Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: claim; reviews;
  • Reliable Sources: Unprecedented; diversitydeception; nix on neutrality.
  • Fox & Friends video: Trump wiretapping claims.
  • Zurawik: Trump’s ‘war on press’ is no match for Barack Obama’s.
  • Report: Heather Naurt hired as State Department Spokeswoman.
  • MSNBC signs Mark Halperin as analyst.  Tom Shillue makes book.
  • CNN hires another impartial reporter…Valerie Jarrett’s daughter!
  • Intelligence Report video: Joe Concha on the stories
  • Kaylee Hartung jumps from ESPN to CNN.   Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Flood: How Maddow doubled her ratings; has FBN dethroned CNBC?
  • Tucker video: Entrepreneur offers  Q&A: Reza Aslan.

98 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Halperin and his partner (who hates Trump more) have resurrected Showtime’s election coverage show THE CIRCUS. New episodes to cover Trump’s first 100 days in office. God, I hope nobody cries at the end of this one.

  2. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 53% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-seven percent (47%) disapprove. (makes me laugh)

    • Humor is funniest when based on truth. Years of calculus and German are now just whispers of memory I tell myself I took.

      • When I look back on my college days and how little I took it seriously and how little I remember now of the course work I took…I’m amazed that I’m as maedgiemacated as I am.

        • Im my case college was tough and taught me to organize myself and other people to succeed at complex tasks. Served me well when I started my career as an engineer.

          • Can be stressful work that demands extra hours, but can be self rewarding by accomplishing things. I transitioned into finance and then information technology as my career moved forward. I turned down managerial offers along the way which usually gets you fired, but not me. I was blessed with terrific bosses.

          • Ahh, the time when me and and an unknown lab partner have to make from bread boards and parts and jumpers, a CRT Oscilloscope and make it display the wave pattern of a test circuit.
            Those indeed are the good days. Used to stay late in Lab EL 102 going over the paperwork and circuit equations to get it completed.
            Only smoked one capacitor making it, Those 1000V Dc current sources are rough on small parts in wrong places..

      • Had not a certain redhead been going to Purdue, I would’ve gone into the Army as an Aviation Warrant Officer and flown helicopters. Fate.

  3. Rachel Maddow thinks she doubled her ratings because she stopped following Trump’s twitter feed? If she really believes that she is delusional.
    All of cable news’ ratings are up with Trump’s election but you have to figure that MSNBC stands to benefit the most given that their ratings went way up when Olbermann convinced the management to turn the network into a “Liberal response” to Fox and thus gave Liberal activists a network to tune into to hear hours of Bush bashing. Now they have 4-8 years of Trump bashing to look forward to.

    • How sad is it that she doubled her ratings and is still getting destroyed by a show that didn’t even exist @3months ago?

  4. I try to call ’em fairly…although with President Trump it’s not always that easy.

    To wit:
    1. Apparently the rumors that no significant intelligence findings were collected during the raid in Yemen were false.
    2. Apparently those mocking Trump for suggesting anti-Trump forces (or people) might be responsible for at least some of the attacks on or threats against Jewish properties and organizations are now having to eat a large plate of crow.

    Other minor wins for Trump and his staff (as assessed by two high profile liberals)
    1A. Chelsea Clinton came to Kellyanne Conway‘s defense today over a joke a Democratic member of Congress made about her feet on the couch this week.
    2A. Bill Maher appeared to disagree with Rachel Maddow in her debate with Hugh Hewitt about the meaning of what Donald Trump was (or was not) saying about his generals and “They lost Ryan.” Maher said the meaning was too murky to form a definitive conclusion.

    • There was a time when Fox and Friends was not = to The Gateway Pundit
      But that is not this day, here is the video, courtesy of YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpuIpKjjY7g
      The next few days are going to be so frenetic that even Krauthammer will be taking little yellow pills.
      Batten Down All Hatches, something is about to hit the Mega fan, and its not gonna be pretty.

      • All I know is Bloomberg cancelled “With All Due Respect,” the political talk show co-hosted by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, back in November.

        • Anyone see Mark Halperin’s worried sad sack of **** face on The Circus S01E26 when everyone knew Hillary was history? lol

          • I always like Halperin, disliked Heilemann. I thought they had a clause that they always were a team.

          • They made a ton of money from their co-authored books, GAME CHANGE, etc.
            I agree with your likings.

          • I recently saw a tweet of what was purportedly Jake Tapper’s face when it became apparent that HRC was in trouble, and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

            In the 90s when the Republicans swept the midterms during the Clinton Administration, that was the first time I had ever watched election coverage on tv. I’m not sure why I had it on really.

            In my naïveté, I remember being confused as to why Dan Rather looked enraged enough to literally spit nails.

          • Sorry, no sympathy from this woman for Jake. Have lost much respect for the man over the last few months.

          • I remember getting in a fight a couple years ago with head stooge Moe who was claiming Tapper was Republican.

          • Among the people he insists are Republican are Tapper, Bret Baier, Chris Wallace, Judge Napolitano, Greta…basically anyone who is more centrist than Van Jones.

          • Only political persuasion that I know of that crew is Tapper, who only recently has made that plain, and the Judge is libertarian.

          • Remove the “probably” from above. He was bolting down Everclear straight from the bottle.

          • Chris Wallace is definitely left of center. Not as biased as Chuck Todd or George S., which isn’t saying much.

          • He may be, but his questioning is straight down the middle. And Chris is no head-nodder when Shep goes into a liberal rant on a Friday pairing. There was a reason Chris got recognized by all sides as the best debate moderator last year. Like his father, Wallace is a treasure. FOX is blessed to have him.

          • I don’t think he is straight down the middle. He is center-left and his questions generally come from that vantage. I basically have stopped watching his Sunday morning show, which is rather boring. My favorite weekend talk show is with Maria Bartaromo, she does an excellent job.

          • I stopped watching all the Sunday morning political shows several years ago. I wasn’t getting anything new from them. So much now available elsewhere.

          • you can see all of the highlights, if there are any, on various sites like Mediaite. I agree with you. Still Maria Bartiromo is a honey and very smart.

          • I concur, Mitch. Lately he has been veering left & I do believe it is because of his dislike of Trump. Today he called the Trump administration “Trumpworld” more than once. I find that disrespectful. He NEVER used that terminology about the Obama administration. If someone can find me a clip of that I will take it back.
            His questioning today of Sen.Cotton vs. Sen. Coons was very different. He hounded Cotton and laid back on Coons.
            When you watch someone regularly as I do you notice words used and number of times a follow-up is asked. He’s been very aggressive with Republicans since Trump was elected.

          • I give Moe this…hes got nerve………lets NOT forget he DID NOT vote for Obama in 2012 and was a Registered Republican last year for time so he could vote in the primary……….yet he thinks he qualified to decide who is a Democrat and who inst……..Claims im a Trumper……..but I voted for Obama BOTH times and Ive NEVER been a Registered republican for anything!

            2 much gin for the man IMHO.

          • As we saw from the Jill Stein recount fiasco, voting for her was projected idiocy. Though voting for nobody is copout for runaways.

          • In Moe’s defense, he was so drunk, he thought that he was voting for Ben Stein.

          • Is it really that crazy that the hawkish very pro military close friend of Hugh Hewitt — Jake Tapper — may have favored Romney in ’12 and Rubio or Kasich in ’16?

            After all he was the darling of many on the Right (one of the ‘good guys’ if you will) not that long ago prior to Trump winning the nomination.

          • Personally, I’ll go with knowing there weren’t a handful of conservatives who thought Tapper was one.

            We still managed to be grateful for his even-handedness and willingness to ask tough questions of both sides.

            Maybe that was noblesse oblige on Tapper’s part.

          • Fair points.

            When Jake would call in to Hugh Hewitt’s radio show they seemed to agree more than they disagreed. But perhaps Tapper was just being polite

          • When your mission is to be a straight shooter, your arrows run true. When the mission changes, the damn things curve convolutedly to hit a target.

          • “Is it really that crazy that the hawkish very pro military close friend
            of Hugh Hewitt — Jake Tapper — may have favored Romney in ’12 and
            Rubio or Kasich in ’16?”

            YES it is.

          • If you followed Jake on Twitter he had some serious issues with Hillary’s foreign policy as Sec. of State.

            And also with the controversies surrounding the Clinton Foundation.

            Was he just reporting the news? (Some of his tweets didn’t sound like anything you’d ever read from a Dem.)

            His tweets revealed a media person who may have never been inclined to pull the voting booth lever for HRC.

            But one never knows for sure.

            It’s a fool’s errand to put some of these people in a political box. But I find it fun to try an explain why they say some of the borderline partisan things they do.

            I still remember back in 2013 arguing on Mediaite that the CNN Howard Kurtz was right of center with folks who insisted he was some kind of a commie lefty. 🙂

          • Well….let play that game closer to home……….you are friends with close (internet) friends with MOE………he backed a person over Obama in 2012 and was pretty vocal about it…… and was a registered Republican this year……..you have agreed that HRC was a known liar……using that cherry picked stuff…..how is that different from Hugh Hewitt and Jake Tapper?

            ONLY far left Dems wouldn’t have a problem with HRC time as SOS…..Russia Reset……Libya……..Syria……ring a bell?

            On the Clinton foundation……of course he reported on how bad it looked….Charity Navigator one of the best put it on their watch list for crying out loud.

            I cant say if he voted for HRC…..but he sure didn’t vote for Trump……maybe hes like the 100s of thousands of people who voted who then didn’t vote for President in 2016. Kinda like me.


            With all the media being so liberal……..what are the real chances Trapper not?

          • As I wrote, “Some of his tweets didn’t sound like anything you’d ever hear from a Dem, but I could be wrong…and his criticism of HRC’s foreign policy was at times harsher than many others in the MSM.”

            If you choose to disagree, fine.

          • Well…..most of his tweets don’t sound like anything you’d hear from a Republican either….so maybe hes neither…….but I would point out that thinking HRC should NEVER be in the WH….was not a Republican only thought in 2016. 46% of Independent’s voted for Trump.

          • Showtime’s THE CIRCUS did a February followup two-hour retrospective of how Trump campaigned, won the primaries, got the nomination, and won the election. It was great, and like the end of all good circuses, the clown cried.

          • That was really something! I laughed because I thought how in the dickens are you media guys gonna explain this! Now we’ve seen the result & boy, it has been very, very ugly.

    • I’m glad to see this. I’ve always thought that she is way too smart and savvy for the gig they gave her at Fox.

      • She is the worst of the Psaki-Harf pair.

        None too bright and a voice that makes your ears bleed.

        Psaki is better, but could use an occasional slap across the face when in snark mode.

        • I always fast forward when I see Harf’s face. She always expresses herself in an unintelligent manner.

  5. Fox News is learning.

    They shelved a taped Watters World to cover the breaking news with Kim Guilfoyle hosting and discussing the Trump wiretap allegations.

  6. Great segment on Kellyanne on CBS SUNDAY MORNING. One thing I remember about interviewer Norah O’Donnell from her appearances on MORNING JOE years ago is that she has one of the most wonderful laughs of anyone on TV.

  7. Ive been saying for years that the Disgraced Racist Newshounds™ need weak low info people to pedal their BS. The rely on the fact that people wont watch the videos.


    #TrumpTV still pushing this old talking point from the 2016 election? Must be a slow news day.


    only guess what…….the disgraced racist stooge™ didn’t bother watching the video…….if he did he would have realized it wasn’t about the election of 2016……but a event that occurred the day before which was about Sanders not giving his mailing list to the DNC because he was unhappy about the head of the DNC election LAST WEEK.


    NEVER trust a newshound.

  8. Isn’t Howie Kurtz’ Sunday show rather boring and unimaginative? Those panels with a woman named Erin McPike go on forever ..

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    1 Report: Heather Nauert hired as State Dept Spokeswoman.

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