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        • Blessed with an early love of classical music I’m saddened I’ve never seen any interest from the kids in my extended family but one, a present day architect. I am lucky though to have the Cleveland Orchestra in my vicinity. They do summer concerts at Blossom Museum Center outdoors near my northern home.

  1. Re: Jake Tapper makes book.

    Presumably Jake has a very good agent and/or publisher to get all this free publicity (since February 13th) for a book that won’t even be available until the summer of 2018.

    Strikes me as a bit unusual.

    • I don’t pay that much attention to books sales…..but that does seem weird….I could see if it came out this summer….but next? Some people are what I call media hogs………maybe Tappers one of them……they get as much as they can…….with his ratings……he needs all they extra attention he can get so it understandable.

  2. Believer opens with cannibals to which Juluri writes, “This is a time when other cultures should be humanized and depicted with care by the mainstream news media.”

    Uh, does he know what “cannibals” means?

  3. I have to say….the media is doing a terrible job with this wiretap business………..they have me more confused……..they have been reporting for months that someone in Trump tower was wiretapped because of Russia ties………now it like those stories never existed…….they are having some sort of fit over Trump saying Obama and not Obama Administration….like he thinks Obama himself was in the basement listening or something………….some are saying there was a a FISA warrant but Clapper (who should know) says there was NOT…… somebody and maybe quite a few somebody’s are talking out their a-sses………Ive been left confused as hell………If anybody finds a site that breaks down what is KNOWN and what is anonymous sources BS….please post it here for me.

  4. If anyone has any doubts that the press is Trumps opposition party…..try watching MSNBC from 11am CST to 1pm.
    They don’t even try to be fair anymore.

  5. Interesting postition for the media:

    To disprove Trump’s assertion that FISA wiretapping was used against members of his team and his residence / campaign headquarters the media must now prove that the reports from HeatStreet, BBC, McClatchy, NYT, Guardian and others were fake news.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 and racist
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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Levin’s blistering response.

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