Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: Kellyanne
  • Reliable Sources videos: Press-shy POTUS, Tillerson too; harmful Hannity.
  • Next week’s CNN Town Hall: Tom Price.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • John Roberts: master of ‘fashion tips‘.  Fox News vs Gateway Pundit.
  • Jake Tapper unloads to Ana Marie Cox: Trump, fake news, and more.
  • Tucker Carlson video: exposes the hypocrisy of Samantha Bee.

167 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

    • Good to see a journalist point out how sickening it is to see people who host tv shows delighting in delighting their audience by punching down.

          • You want giggles? Just set Anderson Cooper off. Problem is he is contagious. Makes me laugh until I cry.

          • Nobody forces anyone to go on Tucker’s show. They are all volunteers, doing it for the exposure, or the challenge, or the fun of it. They know what they’re getting when they go on. A world of difference from picking out random college kids and calling them Nazis on national tv. And as Concha perceptively noted, setting them up for ridicule or even bullying when that clip gets around their increasingly intolerant campuses. That sort of ugliness used to be something mostly likely to be found in the comment sections of sewers like newshounds. Now it’s paid for and promoted by the conglomerate that brings you the Cable News Network.

          • What Tucker’s guests are getting is a good tough challenge to their ideas and to any preconceptions they may harbor.

            That’s almost verboten on college campuses and depending upon the politics “just not done” in the MSM unless you want to end up holding onto your job by your toes.

            Tucker concedes to good points made by his guests, moves on from arguable ones, ruthlessly points out illogical thinking, disingenuousness, and dissembling, and laughs at kookiness.

          • Actually he “concedes” to even silly points. Abdication to obtain rhetorical advantage is a trick as old as 500BC. You’ll find it thoroughly discussed under the topic of “progressio ad infinitum”. One stipulates, not concedes, to get to the high ground and use a canister round on the victim.

          • people do agree to appear, however it is not like they are trying to book people that can argue the point well. He enjoys ez pickings and his giggles are evidence of such. Too say Bee, or other fools on left are worse does not diminish the point that intelligent informed people used to being on television are not being booked. He seems too often to book the inexperienced and those confined to party talking points. Alter, Corn et al do not appear. Maybe they decline as the format is designed to see who has the biggest steam roller. Tuck is well educated and experienced in live 3 min formats, his guests, not so much.

          • The ego of the people that go on (knowing it’s been a disaster for others) is their downfall.

      • Well, at least Samantha Bee can use the legitimate excuse that she did not know she was mocking an inappropriate target (with cancer).

        An excuse Jesse Watters did not have when he ridiculed and mocked Chinese-Americans in New York City’s Chinatown to gauge support for Donald Trump.

        Speaking of Trump, too bad he did not have an excuse that he did not know the NY Time’s reporter he was mocking suffered from a chronic condition.

        Oh well. At least Samantha and Jesse have apologized…while continuing to find humor in the politics and attitudes of ordinary (non-celebrity) citizens. If some call that punching down, so be it.

        • http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/09/14/did-trump-really-mock-reporters-disability-videos-could-back-him-up.html

          If you can watch this and still think Trump did that….there’s no hope for you……..he does that a lot..including when hes talking about him self….notice how he imitates Cruz….he gave the dems a opening…….just like Biden did when he told a guy in a wheelchair to stand up. Where was the outrage at that?

          Thats why I hate partisans…………if some one one the right did what Bee did the far left would be outraged…….not this well she didn’t know.
          Why is it OK that she called young people interrelated in politics NAZI’s…….we should encourage young people to become involved……any one who discourages them…..should be shamed in public IMHO.

          • The Washington Post gave Trump four Pinocchio’s for his denials.

            Obviously there’s some disagreement. Imagine that.

            I also heard a ‘rumor’ yesterday that Trump and his staff are insisting they did not know about General Flynn’s dealings with Turkey, Hard to believe isn’t it? 😊

          • On Flynn….I give Trumps admin 4 Pinocchio’s…..which means about as much as the WP…….remember they just reported a few months ago that the Russians hacked a power company’s computers……..NEVER happened…….did the give them self’s any Pinocchio’s.

            If I thought that Trump did make fun of a disabled person…..Id be the first to ding him……….But when he did that…..Id seen him make the same actions when discussing other people before. The only way you can really think Trump did that is if Cruz is also disabled…….because the movements are almost the same. Did he mock the guy for not backing up his own story…..of course…..because he was disabled…..not so much IMO.

          • You sure spend a lot of time defending Trump (and his Fox News acolytes) for someone who claims to not be a fan or supporter….including siding with the few remaining people who believe the silly notion that Trump was not mocking that reporter.

            I’m guessing 20%…but I acknowledge it might be as high as 35% considering how many tea party types still believe the ‘birther’ nonsense…including some in my own extended family.

          • Well…..I could say……….You sure spend a lot of time defending Disgraced Racist stooges ™ (and his newshound acolytes) for someone who claims to not be a Racists….but that would be wrong of me.

            I know you have said if you saw something you knew to be a lie about Trump it wouldn’t occur to you to correct the record……..fortunately most people and myself are not like that……..but only you could say I spend a lot of time defending Trump and his Fox news fans….in a thread where I called Trump a liar and complained about his biggest fan on Fox Hannity.

            Think what you want about Trump and the disabled reporter…….If you can watch that video and not a have a doubt…..you are far to gone for for me to get through to.

            Interesting that you stooge types never claimed I was a Bernie Fan when I was defending him all year……you claimed the exact opposite ……funny how that happens with haters.

          • Trump, like Obama has all the symptoms of Malignant Narcissism. Look it up it has specific symptoms and so do the people that like that type of person. That being said, Obama hurt me with his lies more than Trump has but he had eight years. Pretty sure Trump will exceed the damage Obama caused but there may be some good byproducts. SCOTUS, workforce cuts etc. Just like watching NASCAR waiting for the wrecks.

          • I’m just glad with me in the VA Healthcare System and you off in some godforsaken jungle in a foreign country neither of us have to worry our pretty little heads about this Ryan heath care plan.

            Looks like Sean Spicer and the GOP are vastly over promising just like what happened with Obamacare. Just how gullible do they really think we are?

            Live long, healthy and happy GC.

          • i had an excellent individual plan tailored exactly to my needs, it was stolen from me with Obama lies. Of course that does not make trump lies any better. they are really similar in their mental problems, actually they mirror each other. that is why the people that like one or the other are so similar. Ignorant fools that want to be lied to.

          • Sam Bee’s writers were very likely using this WaPo article from last November to mock hairstyles that raise the question WaPo asked in their headline, “Does this haircut make me look like a Nazi?”

            Was this any worse than some of the edgy mockery Watters does?

            The answer appears to depend on which ‘tribe’ you’re in.

          • that some newspaper there….slow news day…..as the disgraced Racist stooge™ would ask………notice she never called any of those far left actors Nazi’s…..just the ones she disagreed with politically……it was a dumb thing to do……she deserves what she gets.

            Calling people Nazi’s……should be left to people who act like Nazi’s……don’t you think? NOT young people on either side interested in getting involved trying to help their country…….and not ones who unfortunately will probably be dead before the next election.
            Dont like it when Bee does it and don’t like it when people like Sean H does it when the Daily Kos has their yearly meetups.

          • Would it have been the same “humor” if Jerry had called that guy a nazi based upon his haircut at a protest rally, lecture, or church?

          • Depends on the circumstances.

            Many of us had a good chuckle when it was the Occupy Wall Street protestors in NY City who were being mocked and made fun of.

            Erin Burnett…not so much…as many in the CNN crowd turned on her.

            This is what those of us who don’t take life too seriously do…whether it’s Watters, Bee, Gutfeld, Dennis Miller or John Oliver. We mock what we see as absurd and sometimes we even have to apologize for crossing the line.

            But there are some like Howard Kurtz who hold a grudge indefinitely still angry at Jon Stewart like he had offended his mother.

            While Mr. Bill during a segment with Dennis Miller agreed that they accept David Letterman’s apology for the tasteless Palin daughter joke — it was Kurtz who was still dwelling on it a year or two later.

          • Fun from Gax?

            Are you serious?

            Not until he loses the knee-jerk pejorative “Disgraced Racist stooge™.”

            Will it be his epitaph is what I want to know.

          • I see a pattern here.

            Hit the ‘sauce’ on Saturday night and then go try to start an argument with Michael T.

            Only last week it was on Twitter.

            I ain’t playin’ your silly game sweetheart. Go find someone else to argue with.

            Have another shot of Tequila or glass of merlot on me. I’ve been warned you can get pretty rude and nasty when you’ve been drinking.

          • I see a pattern here.

            Hit the ‘sauce’ on Saturday night and then go try to start an argument with Michael T.

            Only last week it was on Twitter.

            I ain’t playin’ your silly game sweetheart. Go find someone else to argue with.

            Have another shot of Tequila or glass of merlot on me. I’ve been warned you can get pretty rude and nasty when you’ve been drinking.

            Let’s save this for posterity before you can creatively edit it. So much for the “civility” that you were lecturing us about earlier.

          • If you say so, Lurker.

            Now, along with Gatxer, that makes two people on planet earth that refuse to believe what should be obvious to any fair and open-minded observer.

            How do you feel about birtherism, 9/11 truthers, the earth is 6K years old, the fake moon landing, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny?

            Just having fun with you, man. Probably 20%-30% of the country agrees with you. Many in the conservative media are quite persuasive at protecting their guy.

          • Make that three. I’ve seen plenty of video of Pres. Trump doing the shaking right hand thing when generally mocking the press having the vapors.

          • I hear ya. I concede the flailing of Trump’s arms is not uncommon.

            However, the other side will argue that ONLY when he was talking about Ted Cruz did his very exaggerated body movements come close to when he mocked the reporter. All other video was considered poor imitations that don’t approach the ‘reporter’ video because his arm flailing was mild by comparison.

            Mr. Trump — always the clever one — emulated the exaggerated moves he had made about the reporter during the South Carolina Primary debate when discussing Cruz.

            But that was Feb. 20, 2016 — whereas the incident about the reporter was Nov. 21, 2015, Good one Donald.

            The conservative media has made great use of that ‘performance’ to disseminate endless versions of a video of you mocking Cruz.

            Meanwhile, the rest of us will continue to present our views to the other side with no end in sight. Kind of like the longstanding debate over the Benghazi ‘stand down order.’

          • No doubt the other side will do that with with exactly that sense of proportionality and relevance.

          • Trump must be a freaking genius….he knew in 2005 to do a similar action with hands on the Larry king’s show on CNN….knowing evidently that 10 years later he would make fun of a disabled reporter on the campaign trail……LOL

            BTW: why it pays to point out the lies of the Disgraced Racist stooges™………they change their posts and actions………ICE lied about why BO Called Manning Bradley I pointed it out……..you came up with a argument ICE never argued on why he was right…….I pointed that out……..he posted your argument hours later and not the original lie.

            Original which was untrue at best “then”


            New post using your argument made just hours after obsessed stooges sees it


          • “Trump must be a freaking genius….he knew in 2005 to do a similar action with hands on the Larry king’s show on CNN.”

            Read my comment again…more closely this time.

            I already addressed that. Trump’s animation on LKL didn’t even come close to the ‘reporter’ video. Conversely, the ‘Cruz attack’ video very much did…come close that is.

          • You need to let go of this ugly “Disgraced Racist stooges” name calling. No one here has shown any support for that POV. It makes you look petty, obsessed and like you are holding some unspoken irrational grudge.

            Most Dems strongly feel that A-A’s like Stacey Dash, Harris Faulkner, Sheriff Clarke, Justice Thomas, Allen West and Ben Carson support policies inconsistent with what is best for African Americans. Ice is a Democrat.

            This doesn’t mean they are right — but it certainly doesn’t mean their views are racist. Please look up the meaning of racist again to refresh your memory.

            Or just go over to thegatewaypundit[dot]com and read some of the comments. (I’ve heard — but not seen — that some of the comments at NewsHounds also might fall into that category.)

            You need to reeducate yourself on what is a racist and what is someone who disagrees with the black conservative agenda — no matter how ill conceived in your eyes.

            Stick to criticizing what you consider unfair or inaccurate criticisms of Fox News on Twitter, But let the other nonsense go.

          • If you don’t like what I said, pretend Cecelia wrote it.

            She can speak for herself — and does so quite capably — but I think she
            doesn’t buy into your “Disgraced Racist stooges” name calling either.

            I’m sure there must be others.

          • You missed my point.

            I was simply reminding him — albeit futilely — that not everyone is onboard with the “Disgraced Racist stooges” name calling.

            You’ve told me as much.

          • I don’t believe Iceman is a racist, but I don’t umbrage at Gaxter believing it.

            Iceman can handle that. He can also make an appeal to Johnny.

          • Well, Cecelia, I certainly don’t think that you are a raving drunk. That was a serious insult. And far beyond the rules.

          • TY for that.

            I also don’t umbrage at Ice for believing Gatxer is lying about not having a Twitter account and Gax’s assertion that he is not a Trump supporter.

          • I have every DM we’ve ever exchanged. I’d sure like to see when I objected to anyone being called a stooge.

          • I don’t recall that you did either.

            You wrote in a DM, “I will ignore his comments on his claims about racism.”

            To me this coincided with your post late Sunday when you wrote, “I don’t believe Iceman is a racist.”

            But upon further reflection there may be possible interpretations different from what I thought — namely, that you didn’t agree with Gax.

          • I did tell Ice that because he told me he was upset by those comments.

            And I have done that without trying to suppress anyone else.

          • If others choose to tolerate his repeated fabrications, lies and distortions, that is obviously nothing I can do about it.

            As I have said many times — this blog tends to be pretty monolithic about a lot of issues and will often tag team anyone who dares to proffer a moderate political point of view. Sometimes as one-sided as 6 to 1.

            But I say, “Bring it!!” If I couldn’t handle it, I wouldn’t come here.

            Some like former frequent commenters Martha and Iceman choose to avoid the ‘unpleasantries.’

          • Of the 1000’s of people who come here…I’m sure there are many who have no idea…….if not most who have no idea who the Disgraced Racist stooges™ even are……..but YOU are the only one who will defend them no matter what.

            Which makes your whole “white women look alike” “joke” very strange.

          • You need to let go of this ugly “Disgraced Racist stooges” name calling. No one here has shown any support for that POV.

            I support his view wholeheartedly. Not only have they said ugly race based comments about people on Fox that they disagree with, but I myself have been called some pretty foul things elsewhere.

          • Fair enough Nixon. I know you have an ICN history with Remi that goes way back. I know Johnny has told me he also has some deep resentment toward NewsHounds for what he described as a website that published vile sexual smears about Megyn Kelly, John Gibson, Brit Hume, and others,

            Although I have never seen Ice go after an A-A on Fox News for any reason other than their political views — especially when they support Trump.

            Plus you may be alone among the regular commenters here — with rare exceptions — that upvotes his comments…and you tend to upvote all the Fox News loyalists…which I salute you for.

          • not going to happen……..its the fact that they target those people much more than whites on Fox News…..not that they Target them.

            You cant see it…….that’s fine I do.

          • “not going to happen”

            I’m stunned I tell you…absolutely stunned. 😊

            That pretty much proves my point that you have an unhealthy obsession. Plus unlike others you rarely acknowledge when you’ve made a mistake.

            A commenter here (don’t remember his name and AKAIK he abandoned the blog after his comment) chided you for your stubbornness in rarely conceding a point. And you have had some real whoppers (mistakes) — as have many of us here.

            Onward and upward, Let the childish obsessive name calling continue.

          • You really don’t get what this blog is about do you? We call out people who lie about Fox News……and discuss cable news……….ICE pretends to be a media “critic” at the Disgraced Racist Newshounds™ so hes fair game for our laughing at him……..I almost never bring up the other 3 stooges except MOE and usually its someone else brings him up or something strikes me funny…..like the guy who told him to wear big boy pants was named the ambassador to NATO this week,

            I cant remember that last time I even thought about Laura or Andy….and I NEVER read there twitter stuff……….ICE made himself a target of this blog when he became a “writer” for a site who has multiple supporter’s who wish that everyone at Fox News was killed.

          • “You really don’t get what this blog is about do you? We call out people who lie about Fox News……and discuss cable news……….ICE pretends
            to be a media “critic” at the Disgraced Racist Newshounds™ so hes fair game for our laughing at him.”

            But Gax, I don’t argue against any of that, In fact, as I’ve told you before, you have done some good work in pointing out ‘mistakes’ (I guess you call ’em lies).

            All I am asking — for the umpteenth time — is to not call Ice a “racist stooge.”

          • “All I am asking — for the umpteenth time — is to not call Ice a “racist stooge.”

            When he stops acting like one I will……..he can hardly complain…….he has called Fox News employees and guests……..disgraced……….others Racists…..and many others stooges………I don’t use any words the stooges haven’t used towards Fox News employees first.

          • Well said. Ice is a big boy. If he wants to defend his nonsense, he can do it here, himself.

          • Comes down to this………why is OK for ICE to call people theses names…….but not alright for us to use them to describe him……they certainty fit him more than the poor innocent Fox people hes used then on.

          • I guess because Ice is a member of a special clique, who our complainant feels should be exempt from the rules and norms that normal, decent people conduct themselves by when dealing with others.

          • One of the main problems debating you is your tendency to not recognize settled indisputable points.The give and take in normal everyday conversation seems foreign to you.

            To wit:

            Do Ice and most Dems have a problem with black conservatives? Of course. But this is not racism. Yet you keep repeating that meme ad infinitum as well as a tossed salad of other unrelated issues which often appear in your lengthy comments, (Yes, I know mine are lengthy too — but that’s not my point.)

            In all the time we’ve spent debating this you have yet to offer one bit of evidence that Ice is a racist as opposed to just another Dem who has issues with black conservatives.

            Okay…’nuf said (at least for me). Let’s get back to cable news where we belong.

          • You don’t agree that targeting people of color MUCH MORE than whites on a network where they are only about 15% of the employees…..is racist…….so be it………I and others see it differently.

            If I told you that police in a town with only a black population of 15% wrote traffic ticket to blacks 75% of the time……..you would think that was normal? Does Ice use the N word…….no……does he target blacks over whites on Fox News……without question he does. The man spent a entire day and EVERY guest he whined about was a person of color…….not one white guest was whined about ALL day long…….if that’s not targeting…..what would be?

          • “The man spent a entire day and EVERY guest he whined about was a person of color.”

            Also all Trumpers.

            This is a perfect example of what I was telling you earlier about raising settled issues.

            As I told you before, it is silly to pick one day out of eight years on Twitter.

          • it also silly to pretend that one day never happened…….and this was before Trump was really running last April 20 I think……so NO not all trumpers.

            is there anything he can do you wont defend? Dont bother to answer that……..I don’t care anymore……..I’m not having this fight with you again……I cant change your mind and you wont change mine….so let it be……….if its OK for Ice to use the words……Disgraced……..Racist……..and stooge………its OK for me to do so……even if you don’t like it.

            Good nite.

          • Good nite.

            I should know better than to get in these debates with someone who is so obviously prone to chronic perseveration.

            Repeatedly going over previous conversations is futile for both sides.

            I thought it was silly for Nixon to get so worked up about a common use of the word “tribe” — but I told Johnny I would stop.

            You want extend the same courtesy to me about the “racist stooge” label. Sad.

          • “Does he target blacks over whites on Fox News……without question he does.”

            Now you’re just making stuff up. In his last 20+ tweets and retweets he mentioned that wacky Sheriff Clarke in one of them. All the rest were about Caucasians.

            Try to stick to the truth.

          • Oh come on………I don’t mean every hour or day…..but he clearly on average targets people of color over whites in his whining about Fox News. You say it because he hates conservative blacks….I say it because he hates black in general on Fox News.

            Id say his 3 biggest targets of whining on Fox are Harris….Clarke……and Pirro……..wouldn’t you? Funny not one white person in that group.

            I will say this…..it gotten much less in the last few months…..but that’s because of Trump mostly.

            Im not having this fight with you again….if he used the N word…..you would find a way to excuse it.

          • “Now, along with Gatxer, that makes two people on planet earth that
            refuse to believe what should be obvious to any fair minded open-minded

            hardly only a few….but we should get jackets…………can we join your club as the one person on this blog to defend the Disgraced Racist stooges ™………..if you can watch the video I provided and not see that he does that with many people that are not disabled………more delusion to you man.

            You do realize that a ” fair minded open-minded observer.” would NEVER say that if he saw a lie about Trump….it would NEVER occur to him to correct the lie……..that wouldn’t be fair….or open minded now would it?

          • I got 2 NASCAR races to watch and sausage & Sauerkraut crock pot to eat……..My Sunday is good…….if the Ice Storm misses me.

          • Unlike you and Larry I’m not much of a cook…but I do enjoy using my crock pot. Plus my ex-wife gave me a decent Sauerkraut and pork chops recipe for a frying pan.

            Please share with us what kind of sausage you use and how much. I assume about a pound according to one recipe I found.

          • I’m not much of a cook really…….my father wouldn’t allow me or my brother to learn to cook….but I can follow a recipe like no other. I enjoy the smells almost as much as the food.

            I made the stuff yesterday for my room mate who loves polish sausage. Didn’t use a recipe……gave him 2lbs sausage and 3 cans sauerkraut with about 8 potatoes.

            If you are looking for crock pot recipe heres they best sites I have found.




          • In other words, anyone here could prove you disingenuous even while raging drunk.

            It’s too bad Jake Tapper’s kid doesn’t post here.

            He’d rip you to shreds.

          • That remark about you being drunk was really charming, especially after he lectured us on civility.

          • My epitaph will be

            ” but I’m not wearing a Red shirt”……….only a Star Trek fan will get it.

          • Oh, and here you are at Mediaite, laughing after Newt Gingrich ribbed Occupy Wall Street by telling them to go take a bath.I

            Michael T
            5 years ago
            Don’t be mislead folks.

            People like Gingrich and Fox News vilify the protestors out of an overriding fear that the OWS message will take hold and not only threaten the reelection of pro Wall Street GOP candidates but also has the potential of undermining the cozy relationship the very rich and powerful have with Washington (both Dems and Repubs).

            Mr. Gingrich is left with no alternative. He cannot attack the message of the OWS, so he goes after some of their downtrodden members. Old Newt is about as anti working class as they come. But he sure has pulled the wool over the eyes of many.

            WAKE UP AMERICA!

          • Swing and a miss there ma’am.

            I was seriously and somberly criticizing Gingrich. You totally blew it on the ‘laughter’ accusation.

            That’s part amazing and part ludicrous that you had to go back 5 years. 🙂

          • I’m okay with it as long as WaPo’s A&E section doesn’t publish an article promoting the return of the mullet.

          • Actually, it doesn’t. Because the kid targeted as a Nazi in the tribe you describe is a registered Democrat, so…

          • Yeah, I read that Kyle Coddington is a Dem.

            So there may be a small circle of Dems who connect with Kyle who may think Bee was worse than Watters. I’ll readily concede that point.

          • Can we stop with the “tribe” crap? Unless you want to be considered a racist like your Twitter friends, that is.

        • I do call it punching down for tv people to imply that a bunch of regular folks are Nazis (and other pejoratives) because they don’t share their politics.

          TV comics and the media have been doing this excessively since the Tea Party protesters.

          It stinks. These little self-satisfied snobs need to grow the hell up.

          I’ve always disliked Jesse Watters’ stuff, and try as he and Bee might to apologize when something like this happens (and Bee didn’t try very hard), you are still suspect for making a living via what makes this pretty this sort of gaffe inevitable…trying to make average people, you-don’t-know-from-Adam, look bad.

          Frankly, from what I’ve seen Watters on his weekend show, he’s too smart and tough for this bs.

          I don’t think this compares at all to a contentiousnes that can develop from a media pile-on with a politician or celebrity, or vice versa. Other than in the politician’s case it would behoove him to act like he’s the president,

        • The cancer thing is a distraction. Calling anyone a Nazi is weak humor and even poorer judgement. But, I expect no less from her.

    • He’s really turned into a whiner, hasn’t he? Then he brings his 7 yo son into the discussion which makes me irritated even more. 7 yo don’t do stuff like that unless their parents have brought them into conversations about the President, etc. And people wonder why kids are jaded and nasty at such a young age! Might it be that some parents (see Jake Tapper) are exposing them to behaviors at home that they then mimic with their friends?

      • Only briefly scanned his “whine.”

        What struck me as borderline amusing was, “Are there two more taciturn, stodgy and drab people on television than Jake Tapper and Ana Marie Cox?”

        What amused me was seeing both of them together on the same stage. What an unfortunate pairing for their audience.

        Were Ben Carson and Stephanie Cutter not available…I ask in jest.

        • Strange hearing Cox described as stodgy.

          I remember when she did the blog Wonkette.

          The snark and skeezy factor were strong there. No conservative woman alive could have gotten away with blogging about using their “sweet young thang” status as bait for access to DC power base entree.

          • I got a chuckle from the book review magazine “Kirkus Reviews” comment about Cox’s novel Dog Days.

            “It makes Primary Colors read like Proust.” Then added, “Readers will be dealt nothing more than lightweight fluff and throwaway farce.”

            Gee, I wonder how they really felt.

            P.J. O’Rourke, in the Washington Post, showed a comedic flare with his quip, “I won’t spoil the plot. There isn’t one.”

            One of my Twitter pals opined that Ana Marie has just about mastered the art of being a compliant (or obedient) panelist navigating the different needs of appearing on both Fox News and MSNBC.

            As for me, I mostly just find her dull.

          • “Strange hearing Cox described as stodgy.”

            There’s a very good — but embarrassing — reason for that, Cecelia…and I can barely digest the crow I am having to eat.

            I was confusing Ana Marie Cox with A.B. Stoddard.


            So it is actually A.B. who I find insufferably boring and bland with a monotone voice — at least most of the time.

          • Well, for one thing you editted
            “Our resident Racist Stooge made a funny.”
            from 10 mintes ago.

            I still don’t think calling other commenters names (e.g., ‘stooges’) is tolerated here…or at least frowned upon.

            Not sure what caused this ad hominem out of the blue. I said nothing to you. “Tribe” is a common word used to refer to a political party.

          • If I decide the tone is too harsh, yes.

            But I never called another commenter an idiot, a troll, a stooge or a racist — even before I edited.

            No name calling at all is best. Harsh criticism like I have both let stand and sometimes editted out should be allowed and is AFAIK.

          • I challenge you to find anything since J$’s request 3 weeks ago. I had told him I would try to do my part.

          • I just emailed Johnny that I will refrain from using the term “tribe”…even though it is commonly used to refer to a political party or a group who shares a common political pov.

            Today has been one of the better days here at J$P. Lots of opinions…almost all civil in tone. Even with some humor thrown in for good measure.

            The way it stared (before noon) I thought we might have another 200-comment weekend.

          • “I just emailed Johnny that I will refrain from using the term
            “tribe”…even though it is commonly used to refer to a political party
            or a group who shares a common political pov.”

            Well….im going to take your word for it…..as I see a few google posts that also use the term………..but I got to say…..I have NEVER heard anyone say that before……….so I can see why Nixon might have not liked it.

          • Are you serious after all the political news you consume?

            The Twelve Tribes of American Politics – The Atlantic
            America’s Political Parties Are Just Tribes Now – The Daily Beast
            How to Get Beyond Our Tribal Politics – WSJ
            Take the test: Which political tribe are you? – BBC News
            Evolution Explains Why Politics Is So Tribal – Scientific American

            Of course it is still against Johnny’s preferred protocol not to call other commenters names like “stooges” as both of you both did today. No one else is doing that — not that they didn’t want to — and I have been watching closely since Johnny’s request several weeks ago.

            But let’s move on and try to not forget civility…and NO NAME CALLING.

          • I really wish you would stop completely redoing posts after Ive read them………….so you found some sites that used the term……I said I’VE never heard anyone use it………..in fact they only site above that Ive ever even been to is the BBC.

            I cant find the post where I called you a stooge…….must have been heat of the moment……….I have called you a stooge puppet in the past when you twist yourself into a pretzel to defend them.

          • Not sure “Twitter Stooge” is ‘toning it down’ — from “Racist Stooge” — as you told Johnny you had done.

            But let’s move on and refrain from any further name calling.

          • I wish it was the first time here at J$P.

            Months ago I mistook Anna Kooiman for Ainsley Earhardt. (Still think they could pass for sisters…or at least cousins.)

            Embarrassingly, Johnny was the first to spot the mistake. I commented at the time that making that mistake on a blog about Fox News was analogous to getting the shortstop and third baseman’s names mixed up on a blog devoted to the Yankees.

            Anyway, I stand by my assertion that all white women look alike…said in jest of course.

          • Before the debut of Fox & Friends First in 2012, Ainsley and Anna were on F&F Weekend promoting it and joked about how they looked alike, so don’t feel too bad.

          • The first “famous person” that ever responded to one of my tweets (2008). Was at the top of her game. Various difficulties yet to come. Celebrities were not guarded in those days. Once burned, that came to an end.

      • I think it’s hilarious that Tapper’s little boy is mentioning “fake news” at points of disagreement with his father…because it’s obvious that good ole mama has put him up to it, as any decent wife would do to tweek her man.

        I like her!

  1. You would have thought from the haters that Fox and Gateway slept in the same bed. BUT, as they say on the internet, haters gonna hate.

    • I have unfortunately landed on the gateway site per Drudge links…….my browser hates it……happened a lot during the MO protests.

      But I do find it interesting that the haters think its great for a reporter to go after another “media” site who as far as I know has never said anything about the Fox reporter……….but bad for Trump to call out CNN and others who have publicized false story’s about him…….But I expect them to be hypocrites in all matters already.

  2. Blogger Quaestor said…
    “To be completely candid, I did fact checks about Barack Obama, too, not at the same rate, nor was there a need for them at the same rate,” he said.

    During the Obama Administration, the need was to appear unbiased to the near-idiots who trust CNN, hence the occasional fact-based critique — not often, just often enough for Jake Tapper to make what he deemed to be a plausible claim of impartiality. Today the need is to destroy Trump in revenge for being totally skunked last November.

    3/11/17, 12:33 PM

    So Jake freely admits they only fact checked Obama “just enough” to keep people from saying they were patsies. Althouse blog has a post on this subject. It’s always great so see what her commenters have to say.

    • In the bygone days raining wisdom, rainbows, and Skittles of our Mr. Chips-Obama, the media should have, at the least…fronted…narrative-checking departments.

      Then they would have seemed less like the willing carnival barkers of Ben Rhodes.

  3. Remember to set your clocks ahead for that waste of time known as Daylight Savings Time. Most of Arizona and all of Hawaii can ignore it.

  4. Hosting six kids from Indiana University tomorrow night for a rib dinner at the cabin. They are down for their spring break. Will make sure no cable news channel is playing on the TV. Bloomington just might be the mos liberal spot in the Hoosier State. Don’t need a fight..

  5. Not sure this qualifies as a 2fer, but IMO bad news for both Saturday Night Live and Reliable Sources. (Both popular with some on the Left.)

    1 of 2
    The ‘Aliens’ cold open was the worst this season and I’ve seen them all including the hilarious ones about ‘Spicey’.

    2 of 2
    I watched the first 30 seconds of Brian Stelter’s preview of what’s on today and immediately pressed my TV’s power off button. What a bland show he announced.

    Prediction: I like both shows, but I predict Reliable Sources doesn’t beat Media Buzz this week either in the demo or total viewers.

  6. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 preview
    4 fashion tips
    3 vs Gateway Pundit
    2 Joe Concha
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Jake Tapper unloads to Ana Marie Cox: Trump, fake news, and more.

  7. Couldn’t figure out what relevance the new Ferguson tape has? Saw it on NBC tonight along with Reverand Skeletor. Other than Michael Brown “Hands up. Don’t shoot”, “gentle giant” may have been a drug dealer?

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