Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Steinberg: FNC says Megyn Kelly has been released from her contract.
  • Concha: Cronkite award judges don’t have a clue about real journalism.
  • Battaglio: Ainsley, Brian, and Steve speak out as Fox & Friends surges.
  • Extraordinary growth of Fox Business gives them new bragging rights.
  • Wemple spends 21 paragraphs not deciding if FNC is ‘mainstream media‘.
  • Bauder: Fueled by anti-Trump sentiment, Maddow’s popularity increases.
  • Factor video: Rep Dennis Kucinich was while in office.
  • CNN to end modern-day slavery with rallies, hashtags.  Parade of horribles.
  • FNC primed for upfronts.  Grand jury to hear evidence on Ailes settlements.

59 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Picking up on GATXER’s and homemaker’s legitimate complaints (late Monday) about news reports that don’t mention the party affiliation of the politician they are showing on camera.

    I’m jumping in because it’s a nice segue into two of my pet peeves — one on cable news and one on the networks.

    Admittedly, this one may put me in a minority because I have lived in (and have friends from) so many different cities and states. So I may be far more interested in the welfare of the citizens in a rural community in Iowa, Illinois or Nebraska (to name a few) than the average viewer.

    Here’s my beef:
    Would it kill the producers to simply add the city and state graphic in small font in the corner when showing tornado, snow storm, wildfire and flooding footage? Jeez. (In fairness, they do it some of the time.)

    Cable News Panel Discussions
    MSNBC seems to be the worst — but it also varies from one show to the next.

    My beef:
    Failure to briefly flash the guest’s name in the chyron in the first 10 seconds when the camera switches to them. Preferably every time they appear back on camera for those of us who do other things while watching TV…especially we old codgers.

    • Good golly I actually agree with your comments. The identification of who commenters are on all shows is truly lacking.

      • Wish they could ID all the questioners of Sean Spicer at the WH Daily Briefing as well.

        But there may be some logistics difficulties getting ALL their names displayed — so they don’t display any. I’ll get over it. 🙂

        • I agree with Spicer WHDB……I settle for who they work for…..but I’m watching todays…..and he goes way to fast for the networks to keep up unless they know the person…..also Spicer has different people in the room everyday except for the majors so it would be hard for them to begin with.

          • Co-sign.

            I’ve probably ID’d about a third using “White House Corespondent [insert first name here]” in my Google search box.

            For example, I was dyin’ to know who John Gizzi was and who he worked for (Newsmax). He has such a unique style…very slow speech pattern, but very precise with his language skills.

            Joe Concha may know him from his days at Newsmax

          • Thanks……..I could be wrong but I think after those rows he changes it almost everyday……If I worked for my local paper and was in DC I could get a day pass for the press room for a day or more.

            I like that he lets in so many people who never had access before…..its a good thing IMHO….I don’t like some people hes let in….but more access is better.

  2. Mabye Obama wanted to see if he and Kucinich were from the same planet (not earth).

  3. Interesting discussion on O’Reilly with Dennis Kucinich. As far as Obama administration wiretapping phones in Trump Tower I am a believer. Remember, Obama had fired Flynn and knew much about him. Obama administration may have been very afraid of what he was telling Trump. They needed to bring Flynn down someway. There will never be any proof that Obama authorized this. Though we all know there are ways around writing something down and putting your name on it, or even giving an explicit order.

  4. Anti-Bush sentiment surged Olbermann’s popularity. Trump has created comfort zones for liberals everywhere you look. The fact Maddow is prime for the task should surprise no one. Hope she is popular for two terms.

    • There was a time during Olbermann’s prime when the #1 rated show — by a comfortable margin — on FNC, MSNBC and HLN was Mr. Bill, K.O. and Nancy Grace.

      Three of the most hated hosts by many who didn’t watch their shows. Good thing for these three Twitter wasn’t what it is today back then. The negative comments I read and heard about them came from some really annoyed people…especially about Ms. Grace.

      I always found this seeming contradiction noteworthy to say the least. The most controversial also being the most watched.

      Bottom line: Opinionated confrontational passionate agitators draw a lot of eyeballs. If it wasn’t for O’Reilly, I suspect Hannity would have been #1 for a number of years as well.

      And I don’t mean to demean Bill O’Reilly or his impressive longstanding ratings success. As I’ve said here multiple times he has the best produced show on cable news. But he does have his many ‘haters’.

      • There was never a time Olbermann’s show was #1. It was #1 on MSNBC, but never beat O’Reilly (demo, total) outside of once in a very blue moon.

        • I didn’t say that Joe.

          What I said was, “There was a time during Olbermann’s prime when the #1 rated show — by a comfortable margin — on FNC, MSNBC and HLN was Mr. Bill, K.O. and Nancy Grace.”

          Perhaps adding “each of the following channels” after the word “on” would have made it clearer for you.

          • Got say MT….I took that the same way….was going to let J$ correct it.

            As Ive said before…..saying you have the #1 Show on MSNBC isn’t real impressive if you show is still #3 in a three way race.

          • Ediited my comment accordingly with an ETA.

            Still not clear to me why someone would assume I meant #1 for all of cable news when I listed all three channels. Oh well. Isn’t English great?

          • Now that you replied to JC post I see what you were saying…….but when I read it before I thought you were saying he was a #1 show overall and #1 on MSNBC…….no big deal.

            I used to watch his show every night……….I loved puppet theater during the M Jackson court stuff………but I saw him lie about something I knew was a lie……within days I stopped watching his show……..That was the last Opinion show I regularly watched.

          • I probably could have changed
            ” — by a comfortable margin”
            “– each by a comfortable margin”

          • I took it as you saying:

            “There was a time during Olbermann’s prime when the #1 rated show –by a comfortable margin”

            Took that as over all on the big 3 news networks

            ” — on FNC, MSNBC and HLN was Mr. Bill, K.O. and
            Nancy Grace.”

            took that as another thought…of who was #1 on each network…..wasn’t a big deal….I just misunderstood what you were trying to say….I’m hardly one to complain about being clear…..I only make fun of people who claim to be writers who make mistakes.

          • OIC.

            I was simply using “Olbermann’s prime” as an historical reference point in time — and not to single him out on a Fox News blog…which would have been an “eye poking” thing to do.

            I see from your comment not everyone took it that way.

            TY 4 clearing it up from your perspective.

          • The only mudslides I’m aware of are in San Luis Obispo area…perhaps further north in Monterey County as well.

            Here in San Diego we’re having a bit of a heat wave with the daytime highs only 5 degrees below the 93 degree record. I went for a walk. It was wonderful.

            So to summarize…California hasn’t fallen into the Pacific Ocean quite yet. Stay tuned.

          • wonder where i watched it, kept saying san jose …. ahhhh san jose, san diego….oooops…. never mind. so many san jose names, even more marias.

          • “Saying you have the #1 Show on MSNBC isn’t real impressive if your show is still #3 in a three way race.”

            Isn’t that analogous to downplaying the Cleveland Cavaliers for being #1 in the Western Conference because San Antonio (who is in a different conference) has a better won-loss record?

            Oh well. You obviously have the right to interpret it as you did.

          • no not at all…..but if a show on MSNBC gets 800,000 viewers and CNN gets 2.5million and Fox gets 3.5million…..is it really impressive that the 800,000 viewers show is #1 on MSNBC.? IMHO its not……….repeats……and I mean shows that had already run many times……used to beat Olbermann(and Maddows) show in the ratings…….that’s not impressive to me.

            Its like saying I have the #1 radio show in Peoria and thinking that means something going up against the ratings of WNBC.

          • Your argument reminds me of when Jon Stewart during an interview with O’Reilly joked, “Your like the thinnest kid at fat camp.”

            “Is it really impressive that the 800,000 viewers show is #1 on MSNBC.?”

            Jon Stewart
            “Is it really impressive that you’re the least right-wing on a channel full of right wingers.”

            What you said is spoken like a Fox News loyalist and true believer. 😊

            (Just teasin’ ya.)

          • There were times where Grace would beat Olbermann , and sadly he was 2nd a lot when Campbell Brown was on CNN (whom I watched)

          • Even Iceman had a different interpretation than I intended when I DM’d him.

            Once again I have another reason to appreciate the skills that go into communicating effectively and CLEARLY…whether you were writing for Mediaite…or for The Hill.

            Okay, I better let you get back to your NCAA tournament bracket(s).

    • I hope that she loses it and yells “FART!” into the camera, thus giving MSNBC a two-fer.

  5. I went down to the farmer’s market today and they still weren’t trafficking humans. Couldn’t even find a robot I liked.

  6. Survived my Indiana University rib fest. Even the psychology major. Bella an excellent distraction.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 of horribles
    4 don’t have a clue
    3 for upfronts
    2 new bragging rights
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Battaglio: Ainsley, Brian, and Steve speak out as Fox & Friends surges.

  8. Rachel Maddow tiene declaraciones de impuestos de Trump y él o Nixon no pueden demandar por daños punitivos!

  9. With Maddow’s popularity surging, I wonder if Shep’s ratings have changed? He’s the least likely FNC talent to get a 2017 White House Christmas card.

  10. 38 million in 1 tax year to the feds is more than anyone should pay, i do not care how much they make. That is obscene. there ought to be a limit, or if you really want incentive, the less you earn the higher the rate, Eliminate poverty in a flash!
    WAPO reports 38 million paid in one year.

      • Approx 15-17 minutes for the build-up.

        The reason I say this is because I turned it on at :20 past — following one of those long commercial breaks — after seeing Gatxer’s comment. She was just then displaying the 2 pages — yes, only 2.

        I watched for about 10 minutes before losing interest.

        • All she really proved was that DT paid 38 million in taxes in one year…….and that he paid a higher Tax rate then Obama or the company she works for.

          She got played…..by Trump I think.

    • I turned it off after about 40 min….it was a nothing burger………headline tomorrow

      Trump paid 38 million in taxes in 2005…..which is already the headline on some papers sites……my local being one of them.

  11. I once was a judge a a local cherry blossom beauty contest. I’m thinking I might be overqualified to be a Cronkite Award judge.

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