Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Maddow-Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Wemple: John Roberts suggests the media should stop whining.
  • Katz: Andy Lack looks ahead to Megyn Kelly’s role at NBC News.
  • Judge Jeannine Pirro moonlighting: You the Jury premieres in April.
  • Videos: Tucker Carlson cross-examines Jorge Ramos
  • Q&A: How Erin Burnett became a news anchor.   Fox settles with Holder.
  • Somerby: Lawrence and Al’s moral stampede.  Vossoughian is out at HLN.
  • Ang: What did Dana Perino do on ‘women’s day’?   Regrets? Bob has a few.

57 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. What’s up with Meghan McCain lately?

    In the last 24 hours she showed misplaced annoyance or anger (via words and/or body language) with Bob Beckel on The Five and Eboni Williams on Outnumbered.

    Then I think it was a video clip from Out# last week where she got on her high (or privileged) horse with Kennedy in what I considered borderline rude for Outnumbered.

    Sorry. I’ve never liked her and this may be affecting my view. You can disagree on these panel shows (Outnumbered and The Five) without being rude or curt with your co-hosts over petty matters.

    Back in September Donald Trump slammed Meghan McCain on Twitter…calling her “angry and obnoxious.” Surprise, surprise…it may have been the only time he and I agreed on something. 🙂

    • When you consider they dropped Stacy Dash for Megyn McCain, it does raise some questions. Megyn does bring down the level of discussion to the point that I no longer watch it.

      • Meghan is soooo annoying! Coming to FOX News she acts more Right Wing than even I can bare! WTF is RINO Meghan at? LOL

      • MeAgain McCain undoubtedly took the MeAgain Kelly route to getting a regular gig on FNC…genuflecting on her knees in front of Brit Hume. That’s the only thing I can think of that would explain it—it sure ain’t her grey matter!

      • Have to agree….dont enjoy her on the 5 at all……..since I haven’t ever watched outnumbered cant say if shes the same their.

          • Well….I stopped watching the 5 completely when Bob left….now I try to DVR it if I think he might be on. Juan OK but he doesn’t talk on the show as much as others.

            Its rare for me to watch Opinion only shows…….haven’t regularly watched on since KO on MSNBC was doing puppet theater………so the 5 with Bob and Tucker must be doing something right………but I do have 14 hours of Tucker on my DVDR to watch so I’m not addicted……but the A Block is always great……..and I really like the friend zone.

        • I don’t know if Fox News has ever had Meghan and Laura Ingraham on the same show at the same time…could make for interesting television.

          Remember back in 2009 when Laura called her a “a Valley Girl gone awry” and a “plus-sized model” after Meghan had criticized Ann Coulter for being too extreme in Ms. McCain’s view?

          • Well I didnt know that……but to be honest…..I would till the last few months……..been able to pick either of them out of a line up.

    • Dont care for her myself…….and I admit….I started re-watching the 5….because of Bob……….It surprises me that one of them doesn’t explode on Bob……but to be fair…Im watching yesterdays 5 right now……..Bob’s being Curt and rude and yelling…… Id have to say that since you don’t have a problem with Bob that your bias maybe showing toward Meghan.

      • Don’t care for Meghan or Bob Beckel. Juan, I can tolerate. I wish Fox could get a smart Dem like Steve Kornacki to join them. But, he would need to be on show where his brains could be shared.
        Have to say-have had the TV off during most days until Special Report comes on. Too much blathering.

  2. Ivanka Kushner has an Instagram account that is positively addicting with views of WH rooms, her own glamorous house, and those precious kids.

  3. Watching Paul Ryan’s news conference/presentation on proposed health care changes (FNC CNN). Guy seems brilliant.

    • Ryan is lying to the American people when he says he will get 60 votes in the Senate for “Phase 3” of his healthcare plan. The whole thing is a scam.

      • Why would Ryan need to get 60 votes in the Senate when he is Speaker of the House? That would be Mitch McConnell’s job. Sounds to me like Phase 1 & 2 can be done through budget reconciliation which only requires a majority in each both the House & the Senate. By the time they get to Phase 3 that will require 60 Senate votes but I have heard the Republicans will allow Democrat amendments which of course the Dems never allowed. That will hopefully get those Dem Senators that are up for re-election in 2018, especially those in states that Trump won, the OK to vote for the bill.
        That’s just the mechanics of it. I am NOT commenting in any way on the content.

        • the legislation dies when you can’t get 60 votes in the Senate, unless you think Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren are going to help pass Trump’s legislation. The whole thing is for suckers.

          • A tough sell Mitch. I agree with you,

            You got some in Congress on the right saying it’s Obamacare Lite (or 2.0). Then on the Left you have some in the media and some in Congress saying it hurts the poor, the sick and the elderly and favors the insurers and the wealthy (tax breaks).

            Can this all be reconciled with amendments? Seems doubtful at this point. As Charles Krauthammer seemed to suggest, “It’s very difficult to pare down an entitlement.” Although Congress did make major welfare reforms during the 90s.

          • And all the welfare reforms have since been undone. Only repeal and phase out makes a bit of sense.

          • Bunk, they are stucturing the bill as a budget reconciliation bill so it only needs a simple majority in the Senate. That’s why Ryan explained at noon that it needs to specifically pass measures to later like buying insurance across state line. You
            a) didn’t listen to Ryan
            b) did read what homeowner just said
            c) have head up your …

          • I saw Chuck schumer on TV say this was just another tax……I started laughing because if Obamacare hadn’t been declared a tax by the SC… would have been unconstitutional……even though the Obama Admin said at the SC it was NOT a Tax

          • I am talking about Phase 3 of the Healthcare Legislation as described by Ryan. Please do some research, you are making a complete fool of yourself.

          • actually 2 will require regular order as well. The hope is all on Price to re-work internal regs and he has already caved.

  4. AARP opposes healthcare changes. Note that their bedrock funding comes from United Healthcare. I actually have a Medicare supplemental AARP/United policy. AARP lost a lot of members when they prompted ObamaCare.

    • I know of no conservative organization that supports the legislation as posted. The AARP is not relevant. The “Freedom Caucus” repeal only is far superior. But you go ahead and keep getting your nose dirty on a bill that is exactly as described. Obama lite, free money for insurance companies with zero hope for interstate competition, nationwide pools, tort reform or any other conservative reform. you go boy. Rah rah sis boom baaaaaaa. They force this on us and the party is over. Next raise the debt limit and forget tax reform. Hope you bought the S&P spider. Put your money where your mouth is.

  5. Reason #476,876 to NEVER trust a Disgraced Racist Stooge ™for news about what goes on …Fox News…….there is always a catch.

    So last night there this:

    Richard W.‏ @IceManNYR
    @ZoeyTur O’Reilly still referring Chelsea Manning as Bradley Manning.

    I was ready to write BO a note reminding him ……..but I know with a Newshound “writer” there is always a catch…….and of course there is……..BO said this when the pictures was on the screen:

    In 2013, then-Private Bradley Manning was convicted of six Espionage Act
    violations plus theft and computer fraud for giving stuff to WikiLeaks.

    The “THEN” Private Bradley Manning…… BO was completely right in what he said.

    Of course the Disgraced Racist Newshound ™ NEVER posted the video or what BO said…….cant have any truth getting out in stooge land.

      • I posted the video Above…….why didnt he??????………he managed screen shots but couldn’t find the video???….did he watch the video????….fair minded people who watched the segment ……..heck ANYBODY Who saw it……….would have known the Disgraced Racists stooge™ was trying to fool his poor followers once again……seems it worked. You didn’t bother to watch it either…… just assumed Ice wouldn’t lie…..that’s how he fools the dopes who thinks he reporting fairly.

        Arent these Disgraced Racist Newshound ™ “writers” suppose to watch Fox News so we don’t have to??????

        Dont know why you even brought @ZoeyTur into this….Ice a dope made the tweet.

        also….I don’t know where you got that transcript…….but I posted the real one above…..heres the part about Manning:

        “And so far only a few individuals have been charged with violating national security.

        In 2013, then-Private Bradley Manning was convicted of six Espionage
        Act violations plus theft and computer fraud for giving stuff to

        Just before he left office, President Obama commuted Manning’s 35
        year sentence, allowing him to leave prison on May 17th after seven

        Many objected to the leniency shown Manning.”

        BO was clearly talking about WHEN she was arrested notice he says “In 2013, then-Private Bradley Manning” KEY word THEN

        I wonder if you will ever be able to admit they lie? If not now when?????????????

        Edit: speaking of mistakes……your transcript is from a very old BO show….notice his guest is Megyn Kelly…….here last nights……I posted it above also.

        • Wow.

          I stand by my statement, “The video I linked to showed Mr. Bill referring to Manning as a *male* throughout his entire report.”

          BTW, the handle @ZoeyTur was mentioned because I thought it was a retweet. You’re correct…I should have left that out.

          • “I stand by my statement, “The video I linked to showed Mr. Bill referring to Manning as a *male* throughout his entire report.”

            please find a book and look up what the word “THEN” means.

            Is there any mistake they can make that you wont come here and defend them over… much are they paying you? Are in in a stooge cult??

        • “he managed screen shots but couldn’t find the video???”

          Why post the video? All it did was confirm that Bill was mischaracterize her gender.

          • Because “then” people would have seen that BO was talking about when Manning was a male………but the Disgraced Racist stooges ™ could let facts get in the way of a good bash……..I’m going to bed………defend on.

            I know as a AZ alumni……”then” may be a big word………but surely they covered that in 4 years………just joking Good-night.

      • Well you changed your entire post after I replied…….so I will try again…..BO was talking about what happened in 2013 when Manning was a “HE”……..I love it when ST8 people tell gay people what LGBT people should be offended by.

        It all hinges on the word “then”………feel free to defend them……….but you are clearly wrong.

        You would be right if BO hadn’t said:

        In 2013, THEN-Private Bradley Manning

        But he didn’t and you aren’t.

        • We disagree on that point then.

          I might agree if O’Reilly had closed with, “She leaves prison in May after 7 years” instead of “He leaves prison in May after 7 years.”

          He clearly was referring to Manning as a HE throughout no matter how many times you want to write THEN.

          You made an oversight in your haste to criticize ICE…and now you’re trying to cover your tracks.

          Even if you wont admit you made a mistake, that’s some pretty weak and ambiguous ‘stuff’ to find to criticize. And I am being very charitable to use the word “ambiguous.”

          • You just can ever admit the Disgraced Racist stooges™ are wrong……….its like a cult with you 4.

            I going to bed THEN before I end on a island with MOE………..I’m not suffering fools and suck ups well tonight.

            You do know that Manning was a “HE” in 2013 just as BO said right??? Or didnt ICE tell you that….because it was “THEN”?

            Oh but congrats…..I think you got me to defend BO……I think that’s pretty much a first.

          • GATXER
            “You just can ever admit the Disgraced Racist stooges™ are wrong.”

            Mchael T. (30+ minutes earlier)
            “You’ve caught some legitimate ‘mistakes’ in the past.”

          • If you edit your post….and that line wasn’t in the original….I cant be expected to have seen it…”THEN”….in fact I didn’t notice until you pointed it out now………most people don’t edit their entire post without noting it.

            Sorry….I should know by now you do that……I made a mistake……see how easy that is…….somehow you have a VERY hard time doing that when it comes to the Disgraced Racist stooges™… I have to go to bed.

          • Good night…you made some fair points about editing.

            We’ll call it a day on a point of at least some modicum of agreement.

          • One last thing and then I let this go…….I would point out that ICE didn’t whine that BO called Manning a “he’ he whined that he called her Bradley Manning…..which is who she was “then”…….small point I guess……but aren’t you the one that says words matter?

            He NEVER made the argument you are….his whine was ONLY about her name.

  6. So….they guy who told MOE to put on big boy pants is going to be ambassador to NATO…….LOL…… if he would just make Sheriff Clarke as head of the new VOICE Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement I could laugh myself to half to death.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Erin Burnett
    4 moral stampede
    3 Dana Perino do
    2 has a few
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Fox settles with Holder.

  8. Re: Holder

    Something terrible was going on at Fox. Something I doubt is specific to the network and its culture, anymore than the class action racial discrimination suit against CNN is a product of that particular enterprise.

    Whether the picture we’re getting from both networks is just a view through a glass darkly or a magnified image is hard to say.

    I’m sure in both sexual harassment and racial bias suits people come out of the woodwork with claims, and settling rather than fighting becomes the more cost effective damage control move.

    We don’t know.

    What we can see is the difference in media appetite for coverage of the CNN racial discrimination suit as compared to the sexual harassment cases at FNC.

    That the media would be more guarded and protective of their industry brethren at CNN than the glee they had over Fox’s trouble comes as no surprise to anyone. The CNN suit, involving dozens of former employees of color, going back a decade, barely raises a blip on Google.

    It’s just one more way we people in the audience can judge how media members are more animated by politics than by a crusading sense of right and wrong.

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