Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Maddow-Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Somerby: Misstatements, omissions…and another ‘Maddow edit‘.
  • Kurtz: It’s time for Maddow, Coop et al to come out of denial.
  • The POTUS media diet: CNN and Fox News…MSNBC not so much.
  • Factor video: on facts, speculation, and credulity.
  • Report: Megyn Kelly tired of hard news, wants to be ‘the next Oprah‘.
  • Tucker: the Socrates of our time.  Ed Davis: new FNC security analyst.
  • Wemple enthralled by Shep outburst.   Today’s cannibalism complaint.
  • Zucker play: CNN show features A.I. sex dolls and romance with robots.

43 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Tucker: the Socrates of our time.
    Only a person that read Plato and did not get it could make such an inane statement. For the comparison to have even a whiff of of truth Tuck would need to be regularly cited and discussed 2,500 years from now. Guy needs an editor.

    • Somewhere in my college years I remember having to study the teachings of John Locke, Nietzsche, Immanel Kant, Socrates, Aristotle and Plato.

      I must say it was not a particularly enjoyable experience. They should have allowed us to get high before class.

      I’ve read that, “Concrete thinking is literal thinking that is focused on the physical world. It is the opposite of abstract thinking.” Apparently I am in the former category.

      Sounds like you rather enjoyed it (or them).

      • All were sensible except Nietzsche. Of course Socrates did not leave books, he was only the topic in Plato’s works, one of which was the most important argument in western philosophy. The Protagoras. Tuck hardly sits among them goofy as he is. But then, in addition to always being wrong i am always high.

        • LoL speak here please forgive. LoL Lol. But are you ? Really ? It’s yet another example of living in the gray area and making the futile attempt to defend It and would explain some of your diatribes and your on-going war on these boards. Don’t get me wrong, ALL humans and doogies Live in the Grey, its just our self realization that makes us different than Harambe. and other Journo-list persons.

          • can you cite something grey that the philosophers i cited wrote. Then maybe i would understand what you said. They all seem on the bus or off the bus to me. how can i be offended if i have no idea what you mean?

      • That’s not a very good definition of abstract or concrete thinking.

        Don’t ask me to find one for you. I’m tired.

      • Concrete thinking is more like non-pliable and rigid, not in reference to anything physical. While Meta-Physics and Philosophy are where the left wing comes from, its only because there is no center, and it does not have to be held. It’s the very definition of grayness in moral and political thought, brought out in questions to Spicer on a daily basis. Soros spends his millions influencing the “culture” in order to keep people thinking that the gray areas are where we all can live, because you never have to make a stand in them. It’s a hard idea to wrap your head around, because it seems litterally the opposite, but Concrete Thinking is what moves the left, because they will NOT argue ideas, while the right will argue ideas and try to improve them, all the while holding to Individual morals and actual self well being.

  2. “Carlson followed the philosophers. He followed Socrates. And while he is no Socrates, he is a fantastic model for young students looking to shine in journalism”.

    Last paragraph of article. Headline was click bait and someone fell for it.

    I know for sure that Tucker is not Socrates because he is a white guy and white guys are evil. Actually, Socrates is probably evil now, too-being white and all. The Socrates of our time must be DeRay McKesson or Charles Blow or Cornell West or Jorge Ramos!

    But, then again, since I won’t be alive 2500 years from now I can’t know if anyone today will be regularly cited and discussed. Others seem to know the future waaaay better than me.

    • Shep is being massaged by all the wrong people. I volunteer Larry and Johnny to apply their precious measures to exert their influence 🙂 Maybe Bella can have a go too.

      • Bella loves when I replay Shep covering the llama escape. I don’t let her listen to him ranting on my hero Trump.

  3. Will [Insert Name here ] be the next Oprah? always seems to be thing , people need to do their own thing not try to be the next other thing. Plus when Oprah launched talk shows were hot and now they’ve lost their luster.

  4. SOmeone tell me why Bill seems to be tied at the hip to Bernard ? I know they both worship ” old media” and that time frame. Is that all it is ? Is it the Requiem for Big Journalism ? Bernie seems to lack understanding sometimes about what people actually think and/or want ?

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 the next Oprah
    4 Socrates of our time
    3 ‘Maddow edit’
    2 Wemple enthralled
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Kurtz: It’s time for Maddow, Coop et al to come out of denial.

  6. BLOWOUT JOBS REPORT (per Liz Claman). Manufacturing jobs up, unemployment rate down even though more people looking, wages up. Great start of making America great again. Illegal border crossings way down. Bella and I ate steak tonight!

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