Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Tucker Carlson-Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Watters asks Trump whom he’d fire: Schumer, Baldwin, or Zucker?
  • Wednesday’s numbers: Tucker Carlson-O’Reilly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Smith keeps Judge Nap at arm’s length; TCG: Shep’s strange disclaimer.
  • Perino: How I reset my heart after the election…my visit to Mercy Ships.
  • Videos: on the tax leak; Tucker vs
  • CNN ‘pointed gun’ story rebutted by both Hannity and Juan. Sean erupts.
  • Terms of Megyn Kelly’s Fox exit still unsettled.  Hibbs: Megyn comes home.

107 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Rather sad that CNN’s Media critics Stelter and Byers primary focus is Fox News and they rely on fake sites like MMA.

  2. If your name is Kelly, this is your day. Bowl of Lucky Charms for breakfast, corned beef and cabbage for supper.

      • “drag race into it”


        How? That is just pure fiction. No racial references were made. Please confine your criticism to what was actually said.

        • Several mixed race or ‘ethnic’ anchors have tried and failed on other channels like Soledad O’Brien (CNN), Alex Wagner (MSNBC) and Melissa Harris-Perry (MSNBC).

          Add that to your strange “grammar school” comments after gcblue’s vulgar attack on PAB, and it adds up. The Left is obsessed with race. In ways that most mixed race or non-whites don’t even think about. Most people are too busy trying to live their own lives.

          • Any suggestion that comment is racist is so far afield I have no chance of bringing your imaginary thinking back to a landing point on planet earth.

            That’s really out there my friend.

          • I never said that it was racist. I simply said that I couldn’t understand the obsession, or mabye I should say, fascination with someone’s race,.

            And, for the record, I do not consider you a friend.

          • So you don’t think the success rates for non-white women is not as good as that for white women in hosting cable news shows, which makes Julie’s tenure all that more impressive?

            That’s all I was saying. To observe a discrepancy should never be considered being “fascinated with race.”

            I think you work a little too hard to find things to argue about with those whose politics you don’t share.

          • And I was saying is “What is the obsession with race?” Mabye Julie has done better than those you cited simply because she is better. That is all. You don’t need to hunt for a reason other than that.

          • Okay.

            We can end on a point of agreement then. Julie has done quite well as a weekend reporter and anchor.

          • Not a touchy subject, but creative editing on your part, once again. And, considering where those three worked at, I’m sure that their leftist bosses took race into account when scheduling them. And they failed simply because they weren’t that good. And one of them wore tampon ear rings, I guess in an attempt to prove she was unbalanced.

          • Like I said Nixon, I’ll leave it for others to speculate on why Julie was not given the same opportunity…regardless of whether any of the other three ever got decent ratings. BTW, I believe Soledad anchored as long as Julie — five years. Or am I wrong?

            I actually thought Alex Wagner showed real promise just like I do with Trish Regan on Fox Business, who I hope gets an FNC weekday gig someday soon.

            Hope I don’t go 0 for 2. 🙂

          • Alex Wagner was NOT personable. She had a smirk on her face all the time and was Vey condescending when she talked about those she disagreed with.

          • You mean kinda like Tucker Carlson.


            Sorry…I couldn’t resist. That was a slow pitch right over the plate.

            Have a good weekend Pam.

          • See, there you go again. You ASSUME something which has no basis in fact. Christie’s aggressive style may sit very well with us goofy Midwesterners. Didn’t many in the Midwest just vote for a fighter? Ask HRC how passive those Midwesterners are!
            Dear Lord man, you can’t even see how you your world view is filled with stereotypes.

          • First of all, I said, “Outside the northeast.” So I am not talking about just the Midwest…although this area is known for “Minnesota nice” and other welcoming, friendly and more cordial parts of the country like the city of Chicago, the state of Iowa and the Dakotas…which are very inclined to gravitate toward and appreciate people just like them. It’s called human nature.

            “Will Chris Christie’s brash style be a boon or a bust in 2016?”

            “Chris Christie’s brash style comes under scrutiny as he eyes 2016”

            “The visual image of a loud, big, middle-aged man yelling at a smaller
            woman is not one that would probably go over well in the Midwest.”
            ~ The American Conservative
            We may simply have a stalemate on this one and decided to agree to disagree…a resolution that seems to inexplicably annoy some of the commenters here. [wry smile]

          • Evidently, the same was true for New York’s Rep.Rick Lazio who ran into a bit of trouble for being ‘too aggressive’ with Mrs Clinton during the Democratic primary in 2008.

            Evidently, those tough ole New Yorkers were disapproving.

            You’d do much better if you realized that these dynamics aren’t regional. There are expectations for women that sorta go across the board in our society. Unfortunately.

            It wasn’t for lack of mid-western eyeballs that Goldie, Melissa, et al ….were goners.

          • I’ll tell you GC if you’ll tell us what FNS means in your comments.

            Just teasing…it’s Patti Ann Browne.

            Of course for we retired software engineers it will always mean “Personal Address Book.”

          • i do not know who that is but i suspect it is the redhead he swooned over and i made the comment about liking morenos. i thought he was joking in his response to me. i agree w/ nix you white people are a little or a lot removed from a not white experience but whether something is racist is almost always contextual. Nix likes red heads, if he said they were all stupid that would prejudice, that he likes them that is a sane preference. It is different everywhere. i am still opening , eyes everytime i hear a mom, grandma or wife refer to “my negra preciosa, or bonita chinita. You can get oversensitized. Bottom line let each person’s behavior define them.

          • “i thought he was joking in his response to me.”

            Really? Isn’t a joke suppose to have at least a minuscule of humor?

            I’m not sure what you mean by defending Nixon against charges of racism. I must have missed where someone accused him of that — which would be a mistake. Do you have an example?

          • no one accused him of racism that i know, certainly not me. i thought he was joking because he had never said anything like that to me and i did not put down his swoon i crudely noted mine. no mas, no menos, no racism.

          • Okay.

            Apparently I interpreted this comment incorrectly, “Nix likes red heads, if he said they were all stupid that would prejudice.” It happens…especially when I’m also watching basketball.

        • I posted your reference. Please read before you creatively edit your posts. It makes you look foolish.

          • Seek and you shall find.

            Years ago Joe Remi admirably defends Native Americans — however large or small — who have a problem with the Washington Redskins name and you choose to argue with him and my implication many of your own people. And still carry some inexplicable grudge years later.

            Then there is me — a supporter of immigration reform and ‘Dreamers — who made an innocent observation about how ‘different’ it is to drive by a grammar school in Hispanic neighbors in San Diego — and uncharacteristically see no blondes or redheads on a school yard with over 100 kids.Somehow for you this is being racially insensitive.

            Harris Faulkner supports a known bigot like Donald Trump…and this somehow bothers you that some of us who defend disenfranchised and low income blacks have issues with Harris.

            I show empathy for the plight of non-white women getting weekday hosting gigs on cable news shows and somehow you see this as “an obsession with race.”

            It is you who needs to reexamine his attitudes about what is and what is not an “obsession with race” vs. a concern for many Native Americans, African Americans and Hispanics who often find little support from conservatives and others whose political attitudes you share.

          • Remi defended them by calling me a savage and calling my people “throwbacks to the Stone Age.” Mabye he was drunk. I don’t care. By the way, I only object to the use of tribe when you and your ilk use it. But, you couldn’t let this crap drop. And I do not need to reexamine one damn thing. What in the hell do you know about being non-white? You simply want to agitate. Leave me the hell alone.

          • I am going to reply when you accuse me of having an “obsession with race.”

            I would recommend that along with the informative J$P blog you also seek out other less monolithic blogs — even Twitter.

            Hiding behind the safety of a virtual monolithic blog like J$P is impacting your ability to get helpful feedback which would broaden your notion of what is truly an “obsession with race.”

            You wouldn’t be able to proffer so many indefensible claims when there are others who take more moderate pro-minority and pro-women positions — who can educate you.

            Broaden your horizons. You seem mired in a far right time warp. An open mind is a terrible thing to waste. So is carrying a 5-year-old grudge with Joe Remi. Not good for the GI tract. You might want to develop some semblance of a sense of humor while you’re at it. You’ll live longer.

            Lose the anger towards those whose politics you don’t share. Is there no one in your life from the Left? It sounds like for you and homemaker the answer may be NO. I think even the ultra conservative gcblues has liberal friends.

          • none…lol

            Seriously though, enjoy your evening…no hard feelings.

            Watch a good comedy. May I recommend McCarthy and Bullock in the buddy cop comedy “The Heat.”

            Melissa had me in stitches.

          • Yes, it’s just unfathomable from reading your posts that Nixon is unable to discern that you are an open-minded crusader against groupthink, stereotyping, tribalism, and cliche.

            Oh, well, you tried…

          • I do think we should be able to argue the content of the comment without attacking or making snarky remarks about someone’s commenting style as creative editing, misrepresenting their history (i.e., a personality “switch from Aaron into Roy” whoever they are).

            And last but not least suggesting an “obsession with race” where none exists and accusing them of being a racist awhile back…EVEN IF ANY OF THESE WERE TRUE. Go after the comment — not the commenter.

            To be clear — if responding to an attack, I don’t mean to argue against snark. Have at it as long as the attack was against you and not against one of your tag team teammates.

            Enjoy your Sunday. Smile and be happy is what I always say.

          • You do realize you’d be hard pressed to find any examples of where I initiated the snark or baseless attacks.

            Am I going to counterpunch? Of course, but I rarely punch first. Kinda like what your guy Trump says, right? 🙂

          • Just little quips (and inuendoes) like your last statement and then with the smiley faces.

            Don’t ask me to act like you’ve not got us all screwed, glued, and tattooed on some polemical pole that starts with a Midwest Archie Bunker and ends with David Duke.

            I understand you’re here because we’re adult and fairly intelligent in your book.

            Well, we’re smart enough to pick up all your tribal condescension and creepy clown leanings. And to bust you for it too.

          • As I have repeatedly challenged all takers — please show me one example in an ORIGINAL POST — not a reply — where I attacked anyone.

            Unless you want to include calling Gatxer out for calling someone a racist. This was hardly troll behavior…or even inappropriate.

            Your distorted recollection is simply not supported by the facts. Prove me wrong with an example I dare you. But I won’t hold my breath.

            Need I remind you that this entire chain of events was triggered by homemaker’s violation of Johnny’s terms by attacking me on Thursday for simply offering constructive criticism of Julie Banderas.

          • Thanks sweetie.

            Although given the political cesspool some of you dwell in isn’t HOLD YOUR NOSE more appropriate?

          • Indeed! That’s EXACTLY the vibe that you unfailingly emit no matter how many smiley faces you add.

            Thank you!

          • The smiley faces are so some of you humorless gubers — not you, Larry, Granda D and a few others — know I am commenting with a lighter touch than the usual harsh rhetoric your tag team members are accustomed to…with some exceptions of course.

            Try not to lose any sleep over your continuing obsession with my emoticons.

            The next time I make a joke like the one I made about all white women look alike I may add up to 10 smiley faces for the benefit of the humor challenged (e.g., Gatxer & Nixon) among us.

          • I’ll leave that up to Larry Kelly.

            He’s very good at it.

            My wit and humor works better on Twitter with a politically diverse crowd where I just passed 300 followers.

            But not so well here at the J$P conservative octagon cage…where at least two neanderthals often mistake it for hate speech. Which is actually kind of funny in a strange way.

          • The blogs reputation elsewhere is that commenters here will unmercifully try to crush you and vanquish you from J$P — often as a team — if you dare veer from their stated purpose. Namely, to defend, promote and protect Fox News and almost every employee except Geraldo and Shep.

          • Johnny’s Blog: Come for the cable news links, stay for the quirky characters and the scathing attacks.

          • you ever wonder why the only person who feels he gets “attacked” is you?
            Ever wonder why?
            If you want to see a real attack go to the DRN™ and say something like….Fox News did a ok job…….and you see what a attack is really like……stop pretending to be a victim.

          • Oh, he had his denudement tonight with the “political cesspool” comment.

            I saved it in case he went back to edit.

            He does that or deletes his comments entirely.

            He then types a statement into the empty box that implies if he didn’t delete his comment, it will be altered somehow…via Johnny, I guess.

            Nice guy.

          • Making implications about something I don’t do (like go around altering people’s comments because I disagree with them) is how a blog can get a “reputation elsewhere” that’s based on little more than disinformation.

          • I explained below Johnny.

            If I misunderstood your recommendation for proper steps to delete a comment, let me know.

          • I don’t remember that recommendation but I have no doubt that I said it. After moderating comments for more than a decade I’m lucky if I can remember what page they’re on, let alone all the ideas that pop into my head when responding to someone. So don’t mind me…carry on.

          • “He then types a statement into the empty box that implies if he didn’t delete his comment, it would be altered somehow…via Johnny, I guess.”

            WTF are you talking about? Johnny once mentioned that it would be nice if people would write something like ‘deleted by commenter’ prior to deletion. He had his reasons — but he would have to refresh our collective memories as to what his reason was.

            And yes some times I edit out harsh in the moment parts of comments as I did today … and left a ‘courtesy’ mention ETA about what I had done.

            I also said the other day that I sometimes edit for clarity…a comment you complimented me about. Notice that Nixon was unable to provide any evidence of what he mistakenly claimed was “creative editing” — apparently under the false impression that I was trying to deceive.

            When you’re watching March Madness, replying to attacks from three people and doing Google searches to try to be accurate sometimes at my age I find I completed wrote a badly constructed sentence or grammatical error and made a correction. When you get to be my age Cecelia you’ll understand.

            The “cesspool” snark about where some of you dwell was in response to your kind snark that “I stop breathing.” I was not calling the site a “cesspool” — only the ‘figurative’ dark attack dog place some commenters go.

            Does it mean I won when over the last four days you, Gatxer, Kelly, homemaker and Nixon can find nothing legitimate to criticize — so you just make stuff up like you did in your comment?

            This is new.

          • I can understand editing for clarity, Michael T, but erasing the entire comment is more than a bit overboard.

            It’s outright paranoia.

            And quit lambasting other posters in your responses to me. We know where you stand with this site and its commenters. And for all your knocks about its low commenter population, the little fishbowl thing is a reason you’re here.

          • “I can understand editing for clarity, Michael T, but erasing the entire comment is more than a bit overboard.”

            You need to stop this silly effort to define intent. It’s really unfair to falsely accuse someone — and I mean multiple times. It’s clear you just want to confront me with baseless accusations because we often disagree and don’t particularly like each other. STOP IT!!

            You had posted some cryptic nondescript post about “linked and link” and I was going to ask you to explain. But then decided I didn’t really care — I had enough on my plate replying to others.

            So I deleted the comment within minutes of posting it.

          • Speaking of assigning intent…

            I didn’t mean to be cryptic.

            I meant that you can link the non-commenting visitors who come to this site to their interest in Johnny’s links.

            You implied THEIR INTENT in not commenting as being their seeing that we’re Fox fundies who will beat them up.

          • I agree. TY for the explanation.

            But there’s little doubt that some see the extended hostile threads that break out and decide they want no part of that.

            How many? Of course, it’s impossible to know. I only know of four people who stopped posting here — and for each of them feuds were one of the reasons and in some cases the only reason.

          • Or Santana’s Evil Ways
            You’ve got to change your evil ways, baby
            This can’t go on, Lord knows you got to change, baby

            Or how about Judas Priest’s Touch of Evil?
            I’m so afraid
            But I still feed the flame (nervously posting at $ blog)

          • elsewhere????
            Where????……Ive never see that come from anybody anywhere except the Disgraced Racists Newshounds™ or their puppets even suggest that.

            Since I read “most” of the major media blogs Id like to see that.

            IMHO we just dont allow you to come here and lie about Fox News unless you can back it up with those pesky things called FACTS.

          • You don’t read enough Mediaite comments then.

            “IMHO we just dont allow you to come here and lie about Fox News.”

            God, if only that were true.

            BTW, I am still waiting for that list of Republican moderates who comment here. I can’t say I am surprised. There as rare here as a Tucker Carlson best dressed award.

          • NO…….its filled with wackjobs on both sides……..sorry you take anything there as truth…..not surprised mind you…..just sorry.

            So you take what we say here as the complete truth about the Disgraced Racists Newshounds™ website right?

          • This character and his handlers know that. Just keep in mind we see that and discount it to valueless.

          • I would respond Larry.

            But I need to check with my “handlers” first.

            Damn. If I only knew who they were. What’s a guy to do?

          • Name the moderates. I’ll wait.

            Can you name a single commenter who is not a conservative or at a minimum a Hillary/CNN/MSNBC/NY Times hater? And don’t name yourself Mr. Trump defender, because I am not going to believe you. The facts speak for themselves.

            Why can’t you admit the obvious just like your stubborn denial that most Dems not liking black conservatives doesn’t make them racists? C’mon.

            Once again you inexplicably decided to take the discussion out into left field with your anti-Trump misrepresentation.

            You are the oddest debater I think I have ever encountered. Going off on tangents is so ingrained in your replies. Not sure where that comes from. Transitioning once old topics have been agreed to seems so foreign to you.

            You never budge — or at least very rarely…failing to acknowledge that in almost every debate there are points made by both sides.

          • You think I’m a Trumper MT….enough said.

            Facts don’t matter….I don’t think trumps the devil……so I must be a Tumper.

            You are almost as bad as the Disgraced Racist Stooges™ don’t disagree or whine about everything Trump says… become a Trumper.

            I’m not going to name people by party……that’s up to them……but if you think all of the thousand people who come here everyday are all Far left or right wing……..I wont even try to to help you out of that stooge bubble you seem stuck in

            Now if just mean the daily commenters….you maybe right…..frankly I don’t pay attention to people by who the vote for………but if the right wingers keep the other sides away………what on earth are you still doing here?

            We certainly in the past had daily comments from all side’s and they still popup from time to time. Much more of both sides than you will ever see at other sites…….like the Disgraced racist Newshounds™.

          • .”Now if just mean the daily commenters….you maybe right…”

            Yay!! I guess I won’t have to turn into a lowlife and renege on that dinner I owe you after all.

            “if the right wingers keep the other sides away………what on earth are you still doing here?”

            Good question…I suppose many of the tag teamers wonder the same thing.

            The simple answer is I enjoy discussing cable news. But some here are quite sensitive about reviews — not attacks — of certain Fox News anchors and hosts.

            Julie Banderas is too aggressive.
            Tucker Carlson needs a wardrobe consultant (wrinkled collar)
            Harris Faulkner is surprisingly very pro Trump
            Bill O’Reilly is NOT surprisingly very pro Trump
            Judge Pirro is shrill
            Howard Kurtz would draw a bigger audience if he wasn’t so pro Trump IMHO

            Why people respond so angrily is puzzling. it’s not like I am calling them names.

          • You commented here for years. You even managed to disagree without being molested.

            Let me remind you that you denounced us. You went after people here on behalf of Iceman and even said you were going to try to expose Nixon as lying about not having a twitter account…Who knows what he did to you.

            At least five times you flatly stated that you wouldn’t be caught dead here…in so many words.

            You raked us over the coals here and on Twitter, and under two twitter accounts.

            Spare me the stuff about your being picked-on.

          • Ancient history including factual inaccuracies.

            It was Gatxer not Nixon.

            Yes, I would denounce any website not calling out a commenter (Gatxer) for making false accusations.

            I never said I was picked on. I said some commenters here are too anxious to find petty issues with commenters whose general opinions and politics they don’t share. That is not being picked on. And don’t deny there is some tag team piling on that occurs here against more than one commenter.

            Let’s move on. Once again you’re venting because we don’t like each other.

            Dial back the anger and ad hominems. Okay?

            This is a website about cable news. Not about venting your personal grudges,

          • No, you said you were going to try and find a twitter account on Nixon too, because you thought he was lying about not having one.

            You may have tweeted it.

            And you had no trouble venting a personal grudge against Gax. You took delight in charging him here of tweeting porn.

          • You did say that, Michael. We both know you did write that you were going to check up on Nixon as per lying about not having a twitter account.

            Don’t reference your criticisms about us and our style and then call it ancient history when reminded that you went off the wall last year and threatened to expose people for lying about secret accounts.

            That you tried to humiliate a poster here because you didn’t agree with quarrel he had with someone else.

            That you blasted us repeatedly here and on Twitter under two accounts.

            You’re getting as good as you’re giving, and you truly do have a very tenuous grasp on reality.

          • Oh, yeah, the monolithic tag-teaming Fox-freak bullies remember your off-the-wall behavior very well.

            More than happy to remind you of that and your of declarations of never coming back here.

  3. Shep is having trouble coping in his network partially favorable to the Trump administration. I’m afraid his head may explode.

  4. REAL TIME with BILL MAHER tonight with guests Jake Tapper, Barney Frank, Andrew Sullivan, and a Democrat congressman from RI.
    You can’t even subtitle this one “with on unlucky Republican”. I’m betting they talk about Trump.

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