Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • Out# videos: Co-hosts debate ‘day without women’
  • Video: Out# panel Concha: Mika & Joe bash Out# ladies.
  • Gardner: Fox News appears to have the edge in lawsuit over clip-sharing.
  • Steinberg: CNN’s New Day gets ‘new mission‘ as Olby producer takes over.
  • After Maddow said she’s ignoring Trump’s tweets,  Coop has a brainstorm.
  • Paparazzi snap Megyn.  Five fast facts about Ainsley.  Andrea escorted out.
  • Not just Coop 360°: CNN launches virtual reality unit with Pamplano bulls.
  • Ruhle show is all female.  CNN hires Jason Miller.  Hogue: Unfaithful Bolling?
  • Erik Wemple’s strange new respect for Fox & Friends alum Gretchen Carlson.
  • Zucker: Our Israel coverage is not perfect.  Cannibalism controversy persists.
  • Tucker video: on the recent epidemic of fake news, and fake scandals.

35 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Mika taking a shot at the ladies on Outnumbered by referring to them as the ones “with the long legs and short skirts” is ironic because Mika likes to think of herself as some sort of leader when it comes to empowering women yet tosses out a dig like that.Contrary to what Mika may think, the ladies of Outnumbered offer a lot of serious analysis on their show.
    This has been the biggest turnoff in regards to Morning Joe for the longest time for me…Joe and Mika come off as thinking their opinion is what really matters, they are the only show on (at least at that hour) that offers balanced opinion and thus they look down on everyone else.

    • this is all just preplanned to draw attention to their show. there is nothing sincere about their opinions.

    • “Joe and Mika come off as thinking their opinion is what really matters, they are the only show on (at least at that hour) that offers balanced opinion and thus they look down on everyone else.”
      I know what you mean, Len. Don’t you just hate it when the hosts of programs on the news networks act like they believe that their opinions are right and everyone who holds a different opinion is stupid? I mean, really now, is that obnoxious or what?

  2. Today’s most popular links:
    5 discusses Mika
    4 Unfaithful
    3 Mika and Joe
    2 snap Megyn
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Andrea escorted out.

  3. RE: Today’s 5. Well i guess we see the conflict between populism and conservatives with clarity on healthcare. This will happen with every issue. Then we can discuss the mental health of the president and supporters.
    Time for a compromise. Do like Nicaragua. Free health care for anyone at any public hospital, citizen, visitor, criminal whomever. Stock the private hospitals with Cuban doctors, leftover lab equipment and limit the drugs you use to generic.
    Then let the private sector beat each other up for the people that want to pay. Let people buy whatever they want at competing Pharmacies, and i mean anything. Choose your doc, nurses, equipment level of care you are willing to pay for. Not really complicated. Oh and add medical visas. Show a prepaid procedure exceeding $10k, come on in.
    Problem solved

    • oh and….like all prisons and public hospitals, family needs to bring your meals and bedding or you won’t have any.

      • You notice that Fidel didn’t rely on Cuban doctors. He had Spaniards brought in.

          • You should look at International policies that cover all over the world and exclude the USA. If you want links i can get them. I have had 2 surgeries at Hospital España in Managua and it is the nicest hospital i have ever been in. 3 others are more expensive and supposed to be better, Central, Militar, and Pellas is the crown jewel. They have a Miami annex and latins from everywhere access it. Rather famous..

        • My husband went on a medical mission trip to Cuba. He saw up lose & personal how awful the healthcare in Cuba is. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s great. The hospitals have shortages of all types of medical equipment, drugs, etc along with shortages of toilet paper. You want to see a dentist for a cavity. They’ll drill with drills made in the 60s just don’t ask for novacaine!
          Cuba is a cesspool and as long as there are communists in control our ” vacation dollars” mean nothing.

          • However UK hospitals suffer from many of the same things. The thing to be really afraid of is that Cuba has trained tens of thousands of Doctors, Radiologists etc and they work all over the world.

  4. watching clips from SP and “insurance for everyone” echos in my head. What sort of fool would vote for that and call it conservative?

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