Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Freaky Friday numbers: Maddow-Hannity-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • FTV Live: CNN has hurt journalism more than Hannity ever could.
  • Somerby: Maddow repeats, again and again, factually wrong claim.
  • CNN series is ‘Black Mirror meets Westworld‘.  HLN adds Cupp show.
  • The Norman Lear Center honors Tapper, Tur, and Reliable ‘Resources’.
  • Q&A:  Chris Hayes insists All In isn’t dead yet.   The anti-Trump bump.
  • Snubbed! Trump unfollows Joe & Mika.  Producers decline Megyn gig.
  • Key thesis of CNN series called ‘patronizing nonsense‘.  Cillizza to CNN.
  • Fox & Friends videos: Time to abolish Daylight Saving?

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    • We have a couple of inches of snow. Didn’t stop us from going to Half Price Books for day one of the big sale.

  1. RE: DST on Fox and Friends: Both Costa Rica and Nica tried to use a DST, almost caused a revolution., I love dark every day at 6:30 and light at 5am.

  2. Re: HLN adds Cupp show.

    I have no issues with S.E. Cupp, who seems intelligent with a good personality for television with mostly moderate political views and a big supporter of the NRA.

    But can S.E.’s star fall any further? Was she caught speaking ill of Jeff Zucker like making fun of his chrome dome?

    She’s now relegated to a show on HLN where former CNN stars go to die (figuratively speaking about careers).

    I give you Michaela Pereira, Erica Hill, Carol Costello and Ashleigh Banfield.

    Pretty close to being in witness protection as far as I’m concerned. I used to watch a lot of HLN when they covered true crime investigations and the subsequent trials. But it’s probably been five years or more.

    • I would say that HLN is being the CNN alternative where instead of focusing on one story all the dang day like CNN they are doing other news stories like a news channel should. And it’s good they are filling up their line up and getting rid of Forensic files repeats. They have a good morning show too. I think her star would have been worse fallen if she had ended up on OAN for example.

    • In fairness they are trying to increase the audience of the channel. While the others did not cause people to tune in, trying Cupp may have surprising results. She is right of center after all, unlike the others.

      • Fair points.

        OTOH, it could be a tough row to hoe with Banfield only getting 14% of Chris Hayes’ audience and 7% of Mr. Bill’s.

        • I do remember that Nancy Grace used to beat MSNBC at that hour a few in her 11 years there , Banfield might not be as big a draw compared to Grace and the other 8pmet shows somehow have people who are still interested in politics for another hour. and Mr.Bill is Mr.Bill no one’s topping him.

          Though HLN offering something different might grab someone.

        • Surprisingly — at least to me and some of my Twitter pals — the same is not true of Kirsten Powers.

          She still seems like the same Evangelical centrist Dem she did on Fox News.

          • Just in time for Lent.

            Bad timing.

            Seriously though, I had not heard that. Last I heard she’s engaged to journalist and author Robert Draper. Maybe he’s Catholic.

            However, it seems somewhat less likely given that his semi-famous grandfather Leon Jaworski was raised by a father who was an Evangelical preacher. But that was so long ago.

    • Haven’t watched HLN since they stooped being Headline News…….I miss it frankly…….but rarely even remember they exist nowadays. Its just court TV with out the court from the look of my cable schedule.

      Nobody wants to go the last place News network to make their career better.

      • they removed the trail things when they tried to be the social media network, but they still air a lot of forensic files which is now being chipped away.

        • Can I say when I can’t sleep I like Forensic Files? Maybe they should make some new shows instead of the religion crap they are making now.

          • I watched those shows when the were on one of the discovery channels…….but they don’t belong on a news network…………I really miss the 30min news on HLN.

          • I do miss that it was like an all news radio station on TV, you get the news in 22 minutes (w/o commercialism) and then get on with your day.
            Robin’s show kind of has that spirit still.

          • I used to just let it play all day………over and over. was a big lose for my day…..but a gain for Fox News I guess.

          • They are still airing it overnight… I don’t think HLN will gun for anything past 10pmet anyway… so it might stay that way.

      • I guess it’s 3 to 1 then…since Nixon also doesn’t seem like a fan.

        Are you guys Martians? [wry grin]

        In my working days it was great to be able to go to the beach or drive home and barbecue outside after work.

        Sunset in June is 7:30 to 8:00 for example.

        Still absolutely love it…so do all my friends. Maybe it’s a SoCal thing.

          • Between 6:00 and 6:30, Fun waiting until 11pm for it to be dark enough for 4th of July. You betcha.

          • Independence Day comes one time a year where I live, and it’s dark enough for fireworks by 2130 at the latest.

          • My latitude in Eugene Oregon was dark by the hour you cited but with still fading light until 11pm when it was fully dark So you are correct, it is dark enough for you, but not a full black sky.

          • I know the dozen or so drive-in theaters in Greater Phoenix in the 1950s and 1960s didn’t want DST for the same reason. And they got their wish since it was a local — not a federal — option back then. Of course AZ has never had it…even after it went national in 1966.

      • I’m surprised Alaska has it… especially when much of the state gets 16 to 24 hours of sunlight in the summer.

  3. RE : CNN Journalism : People in theory would depend on CNN for journalism and doing it correctly, while Hannity no body in theory is going to for some journalism so to say that he is hurting it doesn’t work he never was a journalist and not trying to be compared to CNN.

  4. I have seen no coverage of the “duty to warn” movement on cable which now has over 30,000 mental health professionals supporting it. I also fail to understand why they did not form under Obama as both Obama and Trump and their respective followers suffer from the same mental issues. Have i missed coverage somewhere? has any cable net covered it?

  5. Best analysis of the CBO report i have seen so far. The real problems are what cannot be done in reconciliation, which is why i favor repeal only. then bill by bill approach of deconstruction of the barriers to competition. The subsidy deal will end up like the other tax credits, EITC and others. People will adapt their behavior to keep the checks coming.

  6. I think that’s 2 weeks in a row of O’Bolling getting beaten on Friday night.
    Bill O won’t be happy about that.

    • I thought Jessie was on Friday night? I watched a few min of it…….but I could be wrong as I watch them the next day or so.

    • J.J., I like your avatar. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s the logo of the Colt .45s, the original name of the Houston Astros.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Cupp show
    4 factually wrong claim
    3 hurt journalism
    2 unfollows Joe & Mika
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Producers decline Megyn gig.

  8. Gurfield, figure of thought is excellent. ” Government entitlement is like bubble gum in your hair. The only way to get it out is to cut it out”. Youngest had the bad habit of sneaking bubble gum in her mouth while she went to bed. Her mom screamed and wailed on visitation day pick up….lol.

  9. It’s aggravating to see “the anti-Trump bump” for left-wing shows. To equivocate, I wonder if Obama supporters felt the same eight years ago.

    • Yes they did. They brought Fox hate to new levels supported by comments from the Malignant Narcissist in Chief. Even sent dems to Fox according to Nielsen. Just like i watch MJ again.

  10. Wow…….I turned on my TV and the 100 days show was on….she had that Ferguson filmmaker on and he was shaking with anger I guess…..I haven’t seen anybody lose it that bad in a long time.

    Im going to have to DVR the repeat of that show to see the whole thing.

  11. You know I don’t usually do this……….but this is a prime example of who’s party does he belong to.
    2 posts posted on the same day…..Same site….same reporter.

    Notice anything missing from the 2nd? Doesn’t even mention what party hes in let alone in the headline. They don’t even to hide it anymore.

      • Yes….but you wouldn’t know that from reading the paper………why was it important to name the party for the first but NOT the second……….I have little problem with a liberal press…….its that they deny it and bash anyone who questions them.

        I knew what party hes from because I used to live there.

        • But trading Meth for male to male sex is just a Darwinian boost. So drunk you pass out while driving is a much bigger offense to me. Gun not important.. Of course though, if the acts were reversed the attribution would remain the same. Hide the dem shame the Gop.

          • Well the Dems is looking at up to 40 years and a fine up to 500.000

            Dont know what a DUI and felony improperly handing a firearm in a car gets you in OHIO is…..but I be shocked if it was anywhere near 40 years and 500,000.

    • This happens in many newspapers. It’s disgusting and now self evident to anyone really paying attention.

      • Ive noticed it before myself but never a time when I saw the same reporter do it in one day.

        MT sent me to a site called news busters a few months ago for something…….they have a name for it……but I cant remember what they called it.

  12. Chuck Schumer told the truth and didn’t know it/ “By 2027 50 million or some such number will not have health insurance. That is UnAmerican and wrong” Well he got the “wrong” part right…. accidentally.

  13. Jorge Ramos, Jake Tapper, and Katy Tur Will Each Receive 2017 Walter Cronkite Award.
    All the prestige of a can of Old Milwaukee.

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