Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Tucker Carlson-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Videos: Outnumbered debates pols meeting with
  • FTV Live: CNN Town Hall slips; Tapper not talking; everyone hates Van.
  • FTV Live: CNN paying a YouTuber more than Wolf and Coop combined!
  • Chris Hayes paints America as an oppressed colony of a tyrannical state.
  • Finding Jesus season premiere.  CNN celebrity chef’s new digital venture.
  • No CNN for you: Youtube ‘skinny bundle’ leaves out the Turner channels.
  • Wemple snarks on Trump over CNN report.  Daily Show video: Jake Tapper.
  • Concha: MSNBC says ratings up because they have the ‘smartest coverage‘.
  • Tucker videos: Dem calls for journo explores

21 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

    • I had read about that history during the campaign and was aghast.

      Evidently, it didn’t make a blip on the media radar when it came out years ago.

  1. Re: Chris Hayes paints

    When the mass media was on one of their meme making tears and we were hearing terms like “dark” and “dystopian” as applied to Trump’s view of America, was there a person older than twenty who didn’t immediately recall that no one can get more pessimistic, cynical, and bleak about American life than the left?

    From this review of Chris Hayes’s new book (written before Lord Vadar was elected president) we see all that in spades and then some. We have comparisons to a greedy DOMESTIC colonial hegemony, along with allusions to the Soviet gulag/disposal system (with nonwhites as the political prisoners). We see references as well to the usual liberal abborgation of their own political input into their portrait of draconian American via the soul searching they do of themselves by the jaundiced llight of how your ugly conservative soul has hindered their noblest impulses.

    I’m sorry anyone is going to waste good money on this. If you’ve got get your fix on Amerika, go to Chomsky or Dworkin, not this clod.

  2. If anyone is doubtful of the power of the media as to its ability to effect political skirmishes, do not use the languid and fettered investigations of the last eight years as an example of a media mired in political red tape and obfuscation.

    In Sessions recusal we see within twelve hours what could not have been accomplished in years during the Obama Administration. Gowdy and Issa would have given their eye-teeth to have had these strong-arm tactics applied to the O. Administration via pressure from the media and their political peers.

    I’d feel sorry for AG Sessions for having sixteen of his own party members, who know he’s about as likely to plot with the Russians as say….John McCain, throw him under the bus in cowering, pissing their pants glory…if Mr. Sessions hadn’t been a smiling Gomer Pyle on Tucker last night. Happy-daffy and relieved to be out of the loop and acting like a good boy via such absurd non-evidence.

    It took about twelve hours.

    I have the utter pride of never having voted on John McCain at anytime in my life. I wouldn’t give you ten cents for one Republican politician outside of the president. They are CYA all the way for no higher calling than themselves. The Democrats are 1/3 part of a thuggish media/corporate alliance.

    This is why DT was elected. God help him.

    • I really am more disgusted at McCain and Lindsey Graham Cracker than any Democrat I can think of. Except maybe the pig that made the sexist “position” crack about Kellyanne.

      • McCain has long been an angry control freak…knock all the game pieces off the board….diva…

        If you don’t have a good picture of the type, look no further than you know where.

  3. Well, Mr. Concha should be reminded that MSNBC has the smartes lady in the world. Not fair to have her and hand out smart people glasses to others in the prime time lineup.

    • I try to call ’em fairly…although with President Trump it’s not always that easy.

      To wit:
      1. Apparently the rumors that no significant intelligence findings were collected during the raid in Yemen were false.
      2. Apparently those mocking Trump for suggesting anti Trump forces (or people) might be responsible for at least some of the attacks on or threats against Jewish properties and orgamizations are now having to eat a large plate of crow.

  4. Re: “Chris Hayes paints America as an oppressed colony of a tyrannical state”: The writer disqualified himself by using the term “Muslim ban.” I stopped reading there.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 smartest coverage
    4 slips
    3 Wolf and Coop combined
    2 hates Van
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Tapper not talking.

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