Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Rachel Maddow-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • Sunday Showdown: MediaBuzz beats Reliable Sources.   Weekend numbers.
  • The Late Show video: Stephen Colbert.  Fox Biz sweeps the week.
  • MSNBC host appropriated reporting of two journalists without attribution.
  • Iraqi baby named after Arwa Damon.  Carol Costello show debuts in April.
  • ‘What does a dead guy’s brain taste like?’ Outrage over cannibalism on CNN.
  • Impartial CNN anchor on health care plan: the rich will like it, others may not.
  • Video: Lauren Green makes book.  CNN racism lawsuit at CA Supreme Court.
  • Maddow’s plan to defeat Trump in 2020.   CNN’s Jeff Kepnes rejoins MSNBC.
  • Videos: Spirited debate on wiretapping claims via and

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  1. SURPRISE: A point of agreement among political polar opposites

    MSNBC – Democrat — Neera Tanden — an attorney and policy advisor and part of the Obama team who worked a year to get the ACA to pass.


    FOX NEWS – Conservative — Mollie Hemingway — the senior editor at The Federalist, seem to be singing the same tune.

    Namely, Congress needs to take more time to get this repeal & replace right. I believe they (Congress) were hoping to get it done by Easter. Yet these two women from opposite ends of the political spectrum seem to be exclaiming, “That’s just crazy!!”

    Are these two women the voices of reason?

    Beats me. The more coverage I watch and read about the murkier the issues become.

    • No way the get it done by Easter…….is that new? All we heard a few weeks ago were people complaining it was going to take up to 2 years. people seem to have forgotten what it took and how long it took to pass Obamacare.



      If the Republican had been smart…….they would have taken that year…….Obamacare is clearly about to implode…….when it did….the Dems would have gotten ALL the blame…….and the Republicans could have looked good picking up the pieces…….and 2018 would have been a disaster for us in the Senate.

      • “No way they get it done by Easter…….is that new?”

        Good question. I was just echoing what I recalled reading — w/o context. So I had to go find where I read it.

        BloombergPolitics reported the following:

        Two House committees released long-awaited draft measures that House Speaker Paul Ryan and GOP leaders negotiated with the White House, and made expedited plans to take up the measures Wednesday.

        The proposal would scrap the underpinnings of Obamacare, including its mandate to buy insurance and many of its taxes, and establish a new refundable, age-based tax credit to help people buy insurance. Leaders aim to get a final measure to Trump’s desk by Easter.

        • No way it gets to his desk before Easter…….they cant pass bills that fast unless its something like 9-11.

          Obamacare took till March of 2010 to get to Obama’s desk……..and they hid a lot of that from people……interesting fact I learned today……..some of Obamacare provisions don’t take place until 2020.

          The could get this stage one part there…….they only need 50 votes for that and others they could just stop enforcing…….Obama did that when things weren’t working at first…….but the whole thing by Easter???? not unless Easter comes in Dec this year.

  2. Look to me many others than the “rich” will like the proposed healthcare. No mandates. Don’t want it, don’t buy it. Plans not government defined. Insure yourself for what makes sense to you. Important if you run or work for a small business. Self employed will get the same tax break employer provide healthcare recipients receive. You still can’t be turned down for preexisting conditions, and the kid living in the basement is covered if he falls down the steps until he’s over 26.

  3. Can anyone say there was a FISA court order supporting the data collection on Rosen and the AP?

  4. Re Costello: HLN going past 3pmet is a good thing ,also there’s a typo , should say April not March.

    • Just saying – 5 hours of Morning Express is too much. I think the latter part of the whole block is just re-runs of the previous hours anyway. They should cut it down and add in some live, original programming.

      • They did cut the 10amet hour for Michaela but cut her show to two hours last fall. Morning Express is live all 5 hours though.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Lauren Green
    4 Fox Biz sweeps
    3 cannibalism on CNN
    2 to defeat Trump
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 MSNBC host appropriated reporting of two journalists without attribution.

  6. I’ve been seeing FOX interview people about Neil Gorsuch and his upcoming Supreme Court nomination. For instance, tonight on “Kennedy” she spoke about Gorsuch with Rich Lowry. Why isn’t anyone at FOX interviewing Andy Levy? Levy went to Columbia with Gorsuch and started an alternative newspaper with him. As far as I know, no one else at FOX knows Gorsuch except Levy. Why aren’t they making more use of him?

    • He was interviewed on a few shows right after he was nom…..but you’d think they would use him more.

      My best guess is…the see him as a comedian.

      • Really? I watch a lot of FOX and never saw Mr. Levy speak about his old friend except on Red Eye. I know he was supposed to be on Tucker’s show to discuss Neil Gorsuch but he was bumped because of the anti-Milo riots at Berkeley. I thought for sure he would be on the show the next night, but no.

        • Well…I could be thinking of someone else……but they had on a Fox employee who went to school with him…….I had it on in the background……so I didn’t see the person……I know it was man…….I don’t watch RED EYE….so I wouldn’t recognize Andy’s voice……….could be somebody else he went to school with.

          All I can remember really is he said there were both at school the same time Obama was. ill look and see if I can find it tomorrow.

          • OK now that I haven’t been awake for 23 hours……….. my mind…..is clearer………I listened to Andy’s voice on YouTube this morning….it was NOT him. This person was identified as a Fox News contributor who went to school with the Judge and was in a study group with him……I remember that because I thought about the movie paper chase. I googled but cant figure out who it was. Best guess…..not a regular as I didn’t know his voice. Ive been DVRing some shows so it was probably days after the announcement…..which is why I was listening but not watching.

            I agree with you that Andy would have great insight to him and I sent a email telling Fox News they should use him when (if) confirmation hearing start. Why waste good insight?

            I figured Bret Baier would be most likely to use him…….but maybe Fox News Sunday also.
            I sent a email to Baier and used the comment section on Fox News Sunday to suggest using Andy……couldn’t hurt.

          • Thanks so much for the info, Gatxer, and thanks for e-mailing FOX and making them aware that they have a great resource in Andy Levy as far as Neil Gorsuch is concerned.

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