Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: flap; Press Secy
  • Reliable SourcesTrump fixated on Fox News; news vs opinion; priorities.
  • Halperin: Media shouldn’t be combatants against the people they cover.
  • Brazile finally admits helping Hillary cheat; video: The Five
  • This is CNN: Serial plagiarist Zakaria says on air Trump is ‘bullsh!tting’.
  • CNN on a seven-week losing streak. CNN to air pandemic documentary.
  • The Judge who helped trigger an international tempest; Wemple’s whine.
  • Airport sets TVs to FNC; complaints ensue.  Andrea Tantaros is appealing.
  • Video: James Rosen, Sunday talkers: preview.

92 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. You know what’s SHOCKING?
    I don’t believe anyone ever asked Hillary if she got leaked questions from Donna Brazile!

    • I’m pretty sure more than a few in the news division are not pleased the judge dragged them into this territory.

      • To my mind they should be less displeased than they should be asking the Judge six ways to Sunday exactly what was said, the credentials of whoever said it, does he know of any history of this being a maneuver under Bush or Clinton, etc.

        This outrage is coming from news people who think nothing of it being a foregone conclusion that Trump leaked his own tax returns (a distinct possibility) and who flatly made the case on Morning Joe last week that by Trump not dissing Putin and having business associates who have Russian business associates, categorically means that there’s “something there” in Trump colluding with Putin to throw the election.

        These people are only careful when it comes to circling the wagons around their precious iconic Mr. Chips or dishwater Mrs. Clinton.

        Fox News behaved cowardly in not saying that though these were not sources they had vetted, they trust Judge Nap and would be perusing this info as should the rest of the media.

    • I usually find hm entertaining. But is a bit of an odd duck who marched to his own drummer didn’t he.

      Reported back in 2010 that by his own admission he was a 9/11 truther.

      Then in 2014 Napolitano expressed disdain for Abraham Lincoln
      on Fox News. He explained that “I am a contrarian on Abraham Lincoln.”
      Slavery in the U.S., according to Napolitano, while one of the most
      deplorable institutions in human history, could have been done away with
      through peaceful means, which would have saved the bloodiest conflict
      in American history.

      • Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus illegally. Not the sole illegal act committed by a president, but if you are going to bring it up it would be correct to say why. Especially with immigration today taking thousands of American citizen’s Phones and Laptops and sucking their contents out in hope of finding evidence against the American as they enter their own country. “Show me your papers now”.

        • Great rebutal GC if that was my position.

          What I was saying (instead) was that many consider Judge Nap a bit of an odd duck for taking multiple positions out of the mainstream…sometimes even venturing into Alex Jones territory. But he is entertaining.


          • When it comes to Federal Judges is he out of the mainstream when it comes to Lincoln? How about FDR putting thousand of Americans in camps in WW2? I wonder what judges really think about them doing that.

            Anytime I hear people talk about being sacred of what Trump may do……I just want to tell them to pick up a history book.

          • I was simply saying his criticism of Lincoln is out of the mainstream. Abe is extremely popular in case yo hadn’t heard. /sarc-tease

            If you choose to cite a sub-group of the mainstream (Federal Judges) as an exception to my point, I’m sorry…but I respectfully don’t see how that rebuts my statement.

            Same goes for the FDR tangent.

          • Well……..I used Judges because he a judge…..not unlike you using the fact that its OK for the DRS™ targeting Blacks they think may be Democrats on Fox News and they don’t like people of color who don’t agree with them……its all about experiences.

            I agree he out of the mainstream of most Americans…..most of which have NO idea what Lincoln did with Habeas Corpus……I would also agree that a large majority of American especially Young ones have no idea what FDR did to innocent Americans in WW2.

          • You missed my point that I was making a larger argument. Hmmm.

            Offering minor exceptions to my larger point is like saying some slave masters were nice people to someone who had just cited some yokel who was a supporter of slavery. Ha Ha!

            That’s okay.

          • Oh, now that was funny. Kudos.

            I like it when you join me in making fun of Nixon falsely and baselessly accusing commenters of being fascinated with race.

            TRY THIS INSTEAD:
            Or, saying some Nazis were nice people to someone who had just cited some yokel who was a Holocaust denier and skinhead.

          • Well I wouldn’t go that far…..Nixon does have a point however…….you do talk about Race a lot…also…..what political party people belong to and how they voted seems important to you….weird on a media site.

            I don’t think the race thing would have entered Nixon’s mind if you didn’t spend so much time making excuses for the DRS™. when they target people of color on Fox News.

            I admit it entered my mind also when I saw the “joke” about all whites looking a like last week.

          • I think you and a few others try a little too hard to find things to argue about with people whose political views and views of Fox News personalities don’t align with theirs.

            The lack of a sense of humor by some commenters is also showing when they don’t get the obvious joke I made about all white women look alike … failing to acknowledge what should be my obvious defense of women, gays, blacks and Hispanics for over three years on this site.

            Again…just a little too armed and ready for an argument. I see it daily where commenters will pick some petty tangential issues out of my comment to argue about.

          • Could be why fewer than 30 of the 1000+ daily site visitors choose to post.

            Or they come here for Larry’s excellent quips.

            I can’t quite decide.

          • Or maybe most don’t read the comments are all or just aren’t interested in commenting.

            I read medaite a few times a day…….cant remember the last time I commented………I read ICN daily…..rarely comment……..I read The Hill……Ive never commented…….Read politico………been so long since Ive commented cant remember the year……and so on and so on.

            Doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with who comments there or who doesn’t.

          • It’s hard to find out whether less than 2% of site visitors commenting is unusually low as I had suggested.

            You make a valid point for inquiry.

            TVNewser is also on the low side and someone like Betsy Rothstein sees many days where her column gets no comments at all — or often less than 10.

          • Many people are so dumb that they think that Habeas Corpus is a Texas city located on the Gulf.

          • He jailed innocent Americans for not following price controls in the NIRA known as the NRA as well. He also repeatedly used the IRS against his political enemies and ran voter fraud operations from Newark to Kansas city. It is all in da books, just not Goodwin’s

          • Okay.

            So the Ducks play Michigan Thursday as a 1.5 point underdog.

            Good luck.

            Not bad for a team who lost star player Chris Boucher to a season-ending knee injury about 10 days ago.

    • Ever since the Snowden leaks, Judge Nap has been making false and misleading statements about what the NSA does. in his legal analysis. He routinely conflates capability with action targeting US Persons. He is still doing it today. He constantly misuses words to describe methods. His dislike of the NSA is evident and that has led him down a rabbit hole with his GCHQ BS. (Some acronyms pass the test of time).

          • Because you say he beefs about the NSA “targeting US persons”?

            What does Napolitano claim that the NSA is doing to these persons?

          • “US Persons” is a term used in surveillance legislation, rules and protocols to define a class of people. Judge Nap and others usually say “Americans” which is legally inprecise.
            Napolitano often says “The NSA is spying on Americans.”

          • And you say that Nap is assuming that the NSA is spying on Americans because the agency has the capability to spy on them?

          • It’s in my original post, plus some other distortions I didn’t articulate. Judge Nap makes a multitude of errors of different types. His use of the word “spying” is misleading. The NSA does not spy, it is not a spy agency. He calls collection of metadata spying or surveilling. It is neither. HE continues to use the phrase “without a warrant.” He has no clue about the intense restrictions, both legislatively and procedurally. placed on the agencies involve in COMINT.

          • The NSA is a DOD agency. They gather FOREIGN intelligence, not domestic. The NSA, by law, can’t even apply for a warrant to surveil US Persons. That’s the pervue of the FBI and other LAW ENFORCEMENT agencies.

          • You are absolutely correct. My father was stationed for a while at NSA Headquarters when he was assigned to the old Army Security Agency (now INSCOM). My niece retired from there after 20 years. I have zero idea what their jobs were. It was none of my business.

          • Napolitano is a libertarian and they often tend to hyperbole in matters of intelligence gathering (as well as others).

            I didn’t know if you were talking about some new and more specific claim that he made. You seemed to be saying the judge thinks the NSA spies on Americans because it can, but I wasn’t sure.

            I thought that the president did have leeway to do warrantless spying via the NSA data gathering in certain must-act-now situations and go to the FISA folks later.

            That upsets libertarians and upset liberals as well until Our Mr. Chips came into office.


          • A couple things. First, from the “intercept” article — “…Reagan-era executive order that gives the NSA virtually unlimited authority to intercept communications abroad.” For the purposes of this discussion, “abroad” means foreign;)
            Secondly, I keep trying to say that Judge Nap does not limit his hyperbole (false claims) to a single category. He does conflate NSA capabilities used against foreign targets with possible abuses against US Persons.
            This conversation is spreading beyond the cable news domain. Briefly, the telephony metadata program required a FBI warrant to go beyond a foreign ph# known to be terrorism connected in contact with a US ph#. Look up Sec 215. The must act now situations don’t involve metadata, are approved by a host of DOJ, FBI, DNI mucky-mucks while a warrant is in the process of being secured. Doesn’t involve the NSA other than foreign intercepts which don’t require a warrant. The FISA (A stands for Act) has been changed re collection and storage of metadata. Sec 702 of the FISA involves the internet. Info available on line, some is actually accurate.

  2. I always thought Andrea Tantaros is very appealing! Not as much as Julie Banderas, but close.

  3. Donna Brazile leaves her gig at the DNC and realizes, shopping for a job, she is poison as a media hire. Hence the contrition.

  4. Zakaria says on air Trump is ‘bullsh!tting’. I bet he stole that from somebody at the CNN water cooler.

    Played tape of Trump’s crack in yesterday’s press conference about having something in common with Germany’s Merkel (wire tapped by Obama). Cuts off part where everyone laughs. Not even Shep did that. Says it created “an international incident” (they wish). Concluded “hard lessons are being learned at the White House” (they wish).

    Bias as transparent as the screen protector on my iphone, but I’m guessing they can’t see that or see that the viewers might.

    • And didn’t Brian Stelter just spend since January talking about how invaluable anonymous sources are in news reporting?

      Ben Bradlee was the only WP honcho to know the identity of Deep as Throat.

      All we’ve heard from in news reports is anonymous sources.

      Yet Fox threw Judge Napolitano under the bus so quickly he doesn’t know where he is yet.

  6. Thank you Chuck Berry for all the great dance music when I was a teenager and into my 20s.

    Perhaps this homage by the wonderful Michael J. Fox in the movie Back to the Future honors you best.

    Anyone feel like dancin’? The only dance I knew…but it served me well.

    Rest In Peace

  7. Trivia: The last twitter response I ever got from Jake Tapper was when I suggested he had done such a fine job that I figured Gaza had launched a rocket at Israel with his name painted on it.

  8. To steal a Newsweek headline, it could be a fun entertaining, newsy week.

    “Comey Hearing (MON), Gorsuch Testimony (MON), Trumpcare Vote (THU?) Top Hectic Week in Congress”

    Enjoy…even though it may be a DVR challenge for some of us if some of these last past Wednesday when we have THU-FRI March Madness games also.

    • Monday may not be that bad…..in the Gorsuch hearing I heard that most of the day maybe the entire day the 21 members will be giving opening statements…..I think Ill skip that.

      • Good point.

        I think I’ll fast forward through that also.

        Like car racing Gatxer, I come for the crashes.

        If Gorsuch was an Obama pick, I would skip most of the questioning by Dems.

        Conversely, since he’s a Trump pick I will probably mostly skip the Republican questioners. I’m funny that way. I want max entertainment value. 🙂

      • It’s sure distracting commenters early Monday — or so it seems.

        Only a handful (less than 5) of comments since 8 a.m. ET.

  9. Is this CNN’s week to catch a break — or is it slowly slipping into irrelevance as many on the Right and perhaps some on the Left would no. doubt claim?

    To wit:
    • MediaBuzz spent significant time (multiple segments) criticizing MSNBC — or as they call it “NBC” because of Rachel Maddow’s ’embarrassment’.
    • Reliable Sources did similarly with Fox News becuase of Judge Napolitano’s ’embarassment’.

    Meanwhile primetime ratings challenged CNN goes unscathed and unnoticed. Poor babies.

  10. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 international tempest / sketch artist extraordinaire (tie)
    4 seven-week losing streak
    3 hash it out
    2 complaints ensue
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Andrea Tantaros is appealing.

  11. Looks like the Comey hearing might be a dud — at least for TV viewers — based on his statement that there’s not much he can reveal in this forum.

    So far Mr. Nunez seems to be doing his part to defend his party’s President — which I would suspect might be the case if the shoe was on the other foot. That is a Dem prez and a Dem committee chairmperson.

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