Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Freaky Friday numbers: Maddow-Bret Baier-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • Buckman: Maddow badly bungled her ‘scoop’…and Fallon didn’t help.
  • Pribila: My pick for FNC’s next breakout star.  Maddow wins 2nd week.
  • Another Reza Aslan golden moment: engages in Voodoo goat slaughter.
  • Stonestreet: CNN’s ‘religion quiz’ doesn’t take Christianity very seriously.
  • Greg Gutfeld video: Timpf, Sivan, Dobbs et al snark on

74 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

    • I had forgotten about her…didn’t know she moved to the West Coast.

      She was always good on Red Eye.

  1. Watching the atheists at CNN telling you what Christianity is all about is like watching Maddow telling you what Republicans are all about.

    • I briefly came in on that series while flipping channels.

      I’m guessing the context here, but it seemed like the show was listing different types of people based upon their response to religion.

      The illustration it showed for the category of ‘Believer’ was a drawing of a grinning yokel with bad teeth.

  2. I always knew Voodoo was just misunderstood. Not like they are beheading infidels or something. Sorry about the goat though.

    • Seventy years ago this week — on March 21, 1947, to be exact — President Truman issued an executive order that, “required that all federal civil service employees be screened for ‘loyalty.’ It specified that one criterion…would be a finding of ‘membership in, affiliation with or sympathetic association’ with any organization determined by the attorney general to be ‘totalitarian, Fascist, Communist or subversive’ or advocating it.’ ” Two and a half years before Sen. Joseph McCarthy raised his ugly head and alleged massive Communist infiltration of the government, the “red scare” was underway. Launched by a Democrat.

    • Commies boivent l’eau du tuyau de James Darren qui les a poursuivis pour des dommages punitifs

        • L’ennui est correct comme Bolling m’a dit l’autre jour. Ce sont les commentateurs qui attaquent constamment ceux qui chassent les autres. Garder le nombre de nouveaux commentaires que nous ajoutons à un minimum.

          • This is simply trolling. I explained to you Friday that I wanted you to leave me the hell along.

          • It doesn’t work that way Nixon.

            Cecelia does the same to me — only worse. It’s going on three weeks now.

            All you can do is just ignore the comments — or stop inviting comebacks with oblique references like “not the most annoying.”

          • What’s he going to do? Tell Cecelia and me not to comment to certain commenters?

            C’mon…get real.

            My advise is stop your little cheap shots — whether explicit or oblique — and you’ll be left alone. Capiche?

          • Except for that angry “racist stooge” snipe where Johnny got involved and that you had to edit. Of course, you conveniently forgot to mention that one.

            Besides no one suggested you and Cecelia would meet with Johnny’s disapproval. So you made a moot ‘imaginary’ point. Nice try though.

          • Try to be more precise.

            Would it have killed you to add the word “videos” Nixon? We old codgers should look out for each other.

          • You mentioned the YouTube links. I had no idea where the “Racist” came from tonight. It was something that I shouldn’t have done. It was wrong.

          • Not tonight. At least not the one I was referring to.

            It was quite awhile back and to your credit you edited it quickly. Kudos for that.

          • I told Johnny that I would do it, because it was over the line of decency. I have not repeated it. And thank you for the “weird” comment. I wear it like a badge of honor.

          • Took the “weird” comment down.

            Evidence that we both admit to saying things in the heat of the moment that we later regret…like me getting so frustrated with Gatxer I commented on his mental condition. A major no-no indeed…regardless of how recklessly he throws around the word “racist.”

          • “.regardless of how recklessly he throws around the word “racist.””

            Yea reckless GATXER….throwing around to all of two people….after I showed a pattern..that “racists” word……I remember all the times you have complained about the Disgraced Racist stooges™ calling people racist with NO PROOF what so ever…just because they don’t agree with them………….oh wait….you have NEVER done that.

            I think there is a word for people like that. But I’m not going into a late night fight with a closed mined person tonight.

          • No one agrees with your racism charge.

            You fail to see the difference between the many Dems (including Iceman) who criticize black conservatives for their politics and nothing more vs. attacking them because of their race.

            You’re frozen in some right-wing pro Fox News blind spot and can’t seem to find your way out. Sad. You seem reasonably bright about other things.

            Now let’s get back to the real world and cable news we can all relate to.

            You hate NewsHounds and anyone who writes for them. We get it. Now let’s move onto what is factual and provable before you add any more people to the growing number who think you’re being flaky and unreasonable…and often come across as a bit of an oddball…especially with your peculiar writing style…like no one else who posts here.

            You appear to have some kind of unhealthy baseless hate fetish with Iceman…preventing you from intelligent analysis and clear thinking. No one wants to be thought of in those terms.

            Transition! Transition! Transition! That’s the key to understanding new and sometimes uncomfortable truths.

          • I have no problem with the Disgraced Racist Stooges™ attacking people of color on Fox News…they are hardly alone in that……..seems kind of a obsessed thing to do..and VERY sad…….its the targeting of them and whining about them MUCH more than the white people who vastly out number people of color on news networks…… don’t see that as Racism…….fine we get it……I don’t agree……be nice if you showed me the same respect……..I don’t belittle you for your blind spot to their clear racist ways……..You want to excuse them….fine…..I don’t complain.

            Unlike you I wouldn’t care if no one agrees with me as long as im right………and I feel I am…..seems clear to me… have come up with a reason why its OK for them to do that………….I don’t agree…….why cant you let me have my opinion based on what I feel is sound evidence? Why must I agree with you? You wont change my mind……I didn’t come up with it overnight…………yet you feel the need to whine about it over and over.

            BTW: I’m the only person on this planet who can be obsessed with some one who I almost never name.

            I don’t hate anyone who writes for Disgraced Racist Newshounds™…..there was another of their writers who use to come her………she was very nice and I never one said anything bad about her……the difference between her and the DRS™ is that she wasn’t a clear racist and didn’t defend lies…….and when she made a mistake……she admitted it……she also didn’t send people here to defend her work……she did it herself.
            I think her name was Julie……she had a blog I read til I lost the link in a computer crash……….and i don’t even hate Ice or Moe……..they give me too much humor for that………yes the racist targeting annoys me…….but I’m used to their kind.

            IMO if you make 30 posts and 25 of them have targeted people of color…… might be a racists…..if you do it month after month……you ARE a racist.

            Now this is long because …..this is the last time I’m going to respond to this foolishness about them. I wont try to change your mind and you surely wont change mine…….so I’m just going to ignore any further defense of the DRS™ as it waste my….and everyone elses time here.
            Dont like it……..try the BLOCK button.

          • “its the targeting of them and whining about them MUCH more than the white people
            who vastly out number people of color on news networks…… don’t see
            that as Racism?”

            Absolutely not.

            As I have said before, try not to rely on what happened one time in eight years on Twitter. A day when Harris and others were in a whirlwind of controversial discussions, I remember having some strong views myself.

            Simply pick out a day at random and see which women Iceman tweets and retweets about.

            Take today (Monday) for example.
            Kellyanne – 4X, Tomi Lahren – 2X, Sarah Huckabee, Maria Bartiromo and whoever the FBN person is at this link.

          • so maybe his problem is with women….is that what you are saying??

            It didn’t happen just once… happened so many times it put the idea in my head…….so I started paying attention…….why cant you stop with this defending them?? I dont care that you cant see it…….. Is it a obsession you need to see a Dr about?

            After today……im not having this fight with you……your mind is closed to the subject…… is mine I guess…..unless I saw a big change in the targeting of blacks on Fox News I cant see me changing my mind of what they are. I don’t see them being able to stop………so I don’t see that happening.

            Funny how you have NOT once that Ive seen said anything to the DRS™ about them calling Fox news people Disgraced……..or Racist……..or stooges for that matter……maybe if you had I could take what you say about it seriously and not just a joke.

            Now please attack my spelling…… makes you look even smaller….which is hard for you I would guess

          • No.

            The correct and appropriate response by anyone not blinded by hate would have been, “Perhaps I was wrong about how often it happens that he focuses on A-As. I’ll take a second look.”

          • Said and did that months ago…..before you came here to defend them….talked it over with Ice right here………….then I took a third look……found out I was right.

            I even went so far as to keep track for a while…… was pretty clear.
            You don’t (cant or wont) see it fine…….please respect my opinion why don’t you.

          • Bad case of confirmation bias. Can’t help you with that. You only believe what you want to believe.

            Good thing you don’t post elsewhere. You’d be mocked and ridiculed into submission.

            But you’ve found your safe haven where you can stubbornly deny facts which contradict your bizarre views. Good for you.

          • You talking about confirmation bias has to be the funniest thing Ive seen all week even the DRS™ laughfest.

            That was a joke right?

            Now PLEASE allow me to have my opinions about the DRS™ and I promise to let you have your delusions (just kidding) about the DRS™and we can get along fine.

            BTW I post in tons of places………Ive just never called anyone else a racist that I remember…..but Ive never seen a clearer case of it from commenters. In fact YOU and the DRS™ are the one ones to EVER question my honesty also……..wonder why that is?

          • Because they can’t even leave their posts up here without fearing that they’ll be made to account for inconsistency by the kooks here or that Johnny will change their posts?

          • when the grammar police come out……you know you are right.

            Now why don’t you just insult us again…….and move on. Nobody here but you cares how I write……….do I make mistakes sometimes…..sure….I could take more time…..but as long as people get what Im saying…..who cares….except obsessed people?

          • People do care…if they can’t understand.

            But not enough to bug you about it. You are considered a little fragile and they don’t want to offend you.

          • Funny how you know what everyone here is thinking…….reminds me of Trump.

            You seem to get the meaning of what I say..LOL.

            Oh I shouldn’t laugh at you…….this being a #darkblog and all………LOL. I knew you’d be bashing this blog to the racists.

            “You are considered a little fragile and they don’t want to offend you.”

            Yea most people here are nice to each other………one person comes here to fight. I don’t think anyone’s ever called me fragile.

            If you are having a problem finding that block button it right under the down arrow.

            Im going to bed now… been a good laugh tonight. Thanks

          • Being called “a little fragile” by someone who deletes his past posts and tweets and who dedicated an alternate screen name to you as well as online research… is some cognitive dissonance for sure…

          • The sad thing is, Cece, that he thinks absolutely everything is about him. He thought that I meant him in my reply to Sonnyflon about not being the most annoying poster. I meant the one who, more or less, called Patti Ann Browne a sl*t after I posted a video of her and Jenna Lee. As far as I am concerned, that one no longer exists.

          • Don’t worry about it. He’s just three steps up from Sonny Flon.

            Same animus/weird attraction to us.

          • Bullshite. His second paragraph isn’t indecipherable.

            The first sentence of it paraphrases you…The rest of it attempts to illustrate inconsistency in your treatment of Gax…calling two people racists…vs the stooges labeling many of their contrarians that,…Mr. Cement.

          • Oh, poor baby. I remember your saying in your pique before the election that a reason for your having an alternate Disqus screen name (besides the disturbing and weird Gaxter Avenger ..or sumpthin’ identity you took on) is that you didn’t want posters at other sites to know that you associate with this place.

            That warmed the cockles of everyone’s heart…

            Might you slum it elsewhere where you’re more appreciated?

  3. Aslan is the name of the Christ or Christ-like character in the C.S. Lewis’ Narnia books.

    Wonder if that’s Rezia Aslan’s birth surname.

    • There’s probably something more to that than just the recent thing ,that Huggy Glenn Beck story I read last week might have been a clue. I do think she leaves the Blaze soon though.

        • Yeah. I’ve seen parts of her show (couldn’t make it all the way through) and it was pretty boring. Don’t know how here ratings were but it seemed like Beck got ahead of himself by giving her a show of her own….she is not as articulate and as well thought out as, say, Dana Lasch is.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Voodoo goat slaughter
    4 doesn’t take Christianity
    3 Maddow’s tax fiasco
    2 badly bungled
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Pribila: My pick for FNC’s next breakout star.

  5. Fox put on a special edition of “The Five” instead of O’Bolling and still lost Friday night demo to Maddow.

    • Two quick thoughts — both which could be complete hogwash. 🙂

      Sometimes these multi-week ratings boosts have more to do with a very favorable and enticing extended news cycle than anything the host does.

      1. Take the Malaysian airliner. For weeks CNN tapped into an unsolved mysterious plane crash that captivated a lot of people who probably seldom watch cable news. Kind f like the “missing white girl” stories used to do for Nancy Grace — e.g., Natalee Holloway missing in Aruba.

      2. Dems, progressives and perhaps many indies are notorious for not being devotees of either talk radio or cable news regardless who is hosting. But once in a blue moon (or an orange one) a figure like Trump comes along who (along with his staff) make a lot of news that grabs their attention in ways other politicians and news memes did not. Sure Maddow gets some of the credit. But most of it is for the same reason Cooper & Don Lemon road the airliner news spike.

  6. Reports out that Judge Napolitano being “pulled” from Fox News. If true, I don’t agree with this decision. I can see a suspension for like a month followed by an on air retraction. But, he is still one of their best analysts and (along with Kennedy) a very eloquent spokesman for Libertarian principles.

        • TY 4 the link.

          “Not expected to return to an on-air role anytime soon.”

          Whoa! Perhaps he really has become the modern day — or 2017 — version of Dick Morris when he was at Fox News — as I wrote over the weekend.

          I do wish him well though. Nice man with a quick hearty laugh. But a loose cannon at times.

        • That is so ridiculous. The news organizations kept journalists who were found to be colluding with John Podesta in emails.

          And Fox can’t let Napolitano make a correction and move on?

          • I haven’t seen where anyone says he been fired…….just off the air……I cant see them firing him……….but Ive been wrong before……….if NBC could keep Brian Williams……I cant see how Fox can fire him over this………I’m still trying to figure out if the Dems are telling the truth about trump and Russia……..why the heck wasn’t the FBI wiretapping Trump and his people……….unless its all just a lie about trump and Russia.

            Fox News needs a good non-journalist legal person……….MSNBC is so biased hes unwatchable sometimes and CNN seems like hes never been in a court room……..Fox should have a great one….now that Greta gone….they need the Judge…..IMHO.

          • I’d merely like to see a media outlet take the tract that perhaps there could be something of a partisan effort going on to smear Trump, even if the Russians did hack the DNC.

            Why would the Obama Administration say they were gathering info on Trump and Russia in the last days of their tenure because the Trump people might destroy it…and then leak their allegations drip by drip?

            Why would Pres. Obama knock down the traditional walls between intelligence agencies (set up by Dems after Watergate) in order for more leaks to happen?

            I’d like them to occasionally note that the FBI told the DNC that their security was bad and that they were in danger of being hacked and the DNC did nothing. They didn’t even call the FBI back.

            Later when they were hacked, they refused to let the FBI examine their computers. They preferred an outside company. Why?

            No, you can link Trump all day long with the Russians, act as though it’s a foregone conclusion he plotted with them, but you can’t question if the moves by the other side weren’t an attempt to use partisans-cum-operatives engaging in statecraft against a political target in a way similar to Nixon tactics.

            No, questioning any motives other than Trump’s is grave sacrilege. You can survive colluding with Team Hillary during an election, but saying anything that means less onus on Trump…even if said inadvertently as with Rachel Maddow, means that you won’t escape a kick in the teeth by fellow media members.

            They aren’t truth seekers. They’re tyrants.


          • James Rosen on O’Reilly last night:


            “The Factor solicited reaction from Fox News correspondent James Rosen. “What we saw on display today,” Rosen reported, “was the difficulty that lawmakers have in holding James Comey to a consistent, coherent standard about what he discloses about FBI investigations. Director Comey seems at times to make up ‘Comey’s rules’ as he goes along. He confirmed that FBI agents are investigating coordination between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. But when it came to aspects of this story that are of equal public interest, such as whether Obama aides improperly accessed the names of Americans swept up in foreign surveillance, or whether they leaked classified material to the press, Comey’s own criteria of unusual circumstances and public interest suddenly didn’t apply. He couldn’t confirm whether FBI agents are also investigating these things.”‘

    • I agree with the decision because the Judge made the mistake of saying that “Fox News can report” rather than make the assertion and explain where he (not Fox) got the information.
      If “pulled” means fired I think that’s a tough call…..I wouldn’t let him go. Like you said I’d give him a second chance as long as he was willing to make an on-air correction and apology for speaking for the network when he wasn’t.

      On a side note – they should have made Kennedy the permanent 3rd co-host after Andrea Tantaros left. No offense to Megan McCain but Kennedy is smart as a whip and brings a different perspective to the discussion.

    • For the life of me, I can’t understand how the judge could have been so reckless. Basically saying the President had a candidate for his job wiretaped using the secret service of a foreign government is about as sensational charge I can imagine short of murder. And dragging the news department in on the sourcing? What was he thinking?

    • But once you’ve lost your credibility in the minds of the programming decision makers — as he appears to have possibly done — it’s tough to recover unless your name is Karl Rove.

      Just ask Dick Morris.

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