFER it.

        • Every policy HAS TO INCLUDE all of the options now. There is no choice and insurers priced their policies to include all of those choices. There is no more ability to buy a policy and use gender or age to price a policy. So, a single guy at age 25 pays the same a woman at age 25. Who is going to use waaaay more services in that scenario? The woman-pap tests, birth control, etc! The guy is paying for her using more services. I personally have a problem with that. But I guess now since Democrats think that men are women, women are men, or everyone is cis this or cud that, or even that men can have babies none of this should matter & I should just shut the he**! up!

          • “Every policy HAS TO INCLUDE all of the options now.”

            I did not know that.

            I did read that the creators of the original ACA plan philosophically argued against a a practice called gender rating. Namely, they chose to rectify the fact that many of the pre-ACA individually purchased policies did not include coverage for services that are important to women.

            Women would have to pay more to get some of those coverages. This was apparently the justification for deciding that under the ACA all plans would include maternity care as part of their minimum coverage.

            But I did not know that under the Paul Ryan’s ACHA every policy would have to include all 10 Essential Health Benefits.

            If true — and I have no reason to doubt you — I can see why this has opposition in the Freedom Caucus.

  5. F&F just said they’re going to have Bob Massi on to talk about the 5 stupidest questions from the Gorsuch hearings……so since they’ve banned Judge Nap, we get legal opinions from “The Property Man.” Pathetic!!!

    • Unfortunately disqus discontinued support for the ‘recent comments’ widget years ago. It’s a miracle it still works. I consider it key to interest people in checking out the comment threads but eventually it will stop working.

  6. One word we know is not in the Disgraced Racist stooges ™ dictionary “Irony”

    “Fox News apparently decides what News stories should and should not get national coverage.”

    Now never mind that this “writer” spends most days whining about what Fox News covers and doesn’t……….he been whining that Fox News is covering the exact same story that Fox is pointing out is not being covered by other news networks. OK for a guy in his basement…….bad for the #1 News Network to point out the hypocrites of the MSM…….what a bubble they live in.


    • Was the story he was whining about the rape of a teenage girl by illegal aliens in a sanctuary-style city? Why is it wrong for O’Reilly (who did this issue last night) to point out how the same media that trumpeted fake charges at various colleges were ignoring this genuine rape by savages who could never have perpetrated it if the law had only been enforced? As you say, who died and made Ice the guy to decide what stories Fox should and should not cover? I’m just surprised he’s sticking up for two alleged rapists. Because that’s what you do when you want media to bury the story.

      • Yea it from a clip on the 5…….about BO show from last night informing people how the MSM isn’t covering it.

        He been whining for days that Fox is covering it……and asking if they are doing it for racist reasons or something……….of course Ive been informed that’s very wrong… im sure that person immediately made about 20 posts telling Ice he was wrong in doing that….LOL

        The DRS™ couldn’t program a public access station in Iowa…..but they act like they know how to program the #1 News Network in the country better………of course they want Fox only show people they agree with.


        • Talk about how differently people view the significance (or lack thereof) — it appears the NY Times is siding with Iceman — or so it seems.

          There was also considerable time given to topics, like a rape case in
          Maryland, that viewers would not have heard about if they had turned to
          CNN or MSNBC.

          The rape case, which involved an undocumented immigrant
          and went virtually uncovered on most networks, received almost hourly
          updates on Fox, and at times was used as proof that Mr. Trump’s calls
          for tighter borders and a crackdown on immigration were justified.
          FYI, Johnny linked to this NY Times article in his “Weekend Links and Open Thread.”

          He called it “NY Times: 18 hours of FNC…a ‘message of fear’ vs ‘evenhanded’ Shep Smith.”

  7. WTF?

    Who stole our J$P blog? /sarc

    I almost don’t recognize it.

    Over 24 hours with no bickering, insults, name calling or attacks on other commenters.


    Let the force be with us.

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 No-News
    4 fear of steps!
    3 Tracee Carrasco
    2 claim their sources
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Gloria Steinem media group gives top gender honors to…Fox News!

  9. “I think there’s probably more evidence that CNN colluded with the Clinton campaign to give her debate questions than the Trump campaign gave any kind of collusion,” said Sean Spicer today.

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