Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Somerby: People are finally noticing how ridiculous Maddow is.
  • Lien Forward: Trump attorneys mull legal action against MSNBC.
  • Tuesday’s numbers: Maddow-Lawrence O’Donnell-Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Rachel Maddow-O’Donnell 1-2-3.
  • Concha: Impartial CNN journo says Trump ‘looked like a third grader‘.
  • Tucker Carlson ‘did a splendid job‘ pressing Trump…says Erik Wemple!
  • Surprise: Millennials getting their news from cable, with Fox in the lead.
  • Five fast facts about Erin Burnett’s husband.   David Shuster resurfaces.
  • Fox & Friends video: her ‘wiretapping’ experience.
  • Sunday Showdown: MediaBuzz-Reliable tied in demo.  Weekend numbers.
  • CNN wants entrée to Canada press gallery.  Today’s cannibalism complaint.
  • FTV: Rachel Maddow insists it’s the viewers’ fault if they believed her hype.
  • Tonight Show videos:  Rachel Maddow with Jimmy Fallon
  • NBC fuming: never told about tax ‘scoop’, felt Maddow didn’t ‘really deliver’.
  • Chumley: Thanks to Maddow, Scarborough, MSNBC for the the comic relief.

25 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

    • I do like i24 news , even before he got there , but his show at 9et is pretty watchable and has more than one topic. Shuster can really say he’s been everywhere man…

  1. Interesting that Erin Burnett’s husband took 8 years to propose to her.
    They must have had some interesting moments during years 5-7, such as:

    Hubbie: Erin, can I ask you….
    Erin: Yes?
    Hubbie: I, uh,….will you….
    Erin: Yes??
    Hubbie: Will you be honest and tell me if you like this tie? I wasn’t sure when I picked it up if it went with this suit. What do you think?
    Erin: A tie? Seriously??

  2. Scarborough thinks he’s being cute by accusing Trump of sending his tax returns to MSNBC without any proof and then when Cohen calls him on it he gets to throw the “wiretapping” story back at him. In the end Scarborough just comes off as lacking in credibility as Cohen and Trump who have yet to back up the claim that Obama was wiretapping Trump Tower.

  3. Well, well…Nielsen apparently finally fixed their power outages issues and released Sunday mornings TV ratings.

    I finally got a prediction correct — which should be a clue as to why I stopped participating in the March Madness brackets craziness.

    MediaBuzz did beat Reliable Sources in total viewers (1,288K to 925K) as I had suggested four days ago.

    I watched the first 30 seconds of Brian Stelter’s preview of what’s on today and immediately pressed my TV’s power off button. What a bland show he announced.

    Prediction: I like both shows, but I predict Reliable Sources doesn’t beat Media Buzz this week either in the demo or total viewers.

    • That show still needs someone else, and I just don’t watch it because I feel that he kicked Sharyl when she was down. Otherwise i would be a regular viewer. But I am not in the demo so my reasons or whether my tv is on that channel on Sunday’s does not even count for a hill of beans. I think he is a pretty fair surveyor and sorter of opinions and biases at this time for Cable news, and his past before this show does not matter that much to me.

      • Sharyl Attkisson?

        Hmmm. I had not heard that…thought he was a huge fan.

        What did Kurtz say — or do?

  4. Re: Tuesday’s numbers: Maddow

    To which Geraldo was heard to have snarked.

    “Only 4 million. Pft! Talk to me when you get ‘real’ numbers.I pulled in 30 mil and the damn vault was empty. You at least had two pages.”


  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 ridiculous Maddow is
    4 resurfaces
    3 NBC fuming
    2 Five fast facts
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Chumley: Thanks to Maddow, Scarborough, MSNBC for the comic relief.

    • Is Julie Banderas still on Fox….haven’t seen her in ages (or I’m not watching enough on the weekends).

    • Not your typical ‘girl next door’ warm and friendly Ailes groomed anchor. I would smile more and not be quite so serious if I were her — for your older audience who tend to expect and appreciate that.

      But she’s a hot, hot, hot beautiful Columbian-American gal with lots of fire, passion and moxie in her telecast.

      I can see why she’s very popular with many Fox News regular viewers.

      Several mixed raced anchors have tried and failed on other channels like Soledad O’Brien (CNN), Alex Wagner (MSNBC) and Melissa Harris-Perry.

      Even though anyone who assumes a weekend anchor role has a bit of a built-in audience, since it’s Fox News — I do think Julie deserves full credit for her staying power…over eight years if memory serves.

      And who among us didn’t the love her take down of
      Shirley Phelps-Roper, former spokeswoman for the infamous Westboro Baptist Church.

      I’ve often joked that if I had just entered a dark alley and saw Julie at the other end I would immediately turn and run the other way screaming for my mommy. 🙂 The lady can be quite the fiery little pit bull.

      • “I would smile more and not be quite so serious if I were her — at least for many in her older audience in the Midwest who tend to expect and appreciate that.”
        That is just the biggest pile of horse manure (and I’m not a farmer, or never milked a cow, just in case you thought that, too!) I have read in a long time. What stereotyping you have done here.
        I’m from the Midwest & to some I may be older and her seriousness is just fine with this Midwest old fart. Please keep your left coast crappy sterotyping to yourself in the future.

        • You’re a Fox News loyalist — especially for Tucker — and politically conservative.

          I would be surprised if you didn’t feel that way.

          • We should still be civil toward each other.

            Remember that when you switch from Aaron into Roy and go off on somebody.

          • Fair enough.

            But so we r all clear on this…you’d be hard pressed to find a single example in the 3-4 years I’ve been on this blog where I struck first.

          • I think you should pass this bit of advice on to Banderas.

            She’s very accessible via Twitter and I know I’d like to read her response.

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