Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: Greg Gutfeld and the panel on
  • Steve Hilton gets Sunday night hour on Fox News: The Next Revolution.
  • Concha:  Maddow hands Trump ‘fake news’ ammo as social media jeer.
  • Somerby: Self-adoring circus clown starts media stampede over nothing.
  • Slate: Overhyped; Esquire: A nothingburger; Wrap: Will viewers defect?
  • Video: Kurtz on Maddow Wemple: Fox can’t handle her scoop.
  • AP: Bait and switch; Caller: Humiliating debacle; CNBC: A win for Trump.
  • Maddow ‘scoop‘, first reactions: Overhypedoverhyped…and overhyped.
  • Controversy swirls around Tucker Carlson segment involving Chatham, NJ.
  • Moscow slams ‘odious’ CNN Russia special.  Today’s cannibalism complaint.
  • Tucker videos: How in the 2016 election; analyzes.
  • Willow Bay resurfaces.   Big news for Ayman Mohyeldin.   Eagle trips up Shep.

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    • MSNBC needs to go back to reminding us how smart Maddow is… because it’s getting hard to figure that out on our own.

  1. Marianne Rafferty returned to FNC this morning. She’s back on the overnight shift but working out of the L.A. bureau.

  2. Q — What’s the difference between Rachael Maddow and Geraldo?
    A — Al Capone didn’t pay his taxes.

  3. NBC meddled? From what I read it was IDIOT Billy Bush bragging about a hidden video tape of TRUMP to all his coworkers

    • So Billy Bush was bragging about a video. Why didn’t he go to his producer with this tidbit and say we have a scoop? Then, and this was Tucker’s question and a good one, how in the hell did the WP get the tape? If NBC wanted it leaked why didn’t they share it on NBC Nightly News? And why no internal investigation by NBC about who leaked it? A strong possible conclusion is that someone high enough up in the food chain authorized the “leak” to the WP!
      NBC didn’t want the stain of a major news organization “is in the tank for HRC” so they leaked it to the WP to give them a degree of separation.

    • Some of this — as reported by the NY Post — begs the question, “If the intent of releasing the video by a ‘Today’ show staffer to WaPo was only to harm Trump, why not edit out the Bush part?”

      Otherwise this seems to lend credence to those who suggest one of the motives (perhaps the primary one) was to go after Bush who some staffers — and apparently Matt Lauer — could not stand.

  4. Retched Madcow……the gift that keeps on giving to Trump…..I would say the Russians might’ve hacked her brain, but she proved last night she hasn’t got one. Bwahahahaha!!!!!

  5. “Public Radio and Television Stations Face New Threat of Budget Cuts” is the headline over a Wall Street Journal article about proposed Trump administration budget cuts to the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and public broadcasting.
    Earlier this year Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO) introduced two bills, H.R. 726 and H.R. 727, to defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and National Public Radio (NPR).

  6. How bad does WEMPLE hate FNC to have penned his stupid quest for lemonade in Maddow’s mouth full of lemons?

  7. Re: “Willow Bay resurfaces”: Missing from experience is seven years co-hosting NBA Inside Stuff.

    Re: “Steve Hilton gets…”: The link is only available to Financial Times subscribers.

    • Whaddya think sky303?

      Was it leaked by WH?

      Is $150M (6%) income on a 2005 net worth of $2.5B surprisingly low?

      Is Geraldo Rivera the happiest camper of them all today, since that ‘Capone’s vault’ fiasco doesn’t look so bad by comparison?

      • If WH leaked it that would be : you want tax returns here you go have them!
        I honestly never knew how much he makes in a year.
        Nah It made people remember Geraldo and the Vault .

  8. Warning (for Larry K): Verbose Comment Alert 😊
    Re: “Tucker videos: How NBC meddled in the 2016 election

    Hmmm. Tucker’s report may cast doubt on a theory (or rumor) making the rounds on a few low profile blogs.

    Namely, that Andrew Lack is a staunch conservative….which could help explain a few instances where President Trump and NBC were not quite the rivals other news outlets were.

    Perhaps there’s a wink and a nod between Mr. Lack and the executive producer of “The Celebrity Apprentice” — aka the President — to a more amicable — quid pro quo or whatever you want to call it — arrangement than at some other outlets.

    • Matt Lauer’s September interview of Trump came under fire in some quarters for being too soft.
    • Lauer’s “Today” show interviews of Trump cabinet members…while not soft…don’t seem to be as aggressive as you might see by George Stephanopoulos or Chris Cuomo.
    • Mr. Lack played a role in promoting a Republican to anchor the Nightly News after BriWi was forced to step down.
    • If Lack had attended Brown University that may signal ‘lefty’ loud and clear. But he graduated from the conservative Boston U….which is about the same as the other home of so many conservatives…Dartmouth…with some exceptions of course.
    • Mr. Lack and his lieutenants have seen fit to hire two former Fox News hosts and possibly a third when rumors floated that he might also hire Gretchen Carlson.
    • Mr. Lack and his lieutenants revamped much of the dayside programming to make it more newsy and less politically liberal.
    • Sean Spicer sees fit to call on both an NBC and an MSNBC White House Correspondent most days — where the same can’t be said of other MSM outlets who don’t get a single question. This really confounds and amuses me.

    Does all this speculation about a (comparatively speaking) cordial relationship between Mr. Trump and Mr. Lack seem a little overblown…even when taken in its totality rather that disputing individual points? Perhaps.

    But when The Donald rarely takes twitter shots at NBC or MSNBC — with a few exceptions like Katy Tur (some of it teasing), Joe & Mika — it does seem like food for thought for some of us…preposterous as it may seem to others.

    But back to Tucker’s report…which does seem to suggest that Andrew Lack was part of the ‘cabal’ to take down Trump by releasing the Access Hollywood video. This seems to contradict to some extent the good feelings between Trump and Lack I suggested,

    No worries. I’m just having a little fun with a theory which may end up being totally baseless…or having some components which are both possible and also intriguing.

      • You don’t think many of the policies he supports are shard with many conservatives — not unlike Mr. Bill?

        • scotus A+, not a shred of evidence of anything conservative that he
          will push. He won’t get vouchers, federal industrial policy is FDRish. Abortion is illegal in leftist europe after 12 weeks. Strong defense not nation building used to be bipartisan. If he really cuts the fed workforce by 30 or 40% i would call that conservative. Keystone and the other wacko stuff is only opposed by very far left. Almost every inde and dem would like to see it easier to do biz. the save the earth people, i.e. libs are self identified max at 27%, historically much lower by your bud Gallop. He is more of an FDR wanna be to me. Now he was very popular and history is revealing a horrible horrible president that planted the seeds of almost all our problems. But my main objection is i think he is nuts, crackers. Technically has Malignant Narcissism.

        • Depends on what Trump you are talking about…….let remember that you twitter friends the DRS™ told people in the Primary’s he was a liberal Democrat……..he didn’t turn into a far Right Republican until he locked up the NOM.

          That said……Trump policy on Immigration (not including the travel ban) is very much like most Dems in the 90’s including BOTH Clinton’s…….Trump was pro-life…………didn’t Clinton pass a large Tax cut in the 90’s? He certainly is not more pro cop then Bill Clinton was in the 90’s……3 strikes and supper predators ring a bell?

          IMHO Trumps just a 90’s Democrat who didn’t change.

          • “Trumps just a 90’s Democrat.”

            Wow. Your comment borders on the bizarre IMHO.

            Sean Hannity and Rush disagree. 🙂

            Especially since I was referring to his policies — not his seemingly non-existent guiding principles and political ideology. Perhaps this is why we are so far apart.

            Seriously though, you’d have a difficult time using that argument — especially the 90s references — with most of his conservative supporters including the four I mentioned in my OP.

            I forgot to add the travel ban, rolling back the Clean Water Act and lessening some Wall Street regulations clearly puts him to the right of any moderate Republicans I know…either personally or on television.

            Now if you wanna talk about Paul Ryan…that’s a different story. His health care plan has triggered renewed rallying cries of, “He’s nothing but a big government Republican”…whether justified or not.

          • You overrate the tree huggers due to cali. save sardines or jobs? 80% jobs. Not a con test. Republicans are hardly all conservative. Not a single con i know supports any tax except a basic flat consumption tax, not VAT. end user one time like a sales tax.

          • Good thing mom — a lifelong Kennedy Democrat — is no longer with us. (Her heart simply gave out a few years ago at age 94. It was time. Life was a struggle.)

            She’d blow a gasket if she got wind of the fact it was I who was on the side of an argument arguing for Donald J. Trump’s conservative bona fides. Ha ha!!

          • Same with Reagan and the Republican party. Times change my friend.

            It’s entirely possible Kennedy and Reagan would have evolved with their parties.

          • Yes…..but Reagan wouldnt be at home with either party now.

            Ive been waiting for Trump to show his true colors and go back to his Dems roots…………may not happen…….but those roots only stopped a few years ago.

          • I could recommend some books on FDR. Likely you have the same access. However his personal memos and letters held by his family have only become available in the last 10 years or so. Very scary guy.

          • Novak’s “Prince of darkness” os a great resource for the transition we find ourselves in today. Very few remember scoop or rockefeller, he traces it all in detail in his last book. great read.

          • so do a lot of cons on FNS. I would like bair to interview CK on the changes in psychological evaluation. It is much more objective, specific, and out of the office behavior centered than in the old my mom’s psychoanalysis days. I would guess Nix could bear witness to the changes from “let me ask you about mom” to the the current criteria more based on total daily behavior. Maybe others here can shed personal light if they have applied for work requiring psych evals.

          • I haven’t had an eval since I was in the Air Force. I would say in ’92 or ’93. The standard screening test when I was in was the AFMAT. It was identical to the civilian MMPI. They would also do an regular interview for the Personnel Reliability Program.

          • Well of course Hannity and Rush agree…….just like the people who called HRC unqualified in 2008 suddenly thought she was the most qualified person to ever run in 2016.

            I say again the DRS™ and a heck of a lot of Republicans thought he was practical a Democrat in the Primary……that only changed when he won the Primary. See Glen Beck.

            His opinions before say mid 2015 put him left of HRC on many issues. At least the ones shes not a faker about like school choice.

          • “I say again the DRS™…”

            Love the new abbreviation. A nice compromise.

            And I haven’t forgotten I owe you dinner if you’re ever in San Diego over our bet on whether Trump’s Gallup numbers would go up or down after his combative press conference.

      • I write a 400 word comment about whether NBC/MSBC have a special relationship with Trump and you decide to focus on some ancillary unrelated topic about Trump’s conservative bona fides.

        Sorry George…but that’s just weird.

  9. I think I’ve figured out how to trick Financial Times so that you can now read the link about new Steve Hilton show without subscribing. At least it’s working for me.

    • My comments on brown would not be allowed. Just think of what ryhmes with brown…lol. A port for every ship.

      • Reminds me of driving by one of the grammar schools in one of many predominately Hispanic neighborhoods in the Greater San Diego area including Escondido, National City and Chula Vista.

        If you scan the playground or observe the line of kids getting on school buses at the end of the day — not a blonde or a redhead as far as the eye can see,

      • She has a stellar reputation. And I have nothing further to say to you. You no longer exist as far as I am concerned.

          • “52 pickup”
            Gee, I must have been in 3rd or 4th grade when I was first exposed to this prank more than 60 years ago.

            Your memory regarding trivia — song lyrics and pop culture references from decades ago — is amazing…even if there are some instances where you need a little help from Google.

            I said I would never want to play against Cecelia in Scrabble. With you it would definitely be Trivial Pursuit.

  10. Today’s most popular links:
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    2 trips up Shep
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Controversy swirls around Tucker Carlson segment involving Chatham, NJ.

    • Sure been entertaining here lately.

      I can’t imagine how dull it would be if Hillary had won.

      I think I found my silver lining…big time.

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