Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: O’Reilly-Rachel Maddow-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • CNN sued for firing injured journalist.  Poppy praises paternity leave.
  • Late Night videos: Chris Hayes Profile: Jessica Tarlov.
  • Andrea Tantaros: They’re spying on me!  Today’s cannibalism complaint.
  • Sunday showdown: MediaBuzz tops Reliable Sources.  Weekend numbers.
  • Judge Napolitano absent from Fox News airwaves.  ICN: A firing offense?
  • Video: Tucker Carlson, Rep Eric Swallwell the Russian threat.

78 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

    • At least they’re not eating injured black journalists. So they’ve got that going for them.

  1. I guessing the Judges mistake was saying fox can report instead of my sources can report…….otherwise wouldn’t MSNBC have to fire Maddow for her Russia rants? The judge isn’t a reporter after all.

    I hope its not permanent I like the guy….don’t agree with him politically but he does have a sharp legal mind form what I can tell………hes usually right about what the outcome of cases will be.

  2. Anybody know the rules for political ads and media people…..if I were Rep. Swallwells opponent Id be cutting a pretty good ad out of Tuckers show last night……I know Ive seen Journalist ask people not to use footage…….I know Chuck Todd did that last year……but do they legally have the right to stop them?

  3. Since FOX makes soooo much $$$, I think they will just payoff Andrea so she can just go away 🙁

    They already paid off Gretchen which was the worse, there was barely any evidence against Ailes & alot against Gretchen, with all those charming letters she sent to Ailes but Megyn coming foward probably sank Ailes for good & they also paid off Juliet Huddy, don’t know how believable that BOR incident was, seems like FOX bought it

  4. I would pay good money to watch David Brock as a Tucker guest,

    Axios AM: ‘David Brock will announce this morning: “American Bridge is calling on the U.S. Senate to hit the pause button on the Supreme Court nomination hearings until such time as the {FBI-Russia} investigation is complete … If the Judiciary Committee will not halt the hearings, Democrats should walk out and refuse further participation.”‘

  5. Look everyone.

    The “mean girls” — also known as the Dollar Blog Tag Teamers – Gatxer, Cecelia, Nixon and Kelly are having a “piling on circle jerk” because I keep calling out a commenter making libelous accusations. Such fun in the sun. Let’s all grab an adult beverage and sing along.

    Dang. I thought this was a blog about cable news. Not one to falsely accuse former commenters of being a racist.

    My bad.

      • I prefer to call it “creatively edit.” He thinks everybody is too stupid to remember his earlier version, which is usually an insult.

        • Let’s be clear.

          With not a shred of evidence of ever editing to deceive.

          It’s just a baseless talking point folks.

          • When you get to my age you’ll understand why.

            We can only hope some day you’ll do the same with some of your poorly written posts.

        • Your childlike qualities of pettiness, name calling and repetition are endearing.

          But your reasoning, logic and analytical skills need some work…not to mention your writing skills.

          An example of your dysfunction is, during a discussion, if an issue has been fully explored and discussed to a point of resolution, it is not uncommon for you to return to old settled arguments. The notion of transitioning seems at times very foreign to you and difficult to achieve.

          • yea…sure. OK.

            Speaking of skills…..you figure out why you cant track how many thousands of visitors J$ site gets yet……it was really simple.

            You figure that out….took me @ 2 minutes…….and I might listen to you on my skills.

        • Cant seem to tell people of color apart either.

          Black, brown, yellow or red, we all look alike.

      • He will eventually explode in a matter that will make Spud’s classic look mild. Meanwhile, I have made my last reply to him. He simply wants the attention. I am not going to give it to him.

        • Explode?

          I am enjoying this.

          Back in August I was new to fending off a tag team. Now I feel quite comfortable arguing with the low hanging fruit here at J$P.

          Your side has my sympathy defending yourselves which is why you folks resort to petty issues like name calling, unwarranted ad hominems, baseless objections to comment editing and unprovable assertions about race.

          It’s difficult being handicapped by being in a rigid political right-wing bubble exacerbated by an inability to objectively evaluate Fox News and their talent.

        • Maybe I should do that also and just pretend he doesn’t exist…..its like talking to a wall………and hes always the victim here anyway….even though he feels the need to defend people who don’t even bother to post here. He attacks the site and the people who regularly post here…..uses fake screen names to device people from who he is and then lies that hes done that till busted by the sites owner….admits hes just doing it to enjoy upsetting normal people…….there’s a word for people like that on the internet……I think.

          Let him whine to himself.

          • Yeah, go off and pick backup on your obsessive hunt for people who only you thing are racists and more naked men to ad to your Twitter account, if that floats your boat.

          • Yea im going to do it also…..his reply below is just vile…

            “Yeah, go off and pick backup on your hunt for racists and naked men if that floats your boat.”

            …….I’m going back to discussing cable news and the people who talk about cable news…like the DRS™ and real media critics…..let him talk to a wall………they should get along fine. If he wants to defend people….let him……..he so bad at it….I shouldn’t care.

          • Yay!!

            My strategy worked then. Sayonara.

            BTW, Sayonara is Japanese for ‘goodbye’ for those with a low level of education and maturity.

          • Since when has the left concerned themselves with false accusations of racism?

            As Spencer Ackerman taught us in the Journolist scandal, that’s the strategy.

          • Millions of Americans disagree with the politics and rulings of Justice Thomas…as well as the other conservative justices.

            Does that make them racists? Of course not. That would be silly.

            A point I have been trying to make with Gatxer for what dates back to at least last August.

            Similarly, Richard — aka Iceman — disagrees with the politics and anchors siding with Trump — and criticizes Harris Faulkner. But also Maria Bartiromo and Melissa Francis, who fall in the same category of being news anchors who offer opinions — i.e., side with Trump. He’s tweeted the same about CNN’s Don Lemon at one point — perhaps during that phase when he was pro Trump.

            But again Gatxer wants to focus on Harris so he can introduce race and charges of racism. The truth is he simply ‘hates’ Iceman because he occasionally writes for NewsHounds.

          • That’s not at all what I asked.

            The left is fine accusing people of racism, while knowing it’s untrue. It was a stated strategy.

            So why the whine now?

          • No. I just love toying with the low hanging fruit so locked into rigid thinking and sophomoric arguments.

            You and Gatxer with the confrontational TheMightyINB soon to join you who keep commenting about avoids to avoid my direct hits. Shall we block him? No, shall we ignore his comments? Shall we report him?

            Y’all are so confused you don’t know what to di next. You can’t find anything in recent history to criticize, so you, Gatxer and Cecelia raise petty issues about editing or make false accusations about a racial obsession. Both with no proof.

            Keep tryin’ — maybe you’ll score a win or two. Right now you’re getting your collective butts kicked not unlike your fearless leader Donald Trump (this week anyway).

          • He was a OK guy till he went completely nuts in the age of Trump.

            I guess if you hang around with a Racist long enough the crazy has to get to you.
            Personally I cant stop laughing at him…..he almost as funny as the Disgraced Racist stooge ICE.

          • Admit it, you’d be lost without a foil.

            You keep coming back for more. Unfortunatley you always go away saying either “I’m going to start ignoring his comments” or “I’m going to bed” clearly implying you can’t take it anymore. Ha ha!


          • “That’s not at all what I asked.”

            I was getting you back on track about the issue at hand after you ventured off into some rabbit hole about Spencer Ackerman who was never mentioned.

            Attempts to deflect don’t work with me.

          • That vulgar comment of his would seem to strike right at the heart of the rules of this blog.

  6. Who’s the attractive black lady seated behind Gorsuch? Doesn’t appear to be Stacey Dash or Rep. Mia Love.

      • That’s an easy one.

        Because for me and many others those are the only — or the most publicized — conservative A-A women in recent memory that looked anywhere close to what this attractive lady looked like.

        I know you are probably looking for a racial or anti black conservative motive like Gatxer who finds one under every rock.

        But the truth is I had no hidden agenda other wondering why she had the primo seat and who she was.

          • Don’t mean to be rude, but read my comment again…more carefully this time.

            In the SECOND sentence I wrote, “Doesn’t appear to be…”

            TRANSLATION: May or may not be.


      • BTW: ignore the link given by haters…….she there for one reason…….she used to clerk for……wait for it……..Gorsuch…..somehow the haters link left out that fact.

        Now why would they leave that part out…….seem pretty important………and anybody who thinks she looks like Dash…….obviously cant tell one black woman from any other

        • “She was there for one reason…….she used to clerk for……wait for it……..Gorsuch.”

          Is that true?

          I heard she was currently working in the White House legislative affairs unit…and just a little over 2 yrs ago she was earning less than $38K/year as a Senate Cloakroom Assistant.

          While it’s decent and notable for you to defend her as NOT a “low-level” assistant — we can disagree on that point. Although, perhaps there was a better way for me to characterize a Senate Cloakroom Assistant.

          Please don’t take this as personal. I am assessing your comment and have no issue with you personally…making thar comment. I make plenty of mistakes and have no right to call the kettle black.

          We have a good streak going here at J$P – going on 2 full days. I don’t want to spoil it.

          You and I both like to try and keep the record accurate. I’m sure Johnny appreciates it — as long as we don’t bicker.

  7. I’m sometimes mildly entertained by how politicians spin things…or argue their side if you will…regardless of party.

    The latest is from Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.), “If the Freedom Caucus kills this bill they would have voted to continue Obamacare, which as the President pointed out — in 2018 we will probably lose the House and the Senate.”

    Then on the other side you also have Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Pa.), a former Trump surrogate who said he is worried undocumented immigrants would take advantage of the GOP plan.

  8. I watched a little of the Gorsuch confirmation hearing. The only thing I saw not mainstream were Senators. Outclassed shamefully.

  9. Supreme hearings not what they used to be. No Long Dong Silvers. I had to tell Bella no one was getting Borked.

    • Where did you read that he was “let go”?

      The best I could find with Google was an “indefinite suspension.”

    • As I thought. It’s TrumpTV except when it isn’t TrumpTV, after which it goes back to being TrumpTV again. How gullible are the lemmings who follow this stuff and don’t realize how the cherry-picking is used to smear people like Harris or Bret Baier, or why it gets shoved aside for the occasional “Even Fox News says…” post? They’re hardly more sophisticated liars than they were a decade ago, so the readers must be exponentially dumber.

  10. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Poppy praises
    4 firing offense?
    3 Napolitano absent
    2 CNN sued
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Andrea Tantaros: They’re spying on me!

  11. Looks like demo people leave MSNBC heavily after Maddow though
    total viewers they are beating CNN , though.
    Wish Greta was doing better personally.

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